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Introduction to evening newsletters on Saturday, July 27, 2015 – Lebanon News

The introduction of a Lebanese TV publication is a new improvement in Al-Basateen 2 The capturing of safety guards at the Overseas Minister's home, who was shot by a passing one that was stated to be affected by extreme diabetes, was injured and taken to hospital. Not only did the Jumblatt repeat not solely the Qabrshmoun orchard occasion but in addition the Choueifat case, however Arslan refused to achieve this, while the Council of Ministers' meetings are nonetheless suspended. Political negotiations are underneath approach to proceed these conferences so as to put together for the stability of 20, to make administrative appointments and to profit from Cedar funds when it has handled item 80 of the 19th Presidency finances. In any other case, events overseas and the funeral scene of the late Tunisian President Mohamed Baji Sibs, marked by the presence of French President Emmanuel Macaron, will probably be adopted. ***************** * Introduction TV information "NBN" watching Lebanese authorities assembly on the agenda again pulse government energy after the paralysis hit virtually a month, came to the so-referred to as Commenting on how the Council of Civil Servants' proper to get finances increases the dimensions of the snowball problems brought about, and doesn’t begin to respond to remedy measures, as if the interior state of affairs still has the power to continue with complacency and luxurious and indifference. It has been argued that residents' acquired rights have to be over-neutral, sectarian and biased, or a slender interpretation of the Charter and the Structure and earlier than they will reside collectively. On this context, he pointed out that many parliamentary groups had rejected this query, particularly the high-degree answer to Samir Jisr MP Gebran Bassil, saying that Bassil might dictate his will to his workforce members, however he could not dictate his will. Other deputies of the blocks and not the Home of Representatives. Bridge identified that Bassil's rejection of the price range line after the Home of Representatives vote and stating that the entire finances reduce was a tribute to the desire of the House of Representatives and the Home of Representatives. The bridge goes to Basil saying, "Make sure, Minister, no matter how tall you are, you cannot deprive people of their constitutional rights. All Lebanese are equal. The constitution guarantees absolute equality between Lebanese. There are no Lebanese sons and daughters. He decided. bridge: Mind before printing the word, we have done our patience, but in any case, it can only be dealt with by law, especially since the delay in publishing the budget is not in Lebanon's interest and its economic and economic position in international institutions Two negative developments have emerged in the handling of the Qabrishmoun case, the first being the refusal of Taliban Arslan, leader of the Lebanese Democratic Party, to take the Shuweifat and Qabershmoun cases to justice. the Council, which calls for a provocative and humiliating exchange of martyr blood. As for another development that took place today in front of a strange ministerial house in Shakal's Al-Basateen, the military leadership explained the details in a statement stating that the invited Ryan Mar's attempt to enter the sugar courtyard inside the Saleh Al-Gharib but the problem arose when the strange minister's personal protection intervention elements, followed by the stamping and firing of one of the minister's elements that resulted in Mari and her legs being injured, were hospitalized. ***************** * Introduction TV news 'future' hardly looks like a breakthrough clash based on the case of Cyprhmon signs, although Minister Talal Arslan is overlooked by Bngradh again in Major General Abbas Ibrahim's efforts towards zero. In a recent sniper attack on Walid Jumblatt, leader of the Progressive Socialist Party, and directly with the ISF Shrapnel, the Irgun party was fooled into marketing false information in an attempt to storm Minister Saleh al-Gharib's house in al-Basateen. Knowledge brings the event into the true framework in which it occurred. And the broadening of the speech on Shammon's initiatives in relation to the grave disaster, Minister Gebran Bassil's position on Article 80 of the Budget Act and the results of the Council of Officials' investigations opened the door for Minister Bassil to approve controversial issues in the Taif Agreement. constitutional rules so that they picture what is contained in the last paragraph of Article 95 ***************** * Introduction to TV news "Al-Manar" made Governor Manama again and put the guillotine injustice of the innocent guilt They have spoken in a language they have never known: freedom for the Bahraini people, and support for the Palestinians. Immersed in Hebrew-absorbed and Zionist projects, the regime does not tolerate a peaceful revolution that calls for the rights of the Bahraini people and supports the Palestinians in hostile "century commerce" and draws an Arabic depth mixed with the Sabra people. During the darkness, the Bahraini regime embraced the hatred of its people, killed twenty young men, Ahmad al-Mellali and Ali al-Arab, and prevented their funerals and sacrificed them in a secure victory over injustice that will not last long. As a nation perplexed by his peace and the wisdom of his revolution, the whole world has fallen again in the test of freedom and humanity. A crime that does not stop Bahraini from fighting until goals are achieved, such as Al-Wefaq society, 14 February youth, Haq and all revolutionary associations and movements have spoken out against the Al-Khalifa rule and their bloody politics. In Lebanon, before the blood of the martyrs at Shammon's tomb dried, it almost shed blood in the orchards and forced urgent action before things reached a difficult phase. As efforts continue, things will stay as they are. The prime minister left a private holiday and the country did not leave a square of political crisis that is becoming more and more volatile about Qabershmoun's budget implications, while there is no alternative but to meet and understand to produce solutions that are even partial to their problems. from files to extreme. At the top of the exciting area, a visit to Oman's Foreign Minister Yusuf bin Alaw in Tehran, where he told messages to Iran's leaders Al Manar that it was British, some Omani about economic terrorism against Iran and Gulf security. ***************** * Introduction to TV news broadcast "or TV" even for a moment we thought that the Article 80 voices and obscured, transformed into a title controversial weekend, and changed the image of "Democratic" and "Socialist" between them, there was renewed excitement as the storm struck at the house of Minister Saleh al-Gharib. Between the stranger's and Erslanim's successor's focus on what was woven to the injury, and Jumblatten's attempt to alleviate what happened by putting him in the work of his individual work and exposing the cynics to the attacker, he shared the out to show that the attacker was drunk. This dawn of development, the communication wheel and the Council of Ministers' inevitable invitation, which was discussed yesterday, are now closer to the fall as the parties return to their barricades, although this does not necessarily imply a first round of negotiations. Alongside this development, the answers given to the leader of the "free patriotic motion" were followed by MP "Samir Jisr's" future "and former minister Melhem Al-Riyash's" forces ". The bridge spoke of what he referred to as Basil's menace to drop his price range to meet his political aspirations, talking to him with enough blackmail and calling him significant before pushing the nation in a method that didn’t praise the phrases "We have done our patience." The tone of this high bridge, which some think about justified, is the implicit recognition of Article 80 smuggling in a really laconic means. At a time when Minister Bassil was only speaking on the day of Zahle's race to find authorized options, President Aoun's custody is unnoticed. The bridge's enlargement, he met with Riona, had many questions, the previous "troops" minister explained that what issues most is the Christian position in the country, not the number and the Muslim who has more than 100 failed Christians. The words of the "free patriotic movement" have been the one ones who fought regularly from 2005 to 2005. **************** * Introduction to TV news "MTV" from the first case of orchards to the second case of orchards: crisis on the mountain more and more complicated security and political. Prior to the June 30 incident, a new incident occurred at night time in front of Minister Saleh al-Gharib's home in Al-Basateen, represented by Ryan Mar's attempt to enter the courtyard of the constructing the place the stranger lived, causing a stigma between Marei and a number of other private protective parts. hearth. In fact, the novel "Lebanese Democrat" is totally different from the novel "Progressive Socialist", so the story of the Lebanese military came to resolve the matter and put things in perspective. However in addition to the quite a few accounts, the danger is within the recurrence of incidents and the convulsive environment that dominates the villages of the mountain and its cities. In politics: The federal government remains suspended so long as Byzantium's discussion of the Judiciary Council doesn’t finish between Walid Jumblatt and Talal Arslan. And because the argument continues and his voice broadens: Is Lebanon a hostage between two orchards and the Judiciary Commission? As President Saad Hariri observed that the problems weren’t handled, a minimum of on weekends he decided to make a family visit to Europe that might not last longer than early subsequent week. Subsequently, the whole lot that is stated about Harir within the I-# 39; or that he travels to document the situation of the event is unrelated to the reality. At the similar time, political events are busy in search of a disaster in Article 80 of the Finances Act, particularly since this gifted challenge has long woke up demons which were dormant for a very long time. In the bulletin, the director is certainly one of two: either repealing part 80 of the repealed regulation or saying that there’s a materials mistake made to cancel that article of the price range regulation. Which of the two solutions will work? And are we actually dealing with a constructive path to the Finances Regulation, or will the 2019 finances be revealed earlier than the beginning of 2020? ***************** * Introduction TV information "LBCI" garden area article eighty, land "Mkrbj". "Al-Basateen-2" isn’t harmful to "orchards and one", however Minister Saleh al-Gharib sees it as an extension and provides that MP Talal Erslan requires "orchards and one" for the judiciary. The "Progressive Socialist Party" responded by decreasing the impression by saying that the "Democratic Party" continues to insist. In any case, the first orchard event stays a stumbling block following the federal government's invitation, which has been stalled because the second day of July. The Prime Minister left a personal visit that didn’t need to reveal his destination, and the departure got here after a gathering between him and the President was not fruitful, only to say: I hope it’s good. A new item is added to the mines, which is the Eighty Article of the Finances Bill signed by the President of the Council and the Prime Minister and the Legion of the Republican Palace. Article 80 makes the finances binding, especially after Gibran Bassil's "free patriotic movement" yesterday in Zahle "spoke at the discretion of the President of the Republic". "What happened on the budget issue makes us ask: Are Muslim political parties and leaders really interested in balanced partnership and diversity, or are we just talking about it?" Stated Bassil spoke with LBCI. . In any case, yesterday's words sparked storms from "future" MPs. MP Samir al-Jisr informed Bassil: "Be sensible before you press the country in an unpopular way. We have done our patience." MP Mohammed Sulaiman stated: "We are telling the garrison chiefs that patience is limited." It is noteworthy that the battle is predicated on a successful 938 at a gathering of officials, and initiates them, leading to efforts. The publication of the finances in the Official Journal continues to be ongoing and appears to continue pending Article 80, while the price range is scheduled to start in early August 2020, lower than every week after as we speak. ***************** * Introduction TV information "new", "began the idea of ​​Cyprhmon and ecstasy or conclusions," screwed on Plato's "sweeter world" Strike alcohol, decided to break into the home in favor of ministerial threshold A stranger at dawn and a story from one other section of the backyard population and was injured in a hospital. At each occasion, two novels by Ryan Skuran's assault appeared, and the Democratic Get together launched a video documenting the second of its arrival, exposing the automotive to a socialist who took him to a close-by road. The scene exhibits the firing of minister's guards after Ryan Mari demanded his path. As for the "socialist" principle, it denied every citizen a biased place and stated he was shot and requested: Will the visitors subsequent to the ministry house even be listed? Between the two variations, the Military put forward a 3rd principle and said that its parts have been interfering with a army point to shield the home to forestall them, however the issue arose when strange ministerial private safety intervention parts adopted by stamping and firing on one of many minister's parts indicate that the military protected the place within the Lure Factor originally of the hearth. The second orchards are added to the first, without affecting the course of occasions that brought about the federal government's deadlock, while the deadlock does not appear to have affected the movement of President Saad Harir, who was left on particular depart. The sport was performed solely by the federal government of the nation, however youngsters's video games also affected the fate of the price range and its elements, especially those involving government staff. Christians, can we reverse the results? He added, "I mean, if we met a Christian shipwreck, what have we called Muslims?" God is a fault. "As for Harir's silence on the size of parliament, government and budget, in order to preserve the construction of bridges, his deputy Samir Al-Jisr gave Minister Gebran Bassil a lesson in educational institutions and felt that Bassil's threat of cutting his budget provocation, escalation and factionalism that only brings evil to Lebanon and makes sense before the country is pushed in a way that doesn't prove it. We have suffered with patience. "However after the reply of the Deputy Minister of Sabina, with President Michel Aou of the Republic of every part that occurs?" The place are the establishments, the vote and the bulk and the Home of Representatives? And the way did he agree to apply all these forts beneath the pretext of stability and equality and group rights? Comply with ===================== News The National News Agency by way of Radio Lebanon lifted waves of 98.5 and 98.1 and 96.2 FM

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