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Major General: Bassil Backward, Calm down to Escalation – Hariri

National – wrote the message "Brigade": Several inner information (Council of Ministers meeting) and regional (for displaced Syrian returnees) and worldwide (US Head of Department Mike Pompeon arriving in Beirut) every week of "Excitement" that overshadowed the political area Earlier than the Brussels Convention, which was initiated by Gibran Bassil, Head of the Free Patriotic Movement, and went out of his speech yesterday at a free patriotic motion convention, where his earlier speech was misunderstood, he needs the President's interest. The current and the nation rejoice the new trilogy he referred to as "Jubilee" Louay "National Movement for Free for 30 years," The Aou Battle of March 14, 1989 ". it is likely to be held on Thursday when the Baabda media bans announcements on Twitter "Twitter" Abbas Nasser, "President's health isn’t good", Rafiq Shalala, director of the Baabda Palace Information Office, said: "President's well being is excellent and thank God." Nasser Ali Shalala replied: "I'm not speaking about judgment or rumors. Russians to go to His Ambassador. There’s certainty. Anyway, I don't need her to be praised good. I might be very happy if this info just isn’t accurate, figuring out that its sources are reliable. "Claudine Aoun Roquez, President of the Lebanese National Commission for Women, said" President Aoun is in fine condition, "saying in an interview," We’re present at President Aoun at lunch as we speak, and every thing is normal, "MP Aoun told the same program. "The health of President Aoun is ok, and perhaps the confusion is that those that arrived at the hospital are Sister of Aoun." Before Benefits and Awareness of Political Sources, Predicts the Expectations of the Happiness Week and Waited for Action Today, the return of President Saad Hariri from Paris to Beirut at night, according to his press activities, and thus understanding with President Michel Aouni the gap left by the battle. It is said that it started behind the scenes, or what is meant to secure a quiet climate, should precede the Council of Ministers, which is scheduled to be held on Thursday next Thursday, by preparing an agenda with no controversial files, otherwise a meeting in the prevailing climate will reveal the fall of the government, what anyone does not want unless someone wants to turn over the table According to former Minister Raed Khoury, the Prime Minister in relation to "free motion" of the Secretary-General in the case of displaced persons and corruption. In addition, Minister Mike Pompeo will visit Beirut on Friday and Saturday (22 and 23 June). and with conflicts in the region and in the world, the land of Israel, the sea and the oil The source of "free time" wants to clarify that he does not want to reduce the solution or government nor raise the roof, but rather demand greater productivity in the government. It was noted that the current head of government, Gebran Bassil, Hariri, spoke yesterday at a general conference organized by the current "Newbal" festival in Furn el-Shabab, to talk about the goals of the conference and its program and achievements in 2018, defining the goals for the current year in three issues: that he did not want to work on the Alo site But he was forced to do so for the present and the president and for the country, hoping to be able to leave the ministry for the first opportunity for himself and his interest, noting that "they have solely the present and the president and the country and haven’t any different challenge who shouldn’t be private or public "By saying that speaking about presidency is harming him and the present and the president and the land, saying that this talk is forbidden to open him near and far away and who opens it, he wants to harm him and the president and the present and the country "Referring to what’s repeated, Ministers Basil stated that the names of shareholders and auditors, and the distribution of shares". People Serving is a duty, but we do not permit flow of services affected by the electoral services in the fleet at the expense of the laws and reforms, we will not allow corruption, virus penetration into the current frame. If this happens, we will remove it. According to the information, Bassil urged the deputies of the "robust Lebanese block" not to drag the members of the "Future" unit, and only told his deputies that he meant all his speeches on the 14th anniversary of March, including the president and the current "Future" appeared only in "The Future" that he was pleased with his violent response to Bassil's "Future" news on Thursday night, and reminded what the deputies said Basil was trying to give credentials to Hezbollah and the Syrian government, especially the File of the Passengers, but the presentation of yesterday's newsletter stressed the need to stay out of the blank slogans and participate in workshops. "It’s crucial to move to excessive ceilings and transfer to productiveness and to battle corruption by way of deeds, not to say, by allowing the appliance of laws and interference within the judiciary." It was noted that the media "Lebanon" from Lebanon's "robust block sources", "shocking" that "the failure of the federal government's 9-month formation is now all for asking its achievements three weeks after its inception." prisoner from one Syrian government prison for 12 years to return one and a half million to Syria, no one will prevent him from doing so. " He also careworn President Najib Miqat's affirmation via Twitter "That" constitutional powers are clear and all attempts to weaken them in the context of registering imaginary tournaments, "pointing out that" source wars and media hypothesis negatively affected the entire of Lebanon with none benefit ", stressing that" the Council of Ministers is The only framework to cope with all the information "In this context, former Minister Major General Ashraf Rif, what he said about E Bassil's ventilation of the government reflects his intention to enrich its content and change it in practice. in the government, and can only detect the behavior of the bullying of the weapon in order to overthrow the Taif agreement and continue the approach to corruption and quotas. he wrote yesterday, thanking him for his support, and said, "In the direction of the strongest of these covenants, and the wrestle will continue and shouldn’t be tolerated," and called on Trabels to drop the alternative of March 8, because Tripoli is not hot for Hezbollah. For displaced and named individuals, the data showed that Riri and Bassil, who appeared clearly in the "downtown house" on the eve of the Brussels-3 conference, are not concerned about the files of the excluded Syrian or Seder file, but in two order: the first administrative appointments and Bassil's attempt to keep the Christian quota is a confusion for Hariri; Bassil accepts an electricity plan based on ships, and this is no longer Prime Minister Hariri excited to walk in. However, official sources believe that the essence of the dispute was in the documentation of displaced persons, and that it is intended to understand the formal policy and clear handling of the file. rejecting in advance if they mean an attempt to normalize the Syrian regime May may be the basis and starting point for dialogue and understanding of one approach, although some of its ideas and suggestions would have been adapted to Lebanon's interests first as a remembrance of Jumblat's father in Syria, was significant. His father, Kamal Jumblatt, when he pointed out that a Syrians did not leave Lebanon entirely with the death of his colleague Kamal Jumblatt, Mohsen Ibrahim, who could not attend the ceremony when he said to him: they (the Syrians) came from Kamal Jumblat's blood and went out of Rafik Hariri's blood . "We patriots and Arabs, the independence and sovereignty of this nation, and the institution of the Arabs of this country, as said in Taif, proceed, and we all know that the difficulties are nice and the problems are nice, however our line is obvious and our objective." , Jumblatt said on Twitter, "He added: It was a struggle of the nations in our nation, and we have been tools," Together with all the Lebanese peoples we build Lebanon and sacrifice our duty. " MP Christia Hariri, represented by Prime Minister Hariri MP Mohammad, Hajar, Future Group, Russian Ambassadors Alexander Zaspkin, Saudi Arabian Walid Bukhari, Palestinian Ashraf Dabour, President Mahmoud Abbas and Nasserite Common Organization Director Osama You have already got organization's administration delegation. We will all establish a historic relationship between the Kingdom and the Progressive Socialist Celebration. "Hizbullah: Evidence Against Corruption On the other hand, Hezbollah Deputy Secretary-General Sheikh Naim Qassem said that the party's evidence of support for corruption and numbers that are not directed at the party or sect What targeted individuals stop spoilers spoilers and corruption." He noted that the celebration will comply with " the mechanism for approving projects and activating the supervisory authorities, proposing and approving the laws and accountability of the House of Representatives through the judiciary, as well as general spoilers and various forms of corruption and various aspects that emerge and come to light. " On the similar time, the position "new" revealed that Communications Minister Mohammed Choucair refused to give permission to the Director Common "Ogero" Imad Kreidia to seem to the fiscal prosecutor Ali Ibrahim, even when he asked his opinion, and agreed to the station Choucair to say that the call is a coward Minister of Finance Ali Hassan Khalil President Brigadier-Basic Asaad Al-Tufail and Customs Director Badri Dhaher meet at this time at his workplace. Trying to put issues between two men when their dispute arose to the general public, MTV station reported from the source of the chairman saying that the parasite would receive £ 25 million per thirty days in reference to the trade of equipment 'scanner' bid and customs prosecution expenses. that the parasite accused Dahir of not being the top of presidency, however of advising the President of the Republic, Mirai Aoun, to comply with the news from the Nationwide Media Workplace on Lebanese radio broadcasts at 98.5, 98.1 and 96.2 FM

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