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Bassil at the annual dinner: We fight to restore our country's robbed corruption, and the big countries are pressing to prevent the return of displaced people – Lebanon news

Nationwide – Free patriotic mobility was held at 20.30 in the presence of President Gebran Bassil and his presence in Beil in the presence of ministers, present and former deputies, common governors, judges and financial, political, social and cultural actors. The diamond skilled and jewelery designer Andre Zanni introduced the statue to President Michel Aoun to be the cornerstone of the new free patriotic motion. Bassil, Minister Bassil, gave the flooring following a speech by the Coordinator of the Free Central Patriotic Movement, saying: "Good evening, friends of friends, friends and loved ones, March 14, 89 No one of us forgets the history of the War of Liberation to restore freedom, sovereignty and independence, Year, Battle The march is continuous and does not stop and nothing stops it! We are auxiliary fighters for 30 years, we and he, where he was and where we were, continue to struggle. We were fighting before we got back from the freedom that was reserved from abroad, we are fighting to return to the corruption we have robbed of. , I think A few days ago I told the students, and some of them are with us today, and this year they were in the mainstream. And the idea of ​​asking you to leave your kids belongs to the present, a school where they grow up at national and human levels. I told students that hardness and flexibility make us stronger than the whole world. It's the one who keeps us firm and goes on … We don't even win the battle. Yesterday Chantal reminded her of her current rights: "If you need something, ask her properly and don't stop earlier than you attain your aim." I say to you that we got a guardian from Lebanon, and so we won the Israelis in Lebanon. Syrian refugees are returning to their country of origin, thus preventing the resettlement of Palestinians in our country. We have therefore completed the electoral legislation and won over 55 deputies, which is why we became 15 of the 15 ministers. That is why the general returned to Lebanon and became President of the Republic of Lebanon. So we passed the law on the restoration of citizenship, so we are implementing the choice of citizenship, so we started to issue the citizenship regulations, so we give the law that Lebanese women get the citizenship of their children. So we stopped the balance of control, and so we get back to our presence. So we started to implement the electricity plan, and so we offer electricity 24/24 and without a deficit. So we started to make 7 dewatering, so we fill Lebanon with dams and lakes. So we signed the gas agreements at sea, so we are preparing oil law on land. So we are expanding the coastline and therefore we are driving cars in Lebanon. That's how we made it impossible, and that impossible became impossible. So we have become corrupt and forced to be in education, and so we raise the corrupt sect. So we dropped the Sucle system in the country, so we prevent one second of installation. So we will remove the cartel money, oil, moth, debris and generators. You ask, why are they trying to kill us with a joint that is stronger than a bullet? But we don't die because the truth always wins! So you won the real 14th of March, which is us, and so fell over many years on March 14th. So we return to the displaced, so we suffer from corruption, so we grow the economy, so we build the state and keep Lebanon. There are three goals at this stage: 1 – displaced persons – 2 – corruption – 3 – economy. These goals are not realized either in the government or not. Or the return of displaced persons or governments or expel corruption from the cabinet table or not by the government, either inability or zero or government. These three goals, we know well how to achieve, but it is necessary to stop obstacles and cooperation. 1 – The displaced persons are not Lebanon's size, resources, infrastructure, social and health security capabilities, and its balance lasts for 200 displaced persons and refugees by the word 2. We do not allow Lebanon to crash on human excuses, and the biggest humanitarian measure is to bring them back to their home and homes , and racism is to remain uncoupled in the community or to isolate assembly (or tent residents!) It is important to realize that large countries are compelling to prevent a return from their homeland! It is no coincidence that I am here with you today, and I'm not in Brussels displaced conferences, because these conferences financed by the move to the survival of displaced persons. We simply want to fund their return to the country. Who wants to return, stop the "normalization with Syria" lie, because the relationship exists and did not break with Syria and does not need normalization! I always say that the categories that are displaced, each class is kind of: applying the law of Lebanon – communicating with the Syrian state – an agreement with the international community. Let's start with Lebanese legislation and we will adopt a political document on the return of the Lebanese Government. We return every financially displaced person who breaks Lebanon's laws: he works or opens a store without permission, commits a crime, arrives and leaves for Syria with a card and gets help. . We are in the mainstream 1) We put our paper and design it and present it. 2) We set up committees and started camping in cities. We have started in some municipalities that monitor and control the law, control the transition and do not stop before the return is reached, and no one believes that we can get tempted by financial support or threaten economic blockage! Cedre is a necessary reform package for our country. Loans to move, Najib Do not want your loans or emigration, Lebanon declines its identity and his message is more expensive than all your money. 2 – Corrupted corruption has no religion or the Lord, and the actions of the individual are neither bound by the community nor polluted by the sect. For example, if one of them undertakes and protects the present, God forbid, then the charge will be charged. However, the present does not cover corrupt people, but seeks and reveals them, and misuses rumors as they protect real corruption by spreading the prosecution of corruption and wasting truth to prevent responsibility. Some try, he hears us, so if he is convicted, he is a Christian or a current figure. We say to him: Since then, the corrupt is not a Christian, not the present. Yesterday, we dismissed the leader of the Jezzine hospital we named, because he had sinned, and tomorrow we will end all if he is blinded and made a mistake. Do you remember how many times they tried to keep us in the presidency? And did we make compromises, including an impossible discharge or oil trade, mechanical or waste? This is not enough, corruption has come in every circle and many souls, and we have worked for a long time as a cell against corruption. You hear many prosecutions and trials and you hear a lot. Rumors do not blur the truth and sectarianism does not save anyone. In the name of the solution, we do not affect anyone and, in the name of understanding and covenant, we do not tolerate anyone who wants the union and the state to succeed, but does not tighten us. Every time a file is opened, they say, "The covenant and reconciliation shall be destroyed." We assume that we wrestle and despair and share with them a system of corruption: the state and its reform are more necessary than any answer, understanding, alliance and the most necessary alliance and presidency, the state is more necessary than its president. It should serve it and not serve it. 3. Financial system Simply, we can’t pursue the similar financial and financial coverage. He must change! The very first thing with cash, the answer to finances deficit reduction and financial savings, similar to fasting, makes you are feeling hungry, however cleanses your physique and strengthens and provides immunity to start again. The discount of the deficit is as follows: 1 – Decreasing the measurement of the state (which rose from 17% to 35% in such a yr): and ending the populism and bribery of authorities officials from the pockets of government officials in Lebanon doesn’t exceed 5% of the Lebanese inhabitants and does not meet the 95% 5% breakdown. As well as, we’d like to verify all compensation and compensation. It’s unacceptable that the pension is 85% of regular work and it is unacceptable for the state to pay the youngsters of the faculty instructor. 2 – Decreasing Debt Service: We can’t be left with two dangerous options: the collapse of the pound with its destructive results or the safety of the pound at excessive value and with great advantages. We can’t keep up with the mobilization of giant pockets and the emptying of small pockets. The state can’t help the poor, it is extra. The solution is to scale back interest and improve economic progress. 3 – Electrical energy: We need the state to win electrical energy and not the house owners of turbines and their partners! It is necessary that the government adopts a plan to secure electrical energy shortly and steadily improve the tariff. Boat lie stopped, the energy twine shortened and began to spread to the corners of corrupt and liars every time the rope was tightened in the throat as they spoiled corruption and rumors of the current! The numbers of Siemens, ships, Syria and contractor here and there have been revealed, and they haven’t any poison to lie! The only criterion is the best suited worth, and the prices are very high. We purchase electrical energy, not ships or crops we buy from land, sea or air, and it's not essential for Lebanon or outdoors, Syria, Jordan or Egypt. Secondly, the financial system / and the answer to the shift from lease to production means ending the sectarianism and sectarian division and shifting to Lebanon to help its talents, energies and improvements. We are building a balanced and human financial system. We are in the world of openness in order that we will enter the market with the quality of manufacturing and creativity. We are the present one who needs to extract oil and fuel and make investments his revenue into the fund of funding state, we do not pay attention to anyone or allow them to seize our belongings or permit corruption to steal our goods. We are a stream of farmers who like land and develop agriculture for manufacturing and administration. We are a stream of industrial corporations which were in front of their factories and want to shield Lebanon's workforce from all illegal speculations. We are a stream of the information financial system that creates new businesses and creates new jobs for an intelligent, clever era who can produce synthetic intelligence. We are justice and justice, the decide of human rights have to be respected and raised, and the decide have to be held accountable. We circulate via a clean surroundings with a bold choice, we movement into an incubator for strong house owners who need remedy and need the power of their will. We are a stream of Lebanese young people who consider of their homeland and its effectiveness, we are the energy of equal alternatives, rights and equality. We are a constructive power stream that sees every one of you as an power that we worth in Lebanon, and we see Lebanon's assets as wealth for all its people. The richness of Lebanon is great from its people, its spread, oil, fuel, water, nature, focus and soil. We say: Your endurance doesn’t strengthen a constructive, regardless of how you do to frustrate people, we don't get tired, we're not you, and you and the testimony are our presence with us immediately, grateful, like in recent times and more. We say more: We haven’t any methods, no embassies or offers … We have cash identical to you. We finance people from ourselves. We have a rich wealth that includes the wealthy and the poor. Gal's widow is our daughter Tali and Everett, and we stay by the precept of building the headquarters of the free patriotic motion that we acquired the permit and start working in a month's time. With this assist, there was a Andrei Zaan designer and jeweler who gave us a statue that may be on the headquarters square and a statue of the common. With this type of help, with the help of Membership Seven, the business cycle began to make investment tasks in your capital, not for reward or patronage, so we construct a youth middle and a everlasting place for scouts. That is how we build a sports activities and educational club. Immediately we rejoice the jewel jubilee on the occasion of at present's 30th anniversary, and this tendency will remain the pearl of Lebanon with its uniqueness and will remain a large group of people succesful of shifting beyond the conventional political system. My pal, we are repairing and preventing to build a robust Lebanon. You lived and lived in Lebanon. ================= م. / ب.أ.ر Comply with the news from the National Media Agency on Lebanese radio broadcasts at 98.5, 98.1 and 96.2 FM

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