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21 years after "Badri Beyo" Lebanon – Lebanon news

21 years after "Badri Beyo" Lebanon - Lebanon news
Lebanon / Altea ( is Lebanon's Padre Pio, his brother, the Moroccan monks, and so Merlin Wahba mentioned within the republic as one among his articles as an indiscriminate heck of his religious sons, based on his trustworthy visitors he is our father Antoine because his close associates need to invite him. He didn’t like the title of the day when he was imprisoned by Wadi Qanubin, it might be enough for us to be a lover of the Virgin Mary and filled with descriptions … although he additionally liked Lebanon and referred to as it "Lebanon to stand for God" when he thought-about "the holy flowers of his mountains, and grows like tree and protects him as a tree and protects him as a tree and protects him from evil "Subsequently, does he assume Lebanon" lives on God's miracle "and but? Are the Lebanese woman new saints? Would Maronite monk Maronite "our Father Antoine's new Saint, who shines on earth and in the hearts? He said," got here to the monastery for the poor and have become rich, "wrote the sentence on his grave?
The devout father suffered mental and physical pains, however his radiant face and God's presence in his being and his prayer enabled him to overcome them. .

Haj recollects that "the victim lasted three or 4 hours, which led to the dying of the Prophet, Some monks at one time go up to the altar to pressure him to envy him! He prayed consciously, and he was fascinated by magic;

Suhail Sabila, the only nation member of Abona Anton's cultural heritage, says:

"Our father Anton lived 11 years a day and at the finest stages of his life, and I The relationship between my soul and my soul is a guide for me and my family. "

The committee chargeable for the Lebanese Maronite group collected the certificates of its savior and attended the sacrament file underneath the management of Mar Bishara Boutros-Raya, Patriarch at the end of the research in Berkeley. third day 2012 in hope, e Antonius, the daddy, rises in honor, rectification, and sanctification in Rome. "Our Father Antoine becomes a saint to the whole world and rises to massacre."

monk protected him from hearth:

monk Victor Daou says: "Through the conflict, through the bombing, they requested me to ship our fathers Anton Jesus from the king to the monastery of St. Elisa and take note of it. Who got here to the bone with out Bing and we don't understand how

Daw mentions the danger of a fireplace in the room of "Abouna Anton", and once they came shortly to seek out him, the black smoke crammed the place and was accompanied by the daddy Manuel Yunus, but carried by Father Antoine came out shortly and when he got here out, Yunus was coated with black smoke when his father Antoine was white, so his bed was nonetheless white and he could not smoke. Father Antoine Nigata justified the miracle of the Virgin Mary. This incident induced mother and father to note another factor that he had been attacking by Satan for a long time and after this incident we understood fasting and speaking about food and drinks in line with this, such devils come only by means of fasting and prayer. "

Dr. Nader al-Hajj testifies that" this priest is a saint, holding a secret and capable hand, and I know as a doctor and after he has seen him repeatedly, Two little bears smoke and lack of oxygen. In the medical concept, I confirm that such a fire is enough to eliminate choking on anyone. "

The town of Aisha al-Bati Birkasha, who was a chef on the Mar Elisha Monastery in the Konovin Valley, says:" On the west, there was a wind in the west, in the valley and in the sight of the twilight at the bottom of the valley, and the father was not a hermit who had landed in the valley and wanted to get to know the monastery, but weather conditions prevented him from doing so, he turned to me and said: "Good after 5 minutes," I questioned myself and laughed at how such a Westerner might embed a short delivery time. Five minutes later I turned, but the fog was divided into two, and the clouds coated the center of the sunshine, along the space in the air behind the monastery and right down to the bottom of the valley.

We have been amazed at how the fog and clouds have been divided into two elements. I have seen this marvel of all partners and staff with me. "

Joe Roxas Richa's therapeutic:

Already on Might, Jo came to a few of the ladies's monastery, and he had quenched his arms, he had leukemia, and drugs gave him one month of life. for a very long time, lying on her bed, and searching at the image of the Virgin Mary to the north, and the child went to the proper, and tears began to movement from the eyes, after which her chest went up and down like someone within the spirit. Virgo, "and then entered silent silence. After a while, Joe's parents came to the monastery and asked her dad Anton: "We acquired a medical grant to our youngster for Joe's remedy in France. He replied that you simply didn't need to journey because the virgin had his lips. When the child was in a laboratory examination, the doctor was stunned that the kid He was utterly healed improved by 15 August and 8 September, the Virgin start of


Omar Subreh writes: "I was born in al-Mustaibassa, in 1969, a report number in 1382, lived in Corniche al-Mazra. I testify that I endure from bronchial asthma or asthma. I was choked and I was in fixed insomnia. Dr. Rafiq Hbeiter at American University Hospital, who described me as a care system however didn't work. Through the contact of Suhail Sabila, he advised me concerning the presence of Father Antonyus Tarbier and organized us to visit the saint, approached him and put his hand on the top and commenced to wish once I returned residence, that night time I slept properly.

Rita Samah's testimony:

Rita Samaha of Ashrafie, married 17 years ago and had no youngsters. The docs minimize their hopes of with the ability to have youngsters because of the pipeline piping, and he did many cuts but failed. I went to the monastery and her husband and leaned over to the daddy of Anton's tomb and knocked him on three knocks and requested him concerning the baby, and needed him not to be deprived of his mother's emotions. "When you look at Father Anton, you feel like he has non-human energy," says Samaha.

Jesus' Information of the Cross:

"If man does not suffer, he cannot know his anointed value," "Without a cross I love Jesus," PADRE PIO stated. Religious and holy.

Hermit's father rested on the resurrection of the resurrection on June 20, 1998 and was buried in the monastery of St. Lisha, whose tomb turned the thing of all believers who got here from desperate souls and left individuals in grace and peace. His followers adopted the divine sacrifice "on the third Sunday of each month in the Luizah barracks and every year a memorial is held in the Qanoubin valley."

It have to be stated that the Hermit father is a phenomenon that isn’t restricted by the human mind. And businessmen and influential individuals and hundreds of believers didn’t point out that they needed to keep up a correspondence with him. It ought to be recognized that "Father Antoine" was an indication of salvation for all those who had recognized him throughout his life, via silence and bearing pain, which confirmed that dwelling in the spirituality of the gospel brought us to holiness.

The Apostle Apostle, held in the Maronite Mormon Order, Asceticism and Enlightenment by the Holy Spirit is a mystery and mystery, as Father Antonius himself says, "test and not understand, revive and do not know". The key of his life is none aside from God.

Who’s Abona Anton?

Jabbrayl Tarbih (father of Antonius Tarbih) was born in 1911 within the Tannourine of the Maronite faith and was born in the face of the hazard of necessity and dying. After the demise of their mother and father and siblings, different households have been destroyed, and on the age of seven his uncle Peter promised to boost him

He lived in a modest home beneath the Tannourine Cedar Forest and visited the close by Church of St. George. He fasted all his life on Saturday to honor the Virgin Mary. He was impressed by the abundance of his tears that circulate when the identify of the Virgin was mentioned before him or a request for prayer of false apostasy, and when he asked for blessing, corresponding to to heal the affected person.

He grew sincerely and with mercy and knowledge, Tarbiyeh, who was not a boy, if he might keep in the monastery, stated to him happier: "kneels down the table and opens your hands until you see if you confirm." He stayed for greater than an hour on his knees and twisted his arms up. Then he informed him "you can go."

The monastery arrived on the monastery

led by the 17-year-previous Providence Maronite Maronite, and in 1928 came to the monastery of Luizah Zuq Musabeh & # 39; s monastery.

She used a gown and commenced dwelling together with her brothers with prayer life. Father Antonyus Tarbih ”and was appointed as a guide to St. John the Baptist Monastery in Harash, the place he served for 15 years and is called Nasak Harash. In 1949, Father Antonyus Tarbier took the books and sat down in a monastery monastery to read or put together lessons. His brothers typically noticed him in his prayer, his palms crossed.

The monks of the monastery of Saint Teresa tell the child of Jesus in Suhaila: "Once, during the prayer, one of the visits of Antonios Tarb to the monastery was kneeling in the knee of the monastery praying, opening his hands crossing his face to the sun all day and turning around and looking around for his eyes. Morning "Praises God and Praises and Praises Him" ​​till he lived within the Divine Revelation He had taught Mass's phrases rigorously and respectfully in order that the attendees might understand it. At the finish of the sacrifice he takes his prayer gown and prays in entrance of the Holy Eucharist together with his coronary heart, extending his hand

He was typically involved with staff and nuns within the fields to assist them in the course of the harvest, within the form of a cross, till he reaches the top of the rosary prayer with college students and Virgin. Not on cold days, the surfaces of the nuns' beds have been tilted to stop the dolphins from falling.

His Fasting and Harshness

"Our Father Anthony Anton Tarbih continued to fast, eating only one place on the day at 17:00, when he had mixed the food so that he would not taste his good taste. He said," Lord Jesus Christ

Trustworthy guests needed to recognize or advise … He urged them to follow prayer by saying to them, "Prayer is like blood that works in veins …"

Poverty and Abstraction

] "Father Antonios lived in exile even with his family when he rarely visited or wrote them. When he received his money from his brother George Muhajer to Africa, he had just sent it to his mother's home in Luiza, to be distributed to the poor and the poor. Abona Antón had grown to live in evangelical poverty, and he he was pleased with the small and necessary garment, and he washed his clothes himself, never wearing socks on his feet In the summer, not in the winter, at the Virgin Mary festivals she went annually, barefoot, and was easy to visit Mrs. Harisa of Lebanon. "

His love for loneliness

He typically visited a monastery of an historic monastery constructed because the identify of Sarkis and Bacchus, the place he spent all his time in captivity, prayer, and meditation until he was referred to as Habis Harrach. the king of his health, and he thought-about the illness to be a present from God.

His Dying and Burial

Because of a critical sickness, Father Antonius entered the Intensive Care Room 106 at Saint-Louis-Jounieh Hospital on June 5, 1998, where he stayed till he returned to the Father's Home by dying [1561998] His body is struck on the Luizah Church of David, and he was buried the identical evening in an alcove subsequent to Mar Elisha's previous monastery within the Holy Valley, the place he was imprisoned for 32 years.

The Maronite monk acquired many miracles that had been dug into the rock and many people in Lebanon after which healed. His prayers can be with us and we pray that God will wake him up on the altar of the Church.

The Prayer that Hermit Antonius Tarbih urged guests to make use of

Our Mother, Our God of holiness We’ve got all the time struggled on this nice battle used by hell warriors and forces of hell


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