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News of the evening on Wednesday 26/06/2019

News of the evening Wednesday, June 26, 1919

* Introduction of Lebanese TV information The Council of Ministers will tomorrow launch a Board of Governors appointment after the election of its 5 members of the Constitutional Council. Prime Minister Saad al-Harir's political speech emphasised in a legislative session the rejection of Lebanon by a century treaty and Palestinian resettlement. When Saudi Arabia decided to comply with the Arab initiative and East Jerusalem as the capital of the Palestinian state, Sultanate announced its determination to open the embassy in Ramallah. At the financial conference in Manama, individuals expressed their views on the rejection of the political perspective of the century treaty and on the acceptance of help for the Palestinian financial system, and on Jared Kouchner's efforts to market political concepts by way of financial tasks. The results of the US-Russia-Israel Safety Conference on the expulsion of Iranian troops and their allies from the occupied Golan Heights, 100 kilometers from Syria. In the second subject, Hassan Salami, chief of Iranian revolutionary guards, stated that the US's last sanctions towards Tehran have been determined movements after Iran lowered the US plane in the Gulf of Oman. President Hassan Rowhani introduced that the United States is a fallacious path. The UN Safety Council held a nuclear treaty session at the starting of Iran to increase the share of uranium enrichment. The House of Representatives elected 5 members of the Constitutional Council and extended their working hours till the finish of July. ========================= * Presentation News "TV NBC That" brochure sets the regulation on a vacation morning learning price range, although present in the spectrum of gadgets from the President of Parliament Nabih Berr The plenary session invited underneath the Al-Wakila rule has been extended until the finish of July, which suggests codifying the cost until the draft finances is adopted by the Basic Assembly and revealed after its entry into drive. At the meeting, preceded by a meeting between the Council and the heads of government, it was noted that the Constitutional Council had elected a legislative authority to win the outcome: Tannous Mashlab Awni Ramadan Akram Basir and Riad Abu Ghaida anticipated the authorities to elect the remaining members to complete the Council assembly. A basket of necessary and necessary laws has been adopted, particularly the Regulation on Anti-Corruption in the Public Sector and the Modification of the Penal Code, with each day of imprisonment being replaced by eight hours of abuse in social and development violations in 1971. The return of Harir and Progressive Socialist Celebration chief Walid Jumblatt to Beirut, NBN, discovered Berrin launched by the president of the conciliation after the heavy verbal sparring between the two sides not only stay aseistossa, but goes beyond the Roadmap and the socialist future of the relationship between the restore. Prime Minister Hariri stated that the causes of the Palestinians and the standing of the trade century, in addition to the workshops assigned to it and the submit of President Berr, said that his government would reject this settlement and resolve it. The Manama workshop did not obtain a number of billion value of sound bombs without the repercussions of the rejection of the Palestinian inhabitants, backed up by the supporters of the rejection record supported by their nation. ========================= * Introduction to news "or television," the degree of the region of Iranian pleasure Alomirka- to the highest degree and "deal Century" Arab-Western hearth in the so-called "workshop" in Bahrain. At the local degree, the danger of re-investment is the lowest degree of some political forces, as does half one million Palestinian refugees in Lebanon and the land of one million and half one million Syrian refugees, who reside there. Priority is now given to the priority of these forces, shortened one word: appointments … As a result of of them, they proclaimed virtual wars, fired declarations, and fought every single day with Twitter battles without understanding individuals, no background to the conflict when it began, no cause for peace when it began, Associations do not renew, and we return to the acceleration period … publicly, we speak about the mechanism, the improve in efficiency and the principle of denial of quotas. The key, the question of the stock and the victory and asking for a spot … with out mechanism and effectivity and beneath the quota. In the case of some Lebanese troops that have develop into part of the political follow of segregation, when Lebanon's demand for his or her representatives is just for readability and transparency, as a result of finding the fact for one gateway to seek out options. As we speak, the House of Representatives chose 5 members of the Constitutional Council for bizarre drumming and singing, so the selection of the other five will depend on the authorities's choice to allow the new Council to realize the qualitative leap anticipated by Lebanon to safeguard the Constitution. Meanwhile, when the strike of full-time professors at the College of Lebanon is on their strategy to an answer, and at a ministerial meeting held in the authorities, the Libyan authorities expects tomorrow morning, where the country is predicted to witness the closure of roads by retired army opponents for price range analysis. Please observe that the Financial Committee has in the meantime accredited the budgets of the Ministries of Social Affairs and Business. As half of the retirement of a retired soldier, Protection Minister Elias Boussab needed to stop the closure of roads and the closure of public buildings, as residents paid for the worth. ===================== * Presentation News "Al-Manar TV" Bulletin The phantasm of commerce by People fifty billion dollars non-existent now satisfied .. it isn’t allowed to promote The nation belongs to the Arab members, but to the Israelis who don’t consider in beneficiant American and Arabic gives because they provide what they don’t have, while the land house owners and the cause proved to be able to mix tributes. The convention, which was disappointing in Manama, the first levels of loss, for many who act as a service provider who is sweet at handling and using money when he met the kingdoms and the sheikhs, He spoke of the illusion of resolving political, security and historical crises on account of economic issues, and Jared Kouchner's report Distinctive genius features, as reported in western newspapers, and the Hebrew media that noticed no achievement despite the drum length, the Palestinians showed that they can’t be donated via economic temptations to Tsah Hanegbi. And the selection of Palestinians has develop into unity and resistance and commerce in friendship for all free nations. to save lots of Palestine and holy locations, Ismail Haniyeh, head of the Hamas political workplace, from the tunnel .. For the entire world, the individuals of Bahrain stated via Wifaq that they’re harmless to shame, "Government, Representative and the whole of Lebanon's century trade and our constitution prevents the solution, "President Saad Hariri stated in his speech. The disaster is short-term, and the words of Al-Manar's Minister of Power present a scorching electric summer time, and the warmth of the Lebanese University disaster is unstable in terms of loss, and it is hoped will probably be misplaced. Trade things hold, That lighthouse has an extended break with the College and its defense tomorrow .. ============================== Advisable by the Council Presidency the legislative session of the five members of the Constitutional Council elected them to appoint the remaining five members. Parliament also adopted a settlement of building infringements and extended the adoption of the twelfth rule by 31 July on the proposal of the President of the House of Representatives. Prime Minister Saad Hariri confirmed that no trades have been dealt with in the election of the members of the Constitutional Council, and the names of the candidates are recognized, as a result of this is democracy. Prime Minister Hariri stated that the authorities, the Home of Representatives and the entire of the Lebanon's reverse of the century, confused that the Lebanese structure prevents resettlement. The Basic Meeting of the University of Lebanon introduced a cessation strike subsequent Friday in the mild of a joint press convention by Minister of Schooling Akram Shahib, Head of University and All-Time Academics Association. Iran continues to launch critical positions and proclaims that it’ll start to speed up uranium enrichment tomorrow, while US President Donald Trump renewed his menace to Tehran, stressing that each one wars can be fast and negotiable. In the context of regional improvement, White Home Adviser Jared Kouchner stated that the Palestinian door is open in the context of the US-led peace plan and accuses the Palestinian Authority of not helping individuals. ===================== * Introduction to the News "TV BBC:" Even when you don’t like some, Lebanon is a land of settlements and quotas and so long as "land walker Heck" Country "It's what walks." At the moment, what occurred in the House of Representatives could be shortened by: – ​​extending the deadline for paying the guidelines of the twelve Member States till the finish of July, although President Nabih Berri admits that the adoption of this rule is unconstitutional. – Adoption of a decision of 94 to 2018 on the foundation of the exceptional and compelling nature of Lebanon. – The election of the 5 members of the Constitutional Courtroom in agreement with their names in political chambers. All of these selections result in one outcome: We aren’t a state because the state is dedicated to constitutional deadlines for budgeting, and it isn’t. We don’t have a state as a result of there are not any compelling circumstances since yr 94 has settled violations, as if we stated to the citizen: "Unlike every twenty years, we accept a new solution." We should not have a state, because nomination quotas not respect the picture of the Home of Representatives, and it was additionally revealed that everyone is a quota companion who did not win his share in the Constitutional Council for the entire cause, which inevitably gets in the Council of Ministers. We don’t have a state as a result of accounting is missing as a result of the picture of the judiciary has been shaken because the citizen "Adam" has lost his trust in energy, even utilizing the road to listen to his voice, hear from the individuals of this state who can’t get to Beirut tomorrow as a result of retired soldiers determined to forged their voice over the capital-cutting arteries? ====================== * Presentation of the publication "TV MTV" Half of the Constitutional Council via the entrance to the Home of Representatives has exceeded most of the democratic competitions, together with the incontrovertible fact that the delegation held throughout the parliamentary summit, noted that the being pregnant was on the political corridors and opposed the appointment and appointment of the brigades and the deputies of Yacoubian and withdrew from the assembly. The state's share of five constitutional twins doesn’t seem in the cupboard on Thursday because their work is just not over yet. The Home of Representatives testified that grey, grey, unacceptable and good legislation turned a regulation that may oblige an alien married Lebanon to get a work permit, and the objection of a violent social gathering and free patriotic movement cannot be accepted. 1971 good. Sami Gemayel, replacing the perpetrators of the notorious abuses with a social service punishment that is punishable by imprisonment for less than a yr beneath the present penal code. Lebanese college professors announced their strike after reaching a satisfactory agreement with the Minister of Schooling, Akram Shuhayeb, to officially announce this at a press conference organized by Shahib on Friday. In return, retired army personnel are on their method to the streets on Thursday to stop them from disrupting their pensions and breaking all the main arteries into the capital. In accordance with the financial state of affairs, the Governor of the Central Bank of Lebanon encountered the World Financial institution's gray and the Fitch Foundation assures and strengthens Lira's and the bank's stability, with out denying what we are experiencing and the danger of not finding fast political solutions that guarantee the stability and stream of Sidr funds. In this context, specialists urged to speed up political solutions in an effort to avoid attainable scorching storms of the century-American-Israeli conflict. With financial and financial considerations, much of the lack of justice and relationships, and the deterioration and pressure between some judges and legal professionals, is growing, which meant the have to exercise justice and justice before chaos. ========================= * Introducing New TV News To No Change You, The Constitutional Council "From Political Shaking" After Composition Members eat at the headquarters on the farm, and parliamentarians are "disciplined" and vote for 5 members representing President Michel Aoun, Nabih Berr, Saad Hariri and Walid Jumblate. And politicians withdrew from the Home of Political Obedience, and Phalange's deputies and MPs, Jamil Sayyed Jean Talouzian, Paula Yaqoubian, withdrew their fingerprinting, which might threaten the complaints he was considering. Structure right now. Upon commencement, the appointment of 5 governments soon .. can congratulate future deputies Dima Jamalia after long struggling abroad, "born". If the judiciary was unveiled at this time to a political settlement, it was witnessed in the Judicial Palace towards the famous crime of the Lebanese Prosecutor, Decide Ghada Aou, who was liable for the request for launch, at his office. "I could have gathered people who see it when I see it, and Kouchner's vision in this shame workshop was an Arab insult because they destroyed their Arab files," he stated proudly. Who has been following the Beirut Summit 20 years in the past, and the two days of media that one individual opposed or withdrawn or made a reservation however listened to a bit command and obedience about the teachings of the Palestinian "Unbelievers' Prince" and celebrated and Jared Kouchner was a milestone for all Arabs who accepted the position of "Audience Audience" Son Zionist considering and concept. He acquired political science at Benjamin Netanyahu's residence till he turned a professor and promoted him to extremism and broke the black house in politics, and gave the Arabs carrot with out gear because he had used the rods prematurely to secure the presence of Arabs and name him humiliating paper. The silence of Arab lambs .. Silence is a betrayal, the place Ahmed Aboul Gheit, Secretary Basic of the Arab League, was not afraid of looting Palestine from worry of an Iranian tide. He might solely equate two harmful equilibrium positions. Abul-Gheit is glad to comply with the trade, where his Arab University's initiative disappears and he revives with Kouchner when he says he’s flourishing from Lebanon to Cen. Jordan is a successful police officer who sells Jerusalem, the place the Palestinians are inhuman and haven’t any pursuits or tasks until Jerusalem is purchased by Manama's investments. The Walid Jumblatt Observatory might have been picked up when he reminded that during the administration of Sultan Abdul Hamid, Theodore Herzl requested Palestine to purchase world Jews Sultan refused, and in the present day in Bahrain Herzl's grandson Kouchner asks Arabs to sell Palestine to transfer their individuals to the Diaspora. ? "And answer the mountain chief's reply: Sure, they did and offended and lowered. However the Arab individuals didn’t but say the word, and the rush to Palestine sales has taken part in funeral and funeral and funeral techniques that only seek to protect the throne. They listened to American loyalty and appointed The president's brother was the supreme guide of the Arabs, and Walia gave it to them, however the funeral was the cemetery and the lifeless Kouchner. ======================== = Comply with the Nationwide Media Agency news on Lebanese radio broadcasts at 98.5, 98.1 and 96.2 FM

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