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Al-Diyar: Aoun: Lebanese Group on Unity of Druze and Christian Mountains I Seek to Establish Your Living and Economic Breakthrough, Personally Following – Lebanese News

Wataniya – Al-Diyar writes: President Michel Aoun continued to obtain mountain delegations on the Beiteddine Palace and gave directions to hold the palace open to guests, where President Aoun takes memorials by touring the palace. The Progressive Socialist Get together president Walid Jumblatt and his son Timur will meet with President Michel Aoun in the morning for a morning conversation with the media on the Beiteddine Presidential Palace. "With regard to the recently adopted Lebanon economic document with basic headings, he stressed that it would" flip into implementation plans "and refer to" levels Lebanon has gone by means of. He careworn that "the economy is different from stock market bets and land sales and tax evasion". He confused that "there are media and economists who have been strangely critical of the monetary situation last season, so the result was devastating and withdrew from fear of appealing to depositors to withdraw their deposits from banks", referring on this connection to the "Intranet Bank Conspiracy" helped improve rumors that led to a scarcity of adequate liquidity to declare chapter. “We are trying to maintain the lira in exchange for those who say that its value is actually going down in bankruptcy, affecting the state and the banking sector. Rumors of all these media, often published, are condemned by a law that encourages the hit of the state economy, but we have not resorted to it to preserve freedoms, but Lebanese freedom now contains insults and criticism. We welcome the criticism that is the source of new ideas. What's offensive is we disapprove of it, and it spreads on social media sites and is being given against the nation, its unit and its institutions, especially if the ranting speech is not true or requires degradation. A summit in Baabda Palace and we have made arrangements, including public finance, including development and economic sectors, to overcome the crisis. This week, through the Advisory Committee, we will be launching action plans that are ready a month later as the general principles became known to us. President Aoun denied answering the question that the Lebanese state had been reconciled under any pressure from the United States. To solve the financial issue or face personal pressure, he said, "America does not intervene, and our nature does not accept the pressure," and remarked that "if any statement made by the US Embassy can respond to rumors in the media, we are not targeted for authority. So it is speech to politicians and not to us as an authority. "We also heard other rumors that the United States had told me to remove Minister Gibran Bassil," he said. No more, no Gibran Basil or any other man. I have no interest in it. Gebran Bassil is the party's chief and chief of the largest parliamentary group, and many have said for some time that Gebran Bassil is the president of the republic and general of the Aou party, and some big politicians came to me and asked me to put some pressure on Basil in political matters, and my answer was that they always went to talk about it with Gibran Bassil. Will any of you accept pressure on him? Today, I remind everyone that Minister Bassil is the head of the largest parliamentary group and runs the group that includes the largest number of ministers in the government. I do not invent this reality, and leave him to lead the party and act for him. I advise her and others, but I don't press her. President Aoun spoke to the Lebanese people saying, "Trust yourself, you know me and you know me in international fora, and you have heard them more than once. Of course, the Arab League and the UN have nothing to say inspired by any foreign country." he said when he asked about the initiative to choose Lebanon as the center for establishing a "human academy meeting and dialogue" and spreading a culture of peace in the world based on familiarization with different civilizations, cultures, religions and ethnicities, since United Nations peace texts are still on paper. Peace is not done on paper, but through people who preach to people and become ambassadors of world peace to build world peace. ”President Aoun emphasized within the 2020 price range that" work is now based mostly on its standing, "emphasizing" the necessity. " shouting from US sanctions to Christian figures near Hezbollah, President Aoun stated: “We have not yet reached this point, but we hear from visitors. "What's left and not imposed on Lebanon," he said, calling for a dialogue on a defense strategy. We do not need to develop a defense strategy. What are we going to do today? Even the spheres of influence are changing. I first developed a defense strategy for the project. But is it still valid today? We have developed an absolute military project based on defense far from politics, but unfortunately the issue has been addressed by different parties from a political background. “He was asked: When will the recommendations of the Cedar conference come to light? The President replied: 'There are two main pillars to making the recommendations of this conference: Lebanon, on the one hand, and the donors, on the other, which demand some things, but the economic and economic conditions do not allow their application. We implement them according to the principle that "the wolf does not die and the sheep do not die". In the sense that all the necessary reforms will be implemented gradually and we will continue and not wait. “(The implementation of the financial document requires the cooperation of everyone) We developed the plan and gradually its results are beginning to appear. The economic collapse has been going on for almost 30 years and cannot be corrected in a month or two, ”he harassed the importance of meeting the heads of legislative and government our bodies at the meeting that accepted the plan ensuing from discussions with the skilled group and financial and financial authorities. This doc affirmed commitment and dedication, and these two phrases sum up many issues. I have revealed this paper, so that it can be carried out, it needs the cooperation of all the authorities, and this is very important, and it should withdraw all levels of implementation in harmony and co-operation. "As for the e-authorities challenge, he explained," My preference today for future appointments and whether they will lead to a new problem in the Cabinet, he said, 'Appointments are under discussion.' And he fears that the financial document's decisions are similar to the fate of the reform plan. The meeting was attended by the extensive administrative and political arrangements already in place at the presidential-led meeting. On June 22, 2017, with regard to parties in the government to which no one had committed, he replied: “I change behavior, but I. The story is not a joke, because the stakes have reached the limit, and I have been warned more than twice the words that I have said all civil servants. When I sent the message to the Lebanese, I told them that we should all sacrifice, if we do not sacrifice, we will lose all of these privileges. “(America's position is not new) And about political reforms and whether the union is witnessing the full implementation of Taif. He said: “I hear a lot of statements, including dictatorial behavior or sectarian offenses, and we have to correct that and so on. How long have you heard the saying: If Taif is implemented? Didn't get to the president before? Isn't that the time you were expelled? Hope anyone can tell me where you broke the constitution? I will reiterate the Constitution. But some are used to breaking the constitution and depriving others of their rights. When I correct things, they say that the constitution is being violated. Some people are used to many bad habits, and it will take time to correct. "So far as the Civil Service Council of experiments graduates and their suspension of his participation, he stated:" I have applied for the Parliament to interpret Article 95 of the Constitution. Which offers a transitional period before the end of political sectarianism. We are explicitly asking to go to a civilian state, that is, to secularism, which means eliminating religious behavior in politics. "And frightening Prime Minister Saad Harir's current speech in Washington at residence to the new crisis, he replied: 'I haven’t seen his statement. The position of america just isn’t new. We're still stuck. Let them rush to achieve a just peace beneath recognized circumstances, in order that the weapons are not justified. I have already spoken about these dangers in a letter to His Holiness, Holy Father, particularly within the preparation of the Synod held within the Center East, when I was informed of the risks which will end result from the Judaism of Jerusalem and the Golan annexin. “Before noon, the top of the Arab League get together welcomed former Minister Wiam Wahhab, who had a big number of mountain checks, mayors, moguls, actors, social gathering officials and citizens, who welcomed him to his summer time residence. The nation we dream of, the homeland we have been in a position to make 4 hundred years in the past, what we now have as we speak is powerless About repeating the expertise? Mr President, we would like the homeland we promise, the homeland of the establishments, the regulation and openness, a homeland whose boys are proud to belong, a homeland that returns foreigners and provides the graduates the longer term. "We have started it and some events have created some kind of imbalance. By describing the situation before the establishment of the Greater Lebanon, which is generally celebrated by Lebanon, the President emphasized the need to mount the mountain for development projects and said, 'I promise you Aoun received former minister Melhem Riach as a spokesman, Samir Geagea of ​​Lebanon inviting him to join "troops" on the anniversary of their martyrs next September. " Clo Lebanon. The President of the Republic acquired the Ambassador of Cyprus to Cyprus, Christina Raft, at the finish of her time period in Lebanon and on the Cypriot Ministry of Overseas Affairs. President Aoun thanked Ambassador Raftti for his efforts to strengthen relations. Lebanese Cyprus and its improvement in all areas. President Aoun met with the Lebanese Ambassador to Ghana, Maher Al-Khair, and discussed with him the relations between Lebanon and Ghana and ways to improve them in all areas. 2 FM

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