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Introduction to the evening newsletters on Saturday June 22, 2015 – Lebanon news

Introduction Lebanese TV Publication from the University of Lebanon, where professors determine once more, and eighty thousand students from places. Politically getting ready to open administrative appointments in the Council of Ministers regardless of the infinite conflicts. Next week, the Finance Committee will determine on the draft finances regulation to prepare the appointment of the President of the Home of Representatives as a date for the Basic Meeting to talk about and approve. Abroad, the world's consideration is drawn to the Hormuz Strait and from there to the Gulf and Iran, whereas Iraq seems to be the focus of the US and Iran. Though the area is tense, the US preparations for the Bahrain workshop in Palestine will proceed beneath the financial heading, but the objective is to prepare for the "century trade". The workshop shall be held within a number of days with out Palestine and Israel. In Syria, there was an explosion in prisons close to Aleppo, in the midst of negotiations between Turkey and Russia to scale back escalation, especially in Idlib. Cooperation between Turkey and Iran and the gradual withdrawal of coordination between Iran and Russia. The tensions in the United States and Iran are nonetheless at the heart of the area's improvement, and tonight, US President Donald Trump has threatened to impose additional sanctions on Iran and that army action towards Iran continues to be on the desk. Trump stated that the objective of Iran's extraordinary sanctions was to forestall them from buying nuclear weapons, saying he would go to Camp David's resort to negotiate with Iran. "I hope that the Iranian government has enough intelligence so that it can take into account the interests of its citizens, and I'm the best friend of Iran, if they give up their nuclear program. ***************** * Introduction tv news that "me that" if it is true that the area crossed the war was just around the corner cuts in minutes or lower breakout, according to Donald Trump has been reported, It is also true that the hand between the US and Iran and their allies is still tension and vigilant trigger On the basis of this reality, the dance links continue on the verge of volcano, although Washington proposes to move the confrontation to the UN Security Council, which is scheduled to be held in a closed session next Monday, the last moment of Washington's decision to abolish Trump in Iran, and the summary of the bill is a sudden shock of members of the sudden bill administration. As for the New York Times, Trump answered the repor tterin advice and decided to cancel the strike! If, after leaving the warship, the US President offered unconditional negotiations with Iran, Tehran's position was to reject and choose to mitigate the sanctions. But Trump replied this afternoon, insisting that he impose more on these sanctions without forgetting to say that the military option is still in use. On the other hand, Iran, which has won a confrontation round, has intensified its warnings in Washington, for example, by saying that shooting an individual attack on the Islamic Republic would bother American interests in the region. Lebanon, which oversees the hot regional reality, is divided into its internal concerns by a number of titles and documents, especially the 2019 budget and the name workshop that was opened in one way or another. The institutional work will be shown at the ministerial meeting on Tuesday and the House of Representatives will meet the next day. On the budget line, the Monetary Committee will intensify its weekly and evening sessions next week to complete its mandate by 1 July in preparation for the debate and approval at the General Assembly. Among these facts, the leader of the Progressive Socialist Party, Walid Jumblatt, sailed in sarcastic slogans using tourist boats to send political messages. To the south, the Lebanese army strengthens the tower tower in front of the occupying forces of the Ras al-Naqoura checkpoint, as its bulldozers moved and lifted the walls to build a military tower opposite Maadi's steering tower. In the vicinity of Naqoura, Martyr Mustafa Shamran was held a mass memory ceremony on the 38th anniversary of his storm. The celebration was organized by the Amal Movement at the Jabal Amel Polytechnic in the North Tower, the words resembled Rafik Imam al-Sadria and emphasized internal solidarity and a comprehensive dialogue, not a duo, warning of the dangers of the "century treaty" and attempting to target resistant and resistant countries. Education, return to strike on Monday for professors at the University of Lebanon. The President of the Association of Full-time Professors announced this return on the basis of a vote in the Council of Delegates, which overturned the decision of the Executive Body to stop the strike. ***************** * Introduction TV News "The Future" Has Not Forgotten Hot Inside Files, A Speech Launched Today In Beka Valley Tour Foreign Minister Gibran Bassil, And Through Sparring "Celebration The Progressive Socialist Social gathering "and the Lebanese Democratic Party" towards the backdrop of the arrest of state security racists by the Syrian Government, when Walid Jumblatt, the chief of the "Progressive Socialist Party", stood out by way of Twitter, dealing with price range criticism and coping with environmental issues. Additionally it is a requirement to start a strike for professors at the College of Lebanon. The Delegation Council voted throughout the Government Physique to attraction for a choice to postpone strikes, however Minister of Schooling and Greater Schooling Akram Shahib introduced that he respected the choice and urged the professors to understand the danger of dropping the college yr to over 80,000 students. At the regional degree, speaking about the confrontation between the United States has decreased, though the challenge remains and the confrontation continues between the two sides. US President Donald Trump has insisted that army motion towards Iran continues to be in progress and that the talks might be held at a time when Tehran stated it will react strongly to the menace of the United States. ***************** * Introduction to TV News "Al-Manar" Donald Trump acted to justify the decline of Iran, and publicly and in entrance of the media. Antagonistic antagonism did not help save the People from the problem of the president's reality and the lack of a overseas coverage technique. The unprecedented step of Trump in the eyes of his allies made the Zionists stay in councils that made events. Though the Arabs standing at the Gulf's mouth swallowed their tongues, their hearts reached the throat that was just after it was inciting. The words of the fallen American aircraft's wings, Iran, have been the consideration of the leaders of the management, and the Council of Specialists warned towards the unlawful practices of the American system and its allies in the area, stressing that the Islamic Republic of Iran would not begin any struggle, but would face aggression and greed. The power of the Iranian position has elevated the timetable for delegations for peaceful messages, especially the British Secretary of State for the Middle East, who arrives in Tehran, making an attempt to curb escalation according to British government sources. There are these in the Middle East who’re making an attempt to shift their consideration, and the world is watching the disappointment of the People and their allies to return to the most critical trade to promote Palestine and its sacred locations via the phrases of the US President and closed Jared Kouchner. Providing $ 50 billion in funding in the area to purchase positions at the lowest prices, is Jerusalem a handful of dollars amongst some Arabs, or is its sanctity and the proper of its individuals costlier than any supply? The Lebanese government has suspended the choice to end the strike in the nation of Lebanon. The Lebanese Minister of Schooling has solely heard the understanding, and the government's duty has develop into a public announcement and discusses with university professors to maintain the educational yr for over 80,000 college students. The University of Lebanon is instructional and nationwide. We’d like a government step that does not tolerate the traditional delay, and the Lebanese College and its students are in the most troublesome state of affairs. ***************** * Introduction to TV Newscast "or TV" in Africa and West Asia and the Arabian Peninsula and East Iran, a fierce animal dwelling in a robust courageous and never afraid of snake Illaa, not a tiger and Nasra, not a lion or anyone else, is a comparatively small Jackal-sized animal referred to as honey. Her claws can dig a tunnel in minutes, and her voice is like a lion's storm, and her immune system has a cobra snake that kills the villa, however kills extra coyote, cobra and eat it with poison, blood and meat, and the eyelid. Briefly, the jungle monsters keep away from him and say, "God is happy and distant." 40 years between Washington and Teheran, which is somewhat like the relationship between Greer Honey and different jungle monsters. Washington has imposed sanctions on Iran, and Tehran has been liable for assaults on plane on Wednesday and Tuesday. Washington is reluctant and Tehran is making progress. The revolutionary guard, appointed by the Americas as a terrorist group, drops a US aircraft and pronounces duty for the incident with out disgrace or hesitation. Trump threatens and waves and retreats and humiliates. Iran is in search of excuses, corresponding to dropping an airplane, which has been misrepresented, or that someone might have pressed the incorrect button. IRGC now has the similar logic and logic, which states that there is a risk that Iran's airspace is due to a single mistake made by a US Basic. The Mutual Request for Excuses to Forestall the Gulf and the Gulf Areas from Inflating Strains that the Trump businessman can’t afford, and what "Century Deal" doesn’t do business, money, occupation and the despotism of techniques that have turned their chains and bought them and changed them. If Washington is back and humiliated, Tehran is modest, but not back. No struggle, however no negotiations. Economically and economically poor Iran forces the south, with Washington, in addition to Samson and the Palestinians. Britain rushes to Iran, simply as Chamberlain rushed to Munich in 1938 to reassure Germany of conflict, so that neither peace nor warfare might be overcome. From now on, Iran turned the key voter to the White House in the presidential election in 2020, simply as it was a player, voter and favorite voice in the 1981 elections, which introduced Ronald Reagan and crossed Jimmy Carter and drove American hostages from the Washington Embassy in Tehran, the curtain of the first Islamic revolution in Tehran. In trendy occasions. When the airplane is shot down, Washington is not a selection: both to repair or forestall injury. There might be exits and excuses between American pragmatism and realism in Iran. **************** * Introduction MTV TV News When the Lebanese League delegates have gained a radical line and abolished the choice to finish the strike to proceed it, the maids moved between authorities and college professors Pink strains with a strike The best – despite the fact that it belongs to lawful regulation – more than eighty thousand college students lose their future loss, and nobody claims that that is exaggerated because hundreds of scholars joined sure entry days at universities abroad and didn’t anticipate them, like their counterparts from Lebanon's personal universities. If the state feels that it gave the professors most of the scholarships and guarantees they demand, however they don’t seem to be glad, this does not relieve them from looking for alternative ways to save their youngster's future. A fireball isn’t just a playground for academics. What strikes the entire young era, a catastrophe that the schooling business didn’t witness during the conflict. On the different aspect of the crises, which the government is doing on the logic of regulation and establishments, it is waiting for the nomenclature at the beginning of the week, and plainly postponing the search for this file in the cupboard doesn’t mean that those that followed the quota course of have withdrawn. The necessity to approve authorized stripes to full the appointments tells them that he’s investigating the matter. In the meantime, in order to deal with this development, the pillars of the broad-based mostly opposition celebration, consisting of housing partners – troops, socialists, Marada and the tripartite – began to rise positively with Hizballah and Amal. Regionally violent rhetoric continues on Shatt al-arab and in the waters of the Gulf and its sky. Iran retains Trump on the unfastened aspect and makes use of it through the use of its incapability to use the surplus, and has certainly answered that it is unattainable to think of the energy to use it. At the similar time, Trump's son Jared Kouchner declares that $ 50 billion will probably be used for the Palestinian territories, Lebanon, Egypt and Jordan, referred to as the "Century Deal". ***************** * Introduction TV news "LBCI" state of affairs in the space delicate and harmful, and the entire world is ready for the improvement of Alomirka-Iran battle. Following the invasion of the Iranian revolutionary guard, the American intelligence degree is just not as before. The battle has shifted from a conflict between Iran and the Gulf to a direct conflict between Iran and America, which has to date led to the following: the warfare is closed and negotiations aren’t attainable. This equation is predicated on information that present that Washington doesn’t need to go to a damaging conflict, according to the words of US President Donald Trump, because it is sure that the sanctions it has imposed on Tehran have made its regulation, which is not presently giving up but growing its depth, that Iran would weaken. Iran, on the different hand, understood that it had not been in a position to put strain on the United States to abandon the sanctions, so it determined to proceed to exert strain on two outcomes: both to return to the nuclear energy plant contract or to abolish sanctions, at the least people who have an effect on the oil sector. The battle of biting the finger started and in addition performs on the fringe of the shaft. Any security flaw can lead to the space and the world to the level where there isn’t any return. China, Europeans and even a number of Gulf states are avoiding this concern, which explains the velocity and depth of the negotiations that happen above and under the desk in multiple nation and multiple foreground. All of that is occurring and Lebanon has turn out to be a debate on the finances for 2019, but this time LBCI discovered from the international group, particularly from Europe, which is instantly linked to the Cedar Convention, that the delegation led by Christina Lasen, the Ambassador of the European Union, was in current occasions Financial system and Finances Ibrahim Kanan on finances modifications, financial policy issues and borrowing and expenditure management, and on how public funds and establishments are monitored. These subjects are necessary, they did not obscure the mild of the destiny of the University of Lebanon and its students and professors, who’ve democratically demonstrated their capability to defend their rights. ***************** * Introduction Bulletin "new" first on his arrival as chairman, news television matches into newspaper "Washington Post" Three thousand lie US President Donald Trump, then give up What it referred to as for knowledge collection, given the bleeding of Trump's persistent lies, many corporations fail to discover them. Subsequent to a high counter, the White House Master threw two lures that have been the final cluster, the first when he created and retreated from an environment with a army blow to Iran. And the different, when he announced at the moment that he would go to Camp David, would assume and organize negotiations with Iran, declaring that army action continues to be on the table. He, with Home Home Speaker Nancy Pelos's testimony, shouldn’t be going to strike it down. His departure to Camp David's trip weekend is to play golf, without leading the warfare council. In the long run, the hidden conscience utilized by the President of the United States has not been recorded as lies, because conscience just isn’t obtainable for service, nor for President Trump, nor previous American presidents. If Trump's coronary heart is one hundred and fifty residents on the aspect of the army strike, his predecessors invaded the country and attacked the cities, and their arms in Iraq alone killed tons of of hundreds of Iraqi victims, and "Abu Ghraib" witnessed the most critical torture instances of US soldiers. From Afghanistan to supporting Israeli wars in the Yemeni Warfare, which is being fought with American weapons, American eyelids haven’t been left, and Yemen continues to be witnessing an absent conscience, regardless of Congress and Senate strain on the supply and use of American weapons during this four-yr conflict. Attaining the victory of 1 US and the Gulf. So the story of American conscience is unrealistic, and even Trump's fable tales and what the world around him can only consider is not any different selection. Like the president, his son, who beat the Arabs with a new $ 50 billion lie, would throw them into the "century trade". United States Presidential Adviser Jared Kouchner stated that the first part of the Trump Center East plan proposes investment by establishing a worldwide funding fund to help the economies of the Palestinian and neighboring Arab states, similar to Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon. As the history of US Palestinian help exhibits, the United States is preventing Palestinians with UNRWA funds, chasing them into PA's wages, seizing and imposing sanctions, and Palestinians are simply metropolis shooters who take them and don't give them, and the final present was "Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. " Comply with ===================== News Nationwide news company by way of radio Lebanon raised waves 98.5 and 98.1 and 96.2 FM

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