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On the occasion of the anniversary of the Communist Martyrs' Day and George Haw's demise, the management of the Communist Social gathering of Lebanon organized a political pageant in the presence of the President of the Republic and representatives of the nationwide forces and events of Lebanon and Palestine. The pageant was opened with nationwide anthems and the Communist Celebration of Lebanon, and one-minute applause for the get together's martyrs, and Petra Hawi and Ali al-Sabah gave a technical greeting. "Today, it is important that the Communists pay attention to the revolutionary ammunition left by the Arab Communist movement's martyrs and Arab liberation leaders," stated Fathi al-Fadl, a member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Social gathering of Sudan. Is there a memory of the struggles of our peoples towards imperialism, Zionism and reactive and nationwide and social liberation, however a remembrance of the success and motion of the peoples, which seeks to dismantle all their rights to the dignity of the residence and of the citizens. The remembrance and immortality of the martyrs and progressive forces of the Arab Communist Movement, George Hawi and Faraj Allah al-Heloun, Salam Adel, Hussein Marwan and Mehdi Amel, and Muran and Ghassan Kanafan. Preventing for our peoples in the struggle towards imperialism, Zionism and the forces of the Arab organizations. The revolution continues … and the battle continues. Martha George Hawi, delivered by Hawi and then her daughter Nara: "… on the Communist Martyrs' Day and the 14th anniversary of the martyrdom of Battle Director George Haw, greeting Palestinian martyrs, greeting to millions of martyrs in Algeria, greeting Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Syria, Iraq and Yemen, Other Today, we must stand aside our principles and questions for which these soldiers were martyrs, their homeland and the freedom of their world. We, the Communists, must respect the ambitious goals socialism represents in the minds of people, justice, equality, freedom, progress. We just have to participate in a panel discussion that helps break the deadlock we have lived for for four decades. We have to ask ourselves and all the questions to answer: Is the world at the heart of the revolution ? Can the state survive during this revolution? Is the slogan of workers, peasants and intellectuals enough to bring together different social layers, or does the revolution produce new social forms that we need to deal with? The separation of George Haw is that this humanity has never lost its presence in all national, Arab and international arenas. He led the party in the most difficult circumstances and began to resist the enemy in the face of Arab fraud, and he never lost humanity and principles before the last drop of blood in the country, Communist not only politically and impartially, but in his daily life. The labels were different, but the project was one. After the collapse of the Soviet Union and the new Middle East project, George Hawi wanted to contribute to what he called a "dream process" to establish a new Arab revolutionary movement that could describe the interests and aspirations of Arab countries in liberation, democracy, social development and unity. Today we are faced with the disintegration of the Arab countries and the treaty of the century. For the martyrs of today, I speak to the representatives of the Arab Communist Party at their meeting in Beirut to mobilize these forces so that the martyrs' blood will not be wasted. The organizational structure, based on the democratic centrality led by George Haw and his partner Khalil al-Debs, was able to bear all the views in difficult and harsh circumstances at the beginning of the Lebanese war, and many communists considered the national cause to be national and others who were left in the party were accused by the UN of these causes. at the expense of two things. The dynamism of two comrades in the shadow of democratic centralism has kept everyone united. Although numerical democracy is not looking for a thing, the Communists enjoy the "Pointage" game, and it becomes the main concern of how to drop and succeed. Without the Communist Party there is no change, and the party must develop itself and renew itself to the level of the task. The festival was finalized by Hanna Gharib, Secretary General of the Communist Party of Lebanon. "During the Communist Martyrs Day, we honor the celebration's martyrs and the martyrs of the Arab Communist Celebration and all those that oppose imperialism and riot towards reactive and oppressive regimes. And freedom in the Arab states' prisons for the tyrannization of their peoples, and additionally freedom for the fighter George Ibrahim Abdullah, who has been imprisoned and imprisoned unjustly in French prisons, also requires the return of the struggles of opponents captured by the Zionist enemy Yamal, Ayyat Kassir, Michel Saliba, Elias Harb, Faragallah Fawani, Hossam Hegazi, Yehia El Khaled, Hassan Moussa and Hassan Dahir, in addition to the shameful scene we have now achieved when the Zionist lifeless human body p. to the enemy and stay the body of resistance fighters. Lebanese or not? What did the Lebanese Government attribute to them after we despatched it to the Overseas Minister? Why don't you press this drawback throughout the answer when the battles are made to convey the brokers again to the enemy? And so is George Ibrahim Abdullah. The Lebanese government is urged to press the French government to release him, he is liable for this, and it is inconceivable to just visit him to increase the threshold. The very fact that most of the occasions and developments in our area over the final 20 years are part of this long-time period strategic path, pushed by a reactive close union between the United States and the Zionist entity and the Arabs: – The aggression of the Zionist enemy and its recurrent wars in Lebanon, Gaza and the West; to discover out about Lebanon's resistance motion in 2006 – Check Arab's most popular battles towards tyranny and subjugation and recruitment of fundamentalist Islamic movements, arms, schooling and finance into the strategy of replacing the logical elementary conflict from the battle zone between Arabs and Zionist all forms of ethnic and regional conflicts, including the Arab-Iran conflict , in all shapes and colours, reduces the administration that is not a part of his undertaking. – to implement maximum boycotts and economic, business and economic sanctions towards the peoples of the region, so that the economies of the nations in the area could be sacrificed and the management of their peoples tightened. – the establishment of apartheid (the regulation of nationalism), the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the Zionist entity, the transfer of its embassy and its preparation for the accession of the West Financial institution and the closure of the UNRWA, the revision of the refugee definition, the withdrawal of the proper of return and the institution of resettlement and the establishment of demographic change; Zionist "economic workshop" in Bahrain to change the Palestinian query on a national and national problem with international legitimacy to a humanitarian problem that requires some material help and a political answer in Syria and Yemen wherever potential It responds to army threats to launch wars towards Iran and the peoples of the region Oil Ships Bombing in the Gulf of Oman that the rise of the United States and the Zionist entity and the Arab reaction is solely part of the international enlargement at worldwide degree; and North Korea incapability to management conflicts between them and others To the different aspect of China to Russia and its alliance in the NATO nations from Turkey to the European Union, as we have now mentioned above, we face this venture, which is related to an alternate challenge of the century, and no various to us and our Arab populations, only resistance, liberation and change: towards Zionist occupation Direct imperialist looting and systematic use of local methods and their authorizing authorities recovery and dumping. He added: "Perhaps we are witnessing a model of a new revolution, characterized by earlier revolts, because the role of left-wing forces visible in the role of the Communist Party of Sudan and the roots and commitment of the slogans are an incentive to move and hesitate to break into the political situation and provide all kinds of support and support for the forces of freedom and change, especially the comrades of the Communist Party of Sudan and all the crowds who oppose reactive and despotic systems and the Palestinian people and factions opposing the Zionist occupation, a precious presence in the reality of this Arab world Lebanon is not immune to what is in its sky, and a Zionist enemy is entitled to water and its country remains vulnerable at every aggression point and leaves the enemy's opportunity to only express its intention to attack and destroy Lebanon and not just to abstain from this guarantee and goal It is also in the face of the political and economic consequences of the emigration of Syria. At the moment, there is unprecedented competition in the labor market between poor Lebanese workers and the poor in Syrian workers, and the Lebanese bourgeoisie benefits from this competition as it facilitates the replacement of cheap non-Lebanese labor. The Communist Party condemns this document by the internal and external forces of continuous politicization and the displacement of those who have displaced the practice and the racist nature of it. It underlines the need to open up intergovernmental coordination between Lebanon and Syria and direct cooperation to ensure their safe return and organization. The current budget target is not limited to limiting the general government deficit to the Cedar Conference, but to achieving the political objectives of nature and the imperialist attack on the region through repeated visits to the United States and Western ambassadors to put Lebanon in two ways: pressures and economic sanctions, oil and gas quarrying, setting up Palestinian resettlement, preventing the return of Syrian refugees, resisting Lebanon and threatening internal bombing, or its "regularity" in the political line demanded by Americans and negotiations with a Zionist entity. Instead of resisting the century's trade, resist the budget. Sidr believes that some of the supervisory authorities are competing for increasing the taxes on the poor, so that the budget deficit is reduced to earning each of them the first card of dependency abroad and thus the state budget approved the acceptance of the average costs and the consequences of working classes and these crises. Social conflict expressed a clear wealth and capitalist profit against wages and rights. From the outset, our party has started to take the street and launch a popular movement to rescue it, it is still open to all political movements and sectoral and trade unions to build a mass unit capable of crashing this economic rent and the corrupt authority model. "Despite the failure of these socio-financial policies, we condemn, and with them, all new tax measures, especially these affecting salaries, retirement pensions and imported items. We consider that an strategy to reform is the development of a democratic nationwide state able to implementing a new financial coverage that leads to the abolition of the mannequin of the rental economy and the development of a complicated productive economy. by adopting a gradual tax on the renting of banks and real estate and stopping waste of public funds and corruption that can’t be achieved with this corrupt authority and its failed state. It is not a requirement of one or another sector, nevertheless it is about altering the stability of power and building a mass of individuals to scale back socio-economic insurance policies that have put the nation liable to economic collapse, unemployment, poverty, homelessness and rejection of our youth. This is how we’re loyal and trustworthy to our martyrs and all who’ve left. It is a covenant we make for all of them to comply with the path to understand their goals, of which they have owned their lives. Communist Communist Day. And the honor and immortality of righteous martyrs. “Greeting to Chaw As a part of the context, the members went to the statue of George Haw in the space of ​​Watti al-Musaitbah, the place they put on roses. ============== b.r Comply with the news of the National Media Company on Lebanese radio broadcasts at 98.5, 98.1 and 96.2 FM

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