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Pettigig House: How did a gay young mayor become a star in the US Democratic Party? – Lebanese news


The popularity of Pettigig's small town in the center of the western American town is introduced when he introduced he was president in 2020.

Almost a month, Boutegeg, An annual dispute that doesn't stop as quickly as he turns to regular from a human to a official competitor to the White Home. Circumstances may also help him to be the youngest American president and the first gay president in the historical past of the nation
Boutegej stated in a public interview in New Hampshire in Manchester that current weeks have proven good signs of his campaign.

"I know this election is like a competition," 1945453] Sudden Rise
For nearly a month, the Governor of South Bend, Indiana, was simply a representative of the political development.
David Axelrod, one in every of Obama's campaign veterans, stated Boutegeg was "full of activities, sarcasm, and glory" during his tv appearance.
David Axelrod, one among Obama's marketing campaign veterans,
New York Occasions columnist Andrew Sullivan claims that the Mayor of South Bend could also be the greatest democratic selection towards Donald Trump
The remarks about Boutegeg were not restricted to Democrats.
The writer of the Conservative Washington Ezzaminer Site, Pietigig, is a calm, affected person, rational, and humorous creation of an indignant individual, which we recognize removed from political tendencies.


Pronunciation of Boutegeg's identify turned the slogan of his campaign

Boutegeg took the lead in a poll on democratic candidates for the presidential elections in 2020, where he was ranked third in the most up-to-date get together survey of Democrat in Iowa
His private memo "The Shortest The road to the home "appeared twice on the record of the New York Occasions most bought merchandise, which did not happen with any of its rivals in the subsequent election competition.
The rise of Boutegej for his marketing campaign, which he translates into monetary help Marketing campaign, where Boutegeg lately introduced that his campaign's monetary help was $ 7 million in the first three months of 2019.
This chapter Bautigijg's place promoted those that introduced the financial standing of their campaigns in the Democratic Social gathering competition. Botegiig was immediately behind Bernie Sanders, Camala Harris and Pete O Rourke.
Uncommon Candidate
Boutegeg Place As Governor of South Bend's small city, he isn’t a robust initiative for the presidential election campaign.
In American Historical past One among the mayors in presidential campaigns is with solely two presidents, President Grover Cleveland and Calvin Coolidge. No different ruler might do it. Few metropolis leaders think of operating activities.
A profitable presidential election campaign wants cash and visibility. Based on the historical past of US politics, the restricted experience required by the administration of small cities or municipalities doesn’t permit the availability of rulers of those cities
But this will change this time.
Boutegege was first elected in November. He was re-elected in the competitors in 2015. He was famend nationally as Chairman of the National Democratic Committee in 2017. Although he did not succeed in this nomination, he gained a good popularity.
V "- also appeals to his supporters, label – strong for his personal and family to give himself a privileged position as a presidential candidate.
Botejaj grew up in" South Bend "for parents, two professors at the University of Notre Dame. moved from Malta to the United States in the 1970s ("Botigig" means "poultry proprietor" in Maltese)


Calvin Coolidge and Grover Cleveland are the solely two US Presidents who have been the governors of those two cities

Boutigig Completed Elite Faculties, where he studied at Harvard, then acquired a curriculum from the College of Oxford, where he gained first place. 5 years later – Boutegeg, as Governor of South Bend, asked for a 7-yr operation in Iraq. Afghanistan
Boutejig, like most people in the West of the West, has a simplicity in its modernity. As an epicopter, Boutegeg feeds his speeches with biblical strategies and references.
Economist John Tanzmann says from Boutegeg that he "answers all the questions inevitably because he is smart enough to speak on any subject." Tansmann traveled from Amherst to see Botegiig speech in Manchester, USA.
"He has no answer. We really love Bernie Sanders. But Sanders does not spend much time in his speeches until he mentions the illusions of millions and billions." its rivals in the reality and history of a celebration or presidential election.
Shortly after having re-elected South Bend as governor, Bouteijig announced a column in his native newspaper about his homosexuality.
Boutegege wrote in the South Bend Tribune that "writing such books on newspaper pages is not easy."
"But it became clear to me at this time that the disclosure of such things is good."
"This does not make me good or bad by dealing with spreadsheets or rifles, or even committee meetings and employment decisions."

Supply of the picture [


Botigig and his associate Chastin Glizman at residence in Indiana.

During his marketing campaign, Boutegeg doesn’t use any sign of his sexual sort in his hand. Being gay.
Some individuals speak about happiness, a minimum of until now, until that his sexual orientation shouldn’t be the primary focus of his marketing campaign, whereas others will see at the prime of its constructive properties
Selya Bhutto, who lives in the city, "I am very impressed that he spoke openly about his homosexuality. "
"I can't believe we spent all that time, and no one who proclaimed homosexuality worked in the office."
When Boutegege announced its place, Sexually he did so not directly, marriage rights, because in common, and his companion, Chastinet, who additionally turned a private
In an interview with journalists after his speech in Manchester, Boutegej says: "I'm obviously a little biased because I love
Deep in politics
Boutegeg is known as a thinker and deep in politics. Reforms and Progressive Legislative Development
Boutegege is also supporting a public health project, but is associated with more moderate democratic candidates by demanding that this vision be implemented by expanding the US Health Program current phase of medical treatment, not by dismantling the current special medical treatment. Bernie Sanders is simply a waste of working class taxpayers' money to support those paid later
Boutegeg's short poems are marked by a focus on vision and political details,
"We, Democrats and, in fact, politicians, typically don’t speak about the values ​​that encourage us in the direction of these policies, "he said.
"Conservatives Negatively Negotiate Freedom, Government Regulation, Taxation and Management. He provides that Democrats advocate free entry to high quality healthcare, trade union illustration, or abortion rights that assist governments shield them.
This statement intentionally or unintentionally resembles Franklin Roosevelt opinion on the 4 freedoms: freedom
Millennium man
All Boutigig's ideas and studies could be understood and formed in the context of geological change
Over the millennium, Boutegeg is a part of these People who need to cope with the selections of the subsequent many years 003] This was Barbara and Emma Zingel, daughter and mom who took half in Botegig's speech in Manchester,
Emma stated: "Just like the boom generation has taken over the country, we are now taking our turn and us n must be active and active. "" Only by doing something like this would be great. " "
There is something terrible about the candidacy of a young governor of the US presidential seat, Boutigig, some calling it arrogant. Boutegeg won a national essay competition during his high school in 2000 with an essay on the courage of his current rival Bernie Sanders, who was a member of the House of Representatives for the ninth year.
more executive experience Who now occupies the White House and has more military experience than the four former US Presidents
More than he is trying to market as a young man and the United States outside the party leadership as strengths and weaknesses.
Traditional "Political Framework" in Washington. He has no gray hair and competing candidates, and the man markets it as a small town, and the city's morality is what Americans need these days. 19459003 The Right Ambassador
After the speech by Manchester, Boutegeg said that
Butigig says, "However it isn’t clear but who is the messenger who will deliver this message from the coast to the coast and give the greatest shot to this president."
It may well work effectively as a result of American public opinion (19659002) Caption

Slideshow with supporters in Las Vegas

Bottegaig believes that the excellent reply to the query of socialism in front of capitalism for all democratic candidates is that we favor "democratic" Capitalism ", which develops market system practices and prevents the free market from slipping into the Russian oligarchic model
" If we need to shield robust business productiveness and values, we have to understand that progress alone just isn’t sufficient. " Our goal is that this requires a good policy. "
M opinion of its rivals it, Botejaj discovered the message and he got here in front of the crowds Almnjzbh him with both the funds that touched the door of his campaign.
In the coming months, Boutejig must avoid rival attacks and eliminate the political violations which will disappear. campaign backbone. "
If the presidential campaign is a competition, it may be stated that Boutigig has just began a competitors.

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