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Khadra Lapurra's Eleven Day Celebration: We are ready to pay our wages as long as the state money is first returned from the big raiders – Lebanon News

Nationwide – LaBora celebrated 11-year-previous dinner at Ambassadors Lounge at Casino Lebanon. Archbishop Paul Al-Sayah apologized to Maronite Patriarch Cardinal Mar Bishara Boutros for the dying of Patriarch Mar Nasrallah Sfeir, attended by Dr Elias Halabi, Patriarch of Antioch and other East Greek Orthodox John Yahazi, Engineer Elie Abu Hala, Antiochian Patriarch and different East, Alexandria and Jerusalem. Greek Army Catholic Church Yousef El Abssi, Father Sebouh Qardaydian, Patriarch of Pedro 20 of Armenian Catholics, Bishop of Saint John of Antioch, and East of Syrian Catholics Mar Ignatius Joseph III Jonah Brigadier Basic George Hayek, Defense Minister Elias Bou Saab, Commander of the Military Joseph Aoun Gilbert Al-Sokhoun, Minister for Schooling and Greater Schooling, Akram Shahib, MP Antoine Habashi, MP Samir Geagea, Lebanese Pressure Consultant, former Minister Salim Sayegh Deputy Member of Parliament Michel Mouawad MP Edgar Maalouf Representative Ziad Hawat Syroj MP Nicola Sahnawi Consultant of Bagradounian Jean Ratia Michel Duaihi Representative of Estfan Duwad Colonel Nadim Far Representative MP Nadim Al-Jameel, Norma Shaheen Director Common of Public Safety Basic Governor Abbas Ibrahim, Basic Hanna Laham Non-President-Common Major Rabie Elias Director-Common for State Security Tony Saliba Deputy Head of the Ministry for Overseas Affairs Elias Dahir representing Customs Director Basic Badri Daher, Colonel Shaker, representing Intelligence Chief Tony Mansour, Diakon Simon Heikal, Bishop Boulos Rouhana, Monsign Maroun Kiwania Ammar's consultant Monsignoria Marou Kiwania, Nader represents the editor-in-chief of Anton Maron Abu Joudeh of Abkhazia, editor-in-chief Joseph Al-Qasifia, Director of the National Media Company Laure Soliman Saab, chief of the Talal Al-Duwei landlord and a gaggle of directors and heads of departments and departments, 13 department representatives, Dinner leaders, mayors and councilors, college leaders, institutes and academic officers, as properly as quite a lot of media artists, laboratory representatives and bodies. After the national anthem, the media gave a speech to Joyce Akik through which he thanked the Labora Basis for its efforts and its central position in stabilizing Christians in Lebanon, decreasing their emigration and defending their elementary rights of their house nation. And the numerous features it carries out in steerage, training, employment, steerage and use. Khadrh then gave a speech to the president of the basis, Father Tony Khadra, saying, "For ten years we have said what we did and we did what we did, and it was a taboo and our oppression and our decorations and our decision. In many official circles our events are have ceased, dozens of cases have been given, warnings have been urged to stop the revelation of the suspect, threats and attempts to untie the associations in URA, not because we are trying to restore our rights that have been accused of violating the rights of others and waging war against us. to bring Christians back to their trust in the state. We are not friends of new wars at home with any partner, but we want to ensure a culture of partnership and balance and acceptance and a true presence, not a formal one. "" We mentioned and announced 11 years of figures, achievements and statistics despite all the risks, as a catalyst for an unprecedented renaissance, "Khadra stated. This led to what we now have achieved at this time, to turn out to be Labora's letter to every lip and tongue, all based mostly on what we now have stated and accepted. Sure, we have been overcome with worry and resignation from the concept, not the right to declare rights, and we’ve got jointly emphasized that the most harmful thing is to withdraw an individual before others are canceled. He identified that "In May 2017, Labura's last and final warning was not to provide rows and salaries in a series of politicized figures intended to hide the reality of public sector employment. They started with 169,700 employees and reported that the actual figure is over 350,000. Now, the names have been documented in detail in Lapora. "" In September 2017, when a series of salaries and wages was given, we warned and warned against misuse of the series on the basis of many sensory information and contacts. Employees with pensions over three times larger than 50,000 lire. have called for fairness and the preservation of public funds, and we have collected a number of incorrect applications in these financial figures that exceeded billions in Lebanon, which can be used in the budget to reduce costs. Do you remember what we said at dinner 2018? We are announcing an opening corruption file tonight and we want to see corrupt bars. And began to work on corruption files, and in July 2018 we put many of them into the Lebanese people and rolled stone secrets and arrived at what we have achieved today. We require research and testimonials, we have documented files, and we are still waiting for answers. We ask God to conflict with the Anti-Corruption Alliance of Senior Officials to protect corruption and find it difficult to see corrupt beams, and here we use all our power to keep a small worker and abandon the boss or his supporters. Because we do not deprive the poor of their livelihood, and know how difficult it is to try a great corrupt and stolen billionaire, we ask least of all to raise their hands from other corrupt people to alleviate the prevailing general belief and some international references to Lebanon's inability to eliminate corruption. We do not want corruption to become a politician or its mandatory follow-up at a cedar conference or a compulsory follow-up to the reform plan. But it is still necessary for the country to progress, and we need to continue to the end, and accountability is necessary and required at all levels. "He added:" Yes, we and the employees are willing to pay our wages, provided that the state's money is first sought from the big thieves, and then we pay the resources for what they need for the state, if it needs it, instead of tens of thousands and burn their livelihood and leave the biggest thief in the nation "Khadra stated that" abstaining from employment is a very serious decision that is first required for state restructuring and activation and transfer of productivity for those who do not work or have the capacity of the centers they use and hire trained Lebanese and experts and experiences investing in new projects that offer young people opportunities for employment. "He burdened" the need for a parish speech that meets our people's needs and concerns more and emphasizes rights and balance, and opens the doors and characteristics of churches and monasteries to people "He burdened" the solidarity of Christians with each other and with Labura: priests and civilians of all parties, sects and events to restore balance and activate participation and preserve diversity. "" We do not want to demand balance with partners at home, and we also forget the balance between Christians themselves or take the team without other centers and meetings, "he stated. He renewed his name "commitment to efficiency first, and then balance and purity in the palm of the hand, which is effective at home, represents all sects and all sects. But the most dangerous thing is to add standard 6 and 6 bis to the corruption file solely or to be at the expense of an area that has no other. "to take away the arms of political officers in the judiciary and never to disrupt the supervisory authorities and provoke the strategy of reforming texts and souls." "The distribution of state providers and providers have to be truthful, and taxpayers and all payments should not be entitled to benefit from these taxes," he said, proposing administrative decentralization and enabling Everyone who participates in taxes and charges will benefit at least as much as they pay. He said: "There is a need for a critical national dialogue so that cooperation with our home companions is respectful and effective, not as typically as we do and once we typically have our rights and negativity. "He suggested the creation of a" special committee or the activation of state management authorities to apply rows and wages scientifically and fairly. "He regretted that" the lack of such unprecedented employment alternatives for refugees and strangers, the theft of Lebanese works and unequal hypothesis is undoubtedly acceptable. "He urged" to return these individuals as quickly as potential, apart from the value of power, water, infrastructure and sponsored bread. "And the education they consume. "He identified that" the economic collapse we are witnessing today is closely related to the accumulation of corruption, and Lebanon paid the landing of its deported country and did not develop plans in all sectors, and most importantly, the Lebanese people for what should not be different and Lebanon and its of the people and sects. He stressed that "Lapora carried a torch till its trigger turned a nation and a need for urgency and a message of cooperation, love, stability, efficiency and partnership." He promised everyone "to surrender the proper calls for or give up, as a result of what we do strengthens Lebanese society and protects all communities and societies and protects Lebanon." "After years of labor, Lapora observed that the majority Christians since the 1990s, at all ranges of political, social and public administration, have additionally suffered from all the weak, outgoing, and most of the nation's associates, who are suffering immediately, as we did, and hunger strikes." He went to the rulers, saying, "Watch out, the energy-holders of energy and all communities, and stop enjoying and betting on sectarian instincts to shield your income and theft, as a result of we began to feel that the quantity has spread, and if you do not right what you might have spoiled, the revolution is And since we are not concerned about political, authoritarian, or material interests, we say to all officials that our slogan is "with you, but with health." During the dinner, some candidates for state jobs and profitable candidates have been introduced with reside testimonies of their experiences with Labora: they have been: Elie Essam Naim, Lawyer at Regulation, who efficiently gained the 2019 Legal Match together with his three brothers and Marwan Iran, who succeeded and his sister was Attending a College School in Lebanon in 2018, after a profession in Laboura. have been honored in army and administrative providers, including retired Major Common George Shrim, retired Major Common Samir El Hajj, retired Brigadier Basic Roland Abu Gouda, retired Brigadier Common Claude Hayek, Brigadier Basic Joseph Claas, Brigadier Common Jihad Tarabieh, Retired Colonel Adel Francis, Decide George Awad, Adnan Nassar, Buyer Hanna Boulos, Jean Abi Fadhel, Stated Fouad Aoun, Elias Khoury, Gerard Yaghi and Nabil Samaha. Labura also honored two personal corporations in the Lebanese labor market, specifically Al-Tawouk and Dataquest, a gaggle of corporations hired by Labora, to report vacancies during the yr. As a Laboratory Trainer since 2014, Trazia Serkis Bredi was honored as a trainer and training institute for everlasting preparation. Father Khadra introduced the media journalist Joyce Akik a tribute to the dinner. Awwad and Decide George Awad's honorary speech thanked Lapoura and Father Khadra for his initiative and stated that "Labura Foundation's services and efforts to mobilize young people deserve respect and appreciation especially after a pluralistic society in Lebanon." He spoke of the importance of the Lebanese message and "the necessity of retaining all the sects of Lebanon, because the disappearance of considered one of its unique buildings in Lebanon has meant Lebanon, so much extra if one in every of these sects is the foundation of its composition and everyone knows the position of the Maronite Patriarchate." "We must encourage young individuals to be a part of the army, security forces, and administrative establishments, as a result of the transition from them is a rejection of Christian youth," he stated. There was a musical performance by composer and pianist Michel Fadel and his band. Finally, the cake was minimize with the workforce, the administrative employees and the pricey ones. ============= A. G. Comply with the news of the National Media Company by sending Radio Lebanon to waves 98.5, 98.1 and 96.2 FM

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