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Introduction to Evening News on Thursday 07/02/2019 – Lebanon News

* Introduction of Lebanese TV news The government authorised a ministerial statement, which will probably be discussed by Parliament next Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday to give the federal government confidence. Growing velocity in the formation of the government and drafting and ratifying the opinion will improve residents' satisfaction. On the Cabinet assembly, the President of the Republic and the Prime Minister discussed that they might not waste time and go to work and depart political disputes somewhere else. Hariri plans to go to Dubai on Saturday for a two-hour conference to return to Beirut, the place Iran's Overseas Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif will maintain talks on cooperation between Beirut and Tehran. The federal government has had constructive and useful discussions with the Italian Prime Minister, the President of the Republic, the President of Parliament and the federal government. The discussions targeted on cooperation between Beirut and Rome, the state of affairs within the South, the position of UNIFIL and the difficulty of oil and fuel. This occurred concurrently the announcement by the Prime Ministers of the European nations, Hariri, of their help for Lebanon. In the evening, a delegation from the Democratic Assembly of Prime Minister Hariri met a current place on the idea of delays and a strategic alliance between the events. The government authorised the ministry statement without any change and minor modifications, stated Minister Gamal Jarrah. ================= * Introduction to our information program "TV NBC that" strictly crack the ministerial assertion within the Cupboard on the best way to the Council of Ministers, to be stamped earlier than the Home of Representatives to submit it to the Board of Directors' periods next week. Like the Committee of Ministers, at the Ministerial Convention, which was topic to linguistic modifications, there were no obstacles or problems at the Council of Ministers, except that the ministers who have been among the armed forces opposed irresponsibility with out adding the phrase: "work in legal institutions" and add the Minister of Culture Muhammad Dawood Dawood Cultural Heritage. The President of the Republic opened the assembly as a spotlight of time and confused that the federal government is working on a new mind to get out of the financial crisis before Prime Minister Saad Hariri requires more authorities solidarity and the achievement of key questions, as Lebanese residents anticipate much. Outdoors the Council of Ministers, Nabih Berri, chairman of the House of Representatives, raised the difficulty of the Israeli oil breach at the Lebanese maritime border with Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Con. The President-in-Office of the Council set his friends apart for the small print of the infringement and the work accomplished by several corporations and said that it was needed to warn these corporations, including the Italian (ENI). President Berri burdened that Conte has shown all the preparations to help Lebanon in numerous areas, notably within the political and financial spheres, which is the difficulty of the blocks. He also stated that he would increase an issue with French President Emmanuel Macaron. ================= * Introduction to News "or Television," if the standard timid reservation relating to relations with Syria and the opposition ministerial assertion has ended this time between Bsjal Toatra MP Main Common Jamil al-Sayyid and Minister Mai Chidiac, not forgetting to publish previous books, President's phrases At the start of the ministerial assembly in Baabda at the moment, a compass must be created to permit the government to work within the next stage. Initially of the Council of Ministers assembly, the President of the Republic urged to focus on learning the agenda and decreasing political interference and debate, which does not produce constructive results and serves the nationwide curiosity, understanding that political debate in other areas, such as the House of Representatives. The Prime Minister instantly met the position of the President in a complementary place and referred to as for extra government solidarity and no political controversy as a result of we can’t agree with every little thing in politics. And in the hope that the presidential speech will give the required effect, especially among the tenders and words and deeds. On the eve of Prime Minister Saad Hariri's visit, ministers Akram Shuhayeb and Wael Abu Faour led the Democratic Meeting delegation to consolidate the trouble between the Progressive Socialist Get together and the longer term motion and put an end to Jumblat's rebellion towards Hariri underneath the slogan "Taatif." course. In order to get hold of the permission of the Director Basic of the Inner Security Pressure, Major Basic Imad Osman, Decide Ghada Aoun, referred to the question of 5 inner security officers suspected of collaborating in corruption information, and determined to arrest them and various army personnel, First Research in the Lebanese Mountains. ================= * Presentation News "Al-Manar TV" Bulletin Ministerial Assertion on the Lebanese Authorities, Arabic was not the only provider to deliver travel closer, however obviously the intentions that the government needed to put on the Fast Manufacturing Line . Modifications in Easy Language The Minister of Info said that the belief of the need for profound modifications in performance signifies the logic of the experiment. The government expressed its disapproval of the House of Representatives, and Lebanon's confidence is mirrored in the efficiency of the federal government, which the President hoped to be far from a political debate that did not yield constructive results and served no national interest. "There is no chance of agreeing on any political," the Prime Minister stated. "Let's leave the discussion and work on important Lebanese waiting things," he stated. Is Lebanon at this time greater than electricity, drugs and roads? All of the information are Hezbollah's secretary common, Hassan Nasrallah, the best way to get it via the federal government, Iran is right here to assist with the bottom costs and as quickly as attainable Lebanon's nationwide want, not exterior words? The safety of the nationwide army, especially the qualitative, national military and the security of all types of weapons are presents from the Islamic Republic of Iran, as burdened by the Secretary Common of Hezbollah, just isn’t this a nationwide want through the Zionist, air, land and naval attack? Probably the most dangerous menace to the sea at the moment with the Zionist objectives of Lebanon's oil and fuel, which President Nabih Berri warned on the listening to with the Italian Prime Minister, and can hear the French President later. "We are approaching stealing oil from a French company and another exploration of Israeli gas in nine parts of the block, located on the border of the occupied Palestine, which is the beginning of gas theft before our arrival," President Berri stated. … * ============== * Presenting the TV of the Future for seven days to type a government, a shortly measured ministry statement that the Ministry of Labor will direct to the House of Representatives in order to achieve the idea of Parliament's confidence. Speaker of Parliament Nabih Berri requested to maintain a meeting to talk about the government's assertion on Tuesday and Wednesday, after which the intense and efficient part of the new authorities will begin. At some point after the competent committee had completed the ministerial assertion, the Council of Ministers adopted the final version of the introduction of language modifications that didn’t affect the content of the articles, and a replica of 13 pages was acquired by Future TV. At a ministerial meeting, President Michel Aoun referred to as for consideration to the work of the federal government and the discount of political debate, including different areas, such because the House of Representatives, at a time when President Hariri burdened the significance of government solidarity and attaining the fundamentals expected by Lebanon. The return of life to the veins of constitutional establishments was as soon as once more withdrawn from Lebanon, on the worldwide map and on the visit of Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, the primary indicators. Conte emphasised Lebanon's help and stability in the course of the three Presidents and the Southern Legation of the nation, and wished the Authorities success and success in fulfilling its duties. ================= * Introduction The news of "TV ABC" shouldn’t be the first time that the subject of resistance arises when the minister's statements on authorities preparation. It is helpful to revive the memory that the resistance weapon equation was the previous president Michel Suleiman referred to as "wooden equation", however this did not give or delayed much more dialogue being held on the Version, Baabda Palace or Ain al-Tinah, was stopped when talking about protection strategy. It ought to be remembered that the weapons of Hezbollah are inside and parallel, but the suspension not prevents governments or hinders ministerial statements, but all opponents can register the protest, but the government leaves to the Authorities, however it doesn’t provide or is delayed. the "big council" doesn’t give confidence to the smaller council? Is the government not a diminished model of the Home of Representatives? In any case, Berri asked for a dialogue and confidence in the Ministerial Convention on Tuesday and Wednesday. Feedback on the Ministry's assertion However paying attention to Hezbollah's Secretary Basic, Hassan Nasrallah, of Iran's arms questions or medicines, this matter, which involved Iran's help to Lebanon, started to distribute internally even inside the government. Iranian Overseas Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif is in Beirut on Sunday and Monday. Then again, consideration is drawn to the assembly between Secretary Common Hezbollah Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah and Minister Jubran Basil, and knowledge on LBCI exhibits that this meeting might have taken place and be very close. The info added that the assembly will focus on discussing the work of the Council of Ministers and the management of presidency information, particularly the existence of serious information that might cause variations between allies: especially electrical energy and corruption. The knowledge added that one of many issues is the tense and tense relationship between Minister Bassil and President of Parliament, Nabih Berr, and the distinction between Minister Basil and Al-Marda Suleiman Franjieh. If the aim is to give the federal government an effective start, consideration must be paid to the demolition of mines. ================== * Introduction The "TV MTV" publication, with a few of the language described by the Cabinet, accepted the wording of the ministerial meeting, which was expected and expected to be the source of the Government's current protest. Lebanese troops signed a resistance to the weapon, recorded in the minutes of the session, and drew robust arguments on Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah's speech on the 40th anniversary of the Iranian Revolution, the place he spoke unequivocally in arms, revealed a critical intention to change Lebanon's political status and economic strategy by way of advertising that Iran can play The only and comprehensive associate in Lebanon is that it’s in a position to hand over the friendship of all Arabs and the world notably concerned about these Bsider. Companions in the authorities of Hezbollah undermined the influence of Nasrallah's phrases on the Arab and overseas companions' ears in Lebanon, and diplomatic references set the social gathering's positions to monitor their affect and developments. And anticipate the government to be a part of the parliamentary committee for confidence. The subsequent Tuesday and Wednesday will be the launch of an official Lebanon to meet the blatant destruction of Israel towards our fuel and southern oil. The fourth division of the Syrian army attack in the metropolis of the parasite on the japanese border and strengthen the positions of borders to deny mother and father entry to a lot of the agricultural land. ================ * Deployment of a Newspaper "New Television" by Consensus The Authorities authorised its ministerial statement on the primary "look" and the modifications got here to a linguistic construction that did not affect the content material of the objects. Minister of Administrative Improvement Mehdi Chidiac overtook his second day and demanded that the protection strategy be restricted to army forces. It penetrated into the digital papers that brought on the "Photographer" scandal. MP Jamil al-Sayyed was released after he uncovered quite a lot of Shadiq's monuments through which he laughed at Ablah and in the course of the Syrian patronage, and forward of the ministerial assembly, Walid Jumblatt was unable to keep the arms export treaty. Implementing one item is a primary answer for losing electrical energy, and the Alhadr restore of the electrical file went at the moment to use the new dossier from the judiciary, but Jumblatt admitted justice to the appropriate. His left-hand rival appealed to Abu Qa, who was a cynical determine who was not within the country, and whose writer was politically protected, didn’t deliver the summer time and winter cover beneath considered one of Jumblatti's roofs. He seeks justice and takes his proper to cynical character. And conceal yourself in an unbiased political character behind the fort and nature conservation, which is in battle with the mountain leader himself and led to a shared justice system for two realities .. We ask him as we speak: The place? Is justice divided into two elements? The Lebanese political chief can categorical himself in public opinion with a reform institute that turns to the judiciary and then keeps the offender until it is changed to different conflicts because he has not given aggression to Mazen for Jumbat. With whom we have now met good neighborly relations for thirty years and good neighborliness. Throughout these years, the new media group has emphasized that it is a bastion of rights holders for any identify they belong to … and that it respects religions for his or her doctrines and diversity, and its doctrine does not misuse its symbols and references. This isn’t his vocabulary or ethical subject, however the brand new one is the one who is true and the injustice of the regulation, and follows in his paperwork the fitting of entry to info beneath state regulation, and he did not ask for more than the donor's surrender and use of the judiciary. And is it not regular for it to make fires, and with the approval of the ministry and demanding funding and advertising tasks, Sidr has requested the state for any country "decisive" buyers? Is it still potential to make capital in Lebanon, where an official protects his son of an attacker? It isn’t a wrestle for "vengeance," but we’re confronted with an unforgivable "blood nostalgia" and the protection of a sect chief for his sons' son and as long as Director Walid Jumblatt recognizes the judiciary and his path. ================= R. N. Comply with the information from the National Media Agency by sending Radio Lebanon to waves 98.5, 98.1 and 96.2 FM

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