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Presentation of the tabloids published on Friday, June 26, 2013

The Minister of Schooling announced the outcomes before the daybreak testimony in an effort to avoid pleasure capturing, as was the dangerous behavior, however the scholar fired his head when one other scholar took the poison. In the House of Representatives, near the Republican palace, mentioned sources of dialogue that did not concern appointments, except the Council of Ministers, chaired by President Aoun, who affirmed good relations with the Prime Minister and underlined Taif's mandate, whereas Moody spoke of Lebanon's debt desk. The error is that the desk It means parsing regardless of the large difference between these two ideas. The World Bank confirmed Prime Minister Hariri's satisfaction with the measures and reforms carried out in the finances, emphasizing long-term reforms, and in another case, US diplomat David Satterfield will return to Beirut next Tuesday as he seeks to limit the ocean to the south. Lebanon, invited to attend the Astana Conference on Syria. In the area, US Ambassador Ryan Hawk threatened Iran to react militarily within the occasion of an attack. A number of summit meetings have been held in Osaka on the G20 summit and the Center East. ====================== * Introduction Publication "NBN TV" is the process of "prehistoric dawn" earlier than the intermediate certificate gave the results of the intermediate certificate, and the scholars agreed to gather What was planted in the precedent The Ministry of Schooling didn’t see what led to the shock character of the night time's success, but a bullet that didn’t spoil the environment in Beeh's town when he lived on the scholar's head, having a dream of making an attempt to commit suicide because of his failure resulting from his incapability to exceed the edge of Success. Another Kalamouni district scholar decided to poison himself towards retaliation, and the exiled third man threw himself into the second flooring. Lebanon's success fee was 75% and Nabatiyeh's governor gave about 80%, whereas Aita al-Shaab's southern scholar (Dima Husseini) was the primary in the Republic. The College of Lebanon has additionally seen a strike back, which opens eighty thousand students to the top of the yr and the same future. In the economic research, the statute is "not limiting the rights of middle-class and limited income persons" with a transparent commitment to President Nabih Berriy. The Lebanese individuals comply with the outcomes when the finances is accepted and cease the talk on the reality-based problems and slogans of populism. In response to stories revealed by worldwide establishments, newspapers and news businesses based mostly on faulty political analysis as an alternative of details, tasks and procedures, Finance Minister Ali Hassan Khalil raised great concern, stressing the country's preservation and stability. ==================== * Introduction Publication "TVTV" Burning the Ocean, and the interior just isn’t at its greatest, especially on the monetary degree. Because of taking good care of some of them, it’ll ignite the crises as an alternative of fixing them, and speed up the talk as an alternative of removing them. Subsequently, for whom nobody is aware of, and for some purpose, some will determine on occasion to deliver up the Constitution and the mandate and the question of Taif. Each time the title itself, even if the content is totally different. Right now's content material is meetings. Article 49 of the Structure clearly emphasizes the position of the President of the Republic as symbols of the unity of the nation, and he needs to make sure respect for the Structure, and the other articles authorize him to watch the right software of the legal guidelines and their duties. Secondly, it’s stated that conferences will solely happen when President Michel Aoun is in control of the conferences, is a response. In the previous Board of Directors, appointments have been permitted at conferences of the Government of the Serbs. Thirdly, President Aoun has the best to steer the conferences the place appointments are made, because he is the President of the Republic, and the appointed individuals are responsible for the affairs of the nation. Fourth: The President of the Republic is the proprietor and the regulation of the newest signature, including appointments and others, and chaired at a gathering the place appointments are regular, reminiscent of when a chair is held with out appointments, his constitutional right to attend any meeting of the Council of Ministers, Fifth President Aoun is in the prime minister's powers, his position and position, and people who do not agree with Taif will stop it as a result of they offend him via the campaigns he has launched. The President of the Republic sang two years in the past, July 5, 2017: "When Muhammad surrounds Constantinople conqueror, his people were concerned about the debate about the ancestral family … the endless Byzantine debate, and the effort has been shifted from matter. Al-Manar TV news ended with Iran's strategic patience The Vienna meetings between Iran and the Europeans were more attractive to follow-up than the Ghana Summit held in Osaka, Japan, only Donald Trump's pictures were shared with his opponents and allies. In Vienna, serious Europeans have heard that the 60-day disintegration deadline has been met by Dreiji if the Europeans did not comply with Tehran's money exchange mechanisms that fulfilled their promises, the meeting held today was a positive step, but it was not enough, as the Iranian delegation said, and It was a Russian debate that the problems that made the agreement difficult were at the Russian level. The Chinese minister said that the solution to the US decision to reduce Iran's exports to zero will keep oil imports from Tehran as usual. As ordinary Palestinians walked every Friday and heading: In the face of future aggressions, Yemen shouted Palestinian victory in millions of rallies to fill the original number and reject Arab Arab treacherous conferences. In Lebanon, under difficult conditions and pressures, the rejection of credit ratings was in line with political standards. As the Mohamed Fneish said, in order to get the project out of the Washington economic crisis. And the leaders of the south said about the Zionist challenges and the projects of naval threats. Sailed deep into the Lebanese sea, along with the imaginary boundaries of a Zionist enemy, not Abbin. with a Valuable Hand with the lens of Al-Manar and his colleague Ali Shuaib. Fishing as long as it has grabbed its network on land and at sea: breaking the Zionist provocations .. ==================== * Lebanon is a country of miracles or is said to be "Republic Reverse "that produces night results. As for the results of the night, they are reluctant to shoot with joy, knowing that this argument is not convincing. Who wants to rejoice in shooting, even if it is delayed for hours … There is no answer during the day, except to continue to humiliate citizens who are not enough. "You possibly can add that day's mud. Lebanon is a rustic of miracles, its monetary and financial state of affairs that lives on theories and theories, every citizen is an skilled and each politician is an skilled. However when a world establishment speaks, it is attacked, like Moody's # did, which started in three ways: a sluggish capital movement, a weak progress in deposits and reserves in comparison with the 2019 finances, and the potential for a reorganization of sovereign debt, the latter being a panic that urged the Finance Minister to assault the report and stated: "We raise important question marks and reports published by international institutions "Perhaps this contradiction pressured the World Bank vice-president Farid Belhadji to say that" Lebanon has made progress on reforms at budget and electricity levels. But the reforms are not over and they will continue. "However what the representative of the World Bank stated about electrical energy did not come exactly because codification" dominates the face "." Dosage times are rising this summer because we have not received the advance we are asking for the electricity generation in Lebanon in the 2019 budget, "stated Power Minister Nada Bustani. Dilution of those phrases means decreasing the losses brought on by the "triggering" and "selling the losses" of plant production and returning to the grace of the turbines. The judiciary attracts consideration to the Justice Minister, Albert Sarhan, and the decision made after the report of the Judicial Assessment Committee decide and requested for their arms to end … Is it the beginning of the week that it’ll make a decision that complements the choices of the final five judges final April? Speech and determination by the present minister, Albert Sarhan. ============== ======== * Introduction Tu Prevalence TV news on the financial and monetary state of affairs in Lebanon launched immediately by the Middle East, Vice-President of the World Financial institution Group, at the invitation of a representative of the International Financial Fund, rushing up the implementation of tasks for Cedar and funding spending, which might stimulate progress and create jobs. Insurance and lobbying got here when the Monetary Committee continues to examine the draft finances. Based mostly on a survey of all university-related invoices, when the Minister of Finance thought-about that the requirements for college professors have been proper and on the similar time referred to as for solutions that respond to the state of the state. G20 Worldwide Summit in Osaka A gathering between US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin, which was closely distributed amongst leaders from totally different nations on Iran's doc and the US-China commerce conflict ============== === == * Introduction The "TV MTV" newsletters within the Helsinki Metropolitan Area will proceed to compete over time and over the weekend, with the aim of completing finances research and being introduced to the Meeting at the start of subsequent week. Then again, the destructive opinion expressed by some credit rating businesses in Lebanon was broken by the Vice-President of the World Financial institution, Farid Belajaj, who, after his meeting, stated with Prime Minister Hariri that his influence was constructive, as Lebanon is on the right track to the price range and electrical energy. However the optimism of worldwide officers relating to electrical energy does not consider in Lebanon at the very least lately, they endure from darkness and warmth, because of the increased dosing and the gradual improve in feeding hours. Internationally, the world is waiting for Japan, where the G20 is held, and on the World Economic Meeting, the idea and coverage of meetings and objectives, the leaders and officers of 37 nations will meet to debate regional crises and their impression on the financial system. The significance of the current summit is that it introduced together People and Russian presidents after an extended break, and a yr ago, when the Helsinki Summit, Trump and Putin did not meet formally and nose to nose after their flowering day, in a relaxed environment, ideas can embrace every day results from certain information on the earth, particularly In the improvement of Syria and the difficulty of disarmament, in addition to the enlargement of the Chinese language big, especially on the financial degree. =================== * Introduction Publication "New TV" is a wierd astronomical phenomenon that was found solely in Lebanon. The work of the combined night time work of the day was the result of the Atma Minister of Schooling blasted the results of the intermediate certificates and reworked Beirut Salim Salim into a tunnel as a lure for residents. Shahib was killed and Abbas Yazbek was killed and his family slept. He is now in intensive care, and the minister reduce off his determination to lead to an uncommon joy of the day, but the pistol did not meet the requirements of house training. Fifteen sons he did, Abbas did not receive the testimony, but virtually gave a sworn statement to the schooling system based mostly on intimidation and menace if the testimony failed, and has develop into a imaginative and prescient of the visionaries of schooling, retiring. The greatest humiliation experienced by the public in the early hours of the morning, the Salim Salim Tunnel, where the Municipal Council and the Governor of Beirut determined to turn the day of the residents to bombard the previous and lose the height of the tunnel. Within the event of an incident, the accused blamed the accusations and every accused the other on the day of the continued attack next Monday morning, and the duty also extends to residents who have not complied with the flagging notification and have not complied with visitors facilitation signs. All sins did, but the great sin is to do such activities in a day in a country where a simple visitors accident leads to visitors jams. The best way to close a motorway that connects the entrances of one capital to its middle. The tunnel in the heart of Beirut was accomplished during years of labor, as China arrange a railway line on the Lebanese coast within 9 hours. It will not be potential to match the farm and the nation crosses the record of rival nations on the planet, and at present a bilateral choice is made with Russia's ally to abandon the dollar within the trade between the G20 in Japan, Osaka, who started his work at the summit and bilateral conferences, particularly with Russia between Presidents. The outcome was that the Tsar opened the Kremlin doorways to get the White House grasp subsequent yr. The tram shook the Chinese language rival and the normal Saudi crown prince within the forefront and a aspect dialog between him and Trump, who nonetheless plays his final card on the shores of the Strait and is paid from the Persian Gulf as an alternative of security within the Gulf, threatened by warfare. At the moment, the Senate is asking Congress to vote for a decision that forestalls struggle in Iran, and yesterday UAE suffered from escalation, and along with the disgraceful agreement in Bahrain, Overseas Minister Abdullah bin Zayed was a guest of the Kremlin who decided to scale back the army presence of the UAE in Yemen The Gulf Conflict is just a menace even to Overseas Minister Anwar Gargash, stated for the first time that there isn’t a various to a political answer with Iran. The Pompeo tour has fallen into compression by the Gulf and Trump Siegard alone, and the only dialogue between Iran and neighboring nations ensures safety and freed from cost. ===================== RN Comply with the information of the Nationwide Media Agency on Lebanon's radio broadcasts at 98.5, 98.1 and 96.2 FM

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