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Perpetual Day – Lightspeed

Revealed in February 2019 (quantity 105) 5520 phrases

© 2012 Crystal Koo. Initially revealed by Lauriat: Philippine-Chinese language speculative fiction anthology, ed. Charles Tan. Printed with permission from the writer.

The story tells that Chuan's pharmacy, Jackson Chua, was sleeping on a lifeless mattress because of the worth of one rat poison pack.

There was nothing else to say in the days, however, Nicely, that marriage was going to go anyplace, He was in any case virtually bankrupt, He might not take his mother's son. Shameless lie, particularly the third, as a result of the previous woman Chua was the sort who played bouzouk within the finx greek restaurant outdoors Binondo on Mondays and took hula-hoop lessons on Saturdays, however everyone played anyway.

Young Mrs. Chua. He didn't let anyone see Jackson. At residence, the place whites, fluorescent lights, and tones laughing at TV sounds frightened out of the night time, we imagined Miranda's burning joss sticks and quietly silent on the funeral, her dressing whiter than the cyanide salt. rescued marriage. We imagined him within the cathedral's memorial service, which we had not referred to as, crossing himself and swallowing hymns, dressing him grayer than arsenic, and maintaining himself in confession.

Our eyes have been pink.

Worry is Stronger than Demise

• • • •

Jackson was the primary to succeed but he was not the primary to attempt. It was Bonnie Ty, who had been staying at Recto station at night time. He didn't consider us once we reminded that trains would not run because it was too harmful to be with one. We convey her meals and left her when she began flinging styrofoam packing containers to us. His cry was stronger than in our ears.

We ended up with Binondo's Kali-like weapons and deserted scaffolding and small outlets. We had looked for a foot with solely dusky road lights, and it had been months once we had been bothered by a light-weight spot so late within the evening. We plucked the light change, threw it on the couch and turned the set in a single day.

Bonnie returned the subsequent day and pretended he had never left. No one needed to talk about what they felt awakening at midnight again.

We had all the time gone for Jackson's day by day medicine, which exhibits how properly it had achieved. When Jackson was buried, Miranda bought a really costly piece of pharmacy and took her daughter out of Binondo and back together with her mother and father in Greenhills.

• • • •

Korean boy from the bakery, however we forgot his identify because he didn't develop up with the local highschool with us. . He was alleged to promote the beans, but within the morning he was a number of hundred meters from his father's bakery, which relied on a utility column, hiding his cigarette and watching his automotive washed by Bonnie Ty. Above him was a man from an influence plant that repaired the strains, hung within the air in a plastic crow's nest.

This was in the early days when individuals thought they have been still sharp enough to use machines or would they be high within the sky. The poor boy broke the workshop and virtually his personal neck. The facility plant refused to pay damages. His father came upon the cigarette. Bonnie Ty decided that he not needed to scrub the automotive anymore and hired the boy. Binondo was staying this night time because the digital camera elevated the beans' baking pastries to the opening order.

Nothing was good on television anymore because nothing was on but Sleep Watch. Sleep Watch International hit and missed because the alien's home is all the time criticized. Sleep Watch Local was just miserable, until it was someone you knew that instantly turned slightly movie star. Nothing was good on television anymore, however we all followed anyway, cannibalizing other individuals making an attempt to sleep, schadenfreuding their fault. Otherwise, we might be like them, imagining our body's roots down on a mattress, flooring, soil, rock that appeared like what we have been lying down, bumpy and onerous. Then we peeled the glasses for an additional heart-stopping dawn, grenadine pink, and tequila gold.

We had coated the mattresses with plastic and stored them behind the cupboards way back. We had turned the bed frames into benches and low tables, more room for snacks and board video games that adopted us and the individuals of Sleep Watch. We hoped that sometime any person would all of the sudden find us mendacity down the sidewalk and can be comfortable to wake us up, but till then Jackson's tablets had to be achieved.

• • • •

The primary three weeks of the pandemic had been the worst. Every week after that and the World Health Group had declared it international and we felt higher that we had a business, however not almost enough. When sleeping tablets did not work, we have been in search of painkillers, antidepressants, nutritional vitamins, ginseng, insulin photographs, beta-blockers and diuretics because the WHO didn’t pray the consequences of sleep issues. Jackson made a small asset.

Epifanio Ang stored a nasty document that he was virtually never getting one thing that resembled a dream, and he did this by killing the cat and filling it with steamed bottles for dinner. He had all the time needed to be in Sleep Watch and his trick received him virtually if his son Leonardo hadn't stopped him after the primary chew. Killing a cat value him another a part of his health as a result of he began to wake up to sleep hallucinations of cat's ghost. However was not his dignity, because anybody might easily have finished the same thing for two minutes when he claimed, although everyone believed he had just closed his eyes and pretended he wouldn't lose his face

Then Jackson Chua broke

• • • •

An outdoor lady bought a pharmacy from Miranda, which was dangerous enough. His identify was T.C., which was worse. We didn't know what it stood for. The testimony he gave to Miranda was printed with the identical initials and confirmed the lady who had modified her identify, her mother and father blessed her, probably for colorful causes. Ungrateful. Harlot. Goose. T. C. Pharmacy: The Queen of Drugs is just not going to fly.

He had no intention of holding a pharmacy. This shock awakened among us like pigeons that hit one in every of our San Lorenzo Ruiz basilica watches that floated along with us. We call him a bluff, however it wasn't. He didn't also have a closure on the pharmacy. He bought colors and new locks from Derek Tan's ironmongery shop and employed a low-value contractor to repair the location.

We referred to as Miranda

"Chuan Family Heritage," somebody stated.

"Historical Institution" Someone stated. "

"Jackson's Memory," all of us stated.

Miranda has needed to care for little of Jackson's memory because she stated she couldn't do something about it.

[19659003] TC goes to open a jazz membership. It was referred to as Jazz Membership because there was nothing in Binondo. He stated it might give us one thing to wait each night time.

Within the film version, the baker's Korean boy combined his power with him, one other outsiders, and dazzle us together with his other guitar expertise and eventually keep in mind

However in fact he did not – he played the cello, not the guitar. More importantly, he didn’t even know such a thing. After the event together with his garrison crew, his father took him to take breaks in his room in a small house above the bakery. The cello mute reminded us of Jackson Chu and his rat poison field and informed ourselves we might by no means give ourselves the following.

We despatched Leonardo Ang as ambassador. He informed T.C. we have been concerned about buying the remainder of the pharmacy out of him.

"He said Jackson didn't leave any stock behind," Leonardo stated. "He said there was nothing to sell."

"But he keeps everything himself," stated Derek Tan.

"In the basement," Alan Lim added. "It's the only place big enough to fit all of Jackson."

We ripped his advert out of the fences as a result of sending payments was not allowed. Rafael See, who used group conferences where Bonnie obtained so drunk that he tried to stay out, stated T.C.

• • • •

One week after Jackson's tablets and we knew the ears had risen to a better octave. Alan Lim thought his legs have been going to provide means because his joints have been so painful that he began on the lookout for an electric wheelchair.

"He's probably Derek's biggest dead sleeve," he stated, waving an inventory that confirmed the wheelchair is skinny sufficient to slot in his kitchen's slender aisles.

TC needed musical devices. We advised Michael Sytengco that rising costs wouldn’t work: He ought to drive T.C. away from his music store. Inform him you're closed, inform him that every part has been bought, inform him you're out of inventory. Tell him that the instruments he needs are locked within the basement for some mysterious cause. Sorry. I wish you properly. Love, Binondo

Michael Sytengco had bullied Rafael See in high school and had never raised his limp and his putting eyes or worry of doing a nasty job with the operetta he'd all the time needed to put in writing. The perfect he might do with out falling down when T.C. stated he needed a piano, a trumpet, a drum package and a double bass needed to give him the worst he had.

"And he couldn't tell how bad they were?" Leonardo asked

. He virtually stopped with the drum set. He checked out me for a couple of seconds, "Michael swept into memory," however he took it anyway. ”

We purchased our medication in bulk from outdoors. For our youngsters, their youngsters, our mother and father, their mother and father, somebody who was never sufficient. All this work because T.C. he purchased a pharmacy as a result of Jackson was offended because his marriage had grow to be acidic because the business failed as a result of he could not deal with his mom.

We felt higher however not almost sufficient.

• • • •

"I've never asked for boys from Jackson and Miranda," stated previous woman Chua someday at Sleep Watch International, the place Sleep Watch Native was fed concurrently. “His pharmacy labored nicely. She had an exquisite marriage. “We eliminated our TV for some time after this interview.

Like all the brand new ones, the Jazz Club had reached Bonnie Ty. Bonnie played piano when she was somewhat woman with weekly new sandals slipping pedals and saving us from hearing the incorrect notes that proceed on the street. He was now the pianist of The Jazz Club.

It was midday, at lunchtime, when the climate that somebody designed a backyard wedding ceremony would want. Each block away from Alan Lim's eateries, every wins T.C. The sport played on the drums was clear and tailor-made, and his rolls coated the clumsy shifts of Bonn. It wasn't part of Michael Sytengco's worst drum set. The floor vibrated gently

"I can't sleep," Epifanio Ang complained. He took his listening to assist out of what Leonardo tried to get back, however Epifanio waved him away and took a deep breath. It felt like he was close enough to say something about what Jackson did with the identical drawback, and we felt our tremor bones. Someone started speaking violently concerning the degeneration of pastry baked pastry.

"I can't sleep," Epifanio repeated as if we have been deaf and he took his ft to the floor. “That lady is enjoying too onerous. The cat is within the basement and may't sleep both from all of the noise. "

He shot up from his seat as a jack-in-the-box and virtually knocked over the eating desk. He forgot to restore his hearing assist. He went to Jackson's previous pharmacy and referred to as the clock. The drum broke instantly, however Bonnie Ty continued with a number of bars. Some exhausting words. Some arduous words are repeated. We questioned if Epifanio would keep in mind asking him concerning the basement.

"He won't stop the noise," he introduced when he returned. “And he says there is no cat. But he puts an extra pillow on the bass drum and sees if it helps. ”

The drum got here back, dumbfounded, but still boldly tried to cowl up Bonn's false chords. We hoped that Bonnie had never returned from Recto Station. We sat watching the watch that was dealing with us in our cooling ashes, while Bonnie stood up and lingered and slid away and fell like a musical accident. They tried to play one thing Nina Simone sang once, sunny dragonflies and so forth. One thing that described the wedding weather was good.

"Doesn't this piece need a brass part?" Someone's memory.

• • • •

For the first time we discovered that we couldn't sleep, we thought it was just us. So we went to work, went to high school, left the job early, didn't do homework because we have been too tired. After the second night time we thought the summer time was too scorching and we turned the air conditioners up and threw the blankets away. On the third night time we started taking tablets and talking to one another in five mornings and watching the dawn collectively. After the fourth, we started to vary our weight loss plan and exercise our own white noise in our bedrooms by putting the radio between stations and quitting smoking.

In the long run we lit the lights.

• • • •

Derek Tan appeared in entrance of an previous Mrs. Chua's condominium one night time before. He stated it was okay if he believed what he needed to consider in Jackson's dying, he couldn't claim it, however he needed to ask if Jackson left him on the capsule, at all. The issues outdoors were not ok. He needed Jackson's drugs.

Previous Mrs Chua stated she by no means took tablets. They mocked his concentration when he wasn't dangerous sufficient, he couldn't sleep.

Two days later, the previous Mrs Chua moved out of Binondo, bouzouk and hoop, to stay together with her daughter within the family. The condominium was put available on the market and many people claimed to be fascinated about opening the Cupboard and trying to find an aluminum plate from Jackson's tablets.

• • • •

The first suicide occurred in Panama. Most of us had adhered to Jackson's pharmacy, which had an inventory of what we would have liked when it arrived at Sleep Watch Worldwide. Jackson had been busy together with his cashier and didn't even appear to have heard of the man who had jumped from the twelfth flooring of the building.

After Jackson's demise, the reminiscence of that day was afraid of us, the remaining that had heard

• • • •

Rafael See broke by means of the home windows of 1 TC. He tried to interrupt into The Jazz Club and make a basement. It was in the midst of the night time and T.C., who lived in an condo above the Jazz Membership, ran down and located Rafael caring for her bleeding outdoors the door. He was as gypsum as a wine barrel

He obtained him from pure gauze. She wasn't Pollyanna enough to name her, but she was sitting on the edge, pushing her bandage when she cried, Nina Simonen's track, until Angela See got here to her. Before they left, he advised T.C he thanked him for his brother enjoying trumpet.

T.C. despatched the window to the bill. Rafael made an enormous track and danced him using the drunks, but paid it anyway. We requested him what they have been speaking about that night time with a curb.

"Nothing," he replied. "He said people could start drowsiness after losing blood and asked me if it would work."

“He cooked really well, especially eggplants,” Bonnie stated. "He still has a bed."

"What about the basement?" Leonardo requested.

"There is a very beautiful staircase that leads to it. He painted it in yellow and blue. Very Mediterranean."

"Have you asked about the medicine?" Someone else requested. "


"He said it wouldn't bother what you think, but he doesn't want to provoke you either by initiating an argument." Derek Tan, who had bought a month's muscle relaxants in his supply within the afternoon outdoors of Binondo. "He keeps this up and we all got like Jackson."

Bonnie improved. and TC ended the music with out making one mistake. It happened with luck – the colic returned the subsequent time – but TC's final glow symbolism a congratulations to Bonnie was so great that Michael Sytengco forgot himself and favors.

• • • •

It was Leonardo Ang who had discovered Jackson. He had gone to the pharmacy in the evening for some beta inhibitors to his father, but no one was there. He referred to as Jackson a cellphone and heard it sound from the basement. It didn't cease. He went down the dusty staircase and located that Jackson floated over a granite-white, plastic folding desk, his eyes closed and his head in his hand, how they spent highschool when the climate was cloudy and the roof

• • • •

Alan Lim stated he was all the time in love with Miranda (nee) Go.

It wasn't that he was leaving his spouse and baby to him who have been on the ground, but that he had to report it. He referred to as every of us on the telephone and made positive all of us understood that Miranda Go had been God's present to Binonda and he was going to deliver him again.

That's why he was Jackson's greatest customer.

him down. Miranda was not a pony-tailed woman whose heartbreaking smile, Jackson Chua, had first introduced Binondo to her mother and father. Miranda was a widow whose husband had left her with what both had needed.

We stopped him if only because of his household, however we couldn't cease Danielle from sleeping in the same bed as he did. Sleep in a metaphorical sense, who was the only one to sleep, but who had obtained previous and exhausted in his reminiscence.

”Marvel how he sleeps,” Rafael stated aloud, pointing his thumb toward The Jazz Membership, which he handed, “metaphorically. She has a bed, isn't she? Sufficient for two? "

Leonardo was with him and pretended he hadn't heard because he was a discreet approach to T.C. was not. He grabbed his head from the open window Rafael had paid, and stated, “It's large enough. Hey, Rafael. He asked him how his hand was and would he be all for enjoying the trumpet with them. Rafael blustered and blushed and hid behind Leonardo

Michael Sytengco composed his operetta. When the twilight fell and renewed the night time at midnight, his piano notes turned costlier in our houses towards the finer-grained wooden, as clear as the celebs that we not needed to see

• • • [19659003] because he thought Jackson had gained the night time in his own recreation, and others of us. He left him within the basement, quietly quietly down the stairs and went to the condominium above. Daisy had opened the door, her face, and her cheeky pigtail grabbing tomato paste. She was closing because her mother stated it was Faye's flip to mix the spaghetti sauce.

Miranda was within the kitchen and Leonardo tried not to let his glowing laughing ball win his phrases on Jackson's Peace [19659007

It was surprising how good Rafael was with the trumpet. Even Michael Sytengco needed to admit it. The notes have been a whiskey cascade over the sharp stones of Bonn

"So much for leopards and their places," stated Leonardo.

"Leopard spots change when it matures from a puppy to an adult," stated Angela See, who

"My dad doesn't know well," stated Leonardo.

It was one thing no one answered because it will be too depressing, but just some blocks away was so brash that Angela tried to be sure that Leonardo didn't consider he was a flip flop. "No one is."

"He's virtually ninety. He can't hear something without his listening to aids. ”

The Silent Seventh Silent Crest of the Trumpet and T.C. followed Rafael's wording with spontaneous, gritty rubat, slowing down time, rushing it up, stealing it for him.

”He watches Sleep Watch on a regular basis. He is still obsessed with making it an pointless program as if it have been the one factor to do. ”

Angela doesn't like where this was going. "I don't think he's playing a double bass, right?"

• • • •

The footage of Sleep Watch Worldwide was gone. Luggage from the Jackson retailer, aluminum gate, from totally different angles. Miranda in Paisley blouse and comfy white shorts, which are mirrored on the cameras, nostril pink, cheeks wrinkled, meat between the eyes wet. He hiccupped when he breathed. His palms crossed rigidly than the dried picket stakes. Then he went in and locked the door. The reporter began speaking they usually introduced their photographs from the gate of the roll and Miranda, because this was all he ever noticed for them.

An previous Mrs. Chua had gilded a palm they usually obtained a coroner fast, proclaiming Jackson's lifeless poisoning and no different questions. When Sleep Watch Local had been blown away by what had occurred and despatched the crew, his physique was already on the funeral and his dying certificates was left. Miranda didn't let anybody reject the room. The funeral was after every week, after which Sleep Watch had misplaced interest.

Leonardo was the only one outdoors of whom Miranda had allowed to see Jackson's physique. The rest of us lived in our dwelling rooms, the gleaming clips of Jackson's shop, and Miranda's eyes remembering our face, understanding that we thought then that we might not be.

• • • •

It was within the morning when the sky began to disclose solely to mild when Leonardo played at Sleep Watch. Epifanio had disappeared.

Leonardo had thought-about one in every of his packages concerning a Swedish couple who tried to undergo one night time when the lights have been turned off. She had gone to the toilet when she observed her door in her father's room open. The television was off. Epifanio had left his hearing assist within the armchair

The crew of Sleep Watch Native came with a quick coffee and the concept this was a police thing, however there was nothing within the film except Epifanio Ang's empty room and Leonardo stated that his father had spent the night time earlier than regular consuming ginger and drink. spoke of a cat.

The remainder of us have been on the lookout for a metropolis in Epifanio and turned up for nothing.

"He's in his basement," he demanded Derek Tan. "The cat is there."

"Not a cat," stated Michael Sytengco, who had taken a new approach of talking now.

"Why does he keep this cellar locked anyway?" Stated Alan, who had lived together with his mother and father when Danielle threw him out of the house. He informed him he wasn't, it was a music that had aroused embarrassing feelings about Miranda. Danielle would have nothing. "Who is he keeping the old man and cat apart?"

"Epifanio killed the cat," Angela stated irritated, "as a result of she couldn't sleep. That's the same purpose he's gone. ”

“ Because the band is playing too hard, ”someone stated.

”Because there’s drugs, he doesn't give us. ”

” Because we are subsequent. 19659003] Leonardo didn't say anything and gave it to anyone. Everyone went residence with a headache over a daily migraine. Michael Sytengco did not work together with his operetta and the engine in Alan Limi's wheelchair broke down. The Epifanion phase was not within the air at Sleep Watch, but we watched the channel all night time, feeding different sleepless individuals in silence.

• • • •

Leonardo brushed his tooth and laughed. It was seven hours in the evening. He hesitated within the eyes of striped pajamas. The final time he had placed them was virtually a yr. If he fell into the darkness, no one would notice. He continued to fall, the gravitational drive that pushed his abdomen till he went crazy.

He turned the sunshine off, the clutch broke his surprise. He virtually cried out of the crushing embrace of the dark.

He had put the mattress on the ground in the midst of the room. Groping, he slid beneath the starchy, just lately washed covers and over the recess he had left before the mattress. She was out of the blue claustrophobic and half waited for the bedroom walls to fall on her. She was sleepy – everybody was sleepy – nevertheless it didn't imply something.

When she hooked up an eye fixed mask, she burst into sweat. He lay there, frozen like a mummy, together with his arms forming a bridge over his belly. She felt pajamas on her pores and skin. He turned to lie down on his aspect and thought how the movement meant he couldn't sleep. He let the fashion fill his head with a voice and hoped it might drive the thought. The shells have been hotter and warmer, and he might really feel the pores evaporate. Darkness suppressed him.

Jackson's face was relaxed, not forgetting the poison that had killed him. His limbs had been unfastened. Leonardo tried to mimic him. He loosened his arms and ft and imagined his face melting. He imagined he was lifeless, wearing one of the best fits of his head with a white, satin pad and his fingers crossed, all underneath the glass, friendliness affixed to the white, satin at the bottom of the neck, all in white and satin and so many flowers and so many faces.

Leonardo realized he was crying. The eye masks was moist. His chest appeared to be near collapse by himself, and he was going to drop away from bed. He pulled the masks off and sat, making an attempt to regulate his heavy respiration.

She didn't flip the light. If he did, all the things in its inflexible, regular whiteness would make him dumb to cry. The onerous, normal whiteness was so long that it had already turned the night time into an eternal day.

The condominium was on the sixth flooring. His father's bedroom had a principal street, and his personal was smaller. It might make the scene much less. He turned off the air conditioner. The curtains seemed virtually like a criminal offense associate, how they slid simply with their fingers

The Jazz Club was two blocks down the street. The apply was and he heard somebody shout very loudly. The sound was familiar, like the coldness of the skinny metallic body on his balcony. He leaned. The little lizard grabbed the sting of her toes, catching halfway by way of the careless muscle movement and the angel's high hand.

• • • •

The story tells you that Epifanio Ang seemed at the cat within the basement of The Jazz, and the only strategy to depart him alone was if he saved it.

The rest of the story is confused. In case you ask Angela See, she tells you that despite what everyone says when Derek broke into the basement of the Jazz Membership, Rafael never knocked Epifanio when the previous man tried to pressure his approach into the Jazz Membership. The epifanion punching shorts have been dirty and he appeared he hadn't eaten as a result of he left residence; when he appeared in the window of the Jazz Club and began to rap on the door, he had already seemed ready to weaken. T. C. provided to deliver her residence, however she nonetheless demanded a cat. He had no hearing aids, and the argument elevated to the point that Epifanio took T.C. His blood strain was at its greatest, and he fell and Rafael caught him.

Danielle kieltäytyy edelleen puhumasta Alanista, joten ei ole mitään järkeä pyytää häntä hänen osallistumisestaan Derek murtautuu sisään. Alan oli häiriötekijä. Siellä hän oli harjoittelemassa Rafaelin ja T.C: n kanssa, kun Derek ja Alan, jotka taas palasivat jalkojensa takia, koska hänellä ei ollut toista pyörätuolia, tulivat korealaisen pojan kanssa leivonnaisesta leipomosta. He sanoivat, että hän pelasi selloa. Sulje tarpeeksi kaksois bassoa. Ei oikeastaan, mutta T.C. istui Roh Sang-deuk kaksinkertaisen basson takana, ja poika paisutti bassolinjan Nina Simone-lauluun, jota he olivat harjoittaneet aiemmin, puuttuvia muistiinpanoja. It was solely when Epifanio came by and started dropping it that Bonnie noticed Alan shifting to the basement staircase and she or he realized Derek was gone.

That everyone besides Epifanio went down and found Derek with an open bag of instruments and an much more open door to the basement is the clearest it’s ever gotten to. Beyond that’s the solely thing that may shut Bonnie up. Alan and Derek don’t even need to give it some thought. It’s embarrassing to ask T.C. and Rafael’s too distraught to talk of anything but T.C. turning him down. The remaining is all rumors about Jackson’s ghost.

The bestsellers at Roh’s Bakeshop are nonetheless the unique inexperienced-bean pastries. Typically you possibly can catch Sang-deuk’s cello groaning away upstairs. He’s the unlikeliest candidate, but in the event you ask Mr. Roh what his son saw in the basement, he’ll attempt to inform you in his broken Tagalog the one factor Sang-deuk thought was value noting concerning the basement was how dark it was before they turned the lights on. It was virtually the deep, warm nothingness of sleep. In any other case it was an abnormal basement, completely empty apart from a granite-white, plastic folding table starting to yellow on the aspect. The place was very clean. Virtually shrine-like.

The turnout at The Jazz Membership’s mini-live performance is a quarter of the city, including Alan and Derek. The bluesy, heart-wrenching wails Rafael pulls from the horn deliver Michael Sytengco to tears and now everybody’s uncomfortable. Leonardo has brought his father along. We should always go say hello. They say Leonardo appeared at The Jazz Club, helping his father back on his ft, when everybody came up from the basement. What Leonardo was doing in his pajamas out on the street, his eyes pink as blood, wanting like Jackson’s ghost relying on the light, but smiling, smiling virtually like an fool, squeezing the life out of his father, we by no means came upon. There’s a conversation starter and it’ll last us some time, perhaps even a month. Moon’s full tonight. 1 / 4 of the town is here and T.C. has just damaged out the beer and who knows when the night time is ending.

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