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Construction: Washington London Doesn't Want Confrontation … Tehran Declares Right to Self-Determination in Hormuz as a Waterway Khamenei: Nasrallah's Words for Great Hope … and Faris Saad: Resistance to Fall Between Century Government Between Residents' Problems and Voting Effects … And Muna news

National – Development newspaper writes: When London raised the ground and talked about army marches protecting oil tankers and service provider ships, a clear American message appeared in the identify of President Donald Trump: "We do not want confrontation with Iran, do it yourself." Meanwhile, British betting continues underneath the management of Omanis and Iraqi-led brokers, and Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi arrived in Tehran with a reconciliation challenge with London, with whom he has close ties. Visits by Omani representatives on the Tehran line won’t end there. The disaster with Britain, which is a special place for Oman, regardless of the Omani-American relationship. There’s one other debate in Tehran. Tehran, which needs to maintain Britain on the core of its nuclear weapons, refuses to pressure Britain to make concessions that render the settlement nugatory, as in the case of Europe failing to translate the agreement into concrete action on Iran's financial and commerce obligations. Iran can also be unwilling to defend its sovereign right to the Strait of Hormuz as a waterway, contrary to case regulation in the West as a world channel for the sovereignty of transit nations. Russian Deputy Minister Sergei Ryabkov, who stated that Iran's legal position in the UK service is extra convincing and constant than the UK's closest piracy position, is predicated on the view that the Worldwide Water Regulation and the Regulation of the Sea don’t have , and Iran has not signed these treaties, didn’t surrender at the time of the earlier administration or after the revolution of these sovereign rights. In Iran, Imam Ali Khamenei, the leader of the Islamic Republic, additionally acquired a delegation from the Hamas Motion and spoke to the delegation on the status of the Palestinian difficulty in Iran's fundamentals, urging the peoples of the Islamic world to tour Palestine. Imam Khamenei is as soon as again in this language from Mr. Nasrallah when he was advised in the July 2008 conflict that he’s the world's main inspirational world. The resistance motion of the Palestinian cause and the leader of the Syrian Socialist Individuals's Social gathering, Fares Saad, burdened that the struggle towards the top of the century is a current precedence of the resistance forces that may overturn this undertaking aimed toward addressing Palestinian causes, occupation, aggression and terrorism. As regards the Lebanese concern, Qabrshmoun's query continues to affect the federal government's monitor, given the lack to crystallize a widespread ground between the events that permits for a consensual authorities session. The Socialist Social gathering refused to refer the matter to the Council for the Judiciary, and the Lebanese Democratic Celebration took it up and put it in the mouth of Minister Saleh al-Gharib, asking why there isn’t any purpose to doubt the Council's worry? Some hopes progressed as prosecutor Imad Qablan transferred to a army courtroom investigation file and acquired both Wael Aboaour and Saleh Al Ghareeb separately. There isn’t any consensus in the Army Courtroom relating to a waiver of the transfer of discretion to the Courtroom. Comply with-up sources summarizing the pressure map saying that egg al-Qabba, when speaker Nabih Berri, whose place can determine the path to a settlement maintained prior to the summit, and that Berri is sticking to Hezbollah, was strongly supported by MP Talal Erslan's place, Demanding the Approach Out, which doesn’t offend former MP Walid Jumblatt and the Progressive Socialist Get together, and that the destructive escalation of the relationship between Hezbollah and Jumblatt places the spotlight on and worries him to accurately calculate his position. The meeting is predicted to witness the coming days, when Berri started getting ready for the maturity of the cooking, which can be staged and might come immediately, towards the Judicial Council, but with prior coordination of Jumblatt and the Bate of the Baba go to, Station that decides the course of solutions. Fares Saad, chief of the Syrian Socialist Individuals's Get together, warned of makes an attempt to fragment society inside, mixing sectarian, sectarian and restrictive instincts and sending souls with tafit and racism. He harassed that the first goal was to confront these poisonous corporations simultaneously in help of the mobilization of Arab nations to help Palestine "between the centuries". He careworn that Syria's resilience and victory with the Zionist enemy and the anti-terrorism power backed by Western, regional and Arab nations confirmed that Syria is a president, leadership, military, individuals and resistance alliance, a nationwide fortress towards all conspiracies, and their paper, the overthrow of Syria, these methods are weak and the printing press oppressed and convicted of Palestinian involvement and conspiracy by accepting and operating in the "century" of the Palestinian challenge. Saad stated that the US administration, whose allies and instruments in the region search to put strain on quarrels and nourish sects and sects, break into the area and undermine its social material to the good thing about the Zionist entity. Yesterday, President Saad arrived on the get together's central secretary, head of the delegation led by Mustafa Hamdan, an unbiased Nasserites Almoravids Brigadier, and Sheikh Abdullah Jabri, secretary common of the "movement for the nation", President of the Nationwide, and congratulatory contacts, together with a speech by Gebran Bassil, Chief of the Free Patriotic Motion, Minister of Overseas Affairs and Immigrants. "Orchards" to the army courtroom! verbal conflict between a time when ratkaisemismekanismi and kabinettikompleksit Qabershmounin crisis of political heat, and the two sides between the elements of it due to worry, which is robust in Lebanon, supported by a coalition of ministers, continues to be unclear, it threatens the steadiness of the federal government. The prosecution began settling the talk between politicians by bringing investigations into army justice after the Inner Security Forces Info Division accomplished the investigations. This exhibits that the doubtless consequence of the settlement is to convey the case to army courtroom custody, which separates the order from the government. "The prisoners handed over by the Socialists and Democrats to the security authorities are not directly involved in the killing and have not been released so far by the shooters on both sides. In contrast, General Abbas Ibrahim, the Director-General for Public Security, is trying to extradite. Al-Binaa also learned that "President Michel Aoun discusses the varied formulation for the answer, and Main-Common Ibrahim explains how hourly modifications and outcomes are at this degree, but he did not introduce one answer and did not demand another, and he’s making an attempt to attain a compromise answer to finish the disaster and convey every little thing again to the Cabinet table as regular. "Note that Minister Saleh al-Gharib revealed yesterday that" the President of the Republic is inclined to put the query of the ydälle, but excluded from the agenda. " On the other hand, endorsed government structures on "development" which "has not appointed Prime Minister Saad Hariri to any assembly to date", noting that "this will depend on the event of present efforts" and cited the channel's OTV, the center's sources, saying that "switch of Qabrshmon to the automated course after the top of the investigations, without a choice to be despatched or deliberately subsequently sent to the Judicial Council. " Stating that "Ibrahim's process is troublesome and circumventing many obstacles," noting that "the Egyptian Prime Minister will save by means of the vote of the Council of Ministers, but he will attempt to call a meeting of the Council of Ministers on political consensus in the subsequent few days. He continued his efforts to respond to Main Ibrahim's efforts by way of a community of contacts and meetings between the varied parties, while specializing in the position of Amal Motion ministers, if the ballot was forged, in specific by cufflink want ministers, as sources of management. The truth that "resolution of the crisis can only be within the framework of understanding between the parties to the case and cannot put solutions that threaten government stability and thus national unity" by explaining that "the possibility of referral to the military court is the most realistic and acceptable for most political "and" Any decision to vote in the Council of Ministers without prior notice will have adverse effects that the Council of Ministers cannot reserve at a time when it is necessary to convene and activate the Council. "Although activating the Council of Ministers is essential, what is known as mediation, as President Nabih Berri prompt to President Aouni Lqa The latter in Baabda eases pressure between them and saves the Council of Ministers from claims or contradictions. "Hariri's meeting with Abu Faour did not result in a serious violation, so Hariri would step up his efforts this week to resolve the crisis and return to the Cabinet," Hariri stated. "We are interested in the country and activating the Council of Ministers," al-Ghareeb informed a Saraya press convention. that "we are open to discussing appropriate exits." He remarked that "by Hariri's consensus on solutions, like us, and ultimately by the state that decides," we emphasize that "we have decided to put this issue before the Judiciary Council. And this is our right, and some angles have been tried to turn. "It must be famous that" today the case was referred to the military court and this is an important step, but does not exclude the court. "He careworn that" this file cannot be voted on and if we cannot agree with the previous consensus ", it is emphasized that" improve anyone. "" Haririlla is a national responsibility on the shoulder and I minister in his government, and I have been exposed to what he had. He knows the importance of blood and martyrdom, "he stated that the disaster continues to be perverse. We hope it is going to be chosen for who and who’s with politics or justice?" Lebanese troops accessing the crisis line and support of former minister Walid Jumblatt and deputy chairman Talal Arslan responsibility was responsible for disturbing the Council of Ministers, which led to the response of the Democratic Directorate-General. You have to remain silent and ashamed before public opinion, Christian and Druze, and Lebanese public opinion in the future, like what happened in Lebanese history and the old and modern and cut roads and the assassination attempt that almost killed the minister who convened, and their minds. Berri stressed that "Lebanon needs to develop into a club of energy-producing nations." discussions and discussions on the legal activities and contracts of oil and gas companies. He also dealt with the transparency of oil contracts and the challenges facing the industry, which involved several experts from judges, lawyers and experts. "The conference ended with a tour of the South, together with Naqoura and Qana, where individuals placed wreaths on the shrines of the victims of the Qana bloodbath, highlighting the solidarity of Arabs and their rights to the nation." On the other hand, Defense Minister Elias Bou Saab revealed that "the funds acquired in the army faculty for the members in the corruption file have reached $ 19 million." He commented at the House of Representatives press conference on his accusation before the military court: "The regulation provides the defense minister power over the army courtroom, simply as the justice minister has jurisdiction in civil regulation." "I handled the Army Faculty's dealing with of irregularities and bribes as Minister of Anti-Corruption, and if I didn’t achieve this, I might be responsible and the Defense Committee unanimously accepted that errors had occurred and I held no one accountable," he said. Camp strike continues At the same time, the mass crackdown on the Ein el-Hilweh refugee camp continues with the closure of its entrance and rejects the Ministry of Labor's decision to protect Palestinian workers. A joint march between Lebanon and Palestine was launched in Sidon, patrolling its streets and ending at the entrance of the Ain al-Hilweh camp to support the peaceful movement and continue until the Ministry of Labor reversed its decision. In another area, Sky News Arab reported that "British Overseas Minister Jeremy Hunt requested the regulation in Britain to classify Hezbollah as a terrorist organization." ==================== Comply with the news on Lebanese radio broadcasts on waves 98.5, 98.1 and 96.2 FM

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