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NCERT Solutions in Category 5 English Unit 10 Chapter 2 Who will be Ningthou?

NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English Unit 10 Chapter 2 Who Will Be Ningthou 1

NCERT Solutions in Category 5 English Unit 10 Chapter 2 Who will be Ningthou?

Category 5 English Chapter 2 Who will be Ningthou? Questions concerning the textbook

Reading is fun
Question 1.
Identify a place in Manipur where Ningthou and Leima dominated.


Query 2.
Why did the Kangleipak ​​individuals love their king and queen?

The individuals of Kangleipak ​​liked their king and queen because they beloved them very a lot and all the time needed to see them glad.

Query three.
Why did Ningthou need to choose the longer term king?
निंगथाऊ भा: राजा का चुनाव क्यों करना चाहता था?
Ningthou needed to choose a future king as a result of he was previous.

Query four.
How did the king need to choose his future king?
राजा अपने भावी राजा को कैसे ेनना थाथा था] Reply:
The king needed to choose his future king by holding the competition.

Query 5
What kind of youngster was Sanatombi?
सनातोम्बी किस प्रकार की बच्ची थी?
She was a stunning youngster, mushy and delightful inside.

Query 6.
Have you ever ever seen an animal or a painful hen? What did you do?
क्या आपने किसी जानवर या पक्षी को दर्द में देखा है?
When you saw a deceptive canine beneath a operating automotive. Each of his hind legs turned black. The automotive driver didn't concentrate. However I went to an injured dog, brought him to the jail and gave him first assist.

Question 1.
The place is Manipur on the map of India?
भारत के मानचित्र में मणिपुर कहाँ स्थित है?
From India to the Northeast

Query 2.
What language do the individuals of Manipur converse?
मणिपुर के लोग कौन-सी भाषा बोलते हैं?
(i) Assamese
(ii) Maithailon
(iii) Migo
(iv) Manipur.
(iv) Manipuri.

Question 3
Who do you assume ought to have been
drive के विचार में किसे भावी राजा बनाया जाना चाहिए?

  • Sanajaoba, who jumped by means of the tree
  • Sanayaima, who jumped over the tree.
  • who expelled t

Why do you assume so?
Who received the queen of the longer term and why?
Nobody can grow to be a future king as a result of they only consider in displaying their energy, which is not all the time good. The longer term king should be smart and attentive
The Sanatomb was made a future queen because she had all of the qualities of a very good ruler. He didn't consider anyone was hurting, not even timber.

Word Constructing
Question 1.
Say the following names in your native language

Ningthou Leima
Meeyam. Khongnang
Do it your self.

Question 2.
Write the following meanings in English:
Tunggi Ningthou – Future King
Thouro! THOUROT! – Bravo! Bravo!
Phajei! Phajei! – Fantastic! Fantastic!
Shagol thai cup!

Enjoyable Sound Words
Query 1.
Some fascinating words sound like the sounds they are. You employ totally different sounds if you say these phrases. Vote will turn out to be stronger and stronger.
For instance
Zoom! went to the automotive., Bang! went to the door., Pip! pop!
Say the following and write what these voices or actions would do.
Click on Here! – Digital camera
Chirp! – Chook
Whisper! – Converse with a bit of voice
Bravo! – Let's say when somebody does good.
Oh! – Let's say it expresses surprise and pain.
Ah! – It’s stated to precise joy.
Hurray! – It's stated to precise happiness.
Sorry! – It's stated to precise sorrow.
Fantastic! – It is stated to precise joy or happiness.
Hey! – Let's say to somebody.
Ho! – It stated that attracted somebody's consideration.
Hop Off!

Using the Language
Question 1.
Read the educating rigorously and put a circle at the finish of all the words that it’s. Then write them in one column and their current type in the opposite.

  NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English Unit 10 Chapter 2 Who is Ningthou 1

Query 2.
Fill the fitting word for the blanks and fill the story.
Brutal cruel lived (lives / lives / lived) in the forest. In the future he met (meet / met / meet) an previous man who walked in the woods. Immediately brutal jumped (leap / leap) to the previous man's shoulders and ordered (order / orders / orders) for him. "Let's go. Go fast." The scary previous man obeyed (obey / obey / obey) the nasty goblin and walked (walks / walks / walked). the Goblin legs have been very mild previous man asked (ask / asks / requested) cruel. "? Sir, how your feet are so soft and cruel" cruel responded (response / reply / answered) "I have taken a vow that I did not touch the ground at my feet They came soon (comel / came) to the pool. The guided instruction guides / guides / guides the old man to wait for him when he arrived (feed / arrive / feed) into the pool. thinks / thought) to himself. ”Now that the goblin has waxed his feet, he doesn't need me. 07] Create a list of functional words for this story.
इस कहान action में से क्रिया शब्दों की सूची बनाएँ।

– operating words irregular words
live lived meeting met
subscription ordered ordered leap jumped
obey obey come came
walk walked think thought
move moved drive [19659027] pointed out pointed out ] answered
ask asked write
help help help help guided] Question 1
Sit in groups of five groups. Now every student tells the story. Decide which story was the best and declare the Ningthou or Leima group.
Do It Yourself

Question 2.
Find out the stories of other great people's lives and childhood and writing these in your notebook. Collect at least two such stories and share them with your friends
You might think famous

  • scientists
  • religious people
  • freedom fighters
  • bold children
  • astronauts
  • artists

] Answer:
Do it yourself.

Who is Ningthou? Summary in English

This is a story of Manipur about what. Features make a good ruler. The king and the queen were so good that they always wanted to see their people happily. In return, they were loved with love among the people. Birds and animals also loved them. They had three sons and a daughter they called Sanatomb. He was a good heart and loved everyone.

The King grew old. He decided to choose the heir. He tried all three of his sons into the qualities of a good ruler, but he noticed that no one was a worthy ruler. So he chose his 12-year-old daughter, Sanatomb, because he knew the pain of people, animals, birds and trees. Everyone was happy with their future queen

Who will be Ningthou? Summary in Hindi

मणिपुर की यह कहानी एक अच्छे शासक के गुणों के बारे में बताती है। राजा और रानी इतने अच्छे थे कि वे वेा अपनी प्रजा को खुशहाल देखना चाहते थे। में उन्हें प्रजा से अगाध प्यार मिलता था। पक्षी और जानवर भी उन्हें प्यार करते थे। उनके तीन बेटे और एक बेटी हों, औिसका नाम उन्होंने सनतोम्बी रखा। हृदय की बहुत अच्छी थी और सभी उसे प्यार करते थे।

समय बीतने के साथ राजा वृद्ध हो गए। उसने अपना उत्तराधिकारी चुनने का फैसला कर लिया। ↓ अंततः उसने अपनी बारह वर्षीया बेटी, सनतोम्बी कन उतिाा क्योंकि वह आदमी वर्व कर महसूस कर सकती थी ।। सभी अपनी भावी रानी से काफी खुश थे।

Class 5 English Chapter 2 Who will be Ningthou? Hindi Translation of Learning

1. Long ago, in Kangleipak's country, Manipur lived in Ningthou and Leima. People loved them very much
Ningthou and Leima never stopped thinking about their meeyam, their people. "Our meeyam should be completely happy," they stated:
Individuals weren’t the only ones who beloved Ningthou and Leima. Birds and animals also beloved them. Ningthou and Leima all the time stated, “Everyone in the Kangleipak ​​should live in peace. Not only the people, but birds, animals and trees.
Their beloved king and queen had three sons: Sanajaoba, Sanayaima and Sanatom.
After twelve years a daughter was born. He was named Sanatomb. She was a lovely child, soft and beautiful inside.
Word-Meanings-Dearly (डीअर्लि) – very much, बहुत अधिक।
दनुवाद: बहुत पहलेमण जाता है, रहते थे। लोग उन्हें बहुत प्यार करते थे। राजा और रानी हमेशा अपनी प्रजा के बारे में सोचते रहते थे। वेारहते प्रजा को खुशना चाहिएए राजा और रानी हमेशा कहते थे, "कांग्लेपाक में रहने वाले सभी शांति से रहें। . केवल लोग ही नहीं, बल्कि पक्षी, जानवर और वृक्ष भी खुश रहें "
उनके प्यारे राजा और रानी के तीन बेटे थे: सनजोवा, सनयेमा और सनतोम्बा ..
बारह वर्ष पश्चात एक बेटी का जन्म हुआ. उसका नाम रखा गया सनतोम्बी। वह बहुत प्यारी बच्ची थी। अंदर से कोमल और सुन्दर थी। सभी उससे प्यार करते थे।

2. Years went by and the children grew well. And then one day, Ningthou called all his ministers and said, "Now is the time to decide Tunggi Ningthou, the coming king."
Ministers were shocked. “But O Ningthou, what's up there? Your oldest son, Sanayoba, will be the king of the future. ”
” Nicely, ”Ningthou replied. “This happened on an old day. The eldest son always became king. But times have changed. So choose the king who is the most deserving king. ”
“ We have a competition to choose the future king, ”Leima stated. And so, there was a race, a horse race in the Kangleipak ​​country. Whoever reached the khongnang, the Banyan tree, would be declared Tunggi Ningthou first.
Phrase-Meanings-Shocked (शॉक्ड) – Stunned, चकित रह गए। Worthy (वर्दी). deserves, योग्य। Competition (कन्टेस्ट), प्रतियोगिता। Introduced (डिक्लेअर्ड) reported, घोषणा किया।
अनुवाद: समय बीतते गए, और बच्चे बड़े हो गए। और तब एक दिन राजा ने अपने सभी र्रियों को बुलाया और कहा, अब भावी राजा के बारे में ”मंत्री चकित रह गए। “लेकिन ओ राजा, इसमें निर्णय करने की क्या बात है? सनजोवा, आपका सबसे बड़ा बेटा, भावी राजा होगा। ”“ ठीक है, ”राजा ने जवाब दिया।
ऐसा पुराने जमाने में हुआ करता था। सबसे बड़ा बेटा हमेशा राजा बनता था। लेकिन समय बदल गया है। र हम उसे राजा चुनें जो राजा बनने के योग्य हो. ”रानी ने कहा'भावी राजा को चुनने के लिएए जो कोई भी वट षक्ष के ेास र पहले पहुँचेगा उसे ही भावी राजा घोषित किया जाएगा।

three. However then a wierd factor occurred. Sanajaoba, Sanayaima and Sanatomba ended the competitors collectively. They have been knowledgeable riders and all three acquired to the end line at the similar time!
There was nice rigidity. "Take a look at them!" People shouted. "Shagol thauba nupa, suck nice riders!"
But one query remained: who would be Tunggi Ningthou?
Ningthou and Leima turned to their sons. Ningthou stated: “Sanajaoba, Sanayaima and Sanatomba, you have shown that you are a great rider. Do something different for each of you so we can decide who is Tunggi Ningthou. ”
All of a sudden, Sanajaoba positioned her horse and held her spear straight in entrance of her. He appeared round. There was an emergency among the many individuals. “What is Sanajaoba, the oldest, going to do? They thought of themselves.
Sanajaoba then looked at the huge Khongnang, which was majestically far away. He pierced the tree and jumped through his horse through it!
Bravo! Bravo! “People shouted. "THOUROT! THOUROT! “And then they quieted.
Word-Meanings-Expert (एक्सपर्ट) – professional, कुशल, निपुण। Installed (माउंटेड) – rode, चढ़ा। Spear (स्पीअर) – ase, एक हथियार। Hush (हश) – Silence, चुप्पी। Majestically (मैजेस्टिकलि) -शान से। Pierced (पिअस्ड) –भेदना।
] नदाद: लेकिन तब एक अनहोनी घटना घट गई। सनजोवा, सनयेमा और सनतोम्बा तीनों ने एक साथ दौड समाप्त कर दी। वे कुशल घुड़सवार थे और सभी तीन एक ही समय पर समाप्ति रेखा पर पहुँच गए ।। बहुत उत्तेजना हो रही थी। "उनको देखो!" लोगों ने चिल्लाया। “कुशल घुड़सवार।” लेकिन एक प्रश्न रह गया। कन ावी राजा होगा? राजा और रानी अपने पुत्रों की ओर मुड़े। राजा ने कहा, “सनजोवा, सनयेमा और सनतोम्बा, सबों ने यह बाबित कर दिया कि आप कुशल घुड़सवार हैं। 19 से प तप ए भ क े े े े [[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[आपमेंआपमेंआपमेंआपमेंआपमेंआपमेंआपमेंआपमेंआपमेंआपमेंआपमेंआपमेंआपमेंआपमेंआपमेंआपमेंउसनेआस-पासदेखा।लोगोंमेंचुप्पीछायीथी।“सनजावासबसेबड़ाक्याकरनेजारहाहै?”वेअपनेआपमेंसोचे।सनजोवानेतबकुछदूरीपरशानसेखड़ेविशालवटषक्षकोदेखा।उसनेपेड़कोभेदयियाऔरउसमेंसेअपनेघोड़ेकोसीधाकुदादिया।"शाबाश!शाबाश!”लोगोंनेशोरकिया।औरउसकेबादवेशांतहोगए।

4. Now it was the turn of another boy, Sanayaima. What would he do? Sanayaima also looked at khongnang when he placed his horse. Then he also rode towards wood, harder and harder. People looked in silence and were afraid to breathe. When he was really close, he urged his horse to jump. The higher and higher horse rose until the horse and rider jumped over the huge tree and landed on the other side with a great move.
People breathed into relief and said together: "Phajei! Phajei! Fantastic! Fantastic!. And now, it was the flip of the youngest son of Sanatom.
Thouro shouts! Thouro! Phajei! Phajei! ”Crammed the mountains. They took their necks to see what happened. ] अनुवाद: अब दूसरे बेटे, सनयेमा की बारी ी येम वह क्या करेगा? वास्तव में समीप था, उसने अपने घोड़े को उछलने के लिए उत्साहित किया। घोड़ा तब तक ऊपर ीरवार स् ्ट रर ेाँगकछलअद लोगों ने राहत की साँस ली और एक साथ बोल पड़े: अद्भुत!
और अब बारी थी सबसे छोटे बेटे सनतोम्बा की। वह र घोड़े र ष ष र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र र विजयभाव से वह वृक्ष लिए राजा और रानी के पास आया और उनके चरणों में रख दिया।
शाबाश! शाबाश! की ध्वनि से पहाड़ गुंजित हो उठे। लोग अधीर होने लगे। राजा और रानी क्यों इतना समय ले रहे थे घोषणा करने में? उन्होंने अपनी गर्दन ऊपर की कन के लिए कि क्या हो रहा है। "

5. Ningthou and Leima take a look at Sanatombia, their five-year-old daughter. He seemed sad and lonely. He stared at khongnang, who sat on the throne. The birds spread with concern and appeared for his or her houses in the tree. The Sanatomb walked to Khongnang and whispered. “Khongnang is dead.
The witch was injured and now it is dead. ”Individuals had all observed. Ningthou rose. He checked out three boys. She seemed on the little woman. He turned to the individuals. "If somebody is to develop into a ruler," he said, "It's a little bit of a Sanomatomb. He was the one who advised us to take a look at the soul of khongnang. meanings-Stared (स्टेअर्ड) – appeared, देखा। Flapped (फ्लैप्ड) –फड़फड़ाया। Whispered (वीस्पङ) stated with somewhat voice, फुसफुसाया।
अनुवाद: राजा और रानी सनातोम्बी, उनकी पाँच वर्षीया पुत्री को निहार रहे थे। अकेली दिखी। उसने वट वृक्ष को देखा जो राज सिंहासन के पास मृत पड़ा था। षीक्षीषी 19नी घोंसला खोज रहे थे।
सनातोम्बी वट वृक्ष के पास गई और धीरे से बोली षवट षम गयम गयगय अबऔ लभ सेसे लगीपड़ लोगा लोग उसने तीनों लड़कों पर नजर डाली. उसने छोटी लड़की पर नजर डाली. वह लोगों की ओर मुड़ा. "यदि कोई शासक बनने के योग्य है," उसने कहा, "तो यह सनातोम्बी है. यह वही है जिसने हमें वट वृक्ष की आत्मा में झांकने को मजबूर किया। सन तोम्बी दूसरों का दर्द महसूस करती है. वह लोगों, जानवरों, पक्षियों, वृक्षों के दर्द महसूस करती है। "

6. "I declare Sanatomb a future Kangleipak," Ningthou stated. Silence fell. Everybody turned to take a look at the little woman, their future queen. There he stood, all five, like just a little khongnang, where the birds flew round him. They sat on the shoulders and on the top. He held his palms filled with grain and the birds fluttered round him, pecking on the meals.
“The stamp is one that does not harm anyone in the kingdom.” (Page 180)
Phrase-Meanings- Pecking (पेकिंग) – decide up a beak, दाना चुगना ।।
अनुवाद: “मैं सनातोम्बी को कांग्लेपाक की भावी रानी घोषित करता हूँ” राजा ने कहा। चुप्पी छा ​​गई। सभी उस छोटी-सी लड़की, अपनी भावी रानी को देखने लगे। वह केवल पाँच वर्ष की थी और छोटे-से वट वृक्ष की भाँति खड़ी थी। जिसके चारों ओर पक्षी मंडरा रहे थे। वे उसकी कंधों और सिर पर बैठे थे। उसने दानों से भरे अपने हाथ खोले और पक्षी उसके आसपास फड़फड़ाते हुए दाना चुगने लगे। . ”

NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English