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Level Three Important Questions Category 12 English

Level Three Important Questions CBSE Class 12 English

1. Answer every of the following questions in about 30 to 40 phrases:

Query 1.
What does degree three imply? What’s the significance of degree three? (2001; 2004, Delhi)
The third degree is the escape vary via which one needs to be absent from the tough realities of life. There isn’t a peace and quiet in trendy life, so when one is looking for solace, one flees to a spot the place one's objective is to satisfy the unfulfilled wishes of his goals and the unconscious thoughts.

Question 2.
What satisfied Charley that he had reached degree three at Grand Central Station and not degree two? (2010 Delhi)
The overall format of the third degree was totally different from the second degree. It had comparatively smaller rooms, fewer ticket home windows and fewer practice gates. The knowledge middle in the middle was manufactured from wood and appeared previous. The place on the brass ingots didn't look very brilliant. So Charley was convinced it wasn't the second degree.

Query three.
How does Charley inform the third degree at Grand Central Station? (2013 Delhi)
Charley says that the third degree rooms have been smaller than the second degree. There have been fewer ticket home windows and practice gates, and the center's info division was wooden and old style. The ground had open flame fuel lights and brass grease. Everyone at the station was sporting 19th century clothes.

Question four.
How did Charley ensure that she wasn't within the current part? (2002 Delhi)
To ensure he wasn't in the present tense, Charley made a actuality examine. He appeared on the newspapers in the kiosk and found a replica of The World, which carried the primary story of President Cleveland. He then confirmed from the Public Library information that the newspaper he had seen was dated June 11, 1894.

Query 5.
How typically did Charley get lost at Grand Central Station? (2010 Delhi)
Grand Central Station grows like a tree that pushes infinite corridors, doorways and stairs like roots. It had difficult and confusing paths. The network of corridors was so complicated that, as an alternative of reaching its destination, he tended to move up and down in the hunt for exits and exits. So Charley typically received lost at this station.

Query 6.
Why did Charley suspect Sam had gone to Galesburg? (2011 outdoors Delhi)
When Sam all of the sudden disappeared and no one knew his whereabouts, Charley suspected he had gone to Galesburg because Sam was a city boy and favored Galesburg so much. Charley then found an envelope mailed by his grandfather to Sam at his house in Galesburg, confirming that Sam was certainly in Galesburg. (2013 Comptt. Outdoors of Delhi)
Charley describes Galesburg as a quiet, easy and peaceful place with giant previous frame buildings, big lawns and large timber. Summer time evenings have been fairly lengthy, with individuals sitting on their lawns in a peaceable world, males burning cigars and ladies waving palm leaves.

Query 8.
What did Charley study from Sami about stamps and coins? (2012 outdoors Delhi)
At the stamp and coin store, Charley is aware of that Sam had purchased an previous type foreign money value $ eight hundred. This cash was sufficient to arrange a small hay, feed and grain retailer in Galesburg.

Query 9.
How did Sam reach Galesburg? What did he advocate Charley do? (2012 outdoors Delhi)
Sam was fascinated by Charley's description of Galesburg. He was so overwhelmed by the strain and stress of recent life that he thought he was fleeing to the peaceable world of Galesburg. His advice to Charley is that he (Charley) and his wife Louisa should come to Galesburg by way of the "third level".

Query 10.
Why did the reserving officer refuse to simply accept the money? (2010 Delhi)
The reserving officer refuses to receive cash because the notes given to him by Charley have been previous type. He didn't pay for the foreign money on the banknotes that have been in circulation in 1894. So the officer stared at him and advised him, "There's no money there, sir." In his view, Charley tried to trick him and even threatened to arrest him.

Question 11.
Why did Charley rush again to the third degree? (2012 outdoors Delhi)
When Charley took the modem foreign money to pay for 2 Galesburg tickets, the ticket vendor accused him of making an attempt to trick him. He threatened handy Charley to the police. Charley was frightened and decided to rush again from the third degree to not be arrested or put in jail.

2. Reply every of the following questions with roughly 125-150 words.

Question 12.
How did Charley reach the third degree of Grand Central? How did it stand out from other levels? (2009 Delhi; 2012 Comptt. Delhi)
One night time Charley worked late on the office. Then he hurried again to his house. So he decided to take the subway from Grand Central. He went down the stairs and reached the primary degree. Then he walked to the second degree the place the suburban trains departed. He grabbed the curved doorway that led to the subway. Then he acquired lost. Figuring out he was going flawed, he continued walking down. The tunnel turned sharply to the left and after a brief flight of stairs he got here out on the third degree at Grand Central Station. Right here he saw many unusual things. There were only a few flag home windows and practice gates that seemed previous and manufactured from wooden. The dim fuel lights flickered and the lads wore Derby hats and four buttons. It was a slightly strange world of sideburns, beards and fantastic mustache.

Query 13.
Do you assume the third degree was Charley's refugee spacing? Why? (2005; 2008 Delhi)
Fears, anxieties, and uncertainties within the modem world are straining the human thoughts. He feels helpless and annoyed and seeks momentary respiration from the tough realities of life. Charley was additionally unable to cope with his busy and tense life, so his flight to degree three was undoubtedly an escape. It is nothing greater than the creation of Charley's own mind. He needs to escape the insecurities, fears, worries and stress of the fashionable world, and is on the lookout for a means out, a center, to enter the world of goals and imaginations.

Question 14.
What made Charley consider that he was actually on degree three? (2010 Comptt. Delhi)
One night time Charley worked late at the office. He was in a hurry to get to his condo. So he decided to take the subway from Grand Central. He penetrated the curved doorway after which acquired lost. He walked down the stairs to the second degree, turned left and continued strolling. He came out on degree three at Grand Central Station. This was a special, previous and romantic world. So he was convinced that he really stood on the third degree. There were much less picket and old-looking flagpoles. There have been open flame fuel lights. He noticed individuals with beards, spas and nice whiskers. Then he found an previous locomotive and saw the 1894 challenge of The World. Perhaps Charley is beneath strain to flee the tough world of reality. He want to escape the peaceable world of 1894.

Question 15.
What kind of individuals did Charley see? on the third degree? (2011 outdoors Delhi, 2010 Comptt. Outdoors Delhi)
After working late in the workplace, Charley decided to take the practice residence. So he came to Grand Central Station and from the second degree, he obtained lost in a curved doorway and found himself in a tunnel. This tunnel led him to the light of the second stairs and he found the station on the third degree. Compared to the second degree, the third degree had smaller rooms, fewer home windows and practice gates. Everybody there was wearing one thing from eighteen to ninety. Charley met women and men wearing 19th century clothes. The lads have been sporting wonderful mustache, beards and aspect wounds. Small badges, four-button fits, Derby hats and pocket yellow watches appeared to be in vogue. Ladies wore high quality reduce sleeves, long skirts and button-up footwear. Charley was confused when he noticed individuals sporting old style clothes and hair fashion on degree three.

Question 16.
How does Charley make his third degree description very real looking? (2013 Comptt. Delhi)
To make his description of the third degree very lifelike, Charley describes the small print of that minute by vividly evaluating it to the second degree of Grand Central. He says the rooms here have been smaller. There have been fewer ticket windows and practice gates, and the computer sales space was picket and previous wanting. He additionally provides an in depth description of the individuals he noticed on the third degree and the way they gown. He stated individuals wore nineteenth-century clothes; many men had beards, spas and nice whiskers. He also buys tickets to Galesburg, Illinois, which leads the reader to consider he is really on the third degree.

Query 17.
What is deduced from Sam's letter to Charley? (2003 Delhi)
Sam's letter to Charley dated July 18, 1894. It was written in Galesburg, Illinois. In response to Charley's claim to have been on degree three, Sam, who’s equally unsure, hopes that the whole episode shall be true as a result of he also believes in degree three. The letter has drawn some conclusions. The introduction to the letter confirms Charley's belief in the existence of a 3rd degree. It additionally means that third-level founders can journey to Galesburg to take pleasure in 1890s celebrations, songs, music and a peaceful world. So the writer makes use of Sam's letter as a singular combination of real and fantasy.

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