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Al-Diyar: Hariri criticizes budget and market concerns about the central bank deficit load next week at the Council of Ministers' meeting and the expected contradictions in a number of judges and army files on the University of Lebanon's solution and documentation – Lebanon news

National – Newspaper "Diar" writes: Political life has as soon as again develop into a main activity when Prime Minister Saad Hariri returned from France. Hariri's yesterday's go to to the Baabda Palace facilitated pressure between blue and orange titans in the background of a army courtroom ruling in the case of Haj Ghobash, but in addition the permission of Overseas Minister Gibran Bassil and terrorist Abdel Rahman Mabsout. It will lead to a meeting of the Council of Ministers next week, dealing with a number of points, in specific the positions of Prime Minister Hariri at the Mecca Summit, the precept of self-sufficiency and the start of the Constitutional Council. From these two files, discussions are expected to be hotter between elements of the government. At the similar time, the Budget and Budget Committee will continue to look at the draft budget for 2019. The discussions have taken place in chapters I, II, III and IV, and the determination on several articles has been delayed till the relevant ministers are consulted. The financial markets are afraid that political forces will put most of the budget deficit at the Nationwide Bank of Lebanon, and expects most of the troopers and judges to be adjusted. The Return of Hariri The return of Prime Minister Hariri marked a turning point in the political area, which was behind the sharp variations between political forces. These differences have been to such an extent that they threatened the presidential compromise and even the continuation of the authorities, but a meeting that yesterday was held by his excellence, President Michel Aoun and Prime Minister Saad Hariri, where the hearts have been washed and agreed to move this troublesome part. On this basis, a number of meetings will probably be held next week in Serail and its agenda, led by four primary documents, which may be a disagreement between government elements, the first being Prime Minister Hariri's place at the Mecca Summit. To which political forces fit. At this degree, Prime Minister Hariri had a brave angle yesterday at a press convention, where he stated he was the chief of the Lebanese government and expressed Lebanon's official place and that his speech at the Mecca Summit in Saudi Arabia was an expression of the official position of Lebanon. If it is expected that the Council of Ministers could have a vertical alignment, the status of a free patriotic motion shall be obscure because it supports its ally Hezbollah, however it doesn’t need to weaken the key companion in the presidential compromise as a result of it impacts government work and subsequently Lebanon's financial system in troublesome circumstances mirrored in the public finances. The second file is a meeting that exhibits indicators of a robust confrontation between the free patriotic motion and the Lebanese troops whose president, Dr. Samir Geagea stated last Monday: "What Christians mean to Christians and does not mean that Christians are basil." He referred to as for the appointment mechanism. The Council of Ministers. Nevertheless, this confrontation is just not the only one. Free patriotic motion and future confrontations with some first-class jobs have traditionally been underneath the influence of Blue Stream. The third query relates to the position of the free patriotic movement ministers in the Tripoli event, specifically the Mabsout investigation of terrorism, where Defense Minister Elias Bou Saab had a place that was retained by the current blue and his supporters by concentrating on the inner security forces and its managing director Osman. This was what Prime Minister Hariri stated at his press convention "over security institutions". These positions will deliver a verdict for next week's session, which can prove the debate on this concern. The fourth question concerns the departure of Syria and the positions initiated by the free patriotic movement. This file is a vertical division between government elements, which is why Prime Minister Hariri referred to as for dialogue between the President of the Republic, the President of the Council of Representatives and the Prime Minister in order to agree on the measures to be taken. From this attitude, it is expected that this file might be discussed next week in the Council of Ministers without any sensible motion. It is value mentioning that Lebanon's migration prices have risen to a high degree and that the worry that exclusion will continue to infinity. The controversy over these files naturally results in a full disruption of the government if the spread of the debate is excessive, but it is expected that the degree of confrontation will remain beneath the administration, which suggests suspending the resolution of controversial files (appointments) and avoiding the attribute files of the charter. (Harir's position at the Mecca Summit and Defense Minister Bou Saab on the Tripoli case), because the opposite is catastrophic for the financial system and public finances, especially since the government is presently opening several necessary economic and reform files. The monetary files are the most necessary files ready for public works: Cedar Tasks, McKinsey Plan, Traveler Returns and Gulf Investments, and Budget Draft 2020. The inclusion of these points is on the agenda of the Council of Ministers as a result of Hariri considers Lebanon in a troublesome economic part. Prime Minister Hariri criticized the delay in the adoption of the budget at the Cedar Conference, and he stated in a language that threatens "the budget must go, and we must maintain the deficit ratio, and this is the first stage of reform. He added that those who have proposals for balancing 2020 will deliver. that the arrival of funds from the Cedar Conference in Lebanon requires that the budget to reduce the deficit to less than 9% of GDP is reduced in order to curb the deficit of the EDL and therefore the delay in the adoption of the budget will delay the arrival of these funds. as the starting point for this plan is the Lebanese economic plan, which will transform Lebanon's productive economy into a productive one, as the President emphasized on the economic situation, if McKinsey's plan is a purely scientific plan. Inet must make proposals that are in line with the reality of Lebanon, and the SEDR projects are supposed to be the basic pillar of this plan because the developed economy cannot be built without infrastructure. sophisticated. With regard to the return of tourists and investments in the Gulf, Prime Minister Hariri aims to implement a number of measures to promote the return of Gulf tourists, but also Gulf investment in what it was before the Syrian crisis. In this respect, some say Prime Minister Hariri's statement yesterday that relations between Lebanon and the Arab world are not part of the political correction of some parties, so that the economic reactions that damage the Lebanese economy are not. Among Hariri's aspirations is the commitment of political parties not to mention Saudi Arabia, but also the procedures at Beirut airport, the administrative facilities for tourists and investors in Lebanon. The 2019 draft budget is seen as a form of exploitation of these criticisms so that the budget will not be disrupted in 2019. But the basic question is: how to deal with this document without the adoption of the financial plan on the basis of the budget is the translation of the economic plan and if we want to take steps to reform the economy. The Committee on Finance and Budget examines the draft budget for 2019 at the same time. the daily sessions, which reached the limits of the fourth chapter of the project, when several items were suspended pending the discussion with the ministers concerned. Minister for Energy and Water. According to sources, there is a tendency to cancel the items relating to the joint fund of judges, as Prime Minister Hariri said yesterday after the meeting of the President of the Republic. What is related to the army. According to the information, the contractors are going to move in an unprecedented way if they do not see a serious change to change the budget lines. The effect of this measure, which is intended to degrade a number of vital functions, may be that the Committee on Finance and Budgets puts pressure on these issues. At the level of professors at the University of Lebanon, Prime Minister Hariri's statement shows that the situation has not been resolved so far, saying: "University professors haven’t any right to hit as a result of there isn’t any budget and these demonstrations are incomplete." If the work of the Committee on Finance and Budgets contributes to a "constructive" response to the representatives, the drawback of slicing the account raised by MP Hassan Fadlallah, which results in a solution to the budget in the Home of Representatives, particularly if Hezbollah referred to as for a decade of account (1997 – 2017). Nevertheless, the biggest menace to financial markets and enterprise is the danger that the central bank will burden the budget deficit in 2019. The info present that some parliamentary groups have taken public debt management as a burden on public debt when official banks take part in lending. A state with a worth of £ 11 thousand billion at the fee of 1%. Based on info, business banks have proven their incapability and unwillingness to participate in the weak spot of the 2019 budget reforms. In different words, the parliamentary teams are directed to cost the value of this mortgage individually to the Banque du Liban, which suggests charging up to $ 2.three billion. In the monetary markets, as the Banque du Liban is ready to carry out its mission, specifically the upkeep of the Lebanese pound, supporting the Lebanese financial system and supporting the banking sector. In detail, the five-yr rate of interest on the market is 13.5 %, or 11 billion kilos interest at 1485 billion kilos. If the Banque du Liban borrowed a authorities interest of 1% (ESP 110 billion), the Banque du Liban would have suffered a loss of $ 1375 billion or $ 912 million. S & P predicts a deficit of 10% for the 2019 budget as an alternative of the 7.59% expected in the draft budget, which signifies that the $ 1.four billion distinction can also be in line with the Banque du Liban, bringing the complete value to greater than € 2.three billion. US dollars. ========================= Comply with the news from the Nationwide Media Company on Lebanese radio broadcasts at 98.5, 98.1 and 96.2 FM

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