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bishops of Beirut's new president: I do not sit on the throne, before I stay close and does not require any titles, because I am with you Christians – Lebanese news

Beirut Bishop Boulos Abd El-Sattar New President, Celebrated Sunday in Beirut Cathedral of St. George, surrounded by Patriarchal Vicar, Bishop Hanna Alwan, representing Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Mar Bishara Boutros Al-Ra, former Beirut Bishop Paul Matar Archbishop

Bishop Matar spoke at the beginning of his speech where he gave a speech by which he spoke to the Archbishop, "We are delighted to join you for his excellence, President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, honored in this Holy Mass, dominated by his ambassador in Beirut Archbishop, bishop Boulos Abdesatir, which is the Beirut diocese patron. the best son. We ask for God in the midst of these difficult circumstances that Lebanon, the region and the world will pass, to give him the care and concern, so that it leads to the father and the pure love of the beginning of the nation's stability , security and peace We thank the House of Representatives Nabih Berr for his heartfelt congratulations on sending him a Henry Helou representative and prime minister to congratulate him on sending his representative to Henry Shadeed. This is what our hearts are full of joy of coming to your new bishop, we urge him to say, "Blessed is he that cometh in the identify of the Lord." "The Holy Ghost is the one who referred to as him and wrapped him via the Holy Synod to take care of the Church of God in Beirut and its environment and open the method to salvation."

"This is the Church of Christ, where shepherds follow one at a time, for Peter and twelve consecutive years, to this day and to the second age when his last return. They serve as a gift from the bishop as a gift of time, practice the task of teaching, sanctifying, and controlling the church building and souls. salvation and testimony of the Lord's love in the world and his infinite grace to receive reward from the Lord. Christ is alone, yesterday, today, and forever. For this pagan apostle says, "If Paul sings in the church, and if he water with water after he got here to him behind, so the Lord has been raised. "when I parsonage to the ground and piispapalveluni, which has lasted for fifty-four years, I received a great grace and proportion, which I can not lie. he must be valued Christ to him by the gift, as she believes poor people to take care of part of the people to lead to him through the grace of the Spirit to the fruitful spiritual pastures, and to show them their grace and service, and the great reconciliation he has made with the blood of the Creator and Creator, and between the peoples and peoples. history? The pure gospel proclaimed this project of God when he said, "The desire of God, which has been since eternity, is to collect together all his scattered sons."

And Abizaid: "In this pure Christian spirit, our Maronite Church has been entrusted since its inception to raise the coexistence of Christians and Muslims in this homeland and in the whole East. The spirit of the Charter through a unique cultural and cultural encounter between parts of Lebanon since the last quarter of the 19th century. The soul gives good ancestor Op Bishop Ignatius Mubarak after World War I to build what was destroyed in his diocese of people and stone, and once again shaped his child and every dream of Lebanon Lebanon every The Lord also inspired us in the same spirit and was sent to the church after the last war in the land of Lebanon. We have created bridges of love for all Lebanese in the diocese. Our children had a great faith in resolutely building and renovating their churches in all their countries and without exception. We have built forty-five new churches and restored over 60 churches, including this very cathedral, which was extended by a number of righteous children, and God rewarded them generously for the generosity of their hearts. All in all, we hope that the restoration of Lebanon to originality will move in the direction of human history based on convergence, dialogue and love, as confirmed by the Apostolic Call of Pope John Paul II. He gave us: "Christ is our hope. His life is renewed and we bear witness of love." He emphasized Lebanon's role in the world as a message to both the East and the West for freedom and decent life. "

Matar continued:" For the return of our citizens in all our areas, we had a special curiosity in the priesthood. God has given us more than ninety clergymen who’ve joined the Lord's area with great apostolic inspiration. We now have developed the service of the gospel by way of schooling and tradition and via our faculties and institutions by launching a new college of knowledge that we have now built on trendy monuments and decided to be religious and human providers before we are purely scientific and even social. On this spirit of the college, we started to interact in spiritual dialogues in Lebanon and in the East and in the Western world with their main capitals, rejecting the second merger and favor, looking for good recommendation and honest like to rejoin what has been lowered over time between Christians and Muslims and between Christians. It is undoubtedly a troublesome activity, nevertheless it brings peace to souls and hearts of joy. If things fail on this area at the degree of human aspiration, we all the time use prayer and asking, assembly success and correction.

He concluded: "Now that twenty-three years have been in the bishop's service, the Lord wants me to speak with the voice of the Church. The President asks me to honor God and build the Church, such as His Holiness Benedict in his new life and in the prayer of his new life in His new life." [19459005SowithgreatjoywewelcomeyouwithallourfaithfulindependentbishopstheLordJesushasthehonorandthanksforeverAgeYouwerewithusaspecialpriestwithoutrestrictionsandwithyouallthepriestsmonksandnunswhoworkedinthemintheblessedapostolicspiritYouhavebeenchosenbyGodtodaytocareforyourflockinthesamediocesesothatallloveandallprayerswillbeourstogetherinleadingthisworldintotheperfectionofthekingdomIdonotholythroughPopeFrancis'whodealtspecificallywithChristiansandthewholeworldwiththemessagethatmankindisnotstraightandhistoryispassingandonlymeansservingthepoorwhoaretheweakestlinkintheearthTheyarethebalanceoftheworldcreatedbythebloodofChristIftheytookintoaccounttheworldandiftheyfellfromtheaccounttheyfellwiththemallofhumanityYoudoallyourenergytopreachtothepoorastheLordhassenttothebelieversinprisonTheApostlePaulsaid"Peacebewithyouagoodshepherdandloveandprayerwithusarealive"

Patriarchal Co-ordination

Our pricey daughters: the clergymen of Beirut's Diocese, their monks and their nuns, and all the different beloved believers, in addition to a gaggle of those that attended the celebration of St. Mass.
On this blessed Sunday you will get a new patron, our brother Bishop Paul Sattar. Monetary and economic affairs, s In addition to other Church and pastoral duties. We found the face of a jealous, recent, loyal and loving bishop. Letter of St. Augustine in his diocese is suitable for boys to him, the opening day: "I am with you, and are you a Christian bishop."

The caretaker receives the honored Archbishop Paul Matar, who has led the diocese's wisdom, pastoral love, dedication and lively presence since 1996. He was our assistant and patriarchal altar cardinal Mar Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir for the patriarch for five years. Throughout his 23-year pastoral service, he was an architectural renaissance: he founded a quantity of good clergymen, owned them at the universities of Rome, France and America, restored the destroyed churches, and constructed new church buildings and mixtures in all churches. Al-Hikma Faculties and Their Administrative Methods He developed the College of Hikma on his new campus and its numerous schools, invested in diocesan holdings and lands to safe employment opportunities and start a financial movement that benefited believers. And established the greatest pastoral relationship with the Bishops of Spiritual Churches and spiritual co-operation with leaders of Islamic communities and create the greatest relations with politicians and authorities ambassadors. All in all, he was the owner of a friendly and constructive phrase and a everlasting and loving presence. That is why feelings of appreciation and friendship proceed with all of them in the diocese.

Our brother, Archbishop Hanna Alwan, our patriarchal Vicar, has entrusted us with the course of of extradition and authorized extradition underneath Regulation 189, Articles 1 and 2 of the Japanese Church buildings Code, and our representation in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. The new bishop and the former bishop celebrated St. Mass, and is attended by a big quantity of bishops, clergymen, monks, nuns and believers, among whom is the President of the Republic, Common Michel Aoun, as his Ambassador.
Get your new protector with love and willingness to help him in his service. Pastoral, you will find a loving coronary heart, a standard mind, a decided will to work and accurate information of the diocese. He was his son, and he had pastoral, religious, administrative, and financial obligations. He all the time confirmed what God had bestowed on his skills and gained information and expertise.

We ask God by means of the patron saint of our mother Mary, His Cross, the Apostle of Saint Paul and our father Saint Maron and this cathedral to bless our new service to the head of the diocese.

Abd al-Sattar

After reciting the Holy Gospel, Bishop Abdul Sattar gave a speech by which he stated:. "Glory to God the Father, who chose me heikkoiksi to express their love for greatness and praise the God who has called me I am a sinner who will appear in His salvation into force, and thanks to the Spirit, whom I have chosen
and love all the church where Father's grace is full of love, and it looks like the face of me winning Christ every death, and the Spirit works to come everyone's son.
[19659002] and my gratitude to my brothers, bishop sized, maronilaisen Church Synod members and of the Holy Sepulcher Church of the nations, who I am surrounded by love, the compassion trap and its connection, through which the Lord called me to fulfill my sins I am one of the righteous shepherds who continue to serve, teach, measure and sanctify the sons and daughters of this diocese. "

" I mention among them Bishop Boulos Matar, who is high and who retains his loving older brother, who without his trust and support And his greetings to you here this morning
And to honor our patriarch, Marianite Church leader Patriarch Beshara Boutros Al-Ra, who gave me his trust for three years and my kindness as a younger brother. Speech, compassion and responsibility.
Secretariat "For them, the Pope and his message are those who are concerned about the tangible benefits of the small, weak, poor, displaced and displaced individuals, all victims of discrimination, the land and the human being, and the restoration of the Church."

The Holy One, Jesus Christ, stated a couple of hours before he gave himself to demise, revealing his fact to Christ and the Son of God, declaring his determination as a Father in its entirety and dwelling until the end of love. Between you and me I am liberating myself from his want and aspirations to grow to be a Lord I take heed to the inspiration and the second of the Spirit in order that selections are not authoritarian and slender, and I accept all who want me, even if they disagree with me in his imaginative and prescient, opinion, religion and its colours. Each individual is beneficiant in the eyes of the Lord and a supply of wealth. "I do not intend to search for a title, because I am with you a Christian, and I do not hold privileges in order not to deprive the freedom of the sons of God."

He went on to say, "I will not live with you until the end, because you are my beloved and my word and pride." Let us sanctify ourselves for our individuals, keen to permit our words to love and encourage the phrase of the Lord. "Let us not forget that we are witnesses and the apostles. We are not workers waiting for the departure time. "

Church Clergymen" Today I invite you to live a real priesthood life full of joy and simplicity. Today I ask you to return to your first feelings for the Lord, the feelings that led you to leave everything and walk behind him, I ask You must remember your first blessing, not Sawa, Shepherds and Prophets. "I all the time ask you to be human hunters."

He went to the parishes of saying. "I am for each of you current brother without discrimination, and cheerful companion of loneliness, fatigue and boredom hour, and the weakness and the difficulties of time
And blessed of God's daughters and the children who come in spite of the many places freedom who is free to be with me and your priests in this connection, thank you. And during this time I will tell you that in this Mass I will raise you to God the Father, that I will keep you from the Father, Father, and Father, all evil and fill you with his love. that I primarily serve man, not rocks. "
Pricey political and civil servants in my country, we trust you in our lives, in our goals and in our future. Keep in mind, power is a service. "We want you to live a decent life and we are tired of sterile, anxiety, fanaticism and hypocrisy. We want initiatives that give hope, talk and action. We want your responsible leaders as you hear."

Arms are my self, ask me about your youngster's knowledge and good motion, the peace of the coronary heart


Ambassador Spitri read the speech of the Dean of the Cardinal Leonardo Sandr of the Japanese Church buildings, where he thought-about this chance a joyful alternative and I have many questions and even if you used your priesthood is a few years on this metropolis. You’re not a priest who’s answerable for a specialty in the diocese, but a shepherd who teaches Catholic faith and not just sanctification and not just sanctification of power does not simply mean service. "

With a purpose to give you the Power and willpower to steer this clever man of the Archdiocese and give you the courage to be a jealous and visionary guide that leads individuals to mirror on this risky world and complicated, I also salute Maronite Patriarch Mar Bishara Boutros-Raya, apostle Ponsffia Monsignoria Joseph Spitre, preceded by bishop Paul Mataria, all the bishops and clergymen, clergymen, nuns, and loyal people who encompass you right now.
Let us pray for the Lebanese Church, the simplicity of his life, the apostolic id and the love of their poverty testify of the unity that brings peace that each one

Lastly, Archbishop Abdel Sattar is surrounded by Bishop Alwan, Mattar and his family. , id)
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