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Presentations for the evening newsletters on Friday 8/2/2019

Introduction to the News of the Night, February 8, 2019

* TV News Presentation "Lebanon" George Zureik is the identify of a citizen and have become a standard identify in the home territory as a martyr faculty reward for his daughter and reward here for life. George Zureik dedicated suicide by burning himself, which his father burned before the hearth, and who was unable to pay his daughter's share to be able to get his daughter transferred to a different faculty. This example just isn’t distinctive: tens of hundreds of oldsters can’t educate their youngsters due to the deterioration of dwelling and dwelling circumstances. This raises the query of why the youngsters of the West study free and why do the youngsters of Lebanon take a look at the strain of their mother and father for monetary suffering? In the West, schooling is free, reminiscent of drugs and housing. It is true that there are taxes, however what is needed is current and ready, but in Lebanon it’s proper that the tax is prepared, however the desired one is lacking. The task for George Zureik is to tug officials and the Labor Authorities significantly to debate this example, and it isn’t enough for the Ministry of Schooling to decide to show George's daughter free of cost. =============== * Introduction to the News "TV NBC That" is a story that a Lebanese citizen burned in the flames of a troublesome life state of affairs in Vmab Khimh and expects his country to do social circumstances of fireside in cold and peace. George Zreik sounded the alarm bell in his burning physique with darkness and humiliation and with a fireplace that wore his life with anger and dignity. All compassion … all solidarity … all endure … with out canceling every thing that happened. The Ministry of Schooling has opened a research and confirmed that the youngsters of the Georges Excessive Woman Benedictine Faculty have been awarded scholarships that buying and selling just isn’t the fact, and George is exempt from commissions. However all this doesn’t contradict one reality as a light-weight flashlight in the dark, and George has been depressing towards the financial state of affairs and nothing replaces his orphans and injustice. In the mild of George & # 39's story, the government's confidence wanted at periods of the House of Representatives ministerial periods have to be based mostly on its agency and valid cause to stop individuals from bleeding at totally different levels and start the reform process and battle corruption that reflects economically, socially, and lives the state and the citizen. That's why it’s a must to go to work. Solely by means of this junction that George painted with hearth. ================= * Presentation News "Future TV Bulletin" Lebanon continues to select up the pain planted on the roads in their quest for livelihood and schooling for youngsters of Muslims. Right here is the pricey Bo George Zureik burning his body when he found himself unable to coach his youngsters. The violent demise brought on by poverty has shaken the conscience of people as political struggles proceed to seek influence and quotas. It’s a loud cry that starts to show the coward again into a snowball that grows day by day, and sees a echo on Monday in entrance of the Ministry of Schooling, a victory over George Zreik, and a hazard to the tire, which exhibits the depth of the economic disaster that places strain on the Lebanese individuals. they usually differ in that they do not discover jobs and ensure an honest life that preserves Lebanon's dignity. ================== * Introduction Information from "New Television" from the Heart of the Coronary heart Burned By George Zureik, Father Despaired The extent of suicide deserved to be earned by Bouazizi Lebanon's title and hearth certificate that the scapegoat of Lebanon can be broken in social order. But the hearth did not simply burn its place and expanded to ignite the revolution towards injustice, and the political class ate green, and the trades and quotas and income that turned a debt surrounded Lebanon's greater than $ 100 billion. George Zureik's hearth didn’t sink into the conscience of civil servants, and he did not confuse his fingers in a civic movement, nor even the risky sparks of the individuals who declared a digital revolution towards the helpless states somewhat than the road revolution. Zureik asked his youngsters for free schooling and did not dare to dream of a health assure or previous age, because state hospitals struggled to outlive, and his demand was a faculty e-book certificates that allowed his youngsters to be transferred from a personal viewers. The varsity reduce off communications with the media and made a boring statement by which the sufferer was accountable. Minister Akram signed the case. The Ministry of Schooling authorised the schooling of three youngsters of George & # 39; s, nevertheless it also occurred, but adoption does not exchange the father's absence, and it’ll not turn off the hearth that may continue to return to the hearts of George & # 39; s youngsters who gave the father a superb testimony. It’s anticipated that in a socialist home it should turn out to be a "teacher" strike of a "teacher". Last week, Progressive Social gathering chief Walid Jumblatt confirmed that Mazen still exists and shall be handed over, guaranteeing the launch of a new writer, and this assure is a constructive change in the method the building works. Justice and citizens' safety and therefore the new aggressor are awaiting recognition as a result of justice alone ensures respect for all rights, especially nationwide elements, one in every of the most essential new considering that the Druze monotheistic group is an important a part of these elements, Zaha and the reference to it The group had no want to abuse this generous group and different over nationwide media and our trips as long as we gathered for good neighborliness and mutual respect. ================= * Introduction to the information "TV BBC," the novel tells George Zurayk burned himself to high school their youngsters as a result of he’s unable to pay for faculty their educating says the case of George Zurayk He died in the present day of burns . Although the fact is that George Zureik died long ago, he died at the moment when his goals and wishes fell, and his dying turned his salvation. George George Zureiq … George Zreik, as a result of his dying is our duty, the duty of a failed state and the individuals by default. State duty, speak quite a bit and perform a little. Let our state and our minister inform us what they did to George Zureik and George Zureik? George Zureik might have fallen on the altar of humiliating personal faculties as we speak, while others carry wounds and obtain them daily in entrance of social safety, hospitals, personal insurance corporations, official departments, water and electricity and others. Save the individuals, his diary got here with resistance and strong life. The people who needed to tell, stated that their leader, once they came to power, failed, and once they got here out, they created criticism and confirmed a line. However the similar individuals are additionally responsible for the departure of George Zureik when he turned a virtual individual, and his objectives are the envy of individuals, and he can put strain on politicians to right away convey him to the Home of Representatives, the place legal guidelines that scale back oxygen from personal faculties, medicines, hospitals and producers cartel, In the present day George Zureik fell, and tomorrow or a couple of months later we’ll overlook him as we’ve got forgotten others, as a result of our capability to reside with sin and sin to overcome our will to vary our actuality. ================= * Presentation News "Al-Manar TV" bulletin board not to burn house Butkab financial difficulties, the query George give up Zurayk duty, before the hearth unfold fatal consequences .. It isn’t a category that was unable to pay him, which led to Ibn al-Koura's completely abandoning act, specifically suicide, however the financial and social burden we’ve got made. His incapability to offer correct schooling for his youngsters, a match that ignited him and the value of his struggling. The truth of Lebanon, as long as the nation has two citizens equal. In our nation, science is just not for everyone when the state unites the activation and strengthening of the public faculty? And the drugs is just not out there to everybody: Do Lebanese individuals have state hospitals the place the poor don’t die, or within their carelessness and carelessness? The cross-sector pay gap is intolerable, is it a socio-economic imaginative and prescient based mostly on affordable wants and standards? Do we’ve got a judicial system that is able to oblige ministers and officers to enforce legal guidelines and judgments, particularly by the State Advisory Council, and to resort to it? The Al-Koura occasion, the first in the Home of Deputies, to trust on Tuesday and Wednesday, and the completion of the task is worthy of being referred to as the "government act". In Palestine, the greatest activity is to face in entrance of the enemy in all varieties which have turn out to be one strong, and on the method back, two Palestinian martyrs shot by the Zionist occupation and subsequent Friday a brand new day. In the renewed Iranian Revolution, Wali al-Faq will continue to study to flourish in anti-enemy strategies, and in the tenth yr of Fajr, Khamenei speaks of America's nice evil and the demise of the Iranian individuals towards American rulers, not People. What the Iranian individuals and their governments are cautious, they’re European leaders, as Imam Ali al-Khamani stated: their trust, comparable to American confidence, is just not attainable, those who take part in human rights and lose the eyes of demonstrators in Paris. ====== * Introduction to the news of "TV TV" by George Zreik. There isn’t any second day, and the identify is just not preceded by his identify. In the unique novel, extensively circulated at the communicative sites, George went to a personal faculty where he discovered his youngsters to testify that they have been transferred to another faculty authority due to their poor financial standing, but the faculty rejected his request, offered that the cost was made first, However gasoline was poured into his body earlier than faculty , after which lit up, which led to critical burns, was transferred to the hospital, but quickly he died. It was emphasized that George acquired a request from one other authority to pay faculty charges and omissions by threatening to expel his daughter, who led him to burn himself. The varsity explained that, in response to 4 consecutive written complaints, since the starting of the present educational yr, mother and father have been asked to return to high school to resolve the financial and administrative state of affairs. From 2014-2015, releasing him from paying faculty fees, except for transport charges, stationery and curricula, so all the trades are flawed and not related to the fact. On the Ministry of Schooling, he urged Minister Akram Shuhayeb to begin a research to clarify the circumstances and harassed that the Ministry of Schooling had by no means given the students the crucial proof to register in public faculties and the proper to schooling for all. Ultimately, George Zureik died, and his son, Bata, turned an orphaned father. The reality, maybe even once, shouldn’t be orphan when the outcomes of the research are clear and clear. Unusual auctions, unrealistic analyzes, and unfavorable comparisons between revolutions and nations are useless, just to fill the misplaced and wasted time by exploiting human tragedies. ================= * Introduction News "Bulletin Board TV MTV" Do you keep in mind pricey Mohammed Bu? Anyone who can't keep in mind a Tunisian younger man set himself on December 17, 2010 in front of Sidi Bouzid's Tunisian headquarters, protesting towards a police officer attack and his car seized promoting fruit and vegetables. The boy's love ignited the metropolis's protests and spread to other areas of Tunisia and lots of Arab nations, in order that pricey Albou turned to the absolute spark of the Arab Spring. What occurred in Tunisia eight years ago and virtually two months ago in Lebanon. He was unable to offer his daughter a press release when he had been paying his faculty fees for a very long time. What is occurring, in fact, is just not a revolution in Lebanon, however we are the only people who can’t act without the orders of the leaders of presents and clans and underneath the strain of sectarians, sects, tribes and clans. With regard to social points, only a small minority has little hope of adjusting the present black actuality based mostly on three parts of exploitation, corruption and corruption. But what should happen, we should always study for all of us, and the most essential lesson is that, unfortunately, Lebanon is split between two wealthy and poor courses, while the center class is progressively breaking down until it’s virtually lifeless and there’s an unbiased standing between two courses and rulers and officers. who reside in a palace and shelter which might be walled and sheltered and closed, do not know the struggling of people They don't comprehend it. They stay in Bruges, Côte d'Ivoire, who are confused by the outlets, robberies and quotas they call power rights, while individuals are progressively dropping their lives and suffering from poverty, humiliation and demise. It's the tragic actuality that we stay each day every hour. Does the burning Zorik's body move something from the pulse of life and the uprising? Is the charred physique at the entrance of the faculty symbolizing the collapse of society and the failure of cohesion and state failure, and even demise at residence? ==================================== RN Comply with the news from the Nationwide Media Company on Lebanon's radio broadcasts at 98.5 and 98.1 and 96.2 FM first appeared in Lebanon news.