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Magic cauliflower-cream sauce – Life As A Strawberry

An overview of cauliflower-cream sauce in Mason jar

The magic three-ingredient cauliflower cream sauce is youngster-friendly and excellent for meals! Use flavor and cheese, alfredo, sauces and more.

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Alright. We should always talk about this painting of limestone.

  a woman's hand with cauliflower flowers

I've carried out this sauce regularly for months, and it has utterly changed my recreation a meal prep. It's additionally successful for my employees, recipe testers, and * GASP *, which is at the very least seven occasions, REAL-LIFE CHILDREN whose mother and father gave their relatively picky descendants to eat Mac and cheese created from this cauli cream (AKA vegetables) , HOLD PHONE).

But extra about how this cauli cream is used (spoiler alarm: mac and cheese) later! Now we dive into the fundamentals of the "Cream" of this vegan!

  Herbal flowers are poured into a flower-filled pot

Alright. Cauliflower cream sauce?

This cauliflower sauce is principally plant-based mostly, changing the Béchamel sauce: it is extremely just like milk or cream-based mostly sauces traditionally thickened with flour and butter.

This thick, cream-coloured cauliflower pose makes PERFECT an alternative to thickened dessert or cream-coloured soups in virtually every part, from pasta and cheese to mashed potatoes with green beans.

Word: Though I have a tendency to love this cauli cream in all loneliness, this sauce doesn’t have a particularly robust taste (it is definitely a small cauliflower-y, but it isn’t like WHOA, CAULIFLOWER. Know?). That is presupposed to be the essential package deal – that’s, it is best when it’s medical and added to something else. We thought this cauliflower-cream style was mushy, so you possibly can work with it in quite a lot of dishes!

You’ll be able to add this cauliflower sauce alone, so you possibly can all the time add roasted garlic, toasted garlic and onion, herbs, lemon juice or your favourite spices if you mix all the things.

  raw cauliflower flowers cooked with cauliflower flowers

We share FAVORITE ways to use this cauli cream for an entire week – however now we hit some highlights from the sauce itself:

  • THREE. Components. All you need for this cauliflower sauce is the top of cauliflower, some vegetable inventory, and a bit of salt. That's it! (As a result of it’s truly a cauliflower cream, ermmm, with out cream)
  • RIDICULOUSLY EASY. We bake the cauliflower into pieces till they’re extremely-ultra-presents (you could even go so far as to call them, nicely, mess) and then all to the mixer or prepare dinner till we now have a nice, clean "cream".
  • USE YOU ALL. SERIOUSLY. One magic cauliflower cream often modifications to 2-4 totally different meals every week. Present favorites: As an alternative of macaroni and cheese, mashed potatoes or flavored corn milk or cream sauces, cauli cream or utilizing it to thicken or sauce.
  • MEAL PREP MAGIC. I really like that this cauliflower sauce is lighter and healthier than the heavy Béchamel sauce, however my favourite is that it reduces cooking time with a few of our favourite foods principally – don't look forward to sauces or soup to thicken. I might be your favourite cauliflower rice risotto or basic mac and cheese on the desk in 15 minutes if I’ve this cauliflower cream prepared and prepared!

  Cauliflower and vegetables in a blender mixer

How cauliflower cream sauce:

We do that through the use of a cream of cauliflower something that I have referred to as the 10-10-10 technique. Is this technique just made? Yeah. However does this recipe make it amazingly straightforward to remember? YES YES.

Here's a summary: All you must do to make cauliflower and claw, this cauli cream is about for three consecutive ten minute timers. Put the pot at medium temperature, TEN MINUTE TIMER. Combine and proceed cooking, TEN MINUTE TIMER. Turn off the heat and let rest, TEN MINUTE TIMER. Combine, cool, store, donezo.

Doesn’t examine the cauliflower each jiffy or one other guess how lengthy it has been within the range – just grab it on the dependable telephone timer and stay your life when the cauliflower boils. You just have to recollect 10-10-10 and you've received this recipe in memory.

  Top view of flowers containing cauliflower in a blender

Word: The 10-10-10 timing technique works greatest with small (~ 1-inch) cauliflower models and medium-high warmth that rests on the excessive aspect.

For those who use frozen cauliflower or especially giant flowers, chances are you’ll want so as to add a prepare dinner time whenever you add 2 minutes to every timer of 12-12-12 sequences! Cooked cauliflower ought to be dropped and easily sanded for greatest results.

  Cauliflower cream sauce in blender

Cauliflower sauce FAQ

We’ve got put this recipe on TON check. listed here are a number of the commonest questions our testers came to!

Can I freeze this cauliflower cream?

YES! Magic Cauliflower Cream freezes properly. Retailer in a freezer in a freezer for three-four months. Cooling in a refrigerator or pop boiler instantly into the boiler brings it again to the sauce with medium warmth (typically combine for one of the best outcome!)

Can I double the recipe?

Utterly! If the recipe is doubled or tripled, lengthen the cooking time (add 10 minutes of cooking time when the recipe is doubled, so it turns right into a 10-10-10-10 technique) and mix in batches because there’s plenty of cauliflower to get by way of.

In dual and triple parts, we choose to make use of a dip mixer and mix immediately into the pot, so that you don't have to combine in!

Can you do that with a cooking or dipping machine?

Yes! The meals processor (we like this) works here in addition to the Blender – see the image under! You possibly can undoubtedly use the embedding machine if that you must, but keep in mind that you have to move it fairly a bit and mix it for a long time so that each one the cauliflower breaks down utterly. The dive mixer works greatest once you do a double or triple batch, but for particular person batches, I are likely to favor a blender or cooking.

  top view cauliflower from puree cooking.

Is the cauliflower cream really creamy?

WHOLE. The trick of the extremely-creamy cauliflower sauce is to ensure that the cauliflower is cooked until it is extremely, very mild (it ought to be nicely branched with a fork and will appear virtually as a "soap" ONE FULL MINUTE, in the mixer – also helps sauce to get additional silky and clean.

Basically, we now have found that this cauliflower sauce could be very easily combined in various mixers and meals industries, as long as the cauliflower is cooked very mushy. Nevertheless, if the cauliflower cream shouldn’t be as creamy as you want, there are a number of ways to make it clean:

  • Restore the cauliflower cream and prepare dinner for an additional 5 to 10 minutes to melt the remaining cauliflower, then stir again.
  • Add vegetarian meals, coconut milk, heavy cream or butter (in case you are not vegan) and stir for a while.

  metal spoon dipping into a cauliflower containing cauliflower

How Ought to I Use Magic Cauliflower Cream?

There’s so much cream containing this cauliflower. Listed here are a few of our favorites:

  • Use cauliflower-cream as an alternative of cream sauce (often cream or milk cream or milk) in macaroni and cheese.
  • Used as an alternative of soups of cream-colored corn, inexperienced beans and creamy spinach.
  • Use of butter and cream station in fettuccine alfredo (bonus factors when you change fettuccine to zoodle! YOU'd GOOD.

  Wall Container Containing Cauliflower


  overview of cauliflower-cream sauce in blender

Magic cauliflower-cream sauce


This easy cauliflower-puree is the right base in your favorite pasta, soup, sauce, pizza, risotto and extra!


  • 1 giant cauliflower, chopped into 1-inch pieces

  • 1 and 1/2 cups of vegetarian meals

  • half teaspoon kosher salt (we love Diamond Crystals)

Assist [19659062] cauliflower flowers, strain and salt for medium pot. Cover and set the stove to medium temperature. Prepare dinner for ten minutes.

  • After 10 minutes, let the cauliflower mix. Cover and prepare dinner for 10 minutes or till the cauliflower is definitely pierced with a fork.

  • Turn off the warmth and depart the coated pot in the oven for an additional ten minutes.

  • Use a large spoon or bucket to maneuver the cauliflower and any remaining inventory to the mixer or for cooking. Cowl and stir for a minimum of thirty seconds till the cauliflower is clean and thick with cream.

  • Use the cauliflower cream immediately or permit it to chill utterly and retailer in an airtight container in the refrigerator for as much as one week.

  • Notes

    FYI: A lot of the notes in this recipe are in the mail itself – be sure to learn all the above to get all the perfect ideas and advice!

    Selecting a Cauliflower: Cauliflower head measurement varies. For greatest results, look for a cauliflower weighing about 1.5 to 2 pounds. After chopping your cauliflower, it is best to have about 5 cups of 1 inch cauliflower (1-1.5 kilos). The good news, although? We developed this recipe for nice forgiveness, so don't worry an excessive amount of about cauliflower weight and measurements!

    Compensation: You should use a hen or turkey strain as an alternative of greens and there’s no actual difference in style. You can even use water as an alternative of storing it, however we hold the additional taste you get from stock. Use 1 pound frozen cauliflower flowers as an alternative of recent cauliflowers if you want. Add the cooking time to two minutes for greatest results when using frozen cauliflower!

    Additions: We appreciated this cauliflower-containing cream taste to be appropriately full in an effort to work on any sort of meals! You possibly can add this cauliflower sauce alone by adding roasted garlic, toasted garlic and onion, herbs, lemon juice or your favorite spices if you combine every part.

    Gear: We tested this assortment of mixers, dip mixers and food processors for this recipe. For greatest outcomes, use a robust blender (we love the older KitchenAid blender – comparable mannequin, Cuisinart meals processors and Cuisinart hand blenders). down and mix for an additional 30 seconds to make this sauce very creamy (once we tested a particularly previous retailer brand, it was helpful to chop down the pages or shake the blender by dividing the cauliflower and mixing an additional minute or so). In case you are using a mixer mixer, know that you want to transfer the hand mixer to move across the liquid just a little and help make the cauliflower a clean sauce!

    Adjusting Consistency: If you need a thinner cauliflower cream, add some splash of vegetable fat or water and stir until you might have reached the desired consistency. For thickening, convey the cauliflower cream to low boiling in a saucepan with medium heat and prepare dinner, stirring sometimes till the sauce is thickened. We often do not want to adjust consistency.

    Storage and Freezing: This cauliflower cream freezes nicely! Store in the freezer in an hermetic container for three-4 months (you’ll be able to hold it longer, however I feel the flavor is the sharpest and cleanest in a couple of months). Enter it within the mixer or dip mixer when thawed to make it even if crucial.

    Usage: Use cauliflower cream as an alternative of macaroni and cheese or Fettuccine Alfredo milk-based mostly sauces do not strain cheese!). Used to thicken sauces and soups as an alternative of roux or corn starch slurry (like our favourite one pot hen!), As an alternative of butter or cream in mashed potatoes or instead with preserved soups or cream sauces, flavored corn, cream spinach or favourite meals

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