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NCERT Solutions for Class 2 English Chapter 13 Curlylocks and Three Bears are a part of NCERT Solutions in Class 2 English NCERT Solutions for Class 2 English Marigolds Chapter 13 Curlylocks and three bear women named Curlylocks. In the future he went to the woods close to the house the place he noticed a small cottage. He went to the cottage. It was a cottage No one was there at that time There he noticed three porridge on the desk. All balls are of various sizes.

When he turned the bed room, he saw three totally different sizes. Instantly, the Bear family returned to their cottage. They all discovered it. They have been stunned Curlylocks awoke shocked and ran fast.

Summary in Hindi
This story is a few woman named Kerhelicks. Someday he went to the forest near the house. There he saw a small cottage. She went contained in the cottage. The cottage was from the bear's family. There was no one there at that time. He saw a porridge positioned in three bowls on the table. Totally different bowls of various bowls Have been He tasted everybody's style, but finished it by consuming oatmeal in a small bowl.

When he went to mattress, he saw three beds of different sizes. She slept in a small mattress Instantly, the bear's household came to her child. Everyone observed that someone touched the meals and the mattress. Once they noticed the woman sleeping in a small bed, she was amazed. . Carlyleux was afraid of the place and shortly escaped from there.

Hindi Translation of the Story [1 945 9 006] 1.
His identify was Curlylocks. At some point
he went to the woods near
house He noticed the cottage.

The horrible woman was typically
. His identify was Karilox. At some point he went to the woods near
. There he saw

The which means of the word: Curly (curly) leaping curls that are not in direct type, sweetheart. Forest (forest) – Numerous nations coated with crops and timber, forest. Cottage (cottage) – small house, cottage.

2. "Has anyone?" He asked.
There was nobody. The Bear family
lived in the cottage.

"Is there anyone inside?" He requested. No one is
or. This cottage had a household of Sus Bhal.
They started walking.

Word Meanings: No one – no one. Walk (Stroll) slowly right here and there, Go to.

3. Curlylocks went in. She needed
to see who lived there.
He seemed at the three porridge porridge
was a big bowl of Papa Bear, a medium sized bowl
Mama Bear and a small small bowl
Child Bear.

He needed to know that he lives there
There he saw three cups filled with a bowl on the desk.
The most important bowl was for Papa Bear. Medium
measurement bowl for nursing bears and brief
bowl for ninety bear

Meanings of the phrase: Bowls – spherical deep plate, bowl. Porridge (porridge) – a type of food, porridge. Middle (middle) – between two, within the center.

4. Curlylocks was hungry He ate
porridge from a large bowl. It was
very popular. He ate from the middle
It was too chilly. He ate
from a small small bowl. That was proper.

Kerhelix was hungry. He ate porridge
with a large bowl. He was very popular. He also tasted porridge with a medium-sized
bowl. He was very cool. He
consumes a small bowl of porridge.

Word-Meanings: Hungry-Hungry-feeling to eat food, hungry. Proper (proper) – right, proper.

5. Curlylocks ate all of the porridge.
Then he went to the bedroom.
Little Bear for Baby Bear

Carleylox ate all the porridge. He then went to the bed room. Papa Bear had a big mattress
a mid-sized bed for her mom.
and a small bed for a small bear.

The phrase meanings: Ate (at) -took ate. Bedroom (bed room) – room with sleeping, bed room Measurement (measurement) – how massive or small, measurement.

6. The large mattress was very arduous, the medium measurement bed was too tender.
A small little mattress was good.
Curlylocks fell asleep in a small
"Someone ate porridge!" Exclaimed
Papa Bear in his massive, darkish voice.

The large mattress was fairly tight. Medium bed
was quite tender. However the compact bed
was good.
Kerhelix was in a small mattress. The bear family
"Someone ate porridge." Papa Bear stated high
with a voice.

Phrase-Meanings: Arduous – onerous floor, arduous. Asleep – sleep to sleep Small (small) – very small, very small. Gruff, (Groupe) -harsh, harsh, impolite sound, sound (sound), sound,

7. "Someone also ate porridge!"
stated Mama Bear.
Any person completed my porridge,
stated Child Bear in his small little voice.

"Someone has eaten oatmeal." Mother Bear stated
. "Someone ate the whole porridge." The little bear stated in a sluggish voice

Meanings of the Phrase: Someone – Someone, Individual Hailed (shouted) – stated with a loud voice, shouted. Achieved (Completed) – Added, End.

Someone slept in my bed, shouting
Papa Bear in his huge, cheeky voice.
"Someone also slept in my bed," stated Mama Bear.

The bear's household went to the bedroom
"Someone has slept on my bed," Papa Bears high and
"Someone sleeping in my bed"

"I have no sleep," stated mom Bears.
"Someone sleeps in my bed," the little bear stated in his sluggish voice

Meanings of the Word: Sleeping – the remaining, Micron.

9. Curlylocks awoke He noticed three bears
He jumped down and
ran out of the cottage as quick as he might.

He saw three bears. She [Junk]
ran as quick as potential with the cottage

Questions within the Ncert textbook

Query 1.
My sister's hair is gentle and curly.

Do it yourself.

Question 2.
Once I'm hungry, eat lots.
Once I'm hungry,
Do it yourself

Studying is enjoyable
Query 1.
Who lived in a cottage within the woods?
Who lived in the cottage within the jungle?
The Bear household lived in the forest household

Query 2.
What did Curlylocks take a look at the table?

Do It Yourself

Question 3.
Why did he eat all the child's bear wooden?
Why all porridge
Do it yourself

Query four.
Whose mattress was clogged and why?
Whirlpool sleeps in mattress and why?
Answer. ] Do it your self

Let's speak
Query 1.
Have you ever ever seen a forest? Have you ever ever seen a jungle?
Sure, I have seen the forest. I obtained several timber there

Query 2.
The table has sweets on the plate. You need to eat some sweets What are you doing?
Table filled with sweets. You need to eat some sweets What would you do?
To begin with, I ask my mother and father to take me candy.

Question three.
The identify of a few things to eat from a bowl What things can you eat when a bowl is in a bowl?

Do it yourself.

Query 1.
Suppose you’re curlylocks Tell your folks what happened once you went to the Bear's cottage. You possibly can tell the story in your personal language first and then in English Start is how I Curlylocks I have curly hair At some point I …
You're Carleylox. Tell your folks what happened once you went to the pearl cottage? Inform this story first in your personal language and later in English. Begin with this story, I Karelylox.
Written by
Query 1.
1. Bear Household Papa Bear Mama Bear Baby Bear

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2. Importing footage for relations.
Attach an image of relations.
(i) Take some chart paper.
(ii) Write it – My Household
(iii) Attach footage of your loved ones members and write their names. Use Mr. and Mrs. Older Individuals
(iv) Write – That is me.
(v) Attach the picture under and enter your identify.
Do It Yourself

Question 3.
The word curly and hungry tells of Curlylocks. Can you find more words that describe "Karhua"?
Curly & # 39; (curly) & hungry (hungry) words tell us about Carleylocks. Can you discover words that describe bears? Then make a sentence of these words
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Query 4.
Write 5 strains for my family. ”
Write 5 sentences in the“ My Family ”doc.
Pay attention and Take pleasure in
The sailor went to the sea, the sea, the sea.
But all he might see, look, look.
Make the bottom of the deep blue sea, the sea, the ocean.

Query 1.
Make sentences at sea and in sight, tail and tales.
1. _______________
2. _______________
three. _______________
4. _______________
1. The Sea: The ship is crusing into the sea.
2. Look: I don't see the ball clear.
three. Tail: His tail could be very lengthy.
4. Story: My father advised me a narrative about the actual story

Question 2.
The Bear family went for a stroll before dinner. Anyone got here in. Look what they did!
The bear's household got here out for a stroll earlier than dinner. Someone came there. See what he did.
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Do It Yourself

Query 3.
Write all of the issues which might be held in the improper places.
Write issues in the incorrect place.
(i) A ball of ____ Papa bear's plate.
(ii) Flower ____ Mama Bear.
(iii) Plant ____Baby Bear chair
(i) Papa Bear in a sphere.
(ii) Flower
(iii) A plant beneath a baby bear chair.

Question four.
What else do you see within the image?
What do you consider the picture?

  1. I see a spherical table with three chairs.
  2. I additionally see glass, jug, shoe, cat and rat.

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