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Introduction to the evening newsletters on Monday 13 May 2015

<img width = "885" peak = "451" src = " 2768.jpg "class =" attachment-post-thumbnail size-post-thumbnail wp-post-image "alt =" Introducing the Patriarch of Peace of Lebanese TV Self in the Sky and Bakrki Darkening and Preparing to Receive the Patriarch of Independence II Body Wednesday, Thursday, Thursday until the date of the funeral in Majhiba, where all Lebanon participates in the diary in Maažoun Bkirk, especially in the Hezbollah delegation, and ongoing meetings to discuss the Council of Ministers' budget for tomorrow's meetings and rumors in the United Arab Emirates. Iranians refused responsibility and a big question about the progress and expansion of the Gulf War. Foreign Minister Jeremy Hunt expressed his fear of the American-Iranian war for unintentional reasons, while fighting in Tripoli and the west of Yemen in the midst of massive demonstrations in Sudan. According to the Government, it was re-held and continued discussions on the budget figures needed for savings. Last night's session of the Fajri and University of Lebanon professors strike continued and the soldier interrupted his session and Abu Saab stressed that he was not talking about touching pensions in various forms, whether it was active military service or retirement. The beginning of Bkirk, who opened his doors to grief and attended a funeral on Thursday. For more information, see the building directly with my colleague Issa Abu Issa. Preparations are in full swing to arrange funerals like Late Grandi? ===================== * Introduction News, "NBC TV that the" release even though the Council of Ministers on the table, I cast a spell on the draft budget, but it does not violate approval before next Wednesday to set the last date for this purpose By the time the budget goes through the Star Square road, as President Nabih Berri demanded, which sets the rule for the Three Balat rule: Do not touch poor categories and low and moderate incomes and do not concern human rights. taxes do not burden citizens. In addition to today's meeting, the Minister of Finance confirmed that the Council of Ministers had fulfilled all the budget lines and other proposals, noting that some proposals could be made by the ministers. The Minister of Science stressed the Council of Ministers' eagerness not to interfere with the basic alliances, institutions and bodies receiving state support, and stressed, on the other hand, that number 3 was accepted to face the Israeli enemy. In the military department, the Minister of Defense denied speaking about damaging pensions and even to the military, saying that the only approved product is about 3% of the drug discount. Retired military personnel resettled on the street and stood in front of the central bank and its regional offices before interrupting their movement in exchange for the Ministry of Defense and retaining their readiness for a government session, noting that the Council of Ministers would return to the meeting tomorrow for a new session. ==================== * Introduction to News "or Tv," The Political Bomb in the Great Caliber Launched the Health Minister in the Permanent Chamber today: "We’ve got inherited forty million dollars," said Minister Jamil Jabbak in a situation where there is a need for monitoring that reveals facts and knows the status of the former Minister of Health and Deputy Prime Minister and the current subject and the other topic discussed at the Ministerial Council in the Ministry of Social Affairs, where he did not understand the reason for the controversy Statements calling for austerity outside the Council of Ministers and requiring extra praise in the budgets of ministers at meetings, but in return for signs of these two questions, the situation of retired soldiers who stopped their movement after the meeting with Defense Minister Elias Bou Saab, who follow them with details. East, what their question has been raised at the board meeting, the matter was not raised today, and the Defense Minister He promised a military committee, which was in his suggestion during his assembly day, to give them the truth because they are … At the same time two things seemed to take place in today's session: First Some have suggested disagreement with Defense Minister Elias Bou Saab and Free Patriotic Movement See Gibran Bassil, who was denied Bou Saab altogether. Secondly, Minister of Science Gamal al-Jarrah reiterated the agreement to limit measure 3 to the southern border, which was not originally proposed by Bou Saab, because it had proposed a few days ago that it would limit the measure to full-fledged borders, including northeast. Interior Minister Raya al-Hassan asked the Prime Minister to wait and continue to investigate. Mr Bassil said that the government had announced today that it would not proceed unless the government took serious reform measures, in particular state funding for the financing of societies, and said that he would present a package of reform proposals tomorrow that would contribute to reduction. Costs include tax, customs and public debt. In addition, the meeting of the Council of Ministers, which will be held tomorrow, will be followed by a meeting of the Finance and Budget Committee on the Employment Document and the visit of its chairman Ibrahim Kanaan to the Audit Committee in cooperation with the Finance Committee. On the other hand, financial institutions that became the Bureau. ====================== * Introduction Newsletter "Al-Manar TV" before the fire came out of Fujairah or anchored its case to a safe harbor, the interpretations and estimates that were released were scattered in different directions , The effects of the rise in global oil prices due to supply disruptions in the Middle East, Reuters reported that the Gulf stock market is low, in the Oman Sea, full of positions, refusals and demands for clear and transparent research, fear of international shipping and the confusion of global insurance companies. Donald Trump's political confusion in the face of a serious financial controversy at a random crisis Washington has imposed taxes on Chinese imports, which Beijing responded today by raising US import tariffs, which is the first consequence of the rapid fall in Wall Street shares by two percent. The Lebanese government has not yet avoided herself from the arrows of the various groups. The budget budget is planned and many rumors. The government continued to discuss the budget items that were discussed at the meetings presented today, which will be completed tomorrow, looking for other items, which means that the most recent budget debate by the Altnaf Board of Directors is not yet known. ================================================== ================================================== ================================================== ============================================= tttt == ============ * Performer On the second day after the absence of the patriarch Mar Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir, the late Lebanese biography remained silent, and the patriarchal building in Bkirk, dedicated to its homeland, was immortal. Patriarch Bechara Boutros Al-Ra was told about the progress of work on the outside yard of a monastery that was completed last Thursday, and Patriarch Sfeir, at the Hotel Dieu Hospital, arrives on Wednesday, where she will be imprisoned for 24 hours. In the work of the Council of Ministers, after two consecutive meetings, the Council will meet tomorrow in less than twenty-four hours in the context of the discussions to reduce the budget deficit. The debate, which was held at noon under Prime Minister Saad Hariri, the Council decided on its study of contributions to institutions, associations and bodies of states, and tomorrow the Minister of Finance will present a summary of all achievements and results of deductions. The Public Prosecutor's Office took all necessary steps to imprison Hassan Hassan's causes of death after his torture in his interrogations; Although the internal security forces responded to the statements on these allegations, the information provided to Future Television showed that violence was not used narrowly, but remained within 48 hours of the investigation and acknowledged everything that was against him because the information was clear and documented. Gulf Cooperation Council (Gulf Cooperation Council) and Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) The attack on the four vessels was sabotaged in the UAE EEZ, the wave of the Gulf and Arabs when Iran hinted at a third party. And with increasing tensions in the Gulf, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is invited to cancel his visit to Russia and go to Brussels with his Iranian files. ======================= * Introduction to the News "TV ABC" Four Merchant Boats Offering a Harbor Front Fujairah UAE Accident, Including Two Ships Saudita Holds Maritime Safety Is International responsibility, which means that it puts this issue under the guardianship of all countries, not just the United Arab Emirates. This development in the world led to an immediate increase in oil prices. The cabinet is in daily meetings at Marathon: after yesterday's session, at today's meeting, and giving a date to the meeting tomorrow afternoon, and the government seems to be competing over time to prepare the budget lesson and submit a bill to the House of Representatives for a debate and adoption of a law stating that time is getting stressful, especially that the deadline for payment on the basis of the rule at the twelfth of this month, what if the end of the month without the budget was completed? Is there an extension to the twelfth rule? As for the late Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Mar Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir, the event was held today in Berkeley, where the mourning crashed, preparing for the final return to the great late Patriarchal building on Wednesday and then on the funeral on Thursday on a sad day. Schools and universities, as well as a general closure in the Lebanese mountains. In this context, retired people have stepped up today, but the Banque du Liban is still working. ========================= * Presentation News "New TV" bulletin board except migratory birds and shelves swallow abandoned Qurmadna and issued stamps for fieldbirds and brushbird and league, Budget The latest developments in the fight against corruption within the EU have been overcome with the help of associations filled with financial support, and they appeared during the current session of organizations and clubs that no minister is ready to take a step. In order to put an end to this waste, Foreign Minister Gibran Bassil asked for a situation where he stated that the current is not in line with all these social contributions. "If the stability of the cattle is the similar, let us not agree." Bassil presents a number of reform proposals, such as how debt management, tax and customs evasion can be funded, and suggests other anti-corruption materials and, on the other, increase state revenue. Where is the sectarian dimension, quotas and areas that oppose the Council of Ministers' treatment of the reality of associations, and said there are dozens of reports that revealed corruption and suspicion, and that the existence of counterfeit associations gets money. During the search and investigation, he discovered that one of the ministries had raised his share of the associations to forty-one ninety-one billion, and the appeal was also retroactive to the ministers who recognized the existence of a few million dollars in loans outside the legal border and had no protection. Defense Minister Elias Bou Saab thanked them for their positive initiative to freeze the movement, but spokesman Gamal Jarrah announced that the meeting approved the third measure before the attack. The Interior and Defense Ministers must determine the first and the two measures by region. Lebanon's statements to other Levant and Morocco condemned the targeting of UAE vessels near regional waters, but the naming of silence missiles in the world, the Americas and the Gulf, and the establishment of a military base in the region. "Concentrating on Fujairah ships could be a work of a talented intelligence service to measure the expected reactions or pour oil into the hearth and ignite the state of affairs and maybe avoid the Gulf and Western events. . ================= RN Comply with the information from the Nationwide Media Agency on Lebanon's radio broadcasts at 98.5, 98.1 and 96.2 FM

The presentation of messages on Monday 13 May 2015 was first revealed in Lebanon news. 19659003]