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Introduction to the Afternoon Diary on Saturday, April 5, 2015 – Lebanon News

* Introduction The price range for Lebanese TV shall be revealed next week in the cabinet, then in the days of Parliament, after which for Cedar's tasks. Strikes are falling, despite the fact that at the starting of the week there’s also a strike for staff at the Banque du Liban and social safety. Finance Minister Ali Hassan Khalil warned those that tried to play "finance" and the bank, stressing that the relationship is superb. From Rafic Hariri International Airport, the Minister of Transport explained that the enlargement will take place in June and that there shall be loads of tourists in the summer time. Spokesman Gamal Al-Jarrah announced in a "Lebanese TV" interview on price range management, which recognizes the troublesome circumstances in Lebanon and the region, highlighting the savings policy. At a visit by President Aoun, the Banking Union delegation confused that it was not attainable to impose additional taxes during the disaster. The Iranian Overseas Minister said in the area that the battle would occur in all areas. In Gaza, Netanyahu leads aggression, and the resistance launches dozens of rockets, corresponding to the murder of a Gaza official in the Gaza Strip. In Saudi Arabia, it was unimaginable to see Ramadan half an evening tonight, so Sunday is the end of the month of Baan, and the first is Ramadan's first day. ***************** * Introduction to TV news that "me that" once again caught up with Gaza, after the occupation authorities know the duties of the ceasefire finally reached. In current occasions, the enemy targeted the sector with air bombardment and gunfire, killing martyrs, wounded and destroyed. Whenever you came back, the Palestinian resistance was in sight, and the inhabitants surrounded by dozens of rockets, the military fell by about 150 to midday. Palestinian rockets have brought settlers to shelters, and the enemy has resorted militarily and politically to the resistance equations that promised Israel surprises if it continues its aggression. Because aggressive aggression refers to Palestine to Lebanon, President Nabih Berri stated right now at his meeting with the sons and families of the Qana massacre martyrs that the blood of these martyrs was the one who lifted us and gained the blood with the sword, and this blood is the topic of satisfaction and delight. At the inner degree of Lebanon, massacres and the movement of personnel and staff in lots of areas from unbiased advantages and safety to Banque du Liban staff who declared an open strike, abandoning their contributions. The increasing step of the central financial institution's employees has encouraged financial specialists to warn of its effects because it stops and paralyzes the financial and economic motion of the entire nation. On the other hand, the President of the Banking Federation, Joseph Tarbih Palace Baabda, urged the President of the Republic to lay palms on the bank's legal employees, because banking is delicate. He refused to impose further taxes on the banks, saying that the assault on the sector was on Lebanon and its financial system. In any case, the Council of Ministers will full the examination of the draft price range at the fifth session, which shall be held subsequent Monday. Speaker Nabih Berri commented on the environment during which everybody was required to make sacrifices and to bear the burden of salvation. He stated it was time to stop the "gift and gloom". The method of mediation or courtesy to cope with the nation's proud manifestations is over, adding that it is now the last probability to obtain actual reform and combat the sources of waste and corruption. Minister Ali Hassan Khalil responded to a draft amendment to the authorized relationship between the Ministry of Finance and the Financial institution of Lebanon, which was purely manufacturing and unfounded, and thought of that the campaign included the provision of false and suspicious info for the adoption of the finances. ***************** * Introduction TV news "The Future" at present cannot apply for a crescent Ramadan month. On Monday, the government continues to be on the lookout for the remaining draft finances this yr at the Grand Serail assembly, which is the Fifth Session, which is being held in strikes, seats and protests. Unbiased pursuits and a few authorities departments have referred to as for strike and tying at the starting of next week. In the present day, the president of the Banking Federation, Joseph Tarbey, has asked for optimism that the Council of Ministers has adopted a consensus price range, during which all stakeholders and listeners might be consulted, as the price range must already take note of the nation's biggest interest. He revealed that he advised the President of the Republic about the visit of the US delegation to comply with-up banking relations and to tighten the sanctions imposed on Hezbollah. With regard to the struggle towards corruption, plainly there are those that want to forestall it from showing in the marketing campaign towards the inner security pressure and the info unit, Major Basic Imad Osman. In this context, the question of the aim and background of the individuals struggling towards the safety forces when the majority of the Arab world envies us in our safety state of affairs is Raya El Hassan, Minister of the Inside. ***************** * Introduction TV news "Al-Manar" sirens didn’t forestall the proximity of Gaza settlements, at the similar time as the resistance to keep in mind some individuals would know that they did not Atazon classes, Keep in mind to them the equations of the earth and its pillars of fireside and darkest. But the strongest sirens undoubtedly reached the ears of Netanyahu and his military that the hearth would broaden in future confrontations and reach the Dimona reactor and Haifa refineries and other sensitive and strategic websites. In order for upkeep to understand that the threats are critical, the resistance introduced rocket rushes to the occupied Jerusalem and claimed that there was full coordination between the factions of the room. On this case, the safety surrounding the entire will lower till it virtually disappears. The Zionists are pressured to wander not only in the Negev desert, however between the South and North equations, the newest being the menace to Hezbollah's Secretary Basic Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah that Israeli army troops getting into the Lebanese territory will probably be destroyed and destroyed in front of worldwide shows. The Zionist opposition blamed Netanyahu for threatening confrontation, and that Netanyahu resorted to overseas distress in the absence of power in the Gaza Strip? Saudi Arabia opens doors to a Zionist delegation, the so-referred to as Head of the Muslim World League. What Trump provides more than Netanyahu, however what he provides to the Arabs isn’t just false promises, but Washington Publish says the US Presidential Champion has up to now saved over 10,000 lies, together with eighty-three loopy a day, a rope in a jar, it is stated. In actuality, the actuality of Lebanon isn’t new, the price range debate is suspended on Monday, and what was commented on in Lebanese minds on the basis of the statements made by politicians that the debate continues to be lengthy. ***************** * Introduction to TV Newscast "or T" in the coronary heart of Lebanon's Lebanon, when the hearts of the majority of politicians rock. The hearts of Lebanon at house and the minds of the principal continue to create confusion and ashes in the eyes. The Lebanese are turning their backs on the financial system, some are speaking about the surrounding areas, and they are questioning the land of Lebanon, and it warms the environment for days with out individuals realizing who’s the beneficiary inside or outdoors. The Lebanese individuals are shocked by the financial state of affairs, and a few appeal to seductive words, they usually deny the rules of the presidential decision for no other purpose than to justify political and electoral contraction in entrance of their supporters and escape their household and impartial differences by exploiting a properly-recognized media surroundings. Recognized … and the order is open. Lebanon's hearts about reform and a few are praying: typically electronic tournaments are pretend, and the stage of attacking dams has not but completed development work. It is a interval of rumors that penetrate the media and society, making a contraction at multiple degree in parallel with the political emptying of the smells of mendacity and inciting, which some parties want to feed. The observers at the moment commented briefly on Defense Minister Elias Bou Saab by means of otv, commenting on the "forces" of the judiciary for fees of bribes for news. "I thank them for that they have accepted my application judiciary, and I am confident that the truth will be revealed to the public," he stated. In the meantime, till a clear picture of the finances, the conclusions continue to be Lebanon's considerations and fulfill their world, so that the figures have entered the diary, examine it, and listened to orbit analyzes, despite the fact that they are all flawed, identical to all banking info. The guest sat in Baabda. Forecasting the price range is a constant concern about what is occurring for the displaced, who have returned to the forefront of scary figures on excessive unemployment, and is apprehensive about the Lebanese workforce. And the prospects of the disaster and its catastrophic consequences for the national financial system have been examined. In addition to the phrases of crises and disasters, Lebanese citizens are eagerly awaiting subsequent summer time, which seems to be promising, and the number of vacationers will improve. **************** * Introduction to TV News "MTV" It's virtually universal chaos, everyone seems to be indignant to everyone, and everyone seems to be towards everybody. Central bank staff announced on Monday that an open strike would condemn what they have been uncovered to. College professors are sitting. The auditors present on Monday in entrance of the country house. The harbor staff will proceed to cease. Staff of public establishments and pursuits are choosing up. Army pensioners are in a boiling state. Their decide I dreamed about on Wednesday and some towards the Taaf, however in both instances towards what the political authority refers to actions towards legal actions. It’s painful that each one of this happens with the government on a two-day finances vacation, and its considerations, corresponding to the country's hundreds, are good, or if ministerial journeys and visits and the weekend are more necessary than coping with the state of affairs at the landfall. That approach the week appears to be correct and harmful with all standards. Probably the most critical factor is that it strikes structurally in the banking business, which is mirrored in most sectors: the cash movement to the Lebanese pound and to the dollar, as well as to trade and money transfers to Lebanon and Lebanon, is affected if the strike continues. How do Lebanese officers react to the state of affairs and may the fragile financial state of affairs, in precept, carry extra losses and unfavourable results? It is the second time virtually all the chaos, the reason for which is understood, the failed and corrupt political class that has fallen into debt. Lengthy dependence and Istzlm and silence on coolant feeling? ***************** * Introduction to TV News "LBCI" No Contact employees salaries at Financial institution of Lebanon. Don't contact grade. The salaries and compensation of pensioners are prohibited. three. Don’t contact the control bar. Don't contact the pursuits. "Balding Budget Savings!" Who laughs and the way do they get out of this lifeless end? Sectors that can obtain savings are prohibited. Electricity era from heavy losses continues, and operators haven’t decided to forestall present theft, and in flip "lecture" that waste and corruption have to be monitored. How can this contradiction be defined, and smuggling deprives the billions of the Treasury ?, How can one explain that there are forty-4 smuggling tunnels between Lebanon and Syria, and this figure isn’t fictitious, but was set at the highest defense council assembly. If a state with all the powers knows these crossings and doesn’t transfer with the finger ?, if the state knows that the collection of rows and wages broke behind the Treasury because the value calculations did not match the cost accounts and since the figures given by the beneficiaries weren’t accurate, it dares to say that he made a mistake in calculating prices and counting the variety of beneficiaries. If each sector refuses to strategy austerity measures, it signifies that there shall be no savings in the subsequent price range, so why waste time ?, Why not publicize the fact? The retirees came to the road, the staff went to the road, the public sector stopped, the Banque du Liban staff hit two days and declared an open strike from Monday. Is it chaos greater than this chaos? A rustic the place two officials don’t agree on one quantity, how might it make a multi-billion dollar finances? A country that does not know the variety of staff and the number of collection and wage recipients, the measurement of the debt and the proportion of incapacity, how will the financial system, which convinces individuals? "This does not lead to a budget for savings, but rather to a budget that is not in line with Cedar's decisions, which requires beautiful budgets and serious reforms, and is not proportional to billions. ***************** * Introduction Bulletin "New TV information" before the age of spending, we stepped into the ages of all kinds of strikes, Ay, Banks, University of Lebanon, registering for protest in the port of Beirut, and symptoms to retreat to the judges. The budget has stabilized all this movement in retail, but it was not ready for mass events. on their own territory and today, on their behalf, the Banque du Liban workers who held the General Assembly, where they warned about wage delays in the budget, and described the central bank campaign as programmed and revolutionary. In response to all the threats to investment, the president of the Tarbey Association, Baabda Palace, invites the President to arbitrate He believed that the attack on banks is another cause for the country and its economy. And the reminder language was the rhetorical state you pay for, as the banks have kept you in the economic spirit for twenty-five years because of the size of the loans. Tarbih saved his word as president, waiting for the government to review the budget lines at the beginning of Ramadan. Although the holy month of the month could not be reached today, ministers are looking for a budget of twenty, indicating that so far accepted has come to Nabih Berr's rapid ratification. The ministerial meal fight on the falafel, the first dishes of national reconciliation came with the chef "Chef Saad" as a "chef". The components prepared to balance the budget have avoided the retention of public funds, but ministers have not referred to high-ranking associations, the law of the sea, tax evasion, exemptions and tariff reductions to the 90% threshold for political quotas. Ministers did not raise state rent and chaos in the port. Today, Mr Adwan, chairman of the Committee on Administrative and Ombudsman Policy, has put in place waste to finance the door, which has made financial arrangements to get the poor, not the pockets. The battle team reported that the "troops" supported the bank deposit tax from seven to ten percent, and with the Lebanese bank 10 percent of the profits were charged and said it would come to the Treasury Department for over four hundred and fifty million dollars. The control of illegal firearms would save the Ministry of Finance $ 700 million in the first year. He believed that "fallow" is an institution that we do not know today for those who follow the "Wushu Btshgl" sign, but marine affairs occurred and nothing. There's an era of spending, not the citizen's "Mu" story and the prosecution of the widow. Aggression of aggression is mentioned in the price range period as a interval of resistance that’s still in a position to control the Gaza rockets in response to Israeli crimes. Gaza residents in the present day had the alternative to follow martyrs when hundreds of rockets fired the Gaza envelope, and pushed the settlers into a brand new horror. Comply with ===================== News National information company by way of radio Lebanon raised waves 98.5 and 98.1 and 96.2 FM

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