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Construction: The President of the Republic passes negotiations on the budget to the Council of Ministers … Tuesday – Lebanon News

Hardan: Residents' Fortress, Military and Resistance Shield the Lebanon Protecting Triangle Nationwide – wrote "Building" says: President Michel Aou in co-operation with Finance Minister Ali Hassan Khalil, supported by Speaker Nabih Berri, When the Minister of Finance appealed to the President of the Republic and despatched the budget to the Common Secretariat of the Council of Ministers , which allows the President of the Republic to embrace them on the agenda of the authorities, agreed with the Prime Minister, will open the debate next Tuesday. The identified venture doesn’t increase considerations about the annual proposals for wage and retirement benefits, the rise in gasoline costs, the taxation of cellular telephony or the improve in VAT. The proposals have been confirmed by the sources of "construction" monitoring they have been introduced, however they have been rejected, but, in contrast to some places, the Finance Minister was in favor of rejecting these proposals, and he referred to the authorities. The precept, which seems to be equal between the President of the Republic, the President of the House of Representatives and Hezbollah, is that there isn’t any new burden on low-revenue individuals or that they don’t seem to be deducted from their limited revenue. In the south, Head of Supreme Council of the Syrian Social Individuals's Celebration, As Hardan, held a position in the presence of Defense Minister Elias Bousaab, on the one hand, calling on three individuals, the army and the resistance, who freed and guarded aggression and a parallel name to strengthen the elements of this tripartite defense of Lebanon. Hardan revealed in his call to defend the dwelling circumstances of widespread teams, not to injury the army and stop concentrating on, and to provide an umbrella for national protection that’s essential for resistance. Asaad Hardan, President of the Supreme Council of the Syrian Socialist Individuals's Get together, affirmed that the army, the individuals and the resistance trilogy are the real protector of Lebanon. "South of Kafrshuba and Shaba, until Naqoura live in peace. We express our pride in the army and our opposition to the role and tasks, and we are proud of our people and people. Their army and resistance." Hardan stated: "Haram is touching this situation in the Lebanese army granting and We want a strong and capable state and a strong and efficient army. As a result, the state is responsible for delivering all aid to the Lebanese army as it is a defense claim against Lebanon and its south. Defense Minister Elias Bou Saab closed his southern tour of Hardan's visit to Rachaya Al-Fakhar in the presence of officials, mayors and local officials. “The state must put this area at the forefront of attention, development and care. Unfortunately, this area has not been fair, so we consider Minister Bou Saab and the ministers of the South to take care of this region's concerns and fairness, because we and our people have chosen the conviction, and strengthening this stability and accepting the South is one of the responsibilities of the state. "National duty requires special consideration in this space, and we are striving to obtain this. He noted the place of Bou Saab, which he announced during and during the South, and where he emphasised the parts of Lebanon's power and nationwide will and a decisive position in defending Lebanon and sovereignty." Shebaa farms, Kafrshuban hills, village, Ghajar and many of Lebanon's points still occupied are Lebanese law, and Lebanese citizens follow this right and take it out of the hands of the enemy of Israel. "Bou Saab stated," Every inch of our country is our right and we have to restore it because the force is in Lebanon and also in balance. To strengthen this power, we need to strengthen state-building and work through a defense strategy to strengthen the army and its weapons. And this is a requirement of all, "points out that" some want us to show all our strengths that we then have, and then let them go and negotiate for weakness, they do not deserve the effort to answer them, because anyone with citizens in this area understands persistence meaning, "You already know properly that the stability of energy is the one who has set himself towards the enemy." The economic path starts on Tuesday … It seems that the presidential pressure has done its job of moving the draft budget from the informal political meetings in the middle of the country to its normal official framework in Baabda. The talks and meetings organized by Prime Minister Saad Hariri in the last two weeks, as well as leaked information and information were just a stage of political testing, a popular pulse and a constraint on austerity measures that could be achieved without waking up the street and pulling it into reactions that threaten government stability and thus political. The President of the Republic, General Michel Aoun, who is responsible for the constitution, economy, politics and balance of the country, was just missing to help overcome the budgetary obstacles that begin to come next Tuesday. The Council of Ministers did not close the budget file provided by Finance Minister Ali Hassan Khalil, but attended a meeting held before the meeting between President Michel Aoun and the Government, Harius Harier, and it was agreed to discuss the matter next Tuesday, next Thursday, until it was approved. After the Finance Minister's session, "wait until the subsequent week to ease the work of the Council of Ministers and until the budget turns into clear to everybody." After the meeting, Hariri urged the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers to share the draft budget with ministers to prepare the debate on Tuesday. The Council adopted three minimum wage items, including railway workers, "because it considerations solely 9 individuals and the software of the payroll regulation", according to the Minister of Finance, who pointed out that "once I talk about the budget, I intend to abolish some departments," that "we obtain actual rationalization of journey and costs ", and stated that" the determination of the Council of Ministers to forestall the execution of a "settlement" via the day. At that time, the Easter vacation for Christian communities following the Japanese calendar, the area out there to political groups and ministers to explore the budget gadgets and articles, the "construction" ministerial sources that "went to the budget after the discussion in the Council of Ministers. Its legal steps in the Council of Ministers and representatives." a constructive sign of velocity in its completion despite variations and differences between political events in some areas ", and learned" constructing "that" Hezbollah has a clear view of the draft budget, and places forward a collection of proposals for dialogue on Tuesday for every item, but based mostly on the requirements that the Celebration Secretary Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah in different words, the rejection of new taxes on poor public courses and never on the wages of medium-term staff, and the whole lot else has to be discussed and studied. "Free patriotic mobility and the group have a unified view of the draft budget, despite the fact that the group has several views and views," parliamentary sources from the Lebanese effective group stated. "But the government is arguing that the deficit should be reduced to 8%." And pointed out that "the block refuses to touch wages and what Minister Jubran Basil's salaries were just a controversial issue and was not the final decision of the bloc," explains that "we stand in the republic Behind the President refusing to touch the salaries of low and medium-sized workers and refusing to burden the deficit reduction You will find a number of measures S To achieve this goal, shut down the source of waste, corruption and increase in incomes in institutions and state institutions. "The sources additionally confirmed that" the approval of strong Lebanese troops to download new taxes will not be achieved its economic and financial role and protects its national currency. " On this context, the public prosecutor ordered Ali Ibrahim to arrest the deputy mayor of Siblin and the deputy chairman of the municipal council and the treasurer for the abolition of public funds. In the mild of the President of the Republic, Speaker of Parliament Nabih Berr and Minister of Finance and Hizballah, the map of the government's inner alliances is obvious from a budgetary level of view, and if we add it to the standing of a progressive Socialist Get together, most ministers refuse to harm staff' wages. The place of Prime Minister Rafiq al-Harir between the majority of the hammer and the individuals of the authorities refuses to influence center and low practical courses, poor public courses and the "lobby" banks of the anise, and enormous corporations refuse to impose new taxes and international donors. Mali suffers from extreme austerity measures. In the budget discussions, the media, banking and financial sources proceed to leak info on the speedy economic and financial collapse that financial and economics specialists have put ahead as a pretext for transferring and justifying the basic austerity measures of staff and residents and defending the banking sector and enterprise capital from taxes found by the Finance Minister for the first time in accordance to the knowledge " construction". So they’re making an attempt to put the residents and a few political forces to defend them towards the bodily matter: either the burden of the residents to scale back the deficit or the collapse, and if the financial and economic collapse is quick, as they declare, what’s the usefulness of the central bank's policies and monetary preparations for economic and financial stability? if it! Who says dominate the districts, that the banking sector has contributed primarily to providing this stability! The President of the Republic urged the ministers of the meeting to "redouble their efforts after the delay required at this stage of the projects." He identified that the United Nations dialogue is just not helpful because it only creates peace on paper. "There can be no peace without dialogue between peoples," I point out at a gathering with Joel Rizkallah Jabri, President of the World Religions and Humanity Forum. The venture "Creating Human Activity for Encounter and Dialogue" promotes democracy and peace among peoples. On the other hand, the State Shura Council resolved the dispute over the establishment of an industrial park in Ain Darsa by withdrawing the determination of the current Minister of Business, Wael Abu Faour. State Shura issued a judgment suspending the implementation of the determination of the Minister of Business, Wael Abu Faour, by which he stated: "By violating the law and judicial decisions to revoke license No 5297 / T and revoke Decisions No 6576 / T and 6821 / T of the former Minister of Industry Hussein "Haj Hassan establishes Cedar Cement Firm SAL for the industrial complicated of the return business in Grid and the Ain Dara area in the Alyle space. "The inhabitants and neighbors of Ain Dara rejected the decision to ask the Ministry of Industry, at the request of the municipality and the inhabitants of Ein Dara, to request the cancellation of the city cement factory license in the presence of several mayors. The Commission asked the Minister of the Environment Fadi Griissati" to instantly end the environmental crime and the current state of affairs at Jabal 2.5 million sq. meters. Ein Dara in the middle of Chouf Cedar Park. "Former MP Walid Jumblatt commented on Twitter:" It isn’t shocking that the judicial determination to confiscate nature in the Al-Shouf Cedar Reserve and Ain Dara's personal qualities is that the entire country is supposed to serve crushers' unwillingness and further. It has additionally turn out to be a criminal offense to mention the Baabda Declaration. However we continue the peaceable civil conflict by defending the information for better Lebanon, "but observers have surprised the rejection of Jumblatt and Abu Faour from the Ein Dara industrial cement complex in exchange for the long silence of the Siblin factory, which causes great damage to the environment! The timing of Jumblatt's sudden expansion against Syria and his criticism of Hezbollah As he held the Shebaa farms as a non-Lebanon, it was noticeable after the state's Shura decision was passed. Jumblat said: "We agree with President Nabih Berr that the sea border have to be confined to the protection of the United Nations", noting that "Lebanon and Israel" there is an immediate agreement, and I do not know whether we can benefit from the demarcation of the border area, "emphasizing that peace with Israel is unimaginable, and I see that the Shebaa farms will not be Lebanese, however some Lebanese officials are free. In the serving to part of 2000, the maps have been changed by the Syrian officers to release Syria and others with excuses. "Jumblat said that" Hezbollah is a Lebanese political social gathering represented in the Home of Representatives, with ministries representing 30 % of Lebanese individuals, " that "the new US administration has a harder policy than its predecessor, and we saw this in the withdrawal of the nuclear treaty, which was former US President Barack. Obama has finished with Iran during the kingdom. After "" Location Complete launches drilling providers and different providers, "he said. And we will start drilling before the end of 2019," noting that "this phase has been acquired after several months of studying and preparing for several sites," and added: "As a result, the most suitable site that offers better opportunities for success. "Comply with the news of the Nationwide Media Company by broadcasting Radio Lebanon to waves 98.5, 98.1 and 96.2 FM

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