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Major General: Tripartite: A road map for the bloody Sunday threats threatened by Basil Hassan to threaten Tripoli's visit. Franjieh in Bkirk intervene and stop "suicide" – Lebanon news

Nationwide – wrote newspaper "Brigade" says: communication and assembly motion including "explosion", phrases of former MP Walid Jumblatt, and demolition, which has not yet exploded and overshadowed others, when political circles be sure that Publish "Major General" in its concern yesterday, and spoke a robust response to Inside Minister Ria Hassan, Overseas Minister Gibran Bassil, who extended the "second novel" by the national development tickets, confirmed the information, however modified the context. The knowledge offered by the brigade added that the details had occurred and that President Saad Hariri later got here with President Michel Aoun. The supply close to the convoy stated that Hassan had a number of contacts yesterday, particularly from Tripoli, who reported that each one officials stated the environment was not conducive to Minister Basil's go to to Tripoli on Sunday. "Brigade" recognized to the sources, the Publish's opinion Ain al-Tina's trilateral assembly included the President Nabih Berri, Prime Minister Hariri and former MP Jumblatt "promoting the relationship between the two parties (Hariri and Jumblatt) of the last stage of the impurities. And it is from the past," is the right place and three provided throughout the next part, both for security and stability, and for exterior techniques, and return to the Council of Ministers conferences and finances conferences in the Home of Representatives after the burial of the victims in the mountains. A nicely-versed supply stated the meeting introduced a roadmap for the painful publish-occasion penalties of the Qabrshmoun Mountains. At the similar time, the Christian group stopped the visit of Al-Marda, Suleiman Franjie, who was a member of his son MP Ton, vice-chairman of Keserwan Farid Khazen, and attended a gathering of the bishops' council and transferred the Maronite station, which rejected the "suicide" path from Sources. The assembly between Hariri and Jumblat, which brought them to President Berr to host a dinner table at Ain al-Tinah, surpassed the mediation situation planned before the events of the mountain, the similar events, and methods to cope with them so that the peace and concord between the numerous elements of the mountain can be restored and the conflict improved there was virtually a view of the head of Kibrishmon. Nevertheless, the assertion made by Ain al-Tinah at the finish of the trilogue did not refer to the occasions of the mountain by identify, despite the fact that he stated that the meeting was "a presentation of the latest events and political and security developments", to strengthen national unity and to promote peace for the citizen. Perhaps it meant what happened on the mountain of improvement and political improvement and safety. Nevertheless, the statement said the sources of the assembly by stating that "the relations between the two parties (and what this means Prime Minister Hariri and Jumblatt) have been lost and gone from the mistakes of the previous stage." President Berri burdened this meeting, stressing the mountain's privacy and pointed out that what occurred was not just about security, not about politics, not just about the judiciary, but the interdependence of these three paperwork, which he met at Prime Minister Hariri at the highest protection council assembly that security measures are be strengthened by political contacts that restore a peaceful mountain and permit the judiciary to carry out its position with out political interference or favoring another. In accordance to sources close to the Socialist Social gathering, the debate in the night of Ain al-Tina targeted on three sections: – Jumblatt's want for dialogue and openness to all options, as confirmed by the assembly of the Common Meeting of Clemenceau with the President-in-Office of the earlier Basic Meeting, if Abbas Ibrahim, in an exterior insider system, to goal him politically and to goal the political line and the citizen he represents. – Strengthening co-operation with Major Basic Ibrahim in mediation on the safety facet of remedy by getting ready a extra political perspective on more mountainous events, which – in accordance to celebration sources – 32 individuals, principally from the Socialist Social gathering. – The third handle, which was the topic of a lot dialogue, is Jumblatt's objection to the political efficiency of the country's administration, each at government degree and throughout the presidency, or in the provocative practices of the free patriotic president, Gibran Basil. This framework consists of the political constraint around it, the indicators of which started in the parliamentary elections and then in the formation of the authorities and thus to strengthen the political influence of their political opponents in the concept of "bilateral" in all sects and sects, however careworn that he’s in a position to cope with his bilateral vision, Everlasting neutrality in inner battle J, and not to get into the recreation to play the actual balances on the mountain, inside the druid group, and the relationship between the Druus and Christians, and Strengthen the influence of his opponents in administration and politics. Messages by Jumblat and Jibrat after the extraordinary assembly of the Druze Ward Council in a group room in Verdun led by Shaykh Aql al-Mouhaddin Druze, Sheikh Naim Hassan, to steer two messages: the first linking the Druze Road, which emphasized that the mountain has multiple door , Khaldah (despite all the violations of MP Talal Arslan) and Wiam Wahab and Saleh al-Gharib and others. And the second to Minister Bassil, who seeks President Michel Aoun's succession during the presidency, when he stated that "I feel a little and if Bedouin doesn't go through." Jumblatt's statement didn’t contradict the phrases of the high roof, President Aoun requested to stop what he described as "childish behavior", whether or not Minister Elias Bousaab, who had promoted the trial, or Minister Bassil, who requested him: How did he know there was ambush ? Why return to the burials of Alkhal and Western markets and different stations? And why don't you go alone with out provocative rhetoric and these large army and specialty security processes to visit the mountain? But he harassed that he would all the time be underneath the roof of regulation and justice, however he drew consideration to the technique of assaults typically inappropriate. In his assertion, the ward council warned of the unity of the Druze monotheists in variety, proclaiming an abhorrent debate and torture of torture and tombs in which the sect has made historical reconciliation, and underlined that political freedom is subject to national equilibrium. The Council expressed its condolences to the late households of Rami Salman and Samer Abi Farraji, stressing the want to honor honor in accordance with Druze Almohads' customs, traditions and values, and harassed that the efforts of officers should concentrate on peaceable and exciting rigidity. , The group is urged not to slip into tensions and reactions and to all the time control the language of purpose and order. Arsalan: Give up of Desired Persons Before Burial In return, political sources stated that close monitoring of the mountain difficulty was that MP Talal Arslan, President of the Democratic Celebration, and his allies will continue to cope with the matter, but the state of affairs won’t reach the authorities's bombing, the political and economic state of affairs in the country can be very critical and intolerable. when there were destructive international stories on the financial state of affairs, most just lately the IMF report yesterday. The sources reported about the place of both Arslan and Minister Bassil stated that it is now a key issue in the give up of all the desired individuals, leading to a deterioration of the state of affairs and a method out of other problems, corresponding to the burial of the victims and the cooling of the environment on the mountain. Referring to the crime to the Judicial Council and stressing that Bassil will continue to peace, but strives to show his speech yesterday after the meeting, "a strong block of Lebanon," but continues to help Arslan's position until the disaster is resolved. The sources revealed that the burial of victims Rami Salman and Samer Abu Faraj is being determined at the moment in the house of Khaldah in the mild of a security operation by the army and security forces. Arslan and Minister Saleh al-Ghareeb visited yesterday Defense Minister Elias Boussab, where the challenge between Arslan and some army officers was resolved, and mentioned what happened on the mountain and the want to convey crime to the Legal Council. The Tawhid Get together leader Wa & # 39; am Wahhab also visited Minister Bassil at the Ministry of Overseas Affairs, stressing that the environment is constructive and promises to use as much effort as potential to forestall the spread of 1 blood point. On this context, Al-Liwa discovered that Hezbollah Minister Mahmoud Qamati visited Wahhab as part of the quest for exits and the institution of a trek, and that Wahhab was transferred to Arslan. Knowledgeable sources reported that some of the discussions dealt with the resumption of conferences of the Council of Ministers, whose fate nonetheless seems to be underway, when efforts and contacts to mitigate mountain congestion have been determined, and Arslan and the free patriotic motion demanded that the switch of Qabershmon's events to the Council Adli was a situation for the meeting, while all ministers knew that it was unattainable for the government on Tuesday as a result of the Overseas Minister would blame the Socialist Get together for being behind the attempted murder and killing his partners. Sources stated the present ministers could not disturb the meeting, but they responded to Arslan's request not to sustain the mountains. Political sources "brigade" that the info out there to them exhibits that immediately is primarily "shut down the country", and all the discussions on dialogue in the Baabda Palace or bilateral meetings and other beneath the title of the remedy shouldn’t be into account, provided that the weapon is a key issue at this stage You possibly can submit all related subjects and information later. "Franjieh in Bkirk and drew attention to this level," Marada "Suleiman Franjieh Director's Visit to Bkerk yesterday, and her participation in the monthly meetings led by Maronite Maronite Marianite Patriarch Bishara Alrai & # 39; and Vice President Kesrwan Farid Heikal Khazen and then launched a number of political positions Things go out of the hands of everyone, if the officials, especially the President of the Republic, do not satisfy "what we trust in his knowledge", according to what he said, does not fit everyone, emphasizing that "a robust and powerful republic is one that can fit all" , noting that security Political is more important than direct security He stressed the need to remove soul anger, emphasizing "behind the standing Bkerk as an actual reference to the calming of souls, especially as we witness the events." The Maronite airports statement called for the power to apply justice and law to Al in order to avoid the chaos of crime and security and the rise of militants in the streets, which undermines the state's appreciation and public confidence in its ability. "The specter of Hassan The knowledge revealed right now has revealed that ministers Bassil and Bousab threatened instantly with Inside Minister Ria Hassan in the background of the events before the highest protection council, but the OTV station, the mouthpiece mouthpiece," Said that "earlier than the arrival of Bassil, and the assertion by Minister Al-Hassan Almmlbz at the similar time as the Sunday occasions, which have been understood to be justified by the attack and description of the provocative Basilian tour, Minister Bou Saab ministered to Minister Hassan, but replied that he did not say so, and used his cellphone to affirm Bo Saab referred to as for a ban. Presently, Basil got here and joined the assembly, Hassan requested him to ask, "Zaanan me"? Bassil replied, "You will not stop within the limits of your destiny." This was the purpose for his assertion about the occasions of the mountain, understanding that Hassan additionally directed a number of criticisms of Basil during his latest tv collection without answering any comments. Nevertheless, the Inside Minister replied to the Overseas Minister asking, "Are you threatening me?" Basil continued, "Heck, did he lose his understanding?" At this point, Prime Minister Hariri was missing and pointed out that it was mistaken to hear statements that were not in their place, but he supported Hassan by saying that he didn’t mean justifying the assault and that it ended at this stage. The "Basile" version helps and strengthens the "brigade" info, however in a method that reduces the unfavourable effects it has left across the minister towards Bassilia. The meeting on Wednesday didn’t influence the president to be held on Wednesday, a parliamentary assembly on the crucial positions Berrin and the border demarcation of the finances, however the president did not reduce the hope of negotiations carried out by Deputy Secretary David Satterfield held, though it was I have stated that the US negotiator mission is "to die for". "The disputed area has a stockpile of $ 600 billion in oil reserves," stated the President of the Council on Wednesday. The sovereign place expressed by Lebanon is predicated on the thoughts introduced, but there are still two issues which might be still there and we hope to discover a answer for them. The first is the correlation between land and sea in phrases of implementation. The second is to flip the word "United Nations sponsorship" into "hospitality". There is a massive distinction between the host and the care provider. These two factors are nonetheless in progress and the concern is the United Nations consultant in Lebanon. "With regard to the budget, Mr Berri noted the efforts of the Committee on Finance and Budget and said:" We are just round the nook, and the Home of Representatives expects to hold the accounts until this document is finalized. The finances that was sent to the Home of Representatives for figures does not mean that the Council is obliged to stamp them without debate, and the Council needs to train its supervisory powers and its legislative position with caution in order to preserve the rights of in style and center courses and restricted revenue. The Finance Committee discussed yesterday at an evening session, chaired by Mr Ibrahim Kanaan, in the presence of Minister Mohammed Choucair, and permitted the expense of the Ministry of Communications and the finances of the Ojiro and Telecoms Regulators, and the Ministry and Ojirou finances permitted a waiver for wage increases due to a big improve in 2018 and different gear value EUR 63 billion. one other € 94bn upkeep item was not detectable in 2018 and asked for authorized clarifications from deputy members on these issues. The Fee didn’t stop yesterday to examine communications, because it is difficult, "especially when" MEPs requested for details and figures on the return of two cell corporations and felt there was a profit-free one. "The data showed that" considered one of the deputies stated they have been discussing "Ali Baba's Cave". It must be mentioned that the committee might not meet immediately, "and might proceed tomorrow or next week, waiting for the documents of the ministries and institutions that the committee has requested for scrutiny and till the remaining gadgets have been accomplished, especially for pensioners and army wires, in addition to import items, Ogero. The Lebanese military has adopted the political strategy of current occasions with quite a lot of measures, together with the creation of obstacles at the capital's entrance and some neighborhoods throughout the security day, which led to arrest of needed persons and offenders. ================ ======== Comply with the news from the National Media Company on Lebanese radio broadcasts at 98.5, 98.1 and 96.2 FM

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