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Introduction to the evening newsletters on Wednesday 24 April 2013 – Lebanon news

* Introduction Lebanese TV Publication It is true that the financial state of affairs is secure, as confirmed by the Governor of the Banque du Liban, however it is extra applicable that the budgetary state of affairs of the price range requires careful financial savings. President Berri stated at a meeting on Wednesday that the wages and even the average of the poor won’t be affected. Finance Minister Ali Hassan Khalil also burdened that his new finances venture doesn’t embrace taxes or wage reductions. The draft price range regulation is at the Common Secretariat of the Council of Ministers and might be held as a trading companion tomorrow at the Council of Ministers meeting, but detailed instruction is accessible at the special session of the Council of Ministers, referred to as the President of the Republic. To the south, the Protection Minister, Commander of the Naqoura Army, and the Blue Line disappeared underneath Shab. Minister Bou Saab stated the military was in a border region with 5,000 soldiers and 10,000 have been needed. In politics, a go to by Al-Marda Suleiman Franjieh to the headquarters of the Phalange celebration in Saifi and co-operation with MP Sami Gemayel. As well as to all this stuff, President Saad Hariri referred to the arrival of Saudi Arabia in Lebanon and referred to the constructive determination of the Saudi Arabian Government to travel to Lebanon. Earlier than we go into detail, we begin off the environmental murders of the Jeff cows in the River Litani and the remains of the cattle and infiltration into water combined with banks and wastewater. ================================================== All the knowledge recommend that the price range isn’t an necessary debate on Thursday in the Council of Ministers' table, according to which copies won’t be despatched to the Minister for ultimate earlier than Tuesday, and precedes the meeting of the Committee of Ministers between mini and tomorrow. It seems that the venture introduced by Minister Ali Hassan Khalil also needs some modifications. This can be a question, but Hezbollah has not yet made any feedback on the venture, and maybe the last purpose (ie delay) is one in every of the elementary causes for delaying price range adoption, with the pretext that he didn’t make his comments. The government must additionally cope with large income cuts to achieve the desired financial savings in the state treasury. The primary was the accusation by the Ambassador of Lebanon to the United States of America, Kaby Issa, of free patriotic mobility regarding the leak of a meeting between Deputy Prime Minister Ghassan Hasban and Minister Mansour Batish and a US authorities official. The second statement was due to the positions of Protection Minister Elias Bou Saab, who have been made throughout the visit at the UNIFIL command in the south and the blue line tour. The forces blamed Bou Saab, who defended his opposition to the precept of self. The Defense Minister definitely emphasized his view of Hezbollah's position and accused the troops who responded to his position with out studying his phrases. ================================================== = * Introduction to TV news "NBC that" the common finances of the venture put on the monitor, however he didn’t get to his last stop won’t be included on the Thursday session on the agenda of the secrets of Baabda, when issued visas for other gadgets giving the value of dwelling employees rail interest, for instance, Will tomorrow ticket complement the finances? All of its dimensions have been included in the price range at a parliamentary meeting on Wednesday in Ain al-Tinah, notably on austerity measures. In this context, President Nabih Berri confused that these measures didn’t goal poor or middle and low-revenue groups, noting that each one that’s stated and revealed in this context are interpretations. The President-in-Workplace of the Council made it clear that the House of Representatives and the price range debate are dealing with proposals that have not already been introduced, as he stated, and urged everyone to save the troublesome economic state of affairs by emphasizing the discount of the deficit. By confirming confidence, Finance Minister Ali Hassan Khalil also reiterated that the draft finances doesn’t embrace salaries or new taxes. The angle of the Amalicia is impartial to individuals and their considerations not solely in words, but in addition in acts, and it converts the logistical, administrative and legal measures announced by the Minister of Tradition into the draft finances reached by the Minister of Finance, and the first initiative to close the ministry's price range waste administration instantly by taking measures to save public funds after demonstrating that the Ministry of Culture building The lease cannot be accepted in an inexpensive manner and is not allowed by logic or regulation, which is over seven hundred million pounds a yr. As a basis for building a healthy national life, the Improvement and Liberation Unit completed the new electoral regulation proposal and adopted it unanimously after making the crucial modifications earlier than embarking on a broad round of negotiations with the parliamentary groups to deliver it to the House of Representatives. On the ship, Defense Minister Elias Bou Saab checked out the state of affairs in the south and guaranteed him that there was no conflict on the horizon with the enemy of Israel. ================================================== Lebanese citizens, in the present day, in the area of water and wealth, have been waiting for complete and comprehensive nationwide solidarity by saying what Protection Minister Elias stated. Po troublesome to hand over to those who imply it and to the south of the country. Solidarity was unanimous and got here, however slight try to break the infringement was dedicated throughout the day via a small social gathering invitation to tender, it is regrettable that the current and former deputies have marked them, once I wrote them with answers Bu Saab's words at a gathering together with his UNIFIL commander, at a press conference. Content material, Defense Minister himself. "This is our goal and our aspirations for all Lebanese people, including Mr Nasrallah, who said that when he knows a strong army," he stated, "Why is the resistance not putting his arms in the Lebanese army and the one who defends domestic borders and spreads on its borders. armed to defend the border, and no one wants to do the task for the army, which requires a national defense strategy, no time to speak, but the topic is discussed, he said. and green. Israel will come and decide to set its limits elsewhere. As long as these dangers exist, this is a delay in the national defense strategy. That Lebanon will become a safe and only weapon in the hands of the Lebanese army. "The attack grenades have been set up instantly, and political missiles have been shot that didn’t hit the goal. The Defense Minister defined that" the forces of the troops write their contents without knowing it. " not the first time, and the final expertise in the government that the troops needed to transfer just isn’t the greatest proof. Growing salaries for many who don't work for him, relying on what hundreds of questions have been dealt with at present by way of the communications sites. ============================== ========== * Introduction TV Publication "Future" Price range, Most Present With Your Conversation and it turned clear that the draft finances is full, with vital reductions, not for low-revenue individuals, no wages or taxes, as Prime Minister Saad Hariri has already confirmed, which can continue its efforts to secure the largest political consensus on the finances. Consists of reforms and measures to scale back the deficit, rationalize expenditure and restrict waste. He participated in a humanitarian seminar in Beirut, and Prime Minister Hariri thanked the Saudi management for its choice to carry the ban on Saudi-Brothers touring to Lebanon, which just lately elevated the variety of individuals arriving in Lebanon. The Lebanese individuals waited for him. "Regardless of what some say, the kingdom is still in Lebanon, without Lebanon discrimination, it has allies and friends, but when it wanted to help, it did not separate a friend and ally, nor even one who did not like the kingdom. Increase in rhetoric by the US decision to end some countries' exemptions to buy oil under the leadership of a series of victims Ali Khamenei and leader of the new revolutionary guard. ========================= * * The secretariat of the Council of Ministers of the Al-Manar television newsletter has become a budget for what the scientist says and nobody knows why it was not discussed at the board meeting tomorrow, but the absence of the agenda is not overwhelming today, because the crisis forces that are calling for a budget reformist and the political class is aware of the seriousness of the stage. we will be present at the meeting tomorrow, we will be present for discussion: Ali Hassan Khalil, Finance Minister of Lower Tinah, and Prime Minister Prime Minister discussed the picture, but no doubt the picture is not for low-income groups and their poor or middle classes or prejudices. stressed that everyone should participate in rescue. On the south side, the Minister of Defense and the Commander of the Defense Forces told the area about a border tour during which Minister Bu Saab stated that the Israeli war is not to be expected, and that thanks to the victories, we have strengthened our position in the negotiations for the restoration of maritime rights and land rights. Iran's right to export oil will not stop: Imam Ali Khamenei and Islamic Republicanism will take as much as they want, while American hostility to Iran will not be missed. According to their illusion, they thought they had closed the road to the Iranian people, Imam Khamenei said, but active people and valiant officials would open many closed roads, he said. ================================================== * * Introduction The LBC Newsletter does not have an ad hoc meeting held tonight in the State of Serail, which includes Prime Minister Saad Hariri, representatives of major parliamentary groups, such as the LBCI doctrine, even though all day indicators showed otherwise. According to the information, all parties are ready to present their potential for reform, their views on the budget and the austerity measures that must be taken after the first meetings before the beginning of the holiday have requested a certain consultation time within the same group. Open the debate on the road in the Council of Ministers and in the Assistant Council, which Prime Minister Hariri said would be historic in terms of the savings clauses therein. All budget expenditures are processed and discussed under this item for waste reduction to rationalize the work of the plants and even to reduce the salaries of public sector employees by reducing the ceiling or even temporarily freezing part of the salary increases that have been received as a result of serial and wage approval All this is done under two basic conditions: – No harm for poor categories, new taxes are not levied on them and resolved, not for increasing value added or for increasing gasoline prices, except for the possibility of increasing the tax on bank deposit benefits by 7 to 10%. – The involvement of banks in the process of deficit reduction depends on radical and serious reforms made by the state above all else. All these facts come one hour before the government session, on the first public holidays, in the Baabda Palace, led by the President of the Republic. Is there a need for a budget debate, as well as being called upon to put it at the first session of the government after tomorrow's sitting, whether there is a certain time limit for speaking in Baabda, which will lead to a budget debate for the Council of Ministers? Is it possible to ask the Finance Minister, Ali Hassan Khalil, for a preliminary reading of the budget he presented to the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers in his revised chapters, first of all the Minister? Tomorrow, the savings budget outlook is no longer an option, because financial rescue is still available, but it requires courageous action. ================================================== * Presentation of a New TV Newsletter At the mines and their dialectical figures, Defense Minister Elias Abu Saab arrived south to testify to the country's equation and Lebanese troops, who asked questions about the content and scope of the Minister's commitment policy. In the southern and hills of Rifat al-Rasi in the hot Israeli summer, the words of the Minister of Defense are warmer and stronger than the power of force until Hezbollah obeys and the army becomes the only equivalent institution. Lebanese citizens agree on a national defense strategy and Israel's goals will disappear. But when our enemy won in July, a strong position thanks to these victories leads us to negotiate strength, not weakness. The army has duties that require arming and equipping, and he asked Bu Saab to give up his strengths, unless the Defense Minister announced that he had paid for Hezbollah's defense, MP Hassan Fadlallah said that all Lebanese citizens were responsible for armed forces. Fadlallah Balayas Abu Saab on his land and family. When Bu Saab's defenders attacked deputies and Lebanese opposition ministers saying that they read what was written for them, Secretary of the Republic's powerful team, Fadi Karam, said, "Respect us with the interpretation of dangerous discoveries," but the troops seemed to read the ministerial statement unclearly. Self-exclusion does not apply to Israel, which is not the subject of a Lebanese attack in the dictation of a paper or missile ministry declaration. When the principle of self-construction has been formally adopted, this is precisely the goal that Lebanon neutralizes from the Syrian crisis and that it does not disturb other Arab states. About the Fast P Israeli Arabs, who form the core of the problem, Lebanon has paid the price dearly for occupation and the destruction of martyrs and prices are still ongoing today. In a local defense strategy for political confrontation, Sleiman Franjieh, head of the Marda Group, dug a coalition of battalions on a rock that "protects" both sides. "Franjieh stated," We talked about all the topics as opposed to and against us as an opponent and a half loyal. He added: "We are government representatives, however we aren’t glad with some of the incorrect things, particularly electricity and the essential position of the governing physique, while Phalange President Sami Gemayel," We need to get great alternatives and engage in dialogue with all political forces, "Ja" To tighten "Franjiehi into the opposition and thought of that our improvement has reached our strategic strategic position. And the political distance close to Bnshe in the summer time varieties an opposition movement from the heart of the core and beyond, if it broke the tunnel in the direction of Maghreb. ==================================================== Z. 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