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* Introduction to Lebanon TV Information Launch. Is the crisis storm still escalating 'after the Socialist Social gathering briefing on the events in Basateen-Qabrishmun? Simple to reverse the disaster, 'and to revive the initiatives that the Presidential Palace is taking at any time? Or should we ask the query in another type: Is it already an arch of the judiciary in the circle of suspects after the socialist accusation? .. Is outdoors the crisis and here and out of doors the area. Though the president's answer did not fall, if it flashed, who would put out the spark before the hearth? What can happen in Lebanon in the mild of the collapse of the century and in Syria, Iraq and the Gulf? Increasing “to Libya?… For some time now, the state of affairs has been stretched quickly between Patriarch Shepherd and Basic Othman, following criticism of the Shepherd of the Info Department… President Nabih Berri described the state of affairs in a very dangerous means. … Following the President's description, a briefing was held with the Progressive Socialist Social gathering leadership: In the conference, Minister Wael Abou Faour spoke at the conference about the political aspirations of the free patriotic motion, with Walid Bey Jumblatt, alternate, and the documented regulation towards Walid Bey. … And if the concentrating on of the President pulled him to remain on the information … Abu Faour defined that investigations by the Info Division and Army Intelligence denied the existence of a hidden event in the orchards and that the recorded and associated recordings belong to abnormal people who find themselves enthusiastic that brought back earlier levels in historical past. Lebanon. ================== * The introduction of the "NBN TV" publication underneath the weight of heated stations has elevated the boiling impact of the incident and decreased initiatives, efforts and treatments. Political and media escalation reached a degree of warning of latest problems if not corrected. This is the state of affairs in the Baabda Palace, which is chosen instantly in the confrontation following statements made to the President of the Republic that this was a matter of preparation for Minister Gebran Bassil and never for Minister Saleh Al-Ghareeb and after the Socialist Social gathering raised the most confrontation for violent attacks. The Pact, the president and a few of the judiciary. The Socialists concluded their marketing campaign at a prolonged press conference as we speak, stating that a group accused of presidential makes an attempt to supply an anti-party doc and hold Minister Gibran Bassil's ethical, political and legal responsibility for the A to J orchard. The Socialist leadership additionally plotted the Supreme Judicial Council chief, accusing him of deviations and confirming the fall of the armed ambush principle, displaying confusion among opponents, who typically seemed to say that Minister Saleh al-Gharib was, and typically Basil. The Democratic Celebration responded to the Socialist by saying that the logic of the attack to defend and cover up the crime didn’t work and promised an in depth answer at a news conference. The Supreme Judicial Council denied the validity of the statement and introduced its willpower to play its full position in regulation enforcement in any try and confuse it. The response line warned Future Bloc that attempts to question the outcomes of the intelligence unit's investigations have grow to be politically exposed and reached unacceptable limits after the Qabrshmun incident. In the absent cabinet for the fifth consecutive week, no session is predicted to be expected for a breakthrough that nobody is presently aware of. The crisis has reached a very complicated stage, and its decision requires listening to speaker Nabih Berr, who warns that the interval could be very critical. President Berri assures his guests that the present state of affairs and its complexity shouldn’t continue as it is, and exhibits that time spent on this damaging local weather is consuming away at the age of the earth. Asked the causes for stopping his initiatives, Berri says, "Every time we try to open the hole, someone else is sorry." The damaging state of affairs that President Berr talked about led to the demand by Lebanese troops president Samir Geagea to declare an economic and economic emergency, stressing that if he was the nation's first official, he would prioritize a government assembly. Geagea additionally identified that Article 95 of the Structure is obvious and doesn’t must be explained, explaining that the drawback shouldn’t be half-way and no one needs to blow it up, and who’s misrepresenting issues for a selected function that has nothing to do with reality. =============== * Introduction Al-Manar TV Publication All attempts are annoyed and all options are blocked, political inaccuracies are obstructed and authorized solutions – in all their tracks – are rejected by some and forged doubt on How will the answer be? Does the country endure a lot cramping, complexity, screaming and skepticism? The blood-stained crisis that some try to take to different tracks has sparked the rhetoric of a political bishop and rhetoric. The conclusion is the complexity that surrounds all the initiatives and stopped the country from dealing with the crisis, even the dilemma. The Socialist Get together opened hearth on the Republican presidential administration and was accused by the leader of the free patriotic motion, Minister Gebran Bassil, from the beginning of the disaster, Socialist Minister Wael Abou Faour informed a news conference. Conferences and discussions don’t change the information of the judiciary, a robust Lebanese group responded to the accusations of the socialists, adding that the logic of immorality and assault to defend such a criminal offense would not work. Following its weekly assembly, the Supreme Judicial Council confirmed that a single ministerial press convention had identified a complete lack of well being and illegal interference with the judiciary. To get rid of God, the country's political health is significantly damaging President Nabih Berr's antidote. After escalating waves of escalation, Ain al-Tineh's sources confirmed to al-Manar that President Berr's efforts had been utterly paralyzed. In the area, following Iran's diplomatic power, presidential and revolutionary solidarity with Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif and to strengthen diplomacy by raising the degree of army preparation, as the Islamic Republic of Iran revealed extra sensible shells fueled by statements by senior army leaders on American readiness to reply. ==================== * Introduction to Information "LBC TV" The Qabrshmun earthquake continues to be blazing, five weeks after the incident. The strongest recovery, the Progressive Socialist Social gathering briefing and the excessive ceilings launched by Minister Wael Abou Faour, which instantly hit Prime Minister Aoun and Lebanese powerful group ministers: Gebran Bassil, Salim Jreissati, Elias Bou Saab and Albert Sarhan… It also struck at the Supreme Councilor. .. collection of post-conference gathering questions – the bomb, together with: How will the Socialist ministers, after at this time's dialogue with the president and present ministers, come to the Council of Ministers desk, if held? How can the Prime Minister put together a authorities whose ministers will take accusations that begin with violence and will not finish with accusations of strain from the judiciary and the alternative of judges? If all the information are associated to cupboard healing, it’s inconceivable for the cabinet to heal underneath current circumstances, which means that the authorities in medical demise and the first victims of this medical demise have been linked to the information: from the electrical file to the waste doc. The advantages are associated with convening or convening the Council of Ministers. Probably the most outstanding of these benefits is Lebanon's credit rating, which is predicted to be issued in the final third of this month. None of these advantages manifested itself in the environment. So the place? It won’t be held at a gathering of the Council of Ministers this week or some other half. Next week, the vacation of Eid al-Adha and the celebration of the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and feared that the government would stay "in the summer" at the finish of August, at the end of July, but who will rule the government … Regrets this government? The response to the Socialist Convention is predicted tomorrow in the speech by the current President Gibran Bassil, who laid the foundation stone for the current headquarters. Word that Ibrahim Kanaan MP responded after the group meeting. He thought-about that the conferences didn’t change the present details of the judiciary. ================= * Introduction Publication "MTV TV" Says Widespread Proverb: Accelerated Crisis Tnfrgi. But the orchard crisis is accelerating daily without any breakthrough in sight. The position of the Progressive Socialist Social gathering, introduced by Minister Wael Abou Faour, was at present a political and authorized assessment of the orchard disaster for the causes that led to its political and legal penalties. In the picture, Minister Abou Faour has written a written word, which is rare for him because he typically improvises his words. Maybe the purpose is that the Minister of Business needed to ship a message of "well-made", i.e. non-woven material that has a stability of material to the seriousness of the subject. Based on Abu Faour, the robust, harsh and harmful rights of two ministers Gebran Bassil and Elias Bou Saab and the right of the President of the Republic, or even of the complete judiciary. Abu Faour accused two ministers and the Lebanese judiciary. But in both instances, the message arrived, abbreviated with two headlines: opening hearth on the Crown Prince and the most outstanding males, questioning the integrity and independence of the judiciary, putting the credentials of Aoun's presidency to the check, threatening the President of the Republic with no information. The response to the Socialist has not been delayed and got here after the regular assembly of a strong Lebanese group. MP Ibrahim Kanaan referred to as for the activation of political and judicial mechanisms by re-convening the government and securing the judiciary. Minister Elias Bou Saab, for his half, informed MTV that Abu Faour was mendacity and that he was too weak to threaten the president. At the similar time, the Supreme Judicial Council issued a press release denying Minister Abou Faour's messages to the whole judiciary. Who believes in Lebanese: the Minister of Business or the Supreme Judicial Council? In each instances, what is the authority and credibility of the state, and are these institutions run? Then: The place's the Prime Minister for the whole lot that occurs? It is stated that he went on vacation for two days, however the vacation was prolonged and have become the fifth day. Is it a retreat or does she choose to be absent these days? On the different hand, Berr's initiative died before start? Did Major Basic Ibrahim stop his mediation efforts? What’s the end of all this unhappy scene for the socio-economic state of affairs? Are we entitled to attack S&P on August 23 if it decides to downgrade Lebanon once more? Oh God, save Lebanon from its duties. ===================== * An introduction to information tv "new television" would chastise accusations of the union and denounce socialist standing earlier than public opinion .. If one among them is a true peace justice press conference Minister Wael Abu Faour kidnapped the judicial hammer and commenced to hit the politically stacked structure. The hometown, apart from the minister, the deputy, the decide and the political author between the lifeless and the wounded, and consistent with the promise, the forehead has broken its flags .. Abuses and interference with the judiciary, however the degree of response of the arrows. The Supreme Judiciary solely continued with the message that there was no well being speech, and Deputy Minister of Justice Albert Serhan "told" that further erosion of the credibility of the judiciary would result in a state chasm, while a Lebanese robust group hid its Gibran till August 7 and issued Lebanese few sentences. Interference with the judiciary, but at the similar time urged the judiciary to be detached to political polarization, but to focus solely on justice to win the state. If MP Ibrahim Kanaan has reinstated his judiciary to protect the fact by a strong Lebanese group, the Future Bloc, held in the absence of Prime Minister Saad Harir, decided to preach and warn, warn towards slipping and categorical considerations and call for a ceasefire in the present day. At the event, the Democrat sparked an accusation and accused the Socialist of distorting details and clearing its content, of exerting strain on judges and of harassing public opinion, saying that we’ve a staff designed to remain in the era of underdevelopment and escape and control and monopoly, of actions and actions that feed Wei. Hill singles and cheat and extortion, and demands to prove himself a victim, besieged. "All of this is just a stance, but Minister Abou Faour and representatives of the Socialist Law Group have provided information that has not been disputed by anyone. The Minister of Industry has mobilized the political industrial justice system. It is not detailed that he accuses the Union, Gebran, Minister of Justice, the Council of Justice, Defense Minister and Member of Parliament Mario Aoun, and that the names of the judges fall out of court and others accuse each other of pressure and nepotism as the investigation progresses and what the Lebanese followed today in "political" legal scandal .. Qabrishmun, who can only and if the Socialists have conquered and reacted and provided evidence "non In accordance with the Specs, they should be prosecuted for misrepresentation and harassment of the judiciary. The disruption also got here after the church had swept its arms with security forces and the Division of Info and accused them of producing paperwork for individuals of one religion and one sect. Patriarch asked his shepherd in the most critical form of accusation. It is not insupportable because we’re removed from the idea of the state, and powerful cancers are weak, and other people have misplaced all confidence in the rulers, did not delay Main-Basic Imad Osman in his response and urged the shepherd to guarantee himself or pay him for arrests. Major-Common Othman went to those that misrepresented before the patriarch of the patriarch that he was observing what was stated in the Bible: A false witness doesn’t deny the events that apply to his prime minister's country. He's not but employed .. He took with him to the Council of Ministers' celebration .. They sit .. Approach to go back to cabinet meeting goes Hooked up when Hariri knocked on Russia's shoulder to send a political link to George Shaaban to debate Lebanon's current political response similar to Harir's assertion and totally different political conditions are forward. Where the earth does not stroll and the work does not stroll .. To those that say to him the last sentence "Do not care". ===================== * Introduction OTV Publication The clock does not turn again. That is simply the core of the current political crisis and the time of the different wars in our country. Lebanon will grow to be the house of peace, concord and openness, regardless of the New Testomony anger and political numbers determined by the results of the elections, regardless of how shady, the solely acceptable face of the individuals is face. A fact not obscured by masks, no sectarian or distinctive, or the territorial or biased saturation of people with slogans. They’re resistant to his temptations and infinite tips. Political return to Lebanon as an entire has been achieved and economic and administrative return are still in place. The battle and the simulated plots might achieve deceiving some individuals for a while, however they can’t persuade all individuals. All the time required as we speak is authorities and justice, in order that the government could make pressing selections to activate the financial system and monitor individuals and justice because it’s justice, with out them being eaten by the weak and small superpowers simply as they have been warned at this time. Maronite Patriarch of the Shepherd Mao Bishara Boutros. ================== R.N. Comply with National Information Agency News on Radio Lebanon Flight 98.5, 98.1 and 96.2 on FM Waves