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Jumblatt Thanksgiving Event: Wealth No matter how big chests don't return from us and bury dead and coming – Lebanon news

National – "Monotheistic Congregation" Secondary Faculty in Samqaniyya, Chouf, witnessed the annual central solemnity of its faculties in the presence of Progressive Socialist Get together chief Walid Jumblatt and his care, Sheikh, Druze Monotheism Sheikh Naim Hassan, Sheikh Abdul of the Grand Muf of Lebanon Minister of Greater Schooling Akram Shuhayeb and Minister of Business Wael Abu Faour and MPs: Taymor Jumblatt, Director of the Democratic Meeting, Marwan Hamadeh, Nemeh Tohma, Henry Helou, Bilal Abdullah, Faisal Sayegh, Hadi Abulhasan and Anis Nassar, Former Minister Melchem ​​Riach "Party Samir Geagea, a delegation like former Minister Maj. General Ashraf Rifi, Representative Army Chief of Staff Aoun Josav Chief of Staff Maj. General Amin Aerm, several MPs and former ministers and representatives of security and military leaders and customs. Delegation of Progressive Socialist Party leaders, including Secretary-General Zafer Nasser and several members of the Executive Board, Dr Nasser Zaidan, Chouf Omar Ghannam, Deputy Secretary of State, MP Jumblatt Hossam Harbin Adviser, Director of Mounir Barakat, Leftist Lebanon Movement. Also included were the Druze Court of Appeal Judge, Judge Faysal Nasiruddin, Abbatti Saad Nimr, Ali Al Ameen, Judge Sheikh Ahmad Al-Kurdi, Secretary of Arfan Sheikh Wajdi Abu Hamza, a set of student rights leaders and members of "Arfan's Buddies" Public officials, diplomats, political people, representatives of universities, schools, federations, mayors, educational and social bodies and crowds. The celebration was opened by the Secretary-General of the Foundation, Sheikh Sami Abi Al-Menna, who was a deaf and welcomed public, a tribute to the first successful students in Al-Arfan schools for official testimony and a tribute to the Foundation's later president, Sheikh Ali Zine El-Din. Then, the celebrant and the dignitaries greet the audience and said, "Our colleagues and instructional establishments hope that state coverage won’t result in a deadly blow to non-public schooling and that new finances selections won’t destroy the construction once we search to combine into formal schooling. And retain the rights of all instructional establishments within the family to ensure that these faculties will not be closed and their academics and pupils have been expelled, he stated. All Kadeer, his yesterday's University of Lebanon and official examinations and take courageous and secretariat. "When students and prestigious students, Foundation President and CEO Sheikh Nazih Rafea, honored" Sheikh Jalil Abu Jawad Wali al-Din, gratitude and martyrdom of Kamal Jumblatt, founding father of the Basis and late president Sheikh Ali Zainuddin, and to continue the monotheistic and nationwide strategy an surroundings for these looking for it and cultivating one who knows its useful and clean nationwide science, excessive morals and human values ​​so that they will overcome the institution's difficulties. T face them in life struggles. "He said:" The Basis is working exhausting to get the specified improvement, adapting and interacting with the variables and sustaining the Commonplace, and remains the leader of excellence and differentiation, because high quality just isn’t the top, but the strategy that follows all phases, "he told MP Jumblatt:" We are grateful in our households for the hearts and minds of generations for loyalty and loyalty to your historic house, which was and would be the fortified fortress of the group and nation. "He decided," I promise you, Walid Bek, that we’ll continue with you to defend the truth and obtain the aim of gratitude . In all conditions and circumstances, and within the midst of this darkness, which passes via the individuals, defends human dignity and existence and stays pleased with you, in every thing that impacts the dignity of the mountain and therefore the dignity of the group and the individuals. "Hassan, then Sheikh Hassan, said:" The fruit of his gratitude, blessed with this great institution that has survived on this mountainous plateau that preserves historical past and memory, because of the good leaders and punches of the evacuation individuals. We’re pleased with the significance of our group and of our country, and the continuing safety basis of Director Walid Jumblatt continues to be a number one institution that maintains trust, progress and continuity, a particular elite and a noble household. , Congratulations to Sheikh Nazih Rafa. "He added:" Late Sheikh Ali Zainuddin, along with coaching, has labored intently with many instructional and cultural institutions throughout Lebanon on the idea of cooperation, change of expertise, translation of nationwide material-related slogans and strengthening ties. National, day by day sensible actuality. "He went on," At present we have an interest within the strategy that we alone retain the white pages of our pricey country, the best text in our historical past, which include the unity of Lebanon and stay collectively within the wing of Lebanese solidarity of all teams and what threatens this unity. "The Charter of Fundamental Rights or the principle of national cohesion or the treasure of reconciliation is not an immediate problem for political conflicts and mascots, but rather as a constant rise in equality in the spirit of the constitution, in a national, political and humanitarian sense, Nanna In the midst of all the storms" urging "sincerity and honesty that knowledge and malate consequences. "" We do not see a window for Lebanon's salvation today, except strictly and sincerely, by observing national principles, the principles of the Charter, the spirit of reconciliation and the historic reconciliation of the mountain, dedicated to the well-known community, Walid Beck, with the late Patriarch Nasrallah Sfeir. Bishara Boutros Al-Ra, God wants, we are interested in this reconciliation, and they are not influenced by provocative speeches or sectarian statements, and they do not interfere with the political symptoms, the fluctuations of interests and the minimum income. and we hope to follow everyone. "" Over the last few weeks, the mountain has gone through a difficult phase after the painful orchards, and the loss is common to all of us, and requires a wise approach and commitment to political, legal and security initiatives based above all on the law, and the state and its institutions are the only reference to all Lebanese . And that mountain safety and the stability and coexistence of constant pillars, which are red lines, must not be overcome. He said: "We’re in a religious place. We thank the efforts of all political and safety authorities that moved immediately after the incident, surrounded the tails, spent disputes, set the framework for the solution and hope and hope that reconciliation will take place in the identical house. Religious spirit, the monotheism flag stays blasphemous With our promise, our convictions reside in this nation with dignity among our brothers in sects and sects. "" Lebanon faces critical economic, social and security challenges that threaten its stability and health, "he said. "Our calling is Lebanon, to save lots of your country by creating concepts of love and partnership in your coronary heart and speaking about small issues, and following the principles of excellent phrase and forgiveness and tolerance. Your neck and the beliefs of all believers have stored him." We ask God to protect our homeland and promote reconciliation, harmony. We ask him to guide us all on the road and pay the rulers of this country all his sons for good, just and Yemen. After the statement by Rajiv al-Bain, "the fifth in Lebanon within the intermediate certificate" was a poem inspired by Sheikh Abi Al-Menna and documentary Sheikh Ali Zainuddin of the late president, then Jumblatt gave the patron of the feast a word that began with a poetry translated by the French poet Lamartine, directed to the president of the foundation "late" Sheikh Ali Zinedine: "Never go to Amina / "We have left us, Sheikh Ali, one of the most advanced stages in the history of the mountain, the history of Almohad, the history of Bani Mawarit and the history of Lebanon." He stated: "In this case, I assure you and your gratitude and gratitude and the people of Tawheed and the people of the mountain that the march you built together with Sheikh Ali Kamal Jumblatt and the blessing of Sheikh Abu Muhammad Jawad Wali al-Din is a process of open and dialogue by Arabism. marching for the Palestinian march that Fakhr al-Din's march and Kamal Jumblatt's march are still in the soul's survival in us, as ever before, We respond to challenges, build and strengthen all areas that can help students and students, more about Science. "Vocational training should also pay specific attention to the diversification of disciplines and thus provide students with new alternatives for working life. Along with vocational coaching, an IT sector have to be set as much as meet the challenges and challenges." He said: "You, the good and properly-recognized Orthodox household, improve solidarity, solidarity, information and willpower, we increase the challenge. You saw how exhausting the wild attack, just before departure, noticed and noticed how he protected the mysticism and its historic achievements. Firstly of the siege of the mountain, the pillars of firmness and wrestle, once they have been conscious and their valuable rifle, walking aspect by aspect with one another in the Progressive Socialist Social gathering to defend this Holy Land. "Are they not grateful to young men who sang on the day of Montenegro? Peace be peace be peace be peace be peace be peace be peace be peace be peace be peace be peace be peace be peace be peace peace be peace to you peace be peace to you peace be peace in you. Within the spirit of the Martyred leader, I will go into a brand new era. "" In this period and on this section, with this willpower and this willpower we now have progressed for many years and managed to raise the siege after the siege, report excellence after excellence and after the development. "I promise my full help in all areas and urge the Buddies Council to get more sacrifice and giving, because the supply and the one who provides it’s the identify of life, "he said. And stay and continue," ring "that wealth does not matter how high, does not return the scars from us, bury the dead and rose." Finally, the winners and the winners acquired their testimony MP from Jumblatt, Shehab and Rafah. ===== Amer Zinedine Comply with the news from the National Media Company on Lebanese radio broadcasts at 98.5, 98.1 and 96.2 FM

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