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NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English Literature Chapter 5 Patol Babu, Film Star

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English Literature Chapter 5 Patol Babu, Film Star 1

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English Literature Chapter 5 Patol Babu, Film Star is a part of NCERT options for a category 10 English literary reader. Here we’ve offered NCERT solutions for a reader of Class 10 English Literature Chapter 5 Patol Babu, movie star

NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English Literature Readers ] Your companion answers the next questions: What are your strengths?

Strengths Why do you are feeling so?

What’s your dream career?
I need to come ………

  • Is there a correlation between strengths and wishes?
  • Do you assume you’ll be able to achieve your dream?


Question 2.
Reply briefly the following questions:
(a) What information did Nishikanto Ghosh give to Patol Babu?
Patol Babu just had to exit when Nishikanto Babu referred to as him. He advised Patol Babu that his youngest brother was within the movie manufacturing division and was wanting for an actor on the scene in the film that they had taken. The mark must be fifty, brief and bald. So he gave him the handle of Patol Babu. In fact, they might pay him.

(b) How does Patol Babu react? Why?
Patol Babu had not been waiting for such news firstly of the day that the supply to act in the movie might grow to be a traditional man who was 52 years previous.

(c) Why did Patol Babu lose his first job in Calcutta?
Patol Babu labored as an officer with Hudson and Kimberley in Calcutta and was pleased when he was dwelling in Nepal's Bhattacharji Lane.

(d) How does Patol Babu reconcile the dialogue with him?
Younger Jyoti produced a pink dot pen and gave it to Sosanko, who cried out from the aspect and gave it to Patol Babu. Patol Babu noticed one phrase "Oh!" He was stunned that this was the one dialogue he needed to speak about. He remembered the mentor's recommendation that dialogue and position are brief, it must be achieved with dignity.

(e) Who was Pakrashi? How does his phrase help Patol Babe take on his position?
Lord. Pakrashi was a mentor for Patol Babu. He used to say, “Every word that is spoken in the game is like a fruit in a tree. It has not been evaluated by all audiences. But you, the actor, need to know how it tends to be, to be and to serve it to the public about their progress. "The memory of these Guru words made Patol Babu's bow head disobedient.

(f) How do we know that Patol Babu was a careful person?
Patol Babu had to say just one word "Oh!" Patol Babu began to give an exclamation point to various bends every time he said. After doing it many times he made an amazing discovery. The same cry, when speaking differently, contained different meanings. Suddenly he felt able to write the entire thesis of this cry.

(g) Why did Mullick translate Patol Babu's request to the exercise?
Lord. Mullick rejected Patol Babu's request for exercise and shook his head impatiently. He said that the sun is approaching a large cloud, and this scene must be taken into the sun.

(h) What were the special features of Patol Babu, which was his task to be more authentic?
Patol Babu told Mullick that if he had an open newspaper in his hand and if a collision occurred when he had eyes on paper, maybe it would be more effective.

Question 3
Discuss the following questions in detail and write the answers to your notebooks:
(а) 7 Hopefully some of you need dialogue? “Who says this? Why does he ask this question?
These words are spoken by Patol Babu. He asked about this question because the part he had to play was a pedestrian. The absent, short-lived person, though not a big one, but it wasn't the most important thing, was important that he attended the movie. Patol Babu was very keen on acting in movies. Once he had a real passion for the stage, in fact he couldn't think of anything else to accept working in the theater. She was always in demand, her name was in hand, people liked her actions and now she got the chance to work in the movie. He thought he was perfect for the part, but he was curious to know about his dialogues, so he asked this question. He thought this was the first step on the ladder, the first step that would make him successful. He thought his lifelong desire would be true.

(b) “Did these people pull their feet? Was the whole thing a huge scam? A woman, a harmless man like her, and they had to pull her in the middle of the city to make her laugh. How could anyone be so cruel? “Why does Patol Babu have these thoughts?
Naresh Dutt asked Sosanko to give Patol Babu his dialogue. Sosanko turned to Patol Babu and said, "Come along with Grandpa." He told Jyot to give him a dialogue. Jyoti produced a red dot pen and Sosanko wrote something to it and gave it to Patol Babu. Patol Babu saw that one word had rolled it – ”Oh! Patol Babu felt his sudden pulsating head. He felt very strange, "he had been ready for longer dialogues. Sigh came out of the depth of his coronary heart. Just one word – No, not even a word, voice – ”Oh! She felt her stifling. “Sosanko said,“ What grandfather is the thing? “You don't seem to be happy, and a lot of questions arose in Patol Babu's mind. Were these people pulling their legs? Was the whole thing a huge scam? Why did they want to pull this simple man in the middle and make him laugh. How could these people be so cruel? Patol Babu hardly talked. He said slowly: "Just". I have to say? I think it's pretty strange. “Sosanko raised his eyebrows and said,“ Do you think anything, at least you are talking about the Baren Mullick movie, do you understand what this means? You are a luckiest actor. ”

(c) Patol Babu is an novice actor, to whom a part of the film turns into a ultimate challenge. Talk about
Patol Babu had a real passion for the scene directly. It confirmed obsession. In Jatras, in newbie theaters, in the membership's play in his neighborhood, he was all the time requested, his identify even appeared in manuals a number of occasions. There was a time when individuals purchased tickets especially to see him. In the future, he was provided an element in a film directed by Baren Mullick. Patol Babu thought his life-long dream would come true. When he reached the capturing website, he received his dialogue. To the shock of Patol Babu, it was not the suitable dialogue, however just the phrase 'Oh'. Patol Babu felt discouraged, he discovered it moderately unusual. He thought individuals have been making an attempt to make it enjoyable because he was a simple individual.

When asked, he was advised that this was a commonly talking part. Talking in Baren Mullick's movie – didn't she understand what it meant? Why was he an actor? There have been no less than 100 who had appeared on this movie and had nothing to say, although the hero had no strains to talk that day. Patol Babu was the only one who was.

Patol Babu thought of a mentor's recommendation that a small half may be that it is best to never contemplate it beneath your dignity to simply accept it, play / movie is a combined effort.

Patol Babu now believed that this small word "Oh", if spoken in another way, meant a special which means. Why did he feel so embarrassed when this phrase contained a golden mine of meanings? An actual actor might make a sign with this one word.

(d) Do you agree that Patol Babu is a practical man to have the ability to supply to any life? He was given a task as a pedestrian who was absent in Baren Mullick's film. His dialogue was just one byte "Oh". Patol Babu thought it was unusual when he was a well-known stage artist, he thought these individuals would make enjoyable of him, but he was informed that he had at the very least a fortunate dialogue. There have been others who appeared in that scene, however that they had nothing to say, even a hero. Patol Babu nonetheless felt discouraged. He thought that every little thing was only a waste of time, however the words of his mentors woke him, he reminded his mentors of recommendation. He once informed him (Patol Babu) that as an artist, his purpose can be to benefit from his alternative and that he ought to spotlight the true which means of his strains. Patol Babu out of the blue thought he might write the complete thesis that the identical byte is identical as a result of the same cry, if spoken in a different way, meant totally different meanings. He now needed to play his part in the absolute best approach. There was no money for him, regardless that he wanted cash very badly. He was definitely a practical man who got here to mind what life needed to supply.

(e) Why does Patol Babu stroll away earlier than he pays for his position? What does this reveal about his characters?
Patol Babu was stunned at his dialogue because it was just one byte "Oh". He felt very discouraged. He thought he was enjoyable. Things have been a lot better on stage. In his thoughts, a weak reminiscence aroused

His words to his mentor, Gogon Pakrash, heard in his ears: “Every phrase of dialogue is like a fruit in a tree. As an artist, you need to take advantage of your alternative. Nevertheless, a small half, by no means contemplate it extra useful. “This small single byte, if spoken in a different way, would imply totally different meanings. An actual actor might make the perfect of it. Now he was utterly apathetic. He felt anxious anticipation and pleasure.

She carried out nicely. He had put all his work into this act. It was a satisfaction that you simply did it completely. Cash didn't matter, though he wanted it. So he went away without paying. This showed that he was not solely a gifted however hardworking, passionate actor.

(f) Do you assume making a movie is straightforward? Seek advice from the story with reference
Though films are intefesting, but making a film isn’t straightforward. It requires funding and applicable actors in certain roles. The delivery of the setting, the background music, should correlate with one another. Rgovie ought to be an effective finish to go away the impression and message to the public.

Question four.
Listed here are some rows of classes. What do they tell concerning the nature of Patol Babu? You possibly can assist with the words in the desk under or discover some of your personal vocabulary. The first one is made for you.

  NCERT Solutions for Class 10 English Literature Chapter 5 Patol Babu, Film Star 1
-Any yr of selflessness, as he was outdoors his goals. modest
(b) In truth, there was a time when individuals purchased tickets especially to see him
(c) "I was with Hudson and Kimberley for nine years and was not late for one day."
(d) Regardless of if the half was small but when he had to take advantage of it, he needed to study the strains prematurely. How small he would really feel if he muttered within the presence of so many individuals
(e) Patol Babu clarified the throat and commenced to speak in several methods. Along with it, he developed how he would react physically within the occasion of a collision – how his characteristics can be twisted, how would he forged his hand, how his body would rush to precise ache and surprise – all these he did
(f) It is true that he needed money very badly, however what was twenty rupees, measured by the entire perfection and dedication of the small work
(b) passionate actor, gifted
(c) diligent, humble
(d) hardworking, careful
(e) gifted
(f) genial, hardworking

Query 5
Listed here are some rows of classes. Mix the meanings of underlined phrases with the meanings listed under.

(a) He then had a job in a Bengali firm, which he gave up with disgust when his boss began to treat him too excessive. 19659035] (i) Stimulates Creativeness
(b) Poor memory of Patol Babu (ii) to surrender or hand over
(c) Initially, he opened a spread movement that he (iii) staged
] d) Patria BatJu was all the time in demand within the neighborhood of the theater (iv (19659035) (v) closed
(v) closed
(f) Patol Babu pulled
(f) Patol Babu pulled
(vi) stopped

(a) surrender or surrender
(b) stimulates imagination
(c) shut
(d) st
(e) give up
(f) management his personal activity

Query 6.
When Patol Babu returns to his house, he tells his expertise in front of the digital camera to his spouse. You could start with this … ..
Patol Babu's wife: What occurred this yr
Patol Babu: Oh, sure, I had my life time
Patol Babu's wife: What dialogue did you get?
Patol Babu: I used to be stunned that I just needed to say "Oh!"
Patol Babu's spouse: It's very unusual.
Patol Babu: Yes it was shocking, just one word – no, not even a phrase, voice – "
Patol Babu's wife: Then how did you do?
Patol Babu: I started giving an exclamation" Oh "totally different bending All of the sudden, I felt capable of write all the dissertation in a single word. Cash in the meanwhile did not matter to me, what was essential to me

Query 7.
Patol Babu has influenced everybody by capturing together with his actor despite one phrase of dialogue. 19659008] happiness grief

  • excitement worry
  • sarcasm ache
  • shock surprise
  • Every group then places one in every of these emotions into my using the word & # 39; Oh & # 39;

    Written Question

    Question eight.
    Patol Babu writes a letter to Nishikanto Ghosh to thank him for being an necessary part of his position within the movie. He additionally shares his film expertise, including the thrill and deep satisfaction he has acquired from the identical. Write a letter with about 200 phrases.
    21, ABC Road
    Pricey Nishikanto Babu,
    It was actually like serious about me and the eagerness I had to work with. At first I was fairly amazed for so many years throughout my stage. Thank you lor for presenting me to your lender. I met him and he directed me where to go.

    I came house and gave this completely happy information to my wife. I used to be really excited. I met Naresh Dutt and requested for one thing from his colleague to offer me a dialogue. I used to be stunned that it was not the correct dialogue, however the word 'Oh'. I discovered it fairly strange. I assumed I might be a laughing individuals among these individuals. I used to be advised that there have been over a hundred individuals in this film, however that they had nothing to say. Even the hero had no strains to speak about that day. I was the only one who had.

    Then I assumed this "Oh" might be a special bend each time it was proclaimed. The same cry, when talking in a different way, contained totally different meanings. A bit of gray mustache was additionally placed on my face. I gave the concept if I had a newspaper in my hand, it might be simpler. I gave my shot and it was good. For me the money didn't matter, but I need to act in the movie was crammed. This was all potential because you are. You performed an essential position in getting this position for me.

    Your Good friend,
    Patol Babu

    Listening Drawback

    Query 9.
    Take heed to string specialists and comply with the directions.
    (a) Supporting roles are roles that do not affect the movie's storyline or topic (True / False)

    (b) Individuals turn into primarily actors of nature because (Mark right decisions)
    (i) they need to play help roles
    (ii) there are leading roles
    (iii) it is simpler to act in a help position
    (iv) they will't discover other jobs
    ( i) they need to play help roles

    (c) & # 39; star high quality & # 39; refers to things like ……… (Mark the Proper Selection)
    (i) attractiveness and useful talent
    (ii) good appearance and proper weight
    (iii) attractiveness and proper peak
    (iv) ) attractiveness, peak and proper weight
    (i) attractiveness d appearing talent

    (d) After forty years of age, Actors who’re more likely to get much less work are (Mark the suitable selection)
    (i) Characters
    (ii) Male Lead
    (iii) Female Actors
    (iv) Female Leaders
    (i) Character Actors

    The benefits are that ……… (Mark the Right Selection)
    (i) They’ll never be accused of failing a film
    (ii) They will act so long as they like
    (iii) They don't have to fret Appearance
    (iv) They don’t have to be certified for them Volleyball or Swim
    (ii) They Can Work as Lengthy as They Want

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