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As the US blockade intensifies, Cuba's resistance increases

As the US blockade intensifies, Cuba's resistance increases

Final June, several members of the Socialist and Liberal Get together from across the country joined different individuals on a journey between individuals in the Republic of Cuba. Representatives traveled all over the country for 10 days once they met with totally different group and grassroots organizations. We have now expressed our solidarity with the Cuban individuals in the face of the persevering with genocide dedicated by the US Empire. The writer participated on this delegation.

Inside the Cuban manufacturing unit

In the middle of Cuba, Santa Clara, in the city of Ché Guevara, we visited the nation's house equipment manufacturing unit: Industrial Nacional Productora de Utensilios Domésticos. It opened 55 years ago when Ché was Minister of Business. It is obvious that his life is stored alive there

The employees collect a rice cooker for the INPUD writer, Santa Clara, Cuba. June 2019. | Photograph: Gloria La Riva / Liberation News

Over 1350 staff have 20 totally different trade union departments, organized by 109 staff. There are additionally members of the Cuban Communist Celebration whose work revolves around maintaining the social gathering structure and communicating with trade unions. Some of the merchandise produced embrace vents, refrigerators, strain cookers, freezers, rice cookers and different kitchen and household home equipment. Since there isn’t a capitalist who employs staff, the income they produce immediately contribute to social packages similar to housing, power saving, well being care and schooling.

Cuban labor legislation and the just lately updated structure help to advertise real job democracy. For instance, a negotiation commission has been created for employees to develop collective agreements with the state. Some of the phrases of the present INPUD settlement embrace the proper to work at the manufacturing unit, the proper to stay in employment, well being care, attention to staff with special needs, the circumstances of corruption and minor offenses, and the circumstances for conflict resolution. Staff are additionally provided coaching alternatives, and there’s even an on-site classroom.

As a result of Cuba has a planned financial system and its structure prohibits discrimination (Article 40 guarantees the right to equality), individuals at totally different ranges. age and schooling come to work at the manufacturing unit. One hundred and sixty-five are licensed technicians and 116 graduates from the university. In addition, about 45% of staff are ladies.

Part of the contracts on the INPUD website embrace special consideration to young, previous and feminine staff to combat discrimination in the workplace. Younger individuals working there work every seven hours each three days to get used to the workforce. They are additionally accompanied by an on-site pilot. In addition, the maternity depart starts from the seventh month of being pregnant and lasts till the youngster is one yr previous. INPUD is a superb instance of state-owned employee-owned corporations, but it is not at all an exception in Cuba

Regardless of progressive working circumstances and alternatives, the 60-year barrier imposed by the US government poses challenges to all factories in Cuba and the workplace. Most of the uncooked materials should be imported from Europe and Asia, as a result of the United States restricts and prevents Cuban trade with Canada and Latin America. For example, Mexico and Panama have utterly prevented sending supplies to INPUD's wants.

Clogging of metals reminiscent of metals can change the 40 day undertaking to six months. During the particular interval – after the demise of the Soviet Union – the manufacturing unit couldn’t acquire supplies for the development of family appliances, in order that they built bicycles. Bicycles tremendously helped throughout transport, when spare elements for buses have been not obtainable

One solution to do the tasks to overcome these challenges is to companion with universities to advertise formal worker coaching – utilizing the aforementioned class. College college students are additionally involved in tasks that help to seek out options to the environmental issues that the INPUD manufacturing unit handles. This consists of adherence to authorities emissions laws

Democracy and financial planning in the working setting alleviate a few of the penalties of genocide, however in no case present permanent solutions.

The Cuban Government has co-operated and funded the efforts of unionists and grassroots organizations to improve the dwelling circumstances of their communities. So as to protect the dignity of rural staff, continuous efforts are being made as they obtain part of all the craftsmen. This makes Cuba an exception in the international subject.

Larger Revenue for State Staff and Retirees

At the starting of July, nationwide wage increases got here into effect, raising the common wage of staff by 27 %. Those that have benefited immediately are "state-budgeted" staff, academics, professors, media artists, docs, nurses, librarians, cultural staff, and authorities staff. The pensions may also be increased by more than 1,500,000 retirees, a complete of two,750,000 staff and retirees who will benefit.

In fact, the calculation of Cuban revenue should take note of that health and schooling are utterly free for all Cubans. Virtually all Cubans personal their houses and don’t pay taxes on their houses. These life wants in the United States are completely satisfied

These sectors of presidency staff have had low wages for years due to the nation's economic difficulties. Nationwide progress means recognizing the lives of the victims in offering very important social providers to individuals. Financial sectors akin to tourism, personal eating places and numerous non-governmental organizations can generate much larger revenues. That’s the reason staying as academics, medical staff, journalists, and other jobs is a tangible and revolutionary contribution to society.

President Miguel Díaz-Canel stated in a collection on nationwide television to elucidate the progress that, despite the large issues with Trump's latest flash motion, "nobody in Cuba loses sleep over threats." He burdened that just as necessary as the increases are the need for economic progress, larger manufacturing and effectivity, less dependence on imports and better providers

In contrast to the United States, Cuba can be a authorities that’s working for the individuals

The impression of the new constitution

Our delegation, which has just lately been renovated, is house to the National Capitol. June 2019. | Photograph: Liberation Information

Our delegation had the privilege of meeting a member of the Nationwide Meeting for Democracy, who defined to us about the new constitution, and explains Cuba's political system

24. February 2019 was a constitutional referendum during which 86.eight % of voters (84.four %) voted to ratify the revised Structure. The modernization of the 1976 Constitution led to the creation and holding of meetings of people for the whole population for five years. There were over 130,000 meetings and over eight million Cubans. Many of these meetings happened at workplaces and within commerce unions. Over 780,000 proposals have been taken under consideration, and more than half have been concerned in the modifications. These led to modifications inside the government and some of its only institutions.

A few of the new modifications are that the president have to be 35-60 years previous throughout their previous elections and should only be elected once. President Miguel Díaz-Canel is 58 years previous. The position of Prime Minister will probably be re-established

There are also modifications in the provincial authorities. Each province has a governor accredited by the National Meeting, the highest authority in the Republic of Cuba. At current, the head of the province is the chairman of the assembly. The brand new Constitution accommodates 53 new laws that can be carried out over the next two years

This new structure was democratically created when Cuba anticipates Trump's implementation beneath Title III of the Helms-Burton Act. This extremely harmful provision permits US citizens or corporations to problem any company or country in the world that invests in belongings that Cuba has expropriated after the victory of the Revolution. The goal is to attract investment in Cuba

In the face of elevated imperialist aggression, efficient planning is required to beat financial strangulation. On this means, Cuba is scarcely branching out: the Communist Celebration's Finance Department is proposing a finances for the National Meeting's debate and vote. All new laws, laws (financial or other) proposals will probably be completely reviewed and evaluated by the group before they even reach the legislators. The specialised committees meet, evaluate social and economic issues and make suggestions between the periods of the Nationwide Assembly, which happen twice a yr. Specific consideration can be paid to the improvement of rural areas and fewer developed regions and will forestall unduly excessive city and vacationer locations. This will solely be finished by way of careful economic planning in Cuban socialism

By a government that constitutionally prohibits discrimination and has actively labored with the solidarity and internationalization of its citizens after the fall of the capitalist dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista, Cuba has built knowledgeable and technical sector consisting of two thirds of girls and 53 , three% of the National Assembly for Ladies.

The most important distinction between the United States and Cuba since 1959 has been financial. Inside the framework of capitalism, political democracy is restricted and corruption is gigantic. US legislative proposals favoring capitalists give tens of hundreds of company lobbyists to satisfy the US Congress halls.

There isn’t any control over income in Cuba and the land owner does not exist.

In the Cuban Socialist Republic, representatives of the Nationwide Assembly don’t even get paid. The work of their government is voluntary and even working days. There are not any election campaigns – or no marketing campaign promises – and all the candidates are nominated by individuals who reside instantly of their communities or grassroots organizations, akin to the Revolutionary Protection Committee, Cuban Ladies's Federation and the University Scholar Union

. able to tackling economic challenges and climate disaster. That’s the reason we need to cease blocking and preventing our own revolution in the United States, where all working and oppressed individuals gather and struggle for socialism. As Comandante Fidel Castro stated, “There have to be one thing to save lots of humanity! A greater world is feasible! "