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CBSE Class 6 English Invisible Passports Type II

CBSE class 6 English invisible fairways type II 1

CBSE Class 6 English Unseen Passages Type II are a part of NCERT options in Class 6 English. Here we’ve given the CBSE Class 6 English Unisex Passages Type II

CBSE Class 6 English Unseen Passages Type II

Read the paragraphs under and reply the following questions:

Passage 1

1 tamarind wooden drum was ready. Indoor gardeners gathered outdoors the king's door and the royal musician started to play. But as an alternative of all thum thum thum that everyone was ready for, Tamarind drum intoned, Raja has horns on his head. There are horns on the top on the top. “The court burst out laughing and the king shouted with rage.

2 "I will not stay in the palace for a while," he shouted. "I'll go to the woods and live myself." He tore his bedside table and ran out of the palace by grabbing the Tamarind drum on his way out.

3 King lived in the woods for several years. He gradually learned about the beauty of the world around him. He learned to take care of smaller beings. He grew strong and wise and selfless. His only partner was the Tamarind drum, and the drum when he won it gave him all the advice and experience of the old tree. She learned to play so beautifully that even the spirits of the trees were charming and they went to meet the gods who had given her horns.

4 "Sorry," they prayed. "She has changed.
5 God gave them their hands and the horns disappeared

6 The next morning the king went to the forest pool to drink water. In his hand, he saw his reflection, and his low-fat sun-struck face looked back at him – without the horns! And as he sat by surprise, several riders exploded into the survey, and he saw his butler. They knelt before him. “Your Majesty, forgive us and return. The Kingdom needs you.

7 The king went back to his kingdom. He always kept the Tamarind drum next to him, and he ruled wisely. And yes, the barber kept his head but lost his job!

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Read the statements below and mark the right option:
Question 1.
The King could not stay in the Palace
(i) was cursed
(ii) he was not humble
(iii) everyone laughed at him
(iv) he was angry and ashamed

Question 2.
The king came better
(i) he had to live alone in the woods
(ii) his partner taught him so
(iii) he grew vigorously, selflessly, and wise
(iv) he learned to play the Tamarind drum

Question 3
The appeal of spirits to God was
( i) removing the king's horns and pal help his kingdom
(ii) make the king wise and humble
(iii) give him emotional support
(iv) open the king's eyes

Question 4.
When the king was drinking water, he saw
(i) his ugly reflection
(ii) his ugly horn
(iii) that his horns had disappeared
(iv) that he had turned dark and thin

Question 5
The word "forgive" means
(i) – sorry
(ii) forgive
(iii) forgive
(iv) forgetting sin
1. (Iv)
2. (iii)
3. (I)
4. (iii)
5. (i)

Passage 2

1 A unique company was made on July 28, 1992. ” My battle, ”stated Janaki,“ was swimming towards nature throughout swimming. The Channel Waters have been so chilly that I needed rather more power than regular to move my gun. Then I had a problem with my ft shifting left or proper, depending on how the waves moved. So I wanted lots of power. The water was very salty, and when it came to my mouth, I felt sick. After which there was seaweed and jelly. These fish stuck in my physique and felt very uncomfortable.

2 Despite these issues, Janaki successfully accomplished his own relay share: he swam for about two hours and helped the workforce to cross the 36 km channel in 14 hours and 45 minutes.

three Janak's mother and father, Mr Nagappa and Mrs Indiramma, have been keen to face on Dover's seashore and marvel how things end up. "We couldn't eat a bride," Nagappa said. “How could we, when our daughter did something so dangerous? For old people it was really nice. “But their daughter won, became the first disabled swimmer to swim in the English Channel.

4 After the success of Janaki said: "Though I was not capable of swim solo Nevertheless, I’m glad that I was part of a group of individuals, that helped me to satisfy my dream of swimming the English Channel. I might now like to start out coaching for the Paraplegic Olympics. "5 of

Janaki, who is an official of the bank in Bangalore, has a simple philosophy:" I've all the time needed to do one thing helpful in life. I firmly consider that the word "Impossible" is used for something that has not been tried. I needed to show that disabled individuals don’t have anything to do with success. All obstacles may be overcome by exhausting work, willpower, braveness and self-confidence. Self-confidence is very important. God helps those who assist themselves. Finally, let me say: success has definitely not been shortened!

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 CBSE Class 6 English invisible types II 3

  CBSE Class 6 English Unseen Passages Type II 3
Learn the statements under and mark the proper choice:
Question 1.
Janak's largest drawback in crossing the English Channel was
(i) to carry his arms in chilly water
(ii) that salt water still reached his mouth
(iii) towards nature
Question 2
Janaki needed to get coaching
(i) for the Olympic Games
(ii) swimming
iii) Paralympic Games
(iv) Relay

Question 3.
An essential quality of success is
(i) self-sufficiency
(ii) exhausting work
(iii) willpower
] (iv) braveness

Query four.
The word "obstacle" means
(i) to handle
(ii) fish litse
(iii) obstacle
(iv) battle
(iv) battle