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Construction: Trump paves the way for his troops to withdraw from the Gulf … and its serious sanctions against Iran. Closing Previous Accounts Manama Conference Today: Lebanon, Iraq, Palestine and Syria Lead the Arab Honor

National – US President Donald Trump's American American Disappointment for the Low Quality and High quality of the Manama Conference has expressed its disappointment, retreat and weak spot. When the American media recommended that the response to Iran's big spies can be a package deal of serious sanctions, these sanctions meant the abolition of the US and worldwide banks, especially Iranian Islamic leader Ali Khamenei, who laughed at the US President and refused to obtain his message. The Japanese Prime Minister, and the new US sanctions, become ridiculous and pleasant feedback, social media and congratulations and the distribution of sweets on the streets of Iranian cities, while Trump was the hardest to call nations that convey oil from the Gulf to shield their oil tankers because Washington has made this safety for years, freed from cost, and the beneficiaries should now be accountable for defending their own oil, and the answer will quickly come from Iran's Overseas Minister Mohammad Jawad Zarif. That his troops don't have to stay in the Gulf. Washington's hand feels empty about all sensible options when it comes to avoiding confrontation with Iran and the resistance forces. The Jerusalem assembly between Russian Nationwide Safety Adviser Nikolay Patrushev and US National Security Adviser John Bolton seems extra essential than the meeting with Washington's UN Safety Council to talk about the state of affairs with Iran, and predictions affirm that it’ll not improve the new Russian and Chinese language polarization in defending Iran. Forestall the passing of a resolution or assertion against Iran whereas occupied at the Jerusalem Summit, which promised the Russian Security Council to defend Iran's interests by understanding the agenda of the upcoming summit of US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin at the N weekend at the G20 summit in Japan, as John Bolton stated. American army and political disappointments discover the climax at the Manama Conference, which Washington urged to present the temptations of its venture to clear up the Palestinian concern. What he described as the godfather of the convention, President Trump Jared Kouchner's son, is a scrumptious meal designed to assist Palestinians accept a political answer nearer to Israel's view than the Arab Peace Initiative, Kouchner stated. After the turn of the century and an appetite for urge for food at the Manama Conference in the absence of a Palestinian bride, the absence of a rapist who needs to legalize his marriage with the bride was raped in worry of boycotting the bride's wider family, who bought a few of them and paid their rape for the rumors of huge sums of money, I would like them to ensure rape and legal marriage . In settlement with Palestine, the Arab listing started to take shape from the boycott of Lebanon and Iraq, the cry of the exhausting Parliament of Kuwait, and the absence of Syria, beforehand closed by the Arab League to prepare for this second. Those attending the conference shall be hidden in the convention, yellow faces, loving heads, eyes of thieves, absenteeism and the presence of some ministers and ambassadors, and I hope that the convention will finish shortly earlier than the scandal grows. Lebanon, who determined to boycott the conference prematurely with Iraq for instance of how to settle disagreements and case regulation on key issues, interact with the venue, particularly two positions, to President Salim Hoss, who stated that Palestine is just not for sale, calling on the Arab states to get up for the convention and honor The unity of the Syrian national social social gathering, Palestine, is the cornerstone when this Palestinian guilt is turned away, and reiterates that the selection of resistance is the only reply. As the Finance Committee will intensify its meetings to finish the last finances strains, the Home of Representatives will hold a particular legislative session tomorrow to struggle corruption and 5 members of the Constitutional Council; in accordance to sources recognized by "construction". Nevertheless, the treaty of the century promoted the facade of the internal scene on the eve of the conference, the "Bahrain Workshop" in the presence of kings and Arab presidents, and the representative of the Zionist entity underneath the US administration have been the positions of rejection and rejection of this treaty and conference. Following the decisive and progressive position of the Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament, Nabih Berr, the Syrian Social Individuals's Celebration said in a press release to the get together's media head that the unified place of the Palestinian factions, factions and bodies was rejected and condemned the Manama workshop. In the absence of this chance, you’ve lost a compass and joined a government club that helps Israel in its occupation and aggression, which is a betrayal, not simply for Palestine but for the will of Bahrain and all Arab peoples. The statement said that it’s vital to stop the Manama workshop, which launches the financial part of the century, to abandon and reject the wall, and this is proof that the Bahrain administration does not stroll alone in regular use with the enemy and salipoli in Palestine, Arabia walks in the similar era. That is not a secret when everyone is hidden and the rings of normalization of Zionist enemies. He added: "The solution of the century" shouldn’t be restricted to Manama's financial workshop, but it’s a complicated zionist-american piece calling for the enlargement of rejection and confrontation in any respect ranges to forestall abuse. We consider that the response to Manama's workshop and all the occasions of the century are more positions and actions that condemn the involvement of normalization methods for Palestinian reasons, and more emphasis on the proper of people to oppose occupation and aggression. The celebration emphasised the importance of a complete Palestinian place to reject the treaty of the century, and we name for the desk to be undermined by the humiliating "Oslo" treaty and all its annexes, and lastly printed by the press and re-examined as the only way to release and return. For his half, President Salim al-Hoss addressed an open letter to Arab kings and presidents, through which he claimed that "Palestine is not for sale" and Arab Jerusalem is the capital of Palestine. Al-Hoss asked the Arabs how do you agree to sit aspect by aspect with an occupying enemy that invades Palestine? Isn't this the explanation for the Palestinians? Wouldn't it’s better to make investments these Arab billions to unite Arab states and evacuate Zionist males from our country? He added Hoss: "The most important ones are those who believe that he can Asagana poison in exchange for a handful of contaminated billions of martyrs of blood even with money from the universe and treasures of the country, it does not replace human conscience to bribe dirty and not reject the liberation of occupied Arab territory or abandon an inch of Palestinian or Grizzati: Berri is committed to returning internal files yesterday, to Minister Salim Grizzha, on the visit of President Michel Aoun's delegation to Ain al-Tineh, and to prevent us from demanding the right of Palestinians to return to their home country to Palestine and its capital, Al-Quds. and a meeting with President Berr in which he expressed his congratulations on Berr's commitment to the effectiveness of the nominations. The theory of quotas is a concept and principle, because all the political groups represented in the House of Representatives and all political parts and then the theory of quotas "the physique permits." "We accepted, and President Berri was very convincing. I might also like to convey the wishes of the President of excellence that issues must be carried out in accordance with the criteria of benefit, competence and competence, and so. President Berr's country is firmly dedicated to benefit and competence." The IMF asks to raise taxes! On the other hand, there was a flag of the IMF delegation in Lebanon assessing the financial situation. More strikingly, the delegation participates in the budgetary details and its tax policy and in the government's efforts to raise taxes on low-income workers, such as income tax, oil derivatives and others, which shows that the main objective of the IMF and other international institutions and donors, in particular the Cedar Conference, is to reduce deficit Even if it were at the expense of the poor, not to bring about serious economic and economic reforms. According to the data channel "NBN", "the visit will continue in July. And it will meet with all the presidents' meeting in addition to the 5 embassies and several merchants," he revealed four files in the delegation. The delegation said that "it’s troublesome to reach the finances figures and there is a massive challenge for officers to scale back the deficit and improve income", "explains that" the delegation asked to raise income tax and oil derivatives and met Lebanon's refusal ", adding:" The delegation questioned Finance Minister Ali Hassan The ability of Khalil said that the government is making regulatory reforms today. Instead, the Finance Minister told Reuters that "the most essential thing in the coming days is to give a transparent message about the severity of the adoption of the 2019 price range." He pointed out that "the IMF's mission arrived in Lebanon to prepare a report on the nation's financial and financial state of affairs and meant to supplement the report before mid-July, with a elementary impression on the evaluation of Lebanon's state of affairs and stability." "All worldwide institutions welcomed the actions of the 2019 price range." A source that is aware of the financial and monetary state of affairs of "construction" that "delegation visits and strategies don’t change price range figures as long as there’s authorities, waste coverage, and alternatives to discover new assets in the pockets of citizens". Some of the sources were mentioned: customs evasion and smuggling, direct imports of oil derivatives, fraud and income tax on VAT invoices, maritime property, repair of electricity, winding up in the telecommunications sector. Sources questioned the budget figures, especially the deficit, and stressed that a reduction of 7% to 5% is not an achievement, as a $ 60 billion deficit compared to GDP of about one and a half billion dollars. What does not change much from the previous budget. "The financial skilled, Dr. Hassan Khalil, stated for his part that" the fear of an economic and financial collapse remains despite the deficit reduction, "referring to a insecurity in Lebanese monetary establishments and its capacity to achieve radical reforms and structural stability," Khalil said "constructive" And the contribution of the banking sector to reducing the deficit, Khalil pointed out that "the banks are not the Treasury, which quantities to $ 11 billion in debt, however the central financial institution is the one who made this promise," pointing out that "the government is asking the Banks to assist them clear up the crisis and comply with it for years" He pointed out that " The Monetary Committee has not made any vital additions to the finances components sent by the Council of Ministers and added that "the absence of a clear government plan and the absence of economic and financial affairs on the board of directors" The community of private and personal pursuits won’t succeed the authorities in rescuing the country from collapse, "noting that" Parliament's financial policy committee and parliament might be included in the political and financial answer to shift the price range and entry to funds to Sider. "The Commission's money here, the committee continued to examine the draft draft of 2019. The leader of MP Ibrahim Kanaan said the Ministry of Defense budget was more balanced and thanked the Minister of Defense and the army leadership for the sacrifice presented. He pointed out that" the finances for vitamin, schooling and gasoline has decreased in the Ministry of Protection price range, which "He pointed out that" there’s one other break with army and army forces at a superb materials session. "Defense Attaché Elias Bou Saab, who attended the meeting, said that army leadership is open to some cuts in the budget, stressing that" this we have now an distinctive state of affairs that can’t be repeated in the years to come as a result of the army has to be ready. "He pointed out that" the remaining clauses are usually not troublesome, however they’ve options that do not harm In the coming days, we will affirm that this concern has been resolved and keep the army and its capabilities and morals and the rights of soldiers and retirees. On the other hand, the President of the Republic, Common Michel Aoun, informed the US Congress Working Group of the state of affairs in Syria he was acquired in Baabda that the return of Syrian refugees in Lebanon can’t wait for a political answer to the Syrian crisis. Particularly considering that the wave of Syrian refugees has had a unfavourable influence on all sectors of Lebanon. He careworn that Lebanon, which offered all humanitarian and logistical amenities for displaced individuals during the Syrian warfare, believes that the Syrian regions, with the exception of Idlib and its instant environment, at the moment are secure and facilitated the return of displaced persons. Return and promote the nation's reconstruction. In response to questions from the delegation, President Aoun harassed that Lebanon would proceed to manage a return trip for displaced persons, in coordination with the related Syrian authorities, who welcome their return. ========================== Comply with the media news about Lebanon's radio broadcasts at 98.5, 98.1 and 96.2 FM

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