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Presentation of the tabloids on Monday, August 19, 2019

Introduction to tabloids on Monday, August 19, 2019

* "Lebanese Television" Prime Minister Saad Hariri will return from Washington inside a number of hours and inaugurate a new part of the Rafic Harir International Airport enlargement tomorrow. the re-launch of institutional work beneath the leadership of the President, which is very credible, notably from an financial point of view. "Lebanese Sich He pointed out that what we were asked for at Cedar is what we are looking for in succession and some may not be able to apply due to the economic situation, so Aoun emphasized that" nominations have been discussed at that time underneath its own governing mechanism however not a constitution reaffirmed its adherence to Taif's software, with a quantity of political and diplomatic pursuits, including: – the entry of Turkish armored columns in north-west Syria and the close preventing of Khan Sheikhoun, whereas Putin burdened at Macron's meeting that Russia supports Syrian – Iranian announcement that it does not converse to and isn’t curious about Washington – Iranian oil tanker leaves port of Gibraltar in the direction of Greece – Jordanian parliament urges authorities to withdraw its ambassador from Tel Aviv and expel the Israeli ambassador to Amman in response to settlers' attacks on the Al-Aqsa Mosque. ======================== * Introduction to the News The "NBN TV" score, which is characterized by an inner environment after the creation of a reconciliation environment, which meant a return to authorities Thursday at the Beiteddine Palace beneath the management of the President of the Republic. Pending the worldwide classification of the financial state of affairs, the title of the part seemed to be monetary documentation. President Michel Aoun burdened that the financial document would grow to be an implementation plan inside one month and that it must be carried out. This was confirmed by President Nabih Berri, who confused in front of his guests that the government should give precedence to the monetary doc above all else. The doc on the delimitation of sea and land borders may also be launched only a long time ago, and in this context President Berri introduced in September that he would meet with the new US mediator, David Schenker. At the port border, Finance Minister Ali Hassan Khalil's sudden push into the Beirut port, the place he confused that after a day, there can be no tent on anyone's head and the state's proper to the state. Khalil revealed to the NBN that he would begin to organize an entire and correct file for each customs state of affairs, and stated: We introduce a brand new part the place accounting is the rule and all gutter closures, and we need to get to zero waste. Syria accelerates improvement in the sector The Syrian army has reached the edges of Khan Sheikh, and in parallel Turkish troops strengthened their reinforcements in Jabhat al-Nusra. The Syrian Ministry of Overseas Affairs condemned Turkey's intervention, holding it absolutely liable for blatant violations of Syrian sovereignty and international regulation. In Amman, the Jordanian Parliament advisable that the authorities expel the Israeli ambassador, withdraw the Jordanian ambassador from Israel and contemplate a peace treaty. And Iran-American warnings from Tehran to Washington not to be uncovered to an Iranian oil tanker liberated by Gibraltar authorities heading for Greek ports. ======================== * Yarz's defense hearth, a defender of political forces, was silenced at the moment by the introduction of an OTV tv publication. Defense Minister Elias Bou Saab denied accusations towards him in current politics, which he responded to details, dates and maps, even statements by Commander Samir Geagea and George Adwan, Deputy Chairman of his Administration and Justice Committee. On economic and monetary issues, at this time I drew up a position launched by the President of the Republic in dialogue with a number of media, revealing that this week launches plans for implementing the Economic and Monetary Document, ready in a month's time, as common rules are recognized and there. has been accepted. The President of the Republic, who denied rumors that some European nations expressed their dissatisfaction with the government's response to the "Cedar" statement, reaffirmed the implementation of the conference's suggestions and the "Mackenzie" plan, recalling the maintenance of the lira in the face of rumors and revealed rumors encourage a strike in public funds, but they haven’t been used to protect freedoms … In one other context, and in response to a question about the Lebanese state being exposed to US strain, he stated: "No America intervenes and our nature does not accept pressure." Order imposing US sanctions on Christian persons close to Hezbollah. ' The President of the Republic addressed a Lebanese saying, "You can be independent because I represent you today." On the nomination mechanism, which some would argue, he stated: "The mechanism was placed in a special situation and is neither a law nor a constitutional one." In a speech on protection strategy, he stated: “All the parameters of the defense strategy that we’ve to set have now modified. Why focus if even the spheres of influence change? On Taif's execution, he stated: "I hear a lot of statements, including typo offenses, but the fact that I implement the Constitution while others violate and deprive others of his rights. When they do, they say that the constitution is being violated. Some have acquired many bad habits, and it will take time to correct them … … Along with Beiteddine's unfortunate presidential speech, Gebran Bassil Deeman, leader of the Free Patriotic Movement, emphasized the "perspective on the mountains, our peaks, our nation, our heritage and our holiness. Be a part of our place and say we’ll hold it. "In this context, OTV learned that the atmosphere of the meeting between Patriarch Mar Bechara Boutros Al-Rahi and Minister Bassil was very positive and the entity files and the Christian attitude prevailed at the heart of the conversation. OTV information showed that Basil presented certain ideas and information, responded and extended his word and position to unify the balance of national partnership in governance and development, and to increase the true presence and equality of Christians in national partnerships and equality at all levels … At the same time, OTV data stated He noted that Basil was open to any suggestion or initiative please note that the information refers to expected practical actions in this area. =========================== * Introducing Al-Manar TV Magazine From General Principles to Critical Implementation Plans Board Activities The move to face crises that are tight The Lebanese President is promising at the start of the new political week, and it is going to accelerate the consolidation of mediation and the organization of files according to priorities that are undoubtedly economic and economic. A conversation with President Michel Aoun to reporters, positive messages, and calls on the authorities to work together to make the financial magazine a success. The president, of course, does not accept the pressure, as he assured reporters in response to rumors about him and the Lebanese pound. Lebanese: Rest assured, you are independent, because I represent you in the rhetorical plays of the border crossings to assure Defense Minister Elias Bou Saab to the Lebanese and to respond to the troops. Bu Saab pointed out the political dimensions of the military campaign with anti-truth preparations seeking to target the Minister of Defense and his successor, as the Lebanese army said. The Minister presented the achievements of the army at the border to protect and combat smuggling. Ninety-five percent of them. Regionally and according to centenary calculations, Khan Sheikhon of Syria was on his way to the state after years of violation by militants and most of Idlib province, and a failed Turkish attempt to support al-Naira's al-Qaeda front, Russian President Vladimir Putin has taken an advanced role: efforts to end the terrorist threats. In Iran's advanced diplomacy, Foreign Ministry warns that new letters will be sent to Washington. Iranian High Tone United States for any targeting of Iran's Grace 1 oil tanker in international waters .. ========================= * LBC TV Newsletter Introduction In the backyard of President Beiteddine's Palace, Imad Michel Aoun has a series of letters, including retrospective and coming, as if he were building the line and writing, "This is the Path": On the economic issue, he said briefly, "The story just isn’t a joke" "We must all sacrifice President Aoun did not ignore the criticism of fiscal policy thirty years in the past, but stated it was a tenant, not an funding coverage. … In a diplomatic query, he stated that America was not interfering and that our character wouldn’t settle for strain. Basil … resolved their place by saying: I can’t proceed with Gibran and won’t press p towards Les and people who will come to put strain on him: “Well known chat G with ibranin … army questions, the President Aoun ruled out the presentation of the defense technique … with regard to the implementation of the Taif he says "I'm with the Taif reconciliation" … Every week crammed with deadlines and rights: No later than Thursday of the Cabinet meeting Beiteddineessä after the Prime Minister has returned from Washington, and the agenda was distributed … And on Friday, anticipated to publish "Standard & Poor's" report on account of worry of Lebanon's credit rating Score ought to be made because Lebanon has develop into a non-eligible country Mar and its bonds cannot be repaid … but Lebanon is feared by a quantity of measures each in the implementation of the 2019 finances and 2020 well timed improvement of the finances and monitoring of crucial reforms and the struggle towards smuggling and tax evasion … On this context, there was a sign of Finance Minister Ali Hassan Khalil's sudden spherical ta. The Minister of Protection held a detailed briefing on the struggle towards smuggling and stated that the smuggling occasion had been open for a very long time and that one strategy to deal with it was not only to regulate smuggling at crossings, but in addition to secure smugglers in Lebanon. Ml However south of the border, revealed by Western information that the US diplomat, who followed David Satterfield, David Schenker will go to Lebanon twelve next month, speaker Nabih Berri will meet to discuss the challenge of border demarcation in the south. ==================== * MTV News Bulletin presentation Prime Minister Saad Harir's return from the United States, logically preceding the Beiteddyn board meeting on Thursday, an introduction to it on March eight a gaggle to know the returning prime minister that post-American visitation would not change. Acquiring this group's stay and round-the-clock content implies that the prime minister returned from Washington with a US or Israeli password or license to seek out present balances beneath the Trump and Kouchner packages. This improvement faces a reluctant group led by Hezbollah, with all types of rejections. In response to sources, that is insulting as a lot as it is incorrect and will disrupt the ignition of government engines that have not but appeared in orchards. Awaiting the Council of Ministers on Thursday and Friday, and the Normal & Poor's occasion, and after the demarcation of inner borders and the unification of disputes between residents of one government, began statements on presidential and patriarchal resorts. Commenting on Beiteddine, President Michel Aoun commented on all the points and views he raised about Washington's views on Lebanon's demarcation of borders and attainable sanctions as much as Hezbollah and other Christian persons, and harassed that it was not a category that intimidation and strain. Whereas giving priority to the degree dictated by Lebanese pursuits, he urged ministers around Bassilia to talk to him as president of main parliamentary and ministerial groups. On the other hand, Minister Bassil introduced when he despatched a Patriarch invitation from Diman that he was ready to work on anything that might strengthen the Christian's position in strengthening the sect to face the challenges. In the state of affairs, the tense environment and the arguments between free-flowing and troops don’t help to get in the approach of peace, however are pushing strongly in the other way. In the midst of worsening crises and sudden inventive shock, Elissa introduced that she would end her music after the completion of her new album. Al-Khobar brought about unhappiness and shock by waving to 14 million social media followers, in addition to hundreds of thousands of fans, in Lebanon, the Arab world and in the broadcasting nations. ======================== * Publication Introduction "New TV" in the greenery of Beiteddine timber and in the green areas of the historic palace garden and in the bones of the Shehabi princes and in honor of the Fakhruddin concerned Aoun paid tribute to Gibran in Lebanon and announced that great politicians would come to him asking for strain to keep the chief of the National Motion separate from the political points that disturbed them. His answer was all the time: go and speak to Gibran Bassil. The president denied rumors that the United States had ordered him to be expelled by the Overseas Minister, saying: "I am not further away, neither Gibran nor any other person. I have no interest in this. He is the head of the largest parliamentary group. He also denied US pressure for reconciliation and spoke about US sanctions. , including Christians near Hezbollah, President of the Republic said: "We couldn't get it, however we hear guests questioning: what's left after Lebanon is imposed. Aoun's defense technique struck financially, declaring the financial system totally different from inventory market bets, land buying and selling and tax fraud, the media, who criticize the peculiar financial state of affairs, finance the state finances and strengthen lira stabilization measures in trade for many who promote the devaluation of the actual chapter. ue du Governor of Lebanon to arrange a tent with the nationwide foreign money, a political camp in the west and a certificate of origin. He advised the departments, the departments, the customs clearance departments and container berths that "in customs there is no longer a tent above anyone's head. The state is only entitled to the state." The underside line is that the state's proper to "only" the state and this defamation is only one reality during which the Finance Minister advised his partners: "You can no longer divide the state in its revenue." But departmental and harbor corruption has branches, some of which are revealed at this time by means of new grabs and the buy of real property by way of individuals who don’t exist or whose identify is falsified. Two years have passed since investigations failed for a legal tent, which can be eliminated in the publication . Hassan Fadlallah, MP from Hezbollah to the judiciary for the extraction of berry paper from the judiciary and the most violent political post-mortem, stated the social gathering had encountered an impediment to the Lebanese judiciary. The judiciary is the most important door from which we needed to carry the corrupt and thieves accountable and put them in jail. And that this judiciary is in the arms of safety guards information and paperwork and the names of the perpetrators of corruption and when Fadlallah did not open the door of the judiciary, who misplaced the paperwork and neglected to call other departments, including the institution of parliamentary committees of inquiry in the House of Representatives. However previous expertise in the committees confirms that Parliament is an enormous political tent that covers the corrupt, regardless that the Home of Representatives and political teams are critical about accounting and investigating ministers committed to creating confidence. Those that don’t vote comply with a class that encourages continued corruption. ===================== R.N. Comply with Nationwide News Agency information on Radio Lebanon on waves 98.5, 98.1 and 96.2 FM.

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