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Presentation in tabloids on Wednesday, August 21, 2019

Introduction to the Evening News Wednesday, August 21, 2019

* Introduction to Lebanon TV's pessimistic optimism concerning the present state of affairs and politicians speaking concerning the disaster as an alternative of the state of affairs once they speak concerning the local financial system, but President Berri Glimmer sees the state of affairs as agreement, whereas Prime Minister Hariri revealed a transparent plan despite all the economic circumstances. And a few cash changers try to benefit from colour blindness and manipulate particles over $ 1,500. This was paid for by BDL Warnings on these measures to terminate their affairs and grant a piece permit if they proceed to abuse the banking market with bank self-discipline. Tomorrow, the Council of Ministers shall be held in the summer time on the Presidential Headquarters, which has a daily agenda of forty-six subjects, but actual analysis will focus on the results of a visit by Prime Minister Saad Harir to Washington that helped cool the US garrison towards Lebanon. Environment, the patriarch visited Shepherd Beiteddine, where he congratulated President Banaklh who created after the gorgeous environment of the seizures which have handed Lebanon, "it is emphasized that" the coming of the President Beiteddine holds a historic reconciliation. The Shepherd warned that we have been dealing with a social and economic disaster and that we should always not cover it, and stated that "Article 95 is not a scare, but a guarantee for all people". ========================= * Introduction "NBN TV" information in all the crises towards the impression categorized themselves as the primary inner focus on the agenda in the light of the consensus I’m very concerned about this crisis strategy, regardless that it requires an financial emergency. On this spirit, President Nabih Berri at Wednesday's assembly approached the constructive local weather resulting from the Conciliation and Integrity Convention, which should pave the best way for the activation of presidency work and intensify it with all documents of curiosity to all Lebanese, given all Lebanon's credit standing expectations. signs that this will likely give Lebanon a chance to right the course and things. President Berri confused the need to activate the work of Parliament underneath the rule of action and speech and complaints, and the Council's position of exercising its full supervisory and legislative position and returning to classification has discovered that, contrary to the NBN environment, downgrades Lebanon's C score, Fitch, which can publish its report tomorrow afternoon, and S&P, which released its report on Friday evening, will continue to take care of the earlier score (B), which can permit Lebanon to revive its financial system and finances. , Particularly, a E committed to attend and conferences personally stuck to the Minister of Finance for more financial reforms in finances Al2020 also contributed to the return of political local weather to the cabinet to vary perceptions in Lebanon. This was what the financial market was starting to see instantly because it moved the bond market and waited for tomorrow's board assembly at Beiteddine. What Hariri is presenting and hearing about Washington conferences. The second time period, which is at the last minute (protection technique), has fallen on the first line of protection. Ministers tomorrow quiet calm breeze Palace Beiteddine. ========================= * Presentation of the OTV TV publication, the share of the president and supporters of "demolition" right now, just two phrases: Exhausting luck. Exhausting luck Because the current political crisis is over, the government will return to tomorrow's meeting in response to discussions on the fall of the answer, repeated in the Qabrishmon case, after repeated attempts at luck following the prime minister's arrest crisis. Onerous luck because the financial state of affairs is secure and professionals are greater than adverse brains in Lebanon's forthcoming Fitch and Normal & Poor's scores, in change for numerous collapses which might be stated to be inevitable, proves the other. I’m very lucky because the financial path was set in the fitting course at the final Baabda meeting, which handed a paper that may change to government status in the subsequent few days, both by way of rigorous implementation of the 2019 price range or proper preparation of the 2020 finances, in addition to other commitment and dedication measures. Robust luck Because there is a complete understanding at nationwide degree that solidarity must emerge in the current economic climate. President Nabih Berri as we speak confirmed the need for a national consensus on the necessity to strategy this disaster, despite the necessity to declare an economic emergency. Prime Minister Saad Hariri emphasized that the federal government has a transparent financial plan for 2019, 2020 and 2021. Arduous luck As nationwide unity has once once more been successful and the logic of separation is again. What occurred to Mount and Shouf in the 1980s, destructive things have been planted in our souls, in addition to to strengthen souls' confidence, because the President of the Republic harassed at present. Some of the essential objectives of my visit right here is to assist strengthen that confidence and stability. We make each effort to create nationwide unity and equality among the many Lebanese, so at present I am with you. This is not a short lived thing, nevertheless it has nationwide implications and we hope will probably be repeated yearly. Congratulations to the annoyed and annoyed, good luck to each optimist does not know Desperate and refuses to surrender. =========================== * Introduction to Al-Manar TV Information Half a decade after the Zionist hearth returned to Al-Aqsa Mosque , the anniversary of political Zionists and hearth has been settled. Fifty years in the past, Michael Rohen burned a mosque, and the Zionists justified it. The standards are given to anyone who tries to burn the sacred history of the Al-Aqsa Mosque. Or the betrayal of the individuals once they name him out of proportion, and the servants for the saints. Hearth does not simply burn Meshaalha, as long as in a nation that places the Hebrew entity and authority in the midst of disappointment, Jerusalem cumulative of every achievement and promised to wish for the Mujahideen to carry their ears, they’re between the witness and the martyr. … Citizenship hate martyrs have been witnesses of every world documenting the killing of unarmed Yemen in chilly blood outdoors the region. A yr in the past, a Human Rights Watch report described a Yemen fisherman's assault on boats (Saudi-Emirati-American Zionist) as a struggle crime. Along with dozens of these crimes… crimes committed towards People in Iraq have been revealed by a well-liked mobilization that, by means of its Vice President Abu Mahdi al-Mohandes, accused People of masking Israeli marches at the headquarters, promising to make use of all means of deterrence. Immediately, on the anniversary of the Resistance and the victory of the Syrian and Lebanese Military in the battle towards Takfiri terrorism, the day they protected the border from Lebanese terrorism towards all Lebanese, they participated in breaking down the resistance and protecting the japanese border, , apart from one assertion. In Lebanon's pressing paperwork, the political movement continues with some hope and morality on the eve of the Council of Ministers meeting. The first challenges are the financial and environmental crises and the struggle towards waste doorways, whose loyalty to resistance is presently coming to an finish. The Parliamentary Inquiry into the Cell Folder .. ========================= * Introduction to the Publication “LBC TV” “If God is variety, in all probability Lebanon won’t rely financial and financial at the bottom of the cliff, and the credit rating, which is predicted to be launched on Friday, doesn’t rely in the direction of the CCC qualification, if ratified, with the information that the Normal & Poor's report was not issued, which means that the score stays the identical – or a report is revealed stating that the score remains the identical. For many who have no idea, decreasing Lebanon's credit standing from B- as we are as we speak means a brand new rise in CCC rates of interest, a fall in authorities bond costs and attracting international buyers. All power was absolutely aware of what was occurring and what the results have been, and all energy reached the underside of the land and other people, and this authority, with all its politicians, it doesn’t matter what they stated, didn’t deliver the answer that if Friday got here as anticipated , led some nations to determine to offer us a chance. The brand new six-month period expires on the next credit standing. A dose of oxygen may be injected into Lebanon's troublesome financial and monetary body, which is nothing greater than a soothing remedy. Earlier than politicians start lifting flags of victory and displaying it to their parties, they should know that they are held responsible by the Lebanese for the degradation we’ve got achieved. Action, and why did they drop us into dilution and political vacuum, economic error, and safety? These Lebanese demand that they act swiftly to place an end to their distorted politics and their absolute selfishness and their competitors for the disappearance, installation and corruption of duty, and extra for the individuals of the house themselves. We simply need to stop mendacity and put in action plans that go beyond your common image. To date, they have offered solely a mannequin for killing the hope of future generations, whereas what’s required of you for a better future … "Reduce your story and increase God's kindness." =============== * Introduction to the New Publication A "new TV" sitting parliamentary structure of the judiciary echoes in all authorized chambers if first parliamentary committees of inquiry start with communications information and resort only to the last drugs Lebanese judiciary state score that’s risky and provable. Its branch workplace in Ain al-Tineh amid parliamentary calls for for President Nabih Berr's strict judiciary, which helped get the paperwork into the mould. Loyalty to the resistance brought this request to Berri, who supported and permitted the order, as confirmed by Hussein al-Haj Hassan, Chairman of the Communications Committee. On the first Legislative Session of the Home of Representatives, the judiciary has acquired a harsh punitive message stating that you are a uncared for judiciary and that it’ll not be allowed to be delayed, however the JPA isn’t essentially a deadly blow. Expertise confirms that such committees have been typically strengthened by political representatives and didn’t discover historical past to finish bookkeeping and restoration of justice because it proceeds in line with the technique of early burial of documents, but "good at what happened" and the legislature condemns the judiciary for abuse abstained. The markets for the accused of corruption, beginning with the ministers themselves, while justice reaches out to the media Vtgram long and manages and pays his strikes in succession simply because he defended the tent of the Khadija argument and the troubled judicial bundle of our political, financial, environmental , we have been untimely and made by Republican President Michel Aoun, in the form of the very best readings of strategic modifications in the region's defense advertising technique. The Nationwide Dialogue Conference, which started before the July 2006 struggle, that’s to say, "fell over time," and the outdated absolute strategy being developed at this time won’t forestall Israel so long as it stops an extended terrorist technique and stability of correct and inaccurate missiles syndrome. Is it true to call for resistance to arms transfers? Is there a thousand good issues in Lebanon .. In good health .. No garbage on the streets .. Don't worry concerning the financial classification tomorrow .. No corruption will spoil his departments, institutions and ministries and regulation at Vtmroa door earlier than sorting waste .. Speaking at this time, simply pull the gun, which bothers individuals about their unique questions. ===================== * An introduction to the great thing about the MTV TV image and don't create a unfavourable strain wave for S&P, yes it's so easy, some thought In good faith, pumping good information that extrapolates the taxonomy report to constructive eyes can affect the emotional impression on taxonomy report writers, and some states are dedicated to encouraging this strategy. In reality, the report may be constructive, that’s, Normal & Poor's maintains or downgrades the B-Minas score to CCC Triple C, but the first score doesn’t mean that we’ve a superb financial position and the second score does not imply that Lebanon dealing with chapter and hunger. However the constructive results of selling will double the extent of frustration for individuals and the market if the report is damaging. What if? What’s urgently required of the federal government and the state as an entire to deal with the scientific, lifelike and decided crises, together with the day and night time, to get into the abyss. Everybody, worldwide and local, knows that the Lebanese crisis is made up of two issues: 30% money, financial system and obvious governance, and 70% lack of morality. That is so flawed that it is straightforward to unravel. This also signifies that the remedy begins with the choice to deal with the second pest and the first answer, and we get it. It has a conscience AAA score 3 times A earlier than Commonplace & Poor's. Ahead of the score report, which will probably be released on Thursday night, the board will meet on Thursday in Beiteddine. A movement that state regulators consider to be a constructive sign to pleasant nations and a spike in the eyes of unfriendly nations. The cupboard agenda is only eco-friendly, development-friendly, economical and good. Public and national contributions are high now that the government has succeeded in decentralizing waste management in the north, which must generate a constructive impulse for withdrawal throughout Lebanon, and can then dedicate itself to solving the electrical disaster. Other paperwork submitted to the Council of Ministers usually are not as harmful and harmful as appointments to fill vacancies in the Council and departments, border controls, and the prayer value was prolonged. They’re to date incompatible with unanimity, even some of them, which have been trapped beneath a few of the articles of the Structure, in specific its Article. . ===================== R.N. Comply with Nationwide Info Middle News on Radio Lebanon Air with 98.5 and 98.1 and 96.2 FM Waves

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