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(*) Farewell farewell to Sfeir: Binding national unity and parts of the country and rebuilding the state by removing state power and promoting coexistence – Lebanon news

National – Maronite Patriarch Mar Bishara Boutros Al-Ra led the Maronite Patriarch Mar Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir at the funeral ceremony at 5.00 pm in the outer ring of Bkirk, surrounded by the Greek Catholic Patriarch Yusuf Ibsi, Syrian Catholic Patriarch Mar Ignatius Joseph III Greek Orthodox Patriarch Aram Ichishian, Greek Orthodox Patriarch John X Yazjee, Patriarch Gregory III Laham, Pope Francis, difficult Cardinal of Japanese Church buildings Leonardo Sandri, Pope's Spokesman Joseph Spitri and a big quantity of bishops, Nuns and me in several churches. President of the Republic Michel Aoun, French Overseas Minister Jean-Yves Loudrian, representing French President Emmanuel Makron, Saudi Ambassador Walid Al-Bukhari, King of Saudi Arabia Salman Bin Abdul Aziz, Minister Mohammed bin Abdul Aziz Al-Kuwari, representing Katar Emir Tamim Bin Consultant of Hamadia, Jordanian Wafa Al Ayatam, King Abdullah II of Jordan, Ashraf Dabour, Palestinian Ambassador, Mohammed Abbas, Palestinian leader, and Christina Ravin, President of Cyprus. President of the Home of Representatives Nabih Berri, Prime Minister Saad Hariri, President Amin Gemayel and his spouse Joyce, President Michel Sleiman and his wife Wafa, President Husayn al-Husseini, President Fuad Siniora, Deputy Speaker Elie Farzali, Ministers Ghassan Hasbani, Ghassan Hasbani, Ghassan Hasbani, Ali Hassan Khalil, Akram Abu-Sulaiman, Awadis Kidanian, Albert Sarhan, Mohammed Shuqair, Fadi Gritsati, Nada Bustani and Violet Saffadi, US Particular Envoy David Hill, US Ambassador Elisabeth Richard, Russian Ambassador Alexander Zaspkin, Ambassador of the European Union Christina Lassen and A number of Ambassadors, MPs : Farid Khazen, Shamil Roquez, Ibrahim Kanaan, Aoun, Hikmat Dib, Salim Aoun, Alexander Matusian, Mustafa Husseini, Ibrahim Hadar, Mohammed Hadjar, Sami Fatfat and Taymour Jumblatt, led by a Democratic delegation, together with Faisal Al Sayegh, Hadi Abul Hassan, Marwan H amadeh, Bilal Abdullah, Nima Tameh, Akram Shahib, Henry Helou, a large Socialist Social gathering delegation, and clergymen Lei. The leader of the Lebanese Drive Social gathering, Samir Geagea and his spouse MP Strida Geagea, have been current as Head of Delegation: Deputy Prime Minister Ghassan Hasbani, Minister of Labor Kamil Abu Suleiman, Minister for Social Affairs Richard Kyumjian and Minister for Administrative Reform Mai Chidiac. Former former ministers: Melhem Riachi, Tony Karam and Joe Sarkis, former MPs: Fadi Karam, Joseph Al-Maalouf, Elie Kiroz, Tony Zahra and Tony Abu Khater, Forces Chantal Sarkis Secretary-Basic and Loyal Secretaries Dean: Ghassan Yard, Joseph Abu Quality, Swedish and George Maroun Nasr members of the government physique of the Central Council and Authority Social gathering and hundreds of Mahaziban, missed due to illness MP Wehbe Qatiha. Sami Gemayel, Phalange's MP, also took part in the leadership of a big delegation, including MPs Nadim Gemayel and Vice-President Salim Sayegh, Secretary-Common Nizar Najariya, Celebration Vice-Presidents, former ministers, members of the political institution and the Central Committee. The "Marada Movement" Director also took half in a former Member of Parliament, Suleiman Franjieh, as Head of Delegation, together with Deputy Members Franjieh, Stephan Duweihi and former Minister Yusuf Get and a large number of members of the present. There was additionally MP Michel Mouawad, Head of a large delegation, former Vice-President Solange Gemayel, former Fares Stated, former Maron President Nematollah Abi Nasr and Mona El Hrawi. Director Basic of State Security, Basic Tony Saliba, Tony Mansour, Chief of Intelligence, Raymond Khattar, Director of Civil Safety, Decide Jean Fahed, President of the Supreme Judicial Council, Awni Al-Kaki, Press Officer; Consular Affairs Joseph Habis, Industrial Dean Jacques Sarraf, Customs Director Badri Dahir, Contractor Maroun Helou, President of the Financial and Social Council Pierre El-Ashkar, Director Basic of the Transport and Social Council Charles Arabid, Director of Communications Gloria Abu Zeid, Director Common of the Ministry of Communications Basel , Chief Government of the Ministry of Greater Schooling, Obeid Al-Feghali Menem, Director Basic of the Railway Authority, Gracia Al-Qazi, Member of the Supreme Council of Customs, Lana Dargham, Head of Requirements and Standards, Roni Lahoud, Vice President, Basic Nidal Al-Ra & # 39; Yaser Zebian, Chairman of the Lebanese Food Safety Authority, Chairman of the Council of Ministers Elie Awad, Director of the Info Office of Rafiq Shalala, Republican Palace, Late Patriarch Sfeir Family, Dr. Elias Sfeir, Huge Delegations in Totally different Areas of Lebanon. Sermon Shepherd gave a sermon referred to as "I am the good shepherd." In his delight the President of the Republic, President of the Chamber of Deputies, the Prime Minister, his eminence, Cardinal Sandri Leonardo, His Holiness Pope Francis, His Holiness and the patriarchs personal envoy, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, President, His Highness King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, his Majesty's Jordanian Abdullah II and his Ambassador to the Republic of Cyprus, Nicos Anastasiades, spokesman for Mahmoud Abbas, President of the State of Sua Palestine, is current in your presence, surrounded by several bishops, ministers, deputies, ambassadors of state, heads of state, political celebration leaders and spiritual, representatives of political and civil authorities. We have now all come to the farewell of the patriarch of the nice patriarch, the dean of the Maronite Church, and the patriarch of the home pillar, Cardinal Marin Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir, this patriarchal throne. All who share our sorrow and pray via hope via Lebanon and other japanese and western nations, and those who have accomplished this patriarchal structure from Sunday morning, church buildings, sects, Christians, Islamic and biased individuals, clergymen, monks, and nuns, schoolchildren, and with heads of universities, with their administrative and instructional institutions, of their apostolate. As of yesterday, a hundred years, on Might 15, 1920, the Feast of the Sabbath, God planted a transparent earth into the Church of Rifon's valuable soil, the son of Nasrallah's Maron Sfeir, and Ghostan Hanah Fahd alone, with 5 sisters in entrance of him in the Three Father's House. It was like a mustard seed in the Bible (Luke 13: 18-21), which grew and matured till it turned an awesome tree that gave much fruit in any respect levels of life: the priesthood, the diocese, the patriarchate, and the cardinal. He was a superb shepherd in the example of the shepherd "the shepherd of the great shepherds" (1 Peter four: 5). His 60-year expertise in this patriarchal throne "he knew his sheep and knew his voice" with out interruption (John 10: 11-27). In the present day, God sows the patron saint of the Church and the Son in the celestial heavenly church for everlasting eternity. He knew how to build his life on the basis of a secure Christian faith, prayer, the words of God, impartiality and humility. He was appointed by the Patriarch, Cardinal Mar Paul Boutros Maoushi, in 1956, at the beginning of the King. He continued to train the history of Arabic literature and Arab philosophy and translation at the Jiamie Mariamite Brothers Faculty before shifting on to the Champs-Elysées. There are lots of current immediately who research in his palms and witness the priesthood, the scientific potential, and the wisdom. Thanks to these qualities, Patriarch Al-Maouchi saw the bishop's face and launched him to the Holy Synod in 1961 and was appointed patriarch of the patriarch. This nice patriarch Ibn Jiz's doctrine of the patriarchs' hardness in preserving the Agels: Christian religion in all moral and civilized values ​​and Lebanon's free and unbiased sovereignty and the courage to converse the phrase of fact unceasingly. You already know massive and small individuals and politicians in their colours and compromises in the instant interest that gave him so much of intelligence when coping with caution. He served as a patriarchal diocese in all his workplaces: Jbeil, Batroun, Beshri, Ehden, Zgharta and Deir El Ahmar. He was a trustworthy and devoted sponsor who had no room for relaxation. At the similar time, he did the patriarchal work in silence and abstraction and, in accordance to him, he might have given anything with out asking something as he did all his life. Nonetheless, he had lots of time to write. He ready three books, translated religious books, three documents of the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council, and ten common letters and apostolic directions for Paul John Paul II. Then he was in the right hand with the grace patriarch of Cardinal Mar Antonius Boutros Khraish's triangle, who was a Patriarchal Deputy Prime Minister with a specific colleague and referred to as him so much of ache and sorrow final week at Mercy Bishop Roland Abu Judeh's Triangle. These three have been involved in the destiny of the displaced and different victims on 13 April 1975 after the outbreak of the Lebanese warfare, two months after the Patriarch's inauguration. They led to religious, social, political and diplomatic resistance internally, in the Vatican and internationally, before the removing of civil struggle and demolition packages, constitutional and administrative establishments and sub-tasks. They based the organ of the pastoral pastoral church of the Caritas-Lebanon Association with the patriarchs of the church buildings. When he was elected patriarch in April 1986, which was not sought or searched by the Patriarchate, however was given to Lebanon, he was ready to carry his cross thanks to the emptying of his presidential, pastoral, and management spirit. He built his patriarchal service on a strong cross. He was aware that he had to carry all his predecessors, the Patriarch, in order that this mountain of Lebanon can be the power of religion, the freedom of the phrase and the fort of dignity, and sanctify the holy human rights. He then labored to scale back psychological and material limitations, to strengthen national unity and parts of the country, to build the state by eliminating the power of states and by promoting the coexistence that he saw at the heart of Lebanon and its civilization. Lebanon is the solely country in the space the place the Muslim and the Christian are equal on the basis of the National Constitution and the Structure. As we speak there shall be proof of this nice patriarch from each mouth and by way of all the media. Every part is grouped into "national losses". The Patriarch of Iron, who was from Sakhr, a patriarch of the national reconciliation and a patriarch who is just not repeated, a fighter and resistance with no weapon, a sword and a missile, and a safety valve to survive in his homeland and guarantee the continuity of the individuals. And that he is a man who listens, talks somewhat and meditates lots, then compresses the matter and decides the state of affairs. And when the mountain didn’t shake the wind, Amdiha was the mom or critic of the rejection or rejection. It was even more secure with cedar wooden, which grows and strengthens and hardens as a lot as the wind blows and the snow accumulates on the branches. The most important testimony is the representatives of all the Lebanese areas and overseas missions, who have expressed their condolences and prayers after Sunday morning and after countless crowds, and have stopped standing on the steady line from Lodge Dieu Hospital to Bkerk. That is the nice unhappiness experienced by the Lebanese Government, which has been reversed by the Lebanese Authorities because yesterday it was reported that the national grief through which the flags are falling can be the last day of participation in the farewell of this ultimate sponsor. During his first 4 years of patriarchy suffering, he was divided by the patriarchal Vicarina at the mercy of Archbishop Roland Abu Joudan. From the outset, he has met the scourge of rejection, exclusion, abuse, bodily and ethical aggression, and struggle and defeat. We have been an instance of his endurance and stamp and prayers and forgiveness, saying, "I'm not a link that breaks." He believes that the cross will inevitably lead to the resurrection. And so it was, and if the homeland survives, and everyone goes again to flip and hear the voice of this shepherd. The verse of the gospel applies to him, "They look upon those who have taken hold of him" (John 27:19). We increasingly understand the phrase of the Apostle Paul: "If Christ did not exist, our faith would be null and void, and our evangelization will be invalidated, but we were dead in our sins" (1 Cor. 17:15). This religion is firmly on the rock of hope, fulfilling a political vacuum, looking for to liberate Lebanon from every occupation and strange army presence, and its emblem is a triangle: "Freedom, Sovereignty and Independence", which is the echo of the great patriarchs of his predecessors, who begins with God's servant Patriarch Elias Hoyek Patriarch, Antoine Arida, Independence and Guarantor of the National Constitution. Our late patriarch, Qurnat Shahwan, established a unified framework for Christian forces who believed of their home sovereignty and reiterated their voice in a political setting. This objective was in constant coordination with Pope John Paul II, who accepted Lebanon's cause for his calls and letters and diplomacy of the Holy See, and held a particular meeting on the Synod of Roman Bishops to Lebanon in 1995. His apostolic steerage was revealed in Beirut on Might 12, 1997 New Heads of State, akin to the United States, France, Russia and the UN Secretary Common, as well as conferences with some Gulf Heads and leaders from different nations. Nevertheless, his considerations with the Mormon Church and with the church buildings in Lebanon and the Center East continued. In the Maronite Church, he based new church buildings and redefined some of them and the order of forty-four bishops. The Liturgical Reform led to the appointment of the Patriarchal Ceremonial Committee and the decision of the partnership difficulty in Daman, Wadi Qanubin, Baluza and Serel. He founded the Maronite Social Fund, the Social Welfare Fund, the Maronite Documentation and Analysis Middle, the Maronite Enlargement Fund, the Archbishop's Pension Fund, and the Patriarch Sfeir Social Foundation at Rayfun. He added Bkerk to his new wings, an inventive resurrection to the church outdoors, and opened his museum and revived the monastic life at Qanubin's place. Zouk Mosbeh's administrative, authorized and spiritual complicated and new wings at the Ghazir seminar have been dedicated to institutions and donations entrusted to patriarchs. Abroad, he opened the Maronite Pontifical Institute in Rome and returned patriarchal businesses in Rome, Paris, Marseille and Jerusalem. The Holy See had visited him more than annually for the work of the Patriarchate and for co-operation with His Holiness the Pope as a Patriarch since 1994 for membership in multiple Council and Council. Habré. During his reign, the holiness of the 5 Mormon Churches was declared sacred. As for the church buildings in Lebanon and the Middle East, he did the work of the Council of Catholic Patriarchs and Bishops of Lebanon, owned by the Basic Secretariat and the Committees for the Patriarchal Synod. He based the Council of the Japanese Catholic Patriarchs with the Patriarchs and attended the annual conferences. We can’t overlook the brotherly co-operation between him and the triangle of grace, Bishop Roland Abu Jouda, forty-four years, full of dedication to duty and service that carries the cross of the tragedies of the Lebanese and Lebanese individuals and the boundaries of politicians and poverty, exclusion and migration. As if the Lord Christ, who had joined them, needed to share them with one another in his heavenly glory, he referred to as them within every week. (2 Sam. 19: 1) and the words of Gibran Khalil Gibran: "You must be born together and stay together forever when your day breaks down the wings of white death" (Prophet). Our Father, the Patriarch, Cardinal Mar Nasrallah Boutros, is out of the body, he’ll stay with us via his mercy on the divine throne, and we’ll continue to hear his voice in all of his works revealed in sermons, statements, letters, and memoirs. The "Five Wagons" that God has given him, at the mercy of the rich: clergymen, bishops, patriarchs, and cardinals have been fruitful for his or her loyalty, and immediately he brings them back to his grasp and deserves him to obtain his grace at mercy. I was trustworthy a bit, and I raised you numerous. Give pleasure to the grasp ”(Matthew 23:25). He has all the honor and thanks and thanks for now and eternally, Amen. Christ arose. "=========== Mary Khoury / NAM Comply with the news from the National Media Agency on Lebanese radio broadcasts at 98.5, 98.1 and 96.2 FM

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