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Ad Writing Class 12 Form, Examples

Ad Writing, Class 12 Format, Examples

An ad is a kind of public announcement that solicits or presents providers or sells property, items, and so forth., or supplies info on missing individuals, pets, and so on.

♦ There are two varieties of advertisements:

  1. assigned;
  2. business

♦ categorised advertisements:
You’ll find categorised advertisements in the columns of newspapers and magazines. Necessary options of a categorised commercial are:

  • No blocks, no templates and precise language. Easy, formal and businesslike.
  • comprehensive, however it should not omit any essential factor.
  • Never be too lengthy (limited to word limit)

♦ Essential Tricks to Comply with
♦ Categorized Notices

  1. Please state the category clearly at the prime, eg Tor Sale & # 39;, & # 39; To Let's, and so on. .
  2. Please use commAnswer to report all required particulars in dots:
  3. Enter your entry tackle, identify, and telephone quantity.
  4. Put the case in the box.

♦ Varieties of Categorised Advertisements

  1. Free / Needed
  2. Lost and Discovered
  3. Buying and Shopping for
  4. Lodging Desired
  5. Schooling
  6. Marriage
  7. Marriage
  8. Marriage
  9. Tuition
  10. Packers and Converters
  11. 19659005] Journey and Excursions

♦ Required Info
♦ State of affairs n Free

  • Please point out the quantity and variety of job openings in the
  • Vaad
  • )
  • Candidate Age and Gender
  • Wage and Advantages
  • Applying for a Room
  • Contact Tackle and Telephone Quantity

♦ To-Let

  • Property Sort, Variety of Rooms / Flooring
  • housing.
  • Expected lease
  • tenant sort required: Bank employee / small household.
  • Who and when to contact.
  • Contact Tackle / Telephone Quantity

♦ Kennel;

  • Dog Breed
  • Age
  • Colour
  • Coaching [19659005] Expected Worth
  • Entry Point and Telephone Number

♦ Packers and Changers

  • Specify Providers
  • Please Provide s19 opportunity
  • work space
  • whom to contact [19659005] entry tackle and telephone number

♦ Automobiles on the market

  • Brand Maruti / Hyundai / Honda and so on. [19659005] Mannequin / colour / equipment / Yr of manufacture / mileage [1965Condition
  • Possession Info
  • Expected Worth
  • Contact Handle / Telephone Quantity

♦ Property For Sale
♦ Land For Sale:

  • Location: Where It Is
  • Space: At Question Improvement Authority Identify
  • Expected Worth
  • Contact Tackle / Telephone Quantity

♦ Misplaced and Found

  • Start with LOST / FOUND
  • Article description
  • Where and the place article was misplaced / discovered
  • Charge for locating it
  • Contact tackle and telephone number

♦ Journey and tours

  • Identify company
  • Destinations and period
  • Package deal particulars , attainable
  • Contact handle / telephone number

♦ Programs

  • Courses and subjects
  • Tutor specific options

    Tutor diploma and expertise

  • Scholar results
  • Contact handle / telephone House

    • Sort of accommodation. Variety of rooms / flooring
    • Is it self-contained or condominium
    • Anticipated worth / negotiable
    • Location – the place it is
    • Area: square meters / yards
    • Identify of improvement authority
    • To whom and when Contact Us
    • Contact Tackle / Telephone Number

    ♦ Business Communications:
    ♦ Business or Display Advertisements

    • They are designed for business purposes.
    • They require more room, so they are costly. It have to be engaging visually, with catchy sentences and slogans

    ♦ Key Features:

    • Have to be engaging with catchy captions, titles or subtitles.
    • Language of photographs (particularly alliteration and metaphors).
    • relative distance to font sizes of different sizes.
    • Usually engaging with catchy slogans, perforated, witty sentences, footage or sketches.
    • Special presents or attainable reductions.
    • Product or occasion particulars in a clear, correct approach.
    • Enter advertiser identify, contact quantity, and handle.
    • Show the thing within the box.

    ♦ CBSE Research Questions of the Previous Years

    ♦ Brief Answer to TVP Questions

    . Query 1.
    You’re 10 years previous in Manisha, Rajaji Nagar, Bangalore. You need a math instructor in your son who is a grade 10 scholar. Create an appropriate ad in as much as 50 phrases and state your needs. (Delhi 2009)


    An experienced male arithmetic instructor as a personal tutor for the 10th regular boy. Candidates should have at the very least 10 years' experience educating mathematics in a public faculty. He or she have to be strictly disciplined to be able to deal with the scholar by the strict. Remuneration doesn’t limit the appropriate candidate. Get full information on Manisha, 10, Rajaji Nagar, Bengaluru.

    Question 2.
    You need to promote a newly constructed residence. Make an appropriate advert, up to 50 phrases long, that might be added to Hindu categorised columns and provide all the required info. You’re Niranjan, 247, J.P. Nagar, Bengaluru. (All India 2009)

    Newly built condo on the market

    Newly constructed, ideally situated condominium for sale in M.G. Street. Two bedrooms with hooked up bogs, big drawing-dining and service space, spacious and properly lit. Solely 10 minutes drive from the airport. Close to renowned faculties and multiborn hospital. Expected Worth:? 25 Lacs. Contact Niranjan, 247, J.P. Nagar, Bengaluru.

    Query Three.
    You’re the CEO of Ivy Software Solutions, Agra Cantt, Agra. You need a software designer on your group. A draft ad of as much as 50 phrases that shall be revealed within the categorized column of "The Times of India". (Delhi 2010)

    State of affairs clean

    Needed a software designer for the main identify of computer systems in Ivy Software program Options. Candidates should have a master's diploma in pc software programming and no less than 3 years' experience in a well known pc group. Rewarding doesn’t prohibit an appropriate candidate. Apply for a detailed resume within ten days to the CEO, Ivy Software Options, Agra Cantt, Agra.

    Query four.
    You are the CEO of E.V.L. An organization claiming posh bungalows as leases as guest homes. Draft a maximum of 50 words into categorized columns that will probably be revealed in The New Indian Categorical.

    Accommodation Required

    EVL Firm requires posh bungalows which might be utilized by their managers as guest homes. and friends. A centrally situated, posh area with backup gear and uninterrupted water supply is a should. Shut proximity to the market is advisable. House owners Contact: Common Supervisor, EVL Firm, Delhi.

    Query 5.
    Your 5-year-old youthful brother has disappeared for the past three days. A draft notice of up to 50 words to the Lacking Individuals column of the native newspaper. You’re Ram / Rama. Contact No. 931070000. (Comptt. Delhi)

    Lacking Individual

    The general public is notified of the disappearance of a 5-year-old boy from Connaught Place Central Park three days ago. The kid responds to the identify & # 39; Sonu & # 39; s mild pink and wore a pink shirt and denim shorts. Anybody who is aware of something about their location, please contact: Ram, contact no. 931070000. Cash Prize? 50,000 discoveries.

    Question 6.
    You’re Ramanuj am / Revathi, a Class XII scholar, at St. Xavier's Faculty, Jhansi. You have an interest in educating mathematics to at least one or two Class VIII students. Create an ad for as much as 50 phrases for an area newspaper. (Comptt. All India)

    Arithmetic Semester Opportunity Obtainable

    Arithmetic educating is accessible to Grade VIII college students. A most of two students are taught 5 days every week (Mon-Fri) from 4:30 pm to 6pm. Making certain a great outcome. Interested individuals can contact: Ramanujam, Class XII Scholar, St. Xavier's Faculty, Jhansi

    Question 7.
    You’re Uttarq / Umesh, a visually difficult one that manages a telephone sales space within the Delhi Central Market. Give a lovely 50-word advert to the Delhi Occasions' "Situation Vacant" column operator by offering a lovely reward. (Comptt. All India 2011)

    State of affairs Free Telephone

    Operator Required for Visually Impaired Man to Function Telephone Sales space in Delhi Central Market. The individual is fluent in Finnish Hindi and English. Work Schedules: 12:00 noon to 9:00 am (Monday to Saturday). Rewarding doesn’t prohibit an appropriate candidate. Contact: Umesh, 9818182838 (3-5 pm).

    Question eight.
    You need to lease your newly constructed condo in the coronary heart of the town. An up-to-50-word artistic that can be revealed in Bangalore, beneath the categorised columns of The Deccan Herald. Provide all needed info. You’re from Mohan / Mahima Jayanagar, Bengaluru. (Delhi 2011)

    for lease

    Newly built condominium M.G. Street in 24 hours. water and electrical energy standby. There are two bedrooms with en-suite loos, one large drawing-cum-dining room. Anticipated rental? 24,000 ppm Enterprise Leasing Only. Contact: Mohan, Jayanagar, Bengaluru.

    Query 9.
    You’re Mohan / Mohini, CEO of the PJC. Industries, Hyderabad. You want an accountant for your small business. Draft, up to 50 words, announcement to be revealed in Hindu categorised column. (All India 2012)


    Needed an accountant with a Grasp of Business degree and at the very least three years expertise in a reputed company. The candidate shouldn’t be over 30 years of age. The salary won’t reward an appropriate candidate. Apply for a detailed resume within seven days to Mr. Mohan, CEO, P.Okay. Industries, Hyderabad.

    Query 10.
    You’re Ratan / Rani, Managing Director of Lodge Green Park, Lucknow. You need a receptionist in your lodge. A draft of a most of 50 words, which shall be revealed in the "Hindustan Times", Lucknow, software requests. (All India 2012)


    Needed a male and female receptionist in the age group of 22-28 years to a reputed four-star lodge. The candidate have to be a graduate scholar with a command of English and be pc literate. Apply with detailed resumes within seven days to the Government Director, Lodge Inexperienced Park, Lucknow.

    Question 11.
    You’re Keshav / Karuna who is fascinated by shopping for a home in Bangalore. Within 50 words, draft an advert that will probably be revealed in the categorised column of the native every day newspaper, detailing your claim. (Comptt. Delhi 2012)

    In search of accommodation

    Do you want a 300 sq. meter newly constructed bungalow in a primary location in Bengaluru for fast buy. Three bedrooms with en-suite rest room, front room, eating room preferably near the market. Contact: Mr. Keshav; Cellular: 9812345678

    Query 12.
    You’re Jay / Jaya fascinated about buying a used residence. Design an advert of up to 50 phrases that will probably be revealed in the categorised column of the local day by day newspaper, detailing your claim. Your contact number is 9012341234. (Comptt. All India 2012)

    Housing Houses

    Needed a direct buy of a used condominium with two bedrooms, one with toilet, near the market place. and a bus stop. Worth vary 15-20 lakh. House owners, contact Jay's cellular phone. 9012341234 between 3pm and 8am

    Query 13
    You’ve lost your leather pockets containing the Class XII exam admission ticket whereas traveling by bus from Banashankar to M.G.Street in Bangalore. Write a discover of up to 50 phrases to be revealed within the Deccan Herald. You’re at Pranav / Parveen, 12 Gandhi Street, Bengaluru. (All India 2012)

    Misplaced and Discovered

    Lacking black leather ladies's pockets containing my examination crossing ticket on Class XII bus route no. 123 From Banashankar to M.G.Street on 15 February 20xx. Should you discover it, please contact Parveen, 12, Gandhi Street, Bengaluru, urgently. An applicable reward for the seeker.

    Query 14.
    You are the CEO, Lodge Dosa, Gurgaon. You want a woman front workplace assistant who has a great information of computers. He have to be graduated and have good communication expertise in nice methods. Design an ad of as much as 50 phrases to be revealed in the Gurgaon Occasions. (Delhi 2013)


    Needed a Woman Entrance Workplace assistant for the famend Gurgaon Lodge. Candidates have to be between 25 and 35 years previous, graduate, with good communication expertise, with pleasing behaviors, and now have a strong information of computer systems. Interested candidates can send their resumes to the managing director, Lodge Dosa, in Gurgaon within ten days.

    Question 15.
    You have got a three bed room house in Dwarka that you simply need to lease. A draft of as much as 50 words, which will probably be revealed within the categorized column of The Occasions of India. Contact 2758902. (All India 2012)

    For Lease

    Newly Constructed Condo By M.G. Street in 24 hours. water and electrical energy standby. There are two bedrooms with en-suite loos, one big drawing-cum-dining room. Expected rental? 24,000 ppm Business Leasing Solely. Contact: Mohan, Jayanagar, Bengaluru.

    Question 16.
    You will have an acre of land within the heart of the town. You need to eliminate this property as a result of you will have decided to buy an house. Write the ad, which can be revealed within the nationwide day by day newspaper, all the required info. You’re from Krishan Moti Nagar, Delhi. (Delhi 2014)

    Land on the market

    Obtainable for sale one acre farm within the heart of Delhi. The owner is concerned about promoting the land as early as potential. Interested parties might contact Krishan, Moti Nagar, Delhi, Cellular Telephone Quantity 1234 zero.

    Question 17.
    You want to let part of your unbiased house for workplace use. Write your advert in the categorised columns of the local newspaper and supply all the required info. Write your advert in up to 50 phrases. (Delhi 2014)

    Workplace area for lease

    part of an unbiased home is obtainable for office use. Situated in the middle of Delhi, 1km from the metro station, 2000 sq. meters. Parking for over 20 automobiles. Expected rental? 35,000 pm. Interested parties can contact: ABC, access quantity 12340.

    Query 18.
    You need to sell a motorbike that you’ve used for five years after you determined to purchase the automotive. Write an advert of as much as 50 phrases that might be revealed under the nationwide day by day categorised column. Furnish all the required particulars. (Delhi 2014)

    Motorbike on the market

    Yamaha 100 cm3 motorbike full loaded with equipment on the market. Carried out 8000 km, good situation, 2013 Model, worth awaited? 28,000 (not negotiable). Genuine consumers, contact Raj Kumar, cellular number 1234 zero.

    Question 19.
    Your faculty, Akash Public Faculty, Agra wants a canteen supervisor. On behalf of the principal, write an ad in about 50 phrases, which will probably be revealed in the categorized columns of the local every day newspaper. Point out the tutorial and professional qualifications, some other qualities required by the supervisor to use and the deadline for receipt of purposes. (All India 2015)

    State of affairs empty

    Needed a pleasing and friendly eating manager for the reputed Agra faculties. Candidates should have a meals certificate and a minimum of 5 years' expertise working in the subject of meals. candidates, please contact. Rector, Akash Public Faculty, Agra with full bio info within 10 days of publication of this notice. PH: 98100xxxxx.

    Query 20. You want a instructor to teach math and science to your boy at residence in grade 10. Design a 50-word advert that includes all of your requirements. You’re Arun / Aruna. Contact No. 93xxxxxxxx.
    (Comptt. All India 2014)

  • Bought

    Skilled male math instructor as a personal tutor for X common. Applicants should have at the very least 10 years' expertise educating arithmetic in a public faculty. He or she have to be strictly disciplined with a purpose to deal with the scholar with a stem word. Remuneration does not limit the best candidate. Get full info on Manisha, 10, Rajaji Nagar, Bangalore.

    Question 21.
    You’ve gotten retired from the bank after 30 years of service and are in search of a job. Make a press release in about 50 words concerning the state of affairs you need in the column of your native newspaper, stating your qualifications, experience and anticipated job. You’re Sunil / Sita, four, Bank Enclave, (Delhi 2014)

    State of affairs desired

    A retired financial institution clerk is looking for employment as a senior accountant in an organization. You’ve gotten a Grasp of Science in Economics and 30 years of expertise working for a nationalized bank. A piece profile can embrace managing and maintaining log books and account balances. Contact: Sunil 4, Financial institution Enclave, Delhi.

    Question 22.
    You might have in all probability lost the costlier watch available on the market. Write your advert in the "Lost and Found" column of your local newspaper and provide all relevant info. Additionally supply a reward. Write your ad in about 50 phrases. You’re at Gopal / Gopa, 4 Manav Street, Kanpur. (Comptt. Delhi 2014)

    Misplaced and Found

    Lost Casio Clock, Black Ringtone and Black Leather Strap, on Bus Route 205 February 1, 20xx at 10am. to seek out the clock, contact Gopal, four Manav Street, Kanpur. Finder rewarded? 2500. Gopal

    Query 23.
    You could have checked the IIT entrance examination and also you need to promote the material you’re reading. Write an advert to be placed within the columns of your native every day newspaper. Provide all information about the material that comes with you in as much as 50 words. You’re Mohan / Mohini. Contact No. 9811111111. (Comptt. Delhi 2014)

    For Sale

    IIT Entrance Books from FIITJEE and Fantastic? 6000 for sale. All books are in mint situation. A uncommon opportunity to organize for the IIT entrance examination with all the relevant research supplies at half worth. Interested please contact Mohini, contact quantity. 98111 11111.

    Query 24.
    Dawn International Faculty Director, Agra requires a receptionist at his faculty. Design an appropriate ad with about 50 phrases, which will probably be revealed in the categorized columns of the national newspaper, with all the required details about the qualifications and experience of the receptionist. (Delhi 2014)

    Short-term Vacation

    Requires a feminine receptionist at a prestigious public faculty in Agra. The candidate should have accomplished at the least three years' expertise in an identical position. Information of computers, fluency in English and good communication expertise are important necessities. Wage negotiable. Interested candidates can apply for full private info within seven days to the Principal, Sunrise International Faculty, Agra.

    Query 25.
    It’s a must to purchase an house. Design an appropriate ad with about 50 phrases, which can be revealed in the categorised columns of the local newspaper and include all the knowledge you need about your declare. You’re in Karan / Karuna, M 114, Mall Street, Delhi. (Delhi 2014)

    Flat Needed

    Needed A 1300 sq. Ft. Three-bedroom house on the ground flooring / first flooring with separate slave playing cards in prepared to move society within the NCR space. Rental negotiable. Oriental, 24 hour water provide, energy provide, near subway station choose. Contact: Karan, M 114, Mall Street, Delhi.

    Query 26.
    You’re Karan Kumar / Karuna Bajaj, a number one lawyer training in Surat. You need to buy a detached house on Metropolis Mild Street for use as an office cum residence. Design an ad about 50 phrases into the categorized columns of an area newspaper. You’ll be able to contact 45645678. (All India 2014)

    Lodging Needed

    A number one lawyer in Surat needs to buy an unbiased house to be used as an office-cum-residence on Metropolis Mild Street. . The home should have adequate parking area and be situated within the quick neighborhood of the primary street. Contact individual: Karan Kumar, quantity 45645678, from 10am to 2pm.

    Question 27.
    You’re in Karan / Karuna, M 114, Mall Street, Delhi. You’re a civil engineer and just lately returned from the United Arab Emirates. You’re on the lookout for an appropriate job in India. Create an advert for a similar in about 50 phrases. Give details of your degree, your experience, the character of your job and your expected wage. (All India 2014)

    State of affairs desired

    Just lately returned from UAE, a professional civil engineer is on the lookout for an appropriate job in India. Made from development engineering from Jamia Milia College. Fifteen years of development (business) expertise with reputable corporations in India and United Arab Emirates. Anticipated reward – negotiable. Contact: Karan, M 114, Mall Street, Delhi.

    Query 28.
    State of affairs Needed A professional engineer just lately returned from the UAE is in search of an appropriate job in India. Manufactured from development engineering from Jamia Milia College. Fifteen years expertise in development (commercially) with reputable corporations in India and the UAE. Anticipated reward – negotiable. Contact: Karan, M 114, Mall Street, (Delhi 2014)

  • House on the market

    Three BHK with hooked up baths, modular kitchen, 2,000 sq. ft, constructed three years ago for direct sale in Greenwood. Society, Sector 52, Gurgaon. The owner goes overseas. The worth is predicted to be at current market charges. Have to be bought quickly. Contact Number: XXXXXX

    Question 29.
    Write a message like Sanjay Gupta by offering Do not exceed 50 words. Contact: xxxxxx (Comptt. All India 2014)


    Three BHK Condo for lease in Dwarka, Delhi. Near metro station, Sector 10, Dwarka. Society flat, utterly protected and plenty of parking. 12 hour electric backup obtainable. Expected Rental – 25,000 ppm Contact Sanjay Gupta, Cellular: 9891 xxxxxx.

    Query 30.
    You need to sell your automotive. Write your ad in the "buy and buy" column of your native newspaper and supply all related info. Write your ad in about 50 phrases. Contact xxxxxx. (Comptt. All India 2014)

    Hyundai Santro on the market

    Might 2016 for sale Hyundai Santro, white shade, 20,000 km, single proprietor driver, prime mannequin, wonderful condition, going overseas, 3 , 00 ceases to be negotiable. Contact Sushil, 21, Ram Nagar, Delhi at 3pm. 5-17.

    Query 31.
    You VikranySonia, Hon graduated history, targeted on medieval India. You’re properly acquainted with traditionally fascinating places of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur. You’re in search of a journey information job. In about 50 words, write an ad for a headline in an area newspaper. Your contact details 999751234. (Delhi 2014)

  • We would like the state of affairs

    Honi history graduate specializing in medieval India and properly versed in historic websites in Delhi, Agra and Jaipur in search of a travel information job. . Can converse fluent English and Hindi. Expected wage? For 15,000 face-to-face interactions, contact Vikram at 999751234.

    Query 32.
    You’re Vikrain / Son, an electronics engineer who has lately returned from america and is in search of an appropriate job in the IT business. A draft of about 50 words for a product

    Achieved Situations

    At a reputed US university, a first-class qualified electrical engineering engineer is on the lookout for an appropriate job in the IT business. He has a grasp's diploma in electrical engineering design and 7 years of labor experience with a respected IT firm in New Jersey. Contact: Vikram L Cellular Number: 91930 10203

    Question 33.
    You’re Ran / RaJani. Design a categorized advert with a most of 50 words for purchasing a house and provide all the small print you need. You possibly can contact 45678900. (Comptt. All India 2014)

    Buying a Home

    The advertiser requires an unbiased newly built house with the newest facilities in or around NCR in Gurugram. Have to be close to the metro station. The house ought to be in an open area with reserve energy and uninterrupted water distribution. House owners, contact: Ram / Rajani at 45678900

    Query 34.
    You’re Ran / Rajani. A draft categorised notice of as much as 50 words, revealed for sale of a used motorcar in India Occasions, containing all relevant info. You’ll be able to contact the telephone quantity 12345679. (Comptt. Delhi 2014)

    Honda Metropolis for sale

    August 2015, Honda Metropolis for sale, silver shade, made 24,000 km. single-owner driving, high-end mannequin. Wonderful situation. The worth is predicted at four.5 lakhs, not negotiable. For different inquiries: Ram, cellular: 123456789 9 am-5pm.

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