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Humble Refugee Family Accepts Heart Warming at Herne Hill – South London News

Dalya and her three young youngsters ultimately removed their residence in Iraq five months ago.
They have been afraid to go house in their residence nation.
So Herne Hill's life have to be unusual – especially because it has paid for the contributions of hundreds of excellent wishes – neighbors who stay around them in their new residence.
The group in the area has also collected £ 9,000 to pay for the lease of newcombers, English lessons and resettlement prices
It should have been even a stranger when 300 individuals packed in the Herne Hill baptismal church last week and all have been pleased with this little new South The household of London residents.
Dalya and her household have been launched final week to all the people who helped it by way of Herne Hill are glad with the refugees (HHWR). And he and his three youngsters praised them heartily.
He informed the packed room: “My child learns English, and I feel like being a new person, but more than it is a new life and a new beginning. This is only possible because you have all cared about other people. Thanks for the bottom of my heart.
“A year ago it was not easy to see the world half full – except three wonderful children. I was out of my other family. We didn't go to school. One bedroom was not a nice place. Outside went to us to fear. Life was difficult
”Then, eight months ago, I referred to as the United Nations. We went to the United Kingdom. Here was a chance to go away sad reminiscences. Now I still have sad reminiscences, but completely happy reminiscences have pushed them to my mind. Youngsters are in class, playground and park. They've been within the eyes of London and the London Aquarium.
“And we have a wonderful house. We have very special friends. I hope I could thank all of you, but it will take a long time. You are all just like me – you care about the world of other people who are easier to care for when you have a home, food, security and hope. ”
The family spent a lot of the months earlier than arriving 11. December 19, 2009 Dalyan's sister
The son of Dalyan stated: "He took care of us – he was like another mom to us – when the mom went to the hospital. She was very brave. there are special new pals, thank you very much. ”
The HHWR reported 2000 homes within the requesting space in January 2018 – and stopped at Herne Hill Market.
When the appliance was accepted at the home office 10 months later, they have been advised outdoors the Lambeth Council workplaces. This is reciprocal. The effect is phenomenal. It has given me the chance to know my group and get to know my neighbors.
“When I saw the list of things we had to achieve, it looked great. But I thought it was possible – especially at Herne Hill. You can't do this in your own way.
"Harriet Lamb and Nick Jeyarajah and I were sitting and thinking what we wanted to do – how we start. We were not a group – we were just neighbors.
”We have been like [Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp facing an impossible task [they needed to beat Barcelona 4-0 to reach the Champions League final]. He stated, "It seems impossible, but looking at you in the room, I know it's possible".
“It wasn't about providing your own home or campaigning for asylum seekers. This is a refugee family and they have the right to stay. We found a fantastic group of people and in December last year Dalya and her children arrived. The Lambeth Council said it was cautious, but they were as crazy as possible. "
Nathan Stephenson, head of the HHWR Housing Group, said:" One day I came home to the flyer. I contacted Rachel and we had the first committee meeting in her house. We had people who were successful in every aspect of life. We were offered six houses. London can be quite harsh. But kindness and generosity was something very special. Soon we secured a three bedroom house.
“People gathered from all sorts of backgrounds with a common goal.
“When we were told that our application was approved, there was real tension, but also nerves. We would get access to the property just two weeks before the family arrived. It was quite manic. We had problems with gas safety, and the floorboards must be torn 18 hours before the family moved in.
“Sometimes we never thought it would be together because 70 people gave so much. I was in tears last night. It was something that was so incredible that it couldn't be played. The airport's welcome committee was undoubtedly full of nerves and feelings – just like the family. It is one of the best things I've ever done. In the future, I can always look at walking past the front door and say I'm part of it.
The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees chose the family .UNHCR lawyer Max McClellan said: “It is inspiring to see local people contact in global situations. Looks like this type of creativity at the local level is fantastic. In 2018, there were 25.4 million refugees worldwide – 85% of them lived in developing countries.
”UNHCR offers assist to save lots of lives; preserving human rights and enhancing the way forward for refugees. Resettlement is vital. It's a life-saving device. It isn’t out there to all refugees – this means less than 1%. Since 2016, the number of seats has decreased by more than 50% to 55,500.
“Communities like you are incredibly important to deal with refugee situations worldwide. This enables communities to understand refugees and their particular need for protection. UNHCR helps the government plan this system. The UK has become an international practice model for community sponsorship. The other countries look at the UK model – Germany, New Zealand, Spain and Ireland.
"We met people at the airport who have made our lives better." He said, "As you probably almost everyone, I felt very concerned about the refugee and what happened to us on television – then we look at our lives and think about how lucky we are and we probably think we should do more. I found it an incredibly rewarding experience. If you want to have a family here and the work involved and the commitment of everyone has been massive. It was an incredible sense of community when they arrived. it was such a relief "
Dulwichin and West Norwood MP Helen Hayes said." Community sponsorship program began in 2015, when we all thought that the crisis opened up our television emails complainants asked that the government is going to do something I've received more e-mails from this.. on Like anything other than Brexit. ”Individuals provided rooms in their houses and practical help and money. Individuals in this group needed to do something.
"This family has come to stay in the UK to flee from harmful life."
"I felt confused concerning the money wanted and the need to find housing is already in disaster. It has been inspiring to see that folks come together – individuals who did not know one another – to offer help locally and leap by way of the required rims.
”It's nice to see different techniques in Peckham and Abraham's tent in Lambeth
” A number of weeks ago, it turned out that two teams drove at the airport and brought their family back to Lambeth.
have achieved the most effective for mankind – by providing your personal assets to assist another person. It acknowledges the connection between all individuals.
“If any of us were to flee our home due to a geographical disaster, we all hope that someone in the world would be ready to offer space and shrine if we need it.
”We’re in the midst of the best refugee disaster after the Second World Struggle.
“Community sponsorship makes us better citizens. But it cannot replace the government's obligation to take on more refugees when they do at the moment. This system has the potential to increase pressure on the government to do something.
”In a rich nation with a real welcome, everyone blesses it. Canada has set 40,000 refugees by means of group sponsorship – one in seven Canadians has been concerned.
”Individuals at Herne Hill didn't know each other earlier than. But getting it again and raising substantial quantities of cash has changed it. In any case, there have been a couple of extra people who needed to participate. We found more help than needed. So the other two houses has come to us with different South London sponsoring groups use
"There is nothing that makes me ylpeämmäksi the work that I've seen over the last 18 months. You can rest assured that I will support everything that is happening now. "

In the picture: Herne Hill thanks the founders of the refugees Harriet Lamb, Nathan Stevenson, Rachel Griffiths and Nick Jeyarajah Dulwich and West Norwood MP Helen Hayes