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Fredericksburg in Revolutionary Days: Part II

Fredericksburg in Revolutionary Days: Part II

"Fredericksburg in Revolutionary Days: Part II"
William and Mary Quarterly, Vol. 27, No. 3 (January 1919), pp. 164-175. Elements I and III are additionally readable on-line.

Marquis de Lafayette (1757-1834) opens a new window on nameless / public domain In November 1775, Harrower tells us concerning the district's minute men. It consists of Spotsylvania, Caroline, King George and Stafford, held in Belvideira under the town. A gathering of the Spotsylvania Committee, represented by Fielding Lewis, Charles Washington, George Thornton and Hugh Mercer, might be held at a gathering of the representatives of the province at Fredericksburg on 17 November, in accordance with the Convention Plan of 17 November this yr. The whole revolutionary warfare in Fredericksburg was a separation middle. "There is no equally useful point in the state in our military operations," wrote James Mercer in April 1781. Within the spring of 1781 there was a serious campaign by young Marquis de LaFayette in Virginia; a wonderfully derived retreat from Richmond, leading Cornwall away from an essential middle and making an attempt to hitch Wayne, who was on his approach from Pennsylvania with reinforcements.

Hardly a handful of men, most of them brutal militiamen, Marquis was veteran leader opposing "veteran soldiers overwhelming". Without the slightest concept of ​​the route, Wayne would take, however assuming it was via Fredericksburg, LaFayette went to Rappahannock. "Cornwallis understood the movement," says Charlemagne Tower, "and continued to cut him off." The result of Lafayette's sensible maneuver was to land in Cornwall's Prepare dinner Ford at Northland [North Anna] where he seemed to know the futility of a longer run. "The boys' legs, which were directed at exceptional intelligence, had crossed an experienced leader."

LaFayette finally ended up with Wayney in the direction of the top of the month at Raccoon Ford. It has been stated in this spore that it was the final victory of Yorktown. Those that need to comply with LaFayette's campaign ought to, in any case, achieve this with the Charlemagne Tower basic. Fredericksburg was alleged to be Britisher's rampage. The valuable Iron Works, small arms handicraft, many army stores, their destruction would mean that the initiation won’t succeed. Panic struck the guts of Fredericksburg, "Cornwallis is coming, Cornwall is coming." The encompassing countryside surrounds the streets. Forward had transferred LaFayette's command to Common Weedon, who had commanded this essential level: "Collect militia."

George Weedon, Continental Army Basic, opens a new window from Emmet's manuscript collection, and so on. to American history. / Signatures of the Declaration of Independence. / Virginia, in two elements: Part II. Thomas Addis Emmett (1828-1919), collector. / Public DomainAlert, effective, his credibility and skill proved to be a long time ago, Weedon despatched his sender. He has advised the story of those exciting days in several of his pen letters (from the primary day of June) which were preserved. By sending Spotsylvania and Carolina militias to Colonel Johnston to hitch LaFayette, he invited King George and Stafford's males to assemble Hunter's Heights: Stafford's hills above Falmouth, clearly seen from the top of the town. In these letters, Common Weedon graphically depicts the nervousness of fleeing residents, securing army stores, assembling a militia. Nevertheless, the strain was not lengthy; the strain in the state of affairs seems to have been eased quickly; The enemy was transferred. In a letter from Camp Hunter's Heights of June 10, 1781, addressed to Colonel Edwin Conway, commanded the Lancaster militia, Basic Weedon wrote: "Included will I send you an excerpt of Marquis's orders that first made me call you. this quarter was considered their target, and their interdependent activity leaves room for us not to come this time. "(See Appendix 7.) Thomas Jefferson, Governor of Virginia Charles Dick, writes a letter dated January 4, 1781: "I just have time to get to know that the gentlemen of this city and even women have been very enthusiastic about helping and creating more than 20,000 cartridges with bullets. "The movements of Benedict Arnold in the decrease Virginia space have been undoubtedly chargeable for this urgent demand to increase the availability of ammunition. How nicely this case describes the very important relationship between individuals of all ages

Loyal, really patriotic individuals won’t ever necessarily do what their palms discover: women and men. He who created them, man and lady, gave them energy. Probably the most superb paradoxes of conflict is that the vision and the guts of its numerous issues appear to be clearer and the superficial variations that have grown up with civilization are separated and we see the essential unity of all dwelling individuals. creatures. We find one thousand and one issues which were considered the finest in men's work; and most of the ladies's work completed by ladies. Ladies have robust arms and powerful and delicate hearts, and men have a contact of contact and a compassionate voice, with mild hearts and powerful weapons.

[From Papers Relating Chiefly to the Maryland Line During the Revolution. Edited by Thomas Balch. Philadelphia; printed for the Seventy Six Society. T. K. & P. G. Collins, Printers. 1857.]

[From Papers Relating Chiefly to the Maryland Line During the Revolution. Edited by Thomas Balch. Philadelphia; printed for the Seventy Six Society. T. K. & P. G. Collins, Printers. 1857.] Common Weedon Marquis De Lafayette
Fredericksburg, June 1, 1781


Dr. Marquis:

That is at present closed to my hand. I was considering of going to night with a small handful of men in this place, but I couldn't take away the outlets and spread the tobacco, as I mentioned this morning, jeopardizing your distrust of completing this merchandise. A couple of men who’ve increased the facility of your action can only have a small weight in any essential position, whereas their assist in the absence of the enemy, such as the outlets and different articles that at the moment are making the merchandise, might sluggish their actions and show the salvation of this metropolis. I hope I’m not disgruntled to you once I add that Stafford and King George's are gathering at Heights at Hunter's work, no one organizes or surrenders them, no one controls supplies to Common Wayne, no one runs the smallest piece here, but I do. Surrounded by a nature calls, and the appliance of each appointment, I belief your honor, until I hear from you once more. I will ship my morning meal, I set the individuals, and bacon, which might be once in a while to tug the troops; I’ve diversified tobacco and aseillen in the easiest way will militias, submitted by the parties to press all of the horses earlier than the advance of the enemy, and false alarms brought on by very nice confusion I’m obliged to participate in each compartment. Nevertheless, I’m prepared to warn moments and simply look forward to the return of this expression.

Most respectful, I am not probably the most helpful,
G. Weedon

Basic Weedon Marquis de Lafayette
Camp Hunter Heights June four, 1781

Pricey Marquis:

I had the dignity of the third moment, final night time. Colonel Johnston's regiment, consisting of the Caroline and Spotsylvania militias, marched to hitch you proper after receiving your order, all the lads I had south of Rappahannoc. King George and the Stafford militia are right here and have 250 males. I ended all stores in Fredericksburg yesterday, except feed and some Indian meals. I don’t have the facility to take off the former carriages. I've had parties to affect, however they have been made up of militia, whose efforts may be simply managed, but have not yet been capable of acquire anything. Indeed, so distressing is the view of residents, flying together with his household, and that I’m risking some measures to outlets increased their unhappiness. Following the development of the enemy, I referred to as the northern neck to the militia of the decrease provinces.

Included is a replica of Colonel Lee's letter. King George Courtroom Home, which I feel they meet, is 20 km from this. These men collect in a day or two. Be so obligatory that you simply give me advice on whether or not they can be ordered to order or maintain them there. It will undoubtedly rely upon the actions of you and your enemy. I additionally ordered the lads of Prince William, and yesterday I acquired a letter to the commanding officer, and the copy must also be revered. Males might be armed by taking place because little question all the weapons coming from Philadelphia will change their route and cross in Norman's Ford. I thank you for ordering every thing you can save from your military, putting it in the arms of unarmed men. The subsequent brigade of the wagons coming from you was better to cross the river in some fords and continued to this place. I had advice this morning on the autumn of the enemy.

I’ve the respect to be with respect and Reg.
G. Weedon

This will probably be despatched to you by Colonel Willis, who I despatched again to Frederick County for Riflemen. He tells you again concerning the state of affairs in the provinces because of the Hampshire rebels

Common Weedon Colonel Lee
Camp Hunter's Heights June 6, 1781.


have to be mixed and shaped into regiments, ie: 1 captain, 2 elements; 5 sergeants, 50 placements and information that make up the company. 4 corporations for each battalion whose commander orders. Two battalions make a regiment, which the Colonel orders. At this facility, the regiment consists of 1 colonel, two principals, eight captains, sixteen alliances serving as an adjutant for every battalion, forty sergeants and 4 hundred classes and information. Potential additional officers might, upon termination of the association, get hold of permission to return residence

Men who cross the regiment have to be crammed with companies so far as it goes. After you’ve made this association, please please your husband and hold them ready for a moment of warning, telling me the place you will meet your wishes and activities. I need to sincerely appeal to you with out dropping time, as a result of you could have to call me instantly. You will need to appoint an adjutant for every battalion to be a licensed officer. You can too appoint a commissioner and 1 / 4 master for each battalion until you get more instructions. I might advocate that the troops take as little luggage as attainable, the most important problem concerned in shopping for the wagons to maneuver them.

I’m, Sir your Obed
G. Weedon,
B.G.S. S. Captain Joel is honored to offer you this. I have despatched him that will help you in the group and ask for the freedom to convey her disappointment on the troops. [Endorsed]

Copy Colonel Richard Henry Lee to an officer of the decrease province militia.

Common Weedon Colonel Moylan
Hunter's Camp heights of
eight June 1781

Pricey Colonel:

I'm simply Marquis & # 39; s camp, which is engaged in the horse's want, all of the disadvantages. He’s informed that your 60 regiments have been ordered to the south and requested me to drop you in line together with his compliments, properly figuring out that figuring out his state of affairs can be a adequate incentive to rush you. He really is miserable. The enemies have almost 400 cavalry, only 40, who may be referred to as established dragons; This horse's superiority provides the enemy a decisive benefit and puts his social gathering on each evil. Briefly, if he isn’t confirmed shortly, they should drive our country.

I understand that you’re in Philadelphia, I refer you to my good friend Grayson news and I am absolutely respected. Yr Ob & # 39;
G. Weedon
[Endorsed] Col. Moylan

Basic Cololle AND Weedon Washington
Hunter's Camp heights of
8 June 1781

Pricey Colonel:

I’m tonight advisor Colonel Richard Henry Lee's letter, which is hostile to the appearance in Potomac. Based mostly on these issues, I can’t think of pulling you from your personal county and not likely from the underside of every colonel. Subsequently, I’ve sent an atypical officer (Colonel William Nelson) to command all the troops mobilized departing from that quarter, and to ask you and the other colonels to return to the totally different provinces, in order that they will drag and organize the other half. armed men if the report is critical. I've sent me to cease men marched to this place, till we will work out extra clearly the truth of this account, which is why I ordered the clerk to get full info.

G. Weedon.

CE. Jno. A. Washington

Common Weedon Colin Edwin Conway
Camp Hunter heights of
June 10, 1781

Pricey Sir or Madam:

because of your your reputation I’ve sent specific Marquis, describing the state of affairs and the doubt of decrease provincial, however The troops need to struggle. Nevertheless, I’ve to ask you to cease this reception until you hear extra. I included that I might send you an exclamation of the awakening orders that made me first name you. Then the enemy proceeded quick and this quarter was thought-about to be their object. The motion on the other aspect is a room to assume that we’ll not go to this time. You hear me from the second the expressions arrive.

I respected your ob & # 39; d & # 39; T serv & # 39; t
G. Weedon
G. B., Colin Edwin Conway, Lancaster Co. [Endorsed] A replica of a round letter to the lieutenants on the bottom of the northern neck

to Basic Weedon John Richards June 14 / 8i

to Mr. John Richards,

Sir You possibly can obtain five wagons which have affected DQMG, and Go together with them to the Fauquier Courtroom Home, the place some Philadelphia wagons depart seven hundred and fifty weapons towards orders. You possibly can load your wagon with these weapons and proceed to the closest route to the honorable Basic Marquis le Fayettes Quarters, to whom you will announce your cost and assume you will place them in your order, you will return to this place. All civil servants, civil and army, have to be requested to assist and help in this necessary enterprise.

G. Weedon, BG Issued at Fredericksburg on June 14, 1781.

Common Weedon (in all probability Gov. Nelson.)
Fredericksburg, June 15, 1781.

Pricey Sirs,

gen & # 39; and absolutely accept all the measures adopted. The dimensions is basically army and deserves my warm thanks. The lads of our country know where the enemy penetrates and the power to offer each area the opportunity to domesticate their fields for more peaceful quarters, made me send the apparent Marquis that he felt his joy by sending troops to their neck in their totally different provinces. In sure restrictions, he appears to assume that though Potomac is threatened solely by the robbery celebration, it’s better to take action. That's why I ask you to send Richmond and Westmoreland troops to the house wildly; writing to Northumberland and Lancaster lieutenants to take the identical action together with her husband whereas maintaining the most effective look and the looks of hostile nature that may be maintained, the dimensions have to be gathered together and act

I feel it might be essential that you would set up (before you despatched males residence) A small legion of volunteers with no households to act as an observer and supply common assistance to any of the decrease provinces where robbing parties can attack this command, both on horse and leg, given to a delicate lively officer and one thorough information of various provinces and seashores. He ought to be geared to altering the nation typically and never to behave by the native commander, but to maintain the safety of the four decrease counties, while the farmers in their exposed ports are harvesting and cultivating maize. Four provinces ought to ship a few of the volunteers to this group.

As a result of the lads who at the moment are sent residence are prepared for his or her job at brief discover, they need to have every promise from officers in the provinces; and it ought to by no means be referred to as, however when a critical nature seems. Earlier than you break down your camp, I ask you to completely investigate the conduct of Joel's prisoners and to implement the laws in such instances for full implementation. The enemy opposed Elk Island; a part of their military was on Byrdin Strange 12 miles under the Marquis & # 39; who had thrown himself into the British and our shops, and now commands upper provinces. I wrote him permission to hitch the military himself if he accepted the sending of troops residence. He doesn't agree with it, nor can I accept that you simply depart me. Nevertheless, I am glad to see you quickly after the organization of army affairs.

I respect and awe. ye Ob
G. Weedon

(I am grateful to Joel.)

Common Weedon Col. For Skinker

Fredericksburg June 15, 1781.

Dr. Colo:

Stating to the James River, I wrote Marquis & # 39; s that the deployment of troops on the northern aspect can be allowed to some provinces, subject to sure limitations until the menace might once more threaten this quarter and have acquired his consent this morning. That's why you’re so good that you simply permit your five departments to return to their fields once they have every factor, and they are completely ready to act with the shortest warning. I’m glad that I’ve the facility to grant this indulgence in a daily manner, and I hope that you are organizing your guard so that you simply give the sort of future assistance that your nation calls require.

The enemy is reverse Elie Island, a few of them have been in the common 12th inst. 13 kilometers under the Marquis, who has thrown himself into our stores and our stores, and now orders the top country.

I am, Respect and Respect, Your Ob Serving
G. Weedon, B.G.

Colo. Skinker.
Common Weedon Col. Hendriques
16 June 1781

Dr. Colo:

Included is a replica of our good friend Grayson's letter; I need to ask you to send one among your assist instantly to the Noland ferry and to order him to comply with the instructions under. The enemy falls in the direction of Richmond. Marquis pushes ahead with good help. Be so good that you simply move the letter to Colis Grayson via the chain of expression.

Your Ob, G. Weedon, BG

Col. Hendriquesille.

Common Weedon to Fredericksburg, June 17, 1781.

Pricey Sir:

Marquis La Fayette's state of affairs makes it crucial that he ought to be quick and strongly strengthened by the cavalry. So I have to ask you to divert your exit from any attainable expedition so much depends upon having a horse.

I’m Sir Your most serving G. Weedon, BG [Endorsed]

Common Weedon Marquis La Fayettelle
Fredericksburg, 18 June 1781.

Dr. Marquis:

The will of wagons to cease sending supplies as soon as I discussed final. I’m quietly ready for a big number of them and purchase yet extra deliveries, that are posted to the provinces in accordance with the Annex to the round letter and had expanded it to other individuals, if I had the chance to carry. Mr. Harvey, who has the dignity handy this over to you, needs to use the good brigade he has on this river flat, and if the chief grants him this privilege, he should contemplate him as a pleasant favor for a specific benefit. This night, Colo James Innes writes to me from Bowling Green that he might be here tomorrow morning with a nice set of horses in Gloucester; he joins you as quickly as his horse is.

His troops are made up of thirty-six. I am glad to hear that Maryland's horse was yesterday in Georgetown, where they face expressions and dashing them, these two corporations sit up for virtually 100 horses, and I be a part of with you instantly.

Common Weedon Round

Fredericksburg, June 18, 1781


Marquis la Fayette & # 39; s military is drastically distressed by bacon, salt, fish, rum, whiskey or brandy, vinegar and footwear will. Any of the articles which will already be collected on the idea of a particular tax (apart from eighteen months in the arms of a lieutenant) have to be submitted as follows; but as they don’t seem to be included in this tax or seek to obtain an inexpensive proof of buy from the residents, but because they refuse to take action in the present compulsion, I’ve to need you to accumulate them with a army effect without damaging the people materially, which

Marquis & # 39; s camp on the safest route underneath the careful manager.

Geneve Weedon's Round Letter to the Spotsylvania Commissioner, King George, Prince William, Westmoreland, Stafford, Caroline, Fairfax, Middlesex, Loudon, Fauquier Provinces

Common Weedon Marquis La Fayette
Fredericksburg June 26, 1781

] Pricey Marquis:

Your 21St immediate; it’s an honor to send some papers resulting in the invention of a really giant [villainy?] in the provinces of Essex and Middlesex. Crucial signs are said; Their conduct, with the unique documents, I knowledgeable the Director, I hope that measures to be carried out and exemplary punishments for such infamous for offenders. I shouldn't have been bothered by the uninteresting listening to of the documents that shut you down, however you assume you may be taking steps to overcome Common Leslie's letter to Lord Cornwallis, of which Carre specifically mentions that the quantity despatched by a trusted individual is No. 2. This Carre is identical man Captain McClane; who returned to your ship in the barge and who I despatched from Williamsburg to Richmond for trial. Mr Willis' letter does not want an evidence; as a result of it exhibits us a source of the place these Rascals are brought. There may be one thing else in the camp.

Any paper that comes into your celebration's arms is value exploring * Captain Joel, who I despatched to Gwin Island because of Colonel Lee's intelligence, has made his motion a discovery. I've never been of the view that they may ultimately settle in Williamsburg. Station Advantages – The primary nation from there to Hampton with a couple of factors; Some great benefits of navigating both banks, which have been added to the thought of ​​establishing their short-term authorities, have been the reasons that led me to assume they have been making an attempt to take a seat in this place.

Nevertheless, if we will forestall the Queen of the chain from the School Creeks I feel her Lord will find us as very troublesome topics. Nevertheless, I do not consider that our time has had to endanger something critical. The close by burial could also be right, however the basic path to us can be devastating. In struggle events which might be so nice that they flip, the army ardor is of course checked when a lot is at stake. And to frustrate these great masters and decide their disappointment, it’s thought-about a victory for this country. Colonel Grayson writes to me concerning the eighteenth, the broadcasts have been handed over to the minister, and he announced the arrival of six ships, two frigates carrying a number of shipments in Boston, with 1,200 recruiters and army stores for the French military in Rhode Island. He provides that Common Smallwood is nearly able to marry 5 hundred new expenses, and Morgan will certainly start the subsequent week with 60 horses.

P. S. If the enemy is predicated in Williamsburg, it isn’t crucial to turn Gloucester's defense towards * * * in order to stop intrusion from this place.


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