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General: Restoring Your Order: Launching Appointments and Implementing Reforms and Reforms of the Economic Committee for Suspension of Pension Contributions.

Nationwide – wrote newspaper "Major General" says: Baud Baabda's meeting between the political answer of Presidents Michel Aoun and Saad Hariri and with additionally it is aware of the efforts to succeed in the price range in 2019 and appointments to free positions, which suggests resuming the Council of Ministers meetings. Assembly of the Council of Ministers subsequent week, which can permit for a meeting. Each leaders decided to shut the web page of Prime Minister Hariri's talks earlier than the return and agreed on a mechanism to activate government motion and battle corruption. Corruption and disinfection in some our bodies and authorities that have witnessed discussions and disputes, and launched the needed reforms to stop such problems from recurring. The reported political sources described the meeting between President Aoun and Hariri as "good". He stated that it has been agreed that the authorities's work might be activated in the next part, which suggests shifting tasks and bypassing conferences. Sources stated the answer was not in any harmful day when speaking about the development in the direction of peace, which is mirrored in the authorities's work. He pointed out that there is additionally a bent to consolidate authorities periods and to be able to show two periods in precept next week, explaining that these two leaders are conscious of the correctness of the part and need to unfold peace in the direction of the priorities of the government and other points of tasks and appointments. And he felt that the removing of the environment from the climate compressor is linked to the quantity of information in the Council of Ministers. He stated that when 20 conferences had been set aside for the finances, it was time for the authorities to start out its rules of procedure. The sources burdened that the President would intervene when he had to intervene in price range documents, as did Nizar Zakan, and that Prime Minister Hariri welcomed this measure and the efforts of the President of the Republic. The supply also got here to a halt when the friendliness of the two presidents joined the President of the Republic in the prime minister's lobby before saying Hariri to the media. The source stated that Prime Minister Hariri needed to say Seraile at a press convention. Aoun and Hariri: Activating the Government At the second, the results of political peace began to bear fruit soon after President Hariri's friendly phrases to the President of the Republic, who have been to ship constructive messages to the Solar group by visiting Minister Salim Griissat Dar Al-Fatwa two days in the past. Harir's "Quiet Criticism" Free Patriotic Movement Director Gebra's Bass Listing. The first signal of the effects of this peace came from Hariri's visit to President Aoun yesterday in Baabda, and it was agreed with him to carry two meetings of the Council of Ministers subsequent week to activate the government's work in the midst of info that’s more likely to meet Minister Bassil maybe at weekend when he returns to Britain and Ireland. Al-Liwa discovered that the assembly of the two presidents was friendly and excellent, followed by the Presidential Palace in the "Tchia", and introduced what occurred in the previous couple of weeks in the pressure of the political environment and the have to get out of it, as mentioned after the finances work was delayed in activating the authorities's work. They agreed to accentuate government conferences, especially when the House of Representatives' price range has been permitted, and to convene two conferences subsequent week on Tuesday and Thursday if the agenda has been drawn up for two periods and is predicted to be lengthy. Both Presidents also agreed on the "principle" of setting administrative appointments after the political forces belonging to Hariri have been applicable. The go to was attended by US Ambassador David Satterfield, the place Hariri introduced Aoun in an environment of his assembly and launched the common environment of Lebanon and the region. The sources identified that Hariri would additional strengthen the armed forces to create all the political events that make up the government to create an environment of government productive work in the sense that he might proceed President Nabih Berr, progressive Socialist celebration and "Lebanese troops" as a result of it is a good relationship Confusion between his and his progressive celebration chief Walid Jumblatt, who didn’t end the break despite the discussions that just lately resigned from the parties' representatives and then instantly stopped at Jumblatt's request. Hariri stated after Aoun's assembly: "We are going through a difficult economic phase and needing a serious situation. President Aoun agreed on the need to speed up government work to achieve the necessary achievements. We have seen that the media should stop and hope that the media will help us." He added: "All of us in the government have reached the historical budget, and today (yesterday) we talked with speaker Nabih Berr to speed up the implementation of the budget in the Council." The meeting (with Aoun) is constructive and there are not any disagreements about the meetings. Next week, there shall be a board meeting for me and President Aoun. "He said:" My relationship with President Aoun is pleasant and the principal objective is to realize practical and tangible outcomes for the profit of the citizens. " He said that if the reservation on some budget lines in the House of Representatives is democratic but agreed on what has been agreed. "The issue of at the moment isn’t just a presidential compromise, but the entire nation was" flat to each other, "Hariri stated. "We have to go back to peace and work and think about the cause. We have done a lot and we have to do the job we did. Instead, the difference. Prime Minister Hariri pointed out that these issues are being dealt with by the judiciary, and today we celebrate the centuries of the cassation state. to intervene in the judiciary, but to innovate should apply to all and all ministries. It should not be based on increased charges. He said: "I stated what I stated yesterday (first) to listen to all and to realize justice for the individuals, and shouldn’t shield anyone, even if I had a reference to him. The strike of the College and another area Hariri described the strikes of professors at the College of Lebanon with professors and stated it is unacceptable and confused that the price range didn’t reply to the professors why they don’t seem to be enough for multiple hundred thousand Lebanese students to attend the college. This description of Hariri acquired reactions from the college and the professors, whereas the professors held hours at the college in front of the museum's central administration building and demanded the release of a full-time file and ended the injustice that adopted them. Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan met Akram Shuhayeb, Minister of Schooling and Greater Schooling, to discuss the University's strike difficulty and hoped to realize constructive leads to the mild of contacts between the Prime Minister and the Minister of Finance to seek out out where we will respond to all calls for. Financial Committee: Deleted from Article 22 The Committee on Finance and the Committee on Budgets held the sixth and seventeen rounds of discussions on revenue tax yesterday, and particularly pensioners needed to pay a 3% tax on their pensions in the draft price range. This article, in addition to the statements made by Prime Minister Hariri at a press conference, during which he rejected what he described as the finances course drama that sparked the criticism of the committee chairman Ibrahim Kanan, who said on behalf of the representatives to refuse to describe the work of the House of Representatives; otherwise they may change the Constitution and end the work of the Council. "In the light of the discussions, the vice-presidents decided that this article needs to be amended, particularly in the light of the discussions, and that there is a consensus that no one is against a high tax rate, but there is a problem that retired people will include the budget for the first time in their incomes. Minister of Defense Elias Boussab had a detailed explanation of military matters, their rights and their pensions, and Finance Minister Ali Hassan Khalil also reported on the figures financially, all of which made it necessary for the House of Deputies to make the article a little, but to change it, especially with regard to retirement. According to the sources of Parliament, there was a disagreement between Minister Khalil and, on the other, several deputies on income tax on pensions. at Hezbollah's deputies, while "Future" deputies held the budget item in the budget because it believes the actual reform was the result of the suspension of the debate in this article, and a committee was set up to look at differences in car numbers. MEPs stressed that "all future price range discussions should take place in the similar means as with the Cupboard. The manipulation of this proportion would jeopardize Lebanon's classification." The afternoon adopted the remaining articles 23-30, including an increase in bank interest rates from 7% to 10%, which, according to the Treasury, was LLL 560 billion. Berri: Opening the Al Zahra Hospital As part of its sponsorship of Al Zahrad Hospital as a university care center, President Nabih Berri came to the discussion room in the Chamber of Deputies explaining that the House of Representatives has the right to make several decisions to reduce the budget. Notes that the government has reduced the current budget deficit by seven and fifty-nine. He stressed that there was no reduction in public sector wages, but an increase in credits and guarantees, and said: we were at the forefront of the wage chain and grade struggle and are not sacrificing the achievements that we have achieved in previous years. Yes, some deductions, some banking operations and some measures have some taxes, some political reservations. The government was urged to build the trust of political parties, trade unions, sectors and the budget. He noted that before the budget session, the fight against corruption and administrative decentralization, and the right of the municipalities, and the updating of the electoral law, which states that fairness in relations between the various parties is guaranteed and not being pursued in the sectors, it is a relative way of representing all parts of the people. Lebanon. "The Israeli enemy is making an attempt to flow into by all means, however we do not accept that one of our rights violates inches," Berri stated. One. ”After a visit to Satterfield, a new round of oblique talks was held yesterday by US Secretary of State David Satterfield, together with US Ambassador Beirut Elizabeth Richard, with Presidents Berri and Hariri, Power Minister Nada Bustani, Governor of Banque du Liban Riad Salameh and Army Basic Joseph Aounin Commander It’s doubtless that President Aoun will meet as we speak if his time just isn’t limited, the Minister added that the meeting was constructive and Satterfield advised him that the US administration is encouraging corporations to spend money on the sector. Oil in Lebanon: Based on the info, Satterfield targeted on Lebanon's last position separating Lebanon The border between the Palestinian border and the end of the maritime border was mentioned, in addition to some technical and logistical points associated to the details of the negotiations. tty, whether or not Satterfield later returned to work or believed in his successor to David Schenker as a result of he was pressured to hitch his profession as US Ambassador to Turkey, although his information about his visit to Beirut may be his last in his mediation. ==================== Comply with the media news about Lebanon's radio broadcasts at 98.5, 98.1 and 96.2 FM

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