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Public sector employees, teachers and seniors sit in Riad al-Solh and refuse to cut wages and warn against genocide – Lebanon news

Nationwide – public administration employees, public faculty professors, contractors, seniors, profitable civil servants, legal advisers and full-time professors at the University of Lebanon and Civil Defense held their meeting at Riad El-Solh with the Meeting of the House of Representatives and sections of the Common and Comprehensive strike. "Reducing rights by acquiring and downloading them into the economic crisis", warning the "genocide". Two sitcoms, Qassem Hashim and Bilal Abdullah, attended the session. They got here from totally different areas of Lebanon, north and south, and south and mountains, raising banners for refusing to cut or cut wages, or for training, compensation and different acquired rights. And referred to as for tax money to be collected on the gathering of tax evasion funds, banks and giant corporations, and on the property of the ocean, rivers and real property, and to cease waste and corruption. Daher started the session with the nationwide anthem and gave the speakers the leader of the Federation of Teachers of the South Fuad Ibrahim Federation, who gave the first speech to the top of Youssef Daher, a professor on the University of Lebanon, saying: "They are talking about a repressive economic crisis and that the country is on the brink, we know the economy, the rights, the business life sciences, mathematics, statistics and other sciences management, we have not yet heard a clear scientific basis only on the basis of the financial plan. numbers, deadlines and implementing mechanisms, we have not heard of the strategy, which was approved after I have left research centers and universities to make the future roadmap for the country, to study The labor market and the means of production, and how they are strengthened with people and stones, the brain drain, how to improve payments and services. The economy, with no tools developing itself, the economy that is far from digital development, along with control and accountability, goes to the money and profits of people and parties, not for the state or for growth. And they are not satisfied and do not destroy the ways to increase their profits from Lebanese taxpayers. "He added:" The crisis is basically a crisis at the level of their profits. As their crisis increases, they use international and Arab funds for the Paris and 4 and Cedar and Rome conferences … not to reform the economy, but to increase their profits. How can a country fall into bankruptcy, as they say, and its banks are one of the richest in the region and the world, how a citizen cannot rebel and see the pace of land and cell and sea and river resources in the port and the phone, and it does not get into the state's finances in billions alone, Billions Goes To Certain Accounts Banks, Within Overseas Instead Of The Treasury, And Go To The State To Borrow To Go And Pay For Its Bikes At Roatbekm And Order You To Pay For Debt Management. "He stated:" The crisis is already present and very large, but before it is an economic economy, there is a deep political crisis, the causes of which are due to vulnerable balances and quotas in all institutions and institutions. State institutions and institutions are not owned by them, except by name, but they are already the property and victory of the party that has signed it, and he and his staff, and he decides everything. "The solution to the disaster begins with the sovereignty of the state in phrases of its capabilities, and the state is the rule of regulation, the state of activation of accounts and the monitoring and punishment of thieves, a country that implements monetary financial plans that decide the actual figures and payments for the import cash. or smuggling billions, tax exemptions and customs, as well as funding billions of tens of associations, and the failure of billions of electrical energy, water and different billions. He stated: "They own billions and have Lira. It is clear that your wages are not enough and their crises will not be resolved, professors say that the cost of your costs will hardly be invisible to their spending projects. to achieve wage balance and fairness for retired professors. 2. Refusal to reduce educational allowances and other services and rights of professors and staff. 3 – Refusal to reduce university and fund resources to support teachers. 4 – Absolute rejection of salary reduction. 5. Reducing pensions for retired teachers and staff. 6 – speed up full-time and owner raising. 7. Accelerate the appointment of new Deans and Government Counselors to the League Council. 8 – Refusal to download teachers and staff and go through the economic crisis, and refused to accept them in their pockets. He said: "The Fee invites the House of Representatives to search for draft regulation 5120 outdoors, offered that it accommodates all of the proposed draft accelerated regulation registered with the Council underneath number 206/2018. you possibly can't play with you, ”he stated. Jabbawi identified that "3 Muslims are: No wages, no deduction, no division or division, it is forbidden to damage social security contributions and education grants, it is forbidden to affect pensions." "These pensions are savings for employees, teachers, teachers, and employees," he stated. "These are savings that should be invested in a separate pension fund, not in the country's economic chaos." "Many representatives, ministers, and parliamentary groups are opposed to wage and rights violations. We hope that these positions are honest and well-established and that decisions made under the table are not allowed." He careworn that "the trade union coordination body was the first to demand real reform", in which officers have been urged to "go directly to the real sources of corruption". "If the International Fund or the World Bank are against the government, we are not concerned about these dictations," he stated, warning "social rebellion." "This is the pulse of the street, the pulse of the poor, the low-wage pulse, the pulse of the contractors, the seniors and the deprived of the workplace, the pulse of civil defense and the professors of the University of Lebanon," stated MP Bilal Abdullah. He added: "We say to the political authority that the solution is not in the pockets of people in wages and salaries, but in the banks and in the system we rent out sectarians." Al-Asmar expressed his delight in the Union's involvement in this movement, he stated, "It is a cry that will be progressive." He introduced that he’s presently organizing a commerce union conference for all trade unions. "Violation of the social contract means we are heading towards the situation," he stated. Al-Asmar urged everybody to "jointly defend the rights we have been fighting for years." "We are all over Lebanon, its mountain and coast, Beka and its capital, south and north, civilians and military personnel, young and old, workers and retirees, workers and contractors. We have one goal. You have attacked us and it is our duty to defend ourselves by all means. "He requested," Which law do you cut the retirement pensions and their age and tired of their long years and prevent them from taking pill and hospital bed? Do you have the right to break the law and replace it with illegal information? Are you the rulers or owners of the country? "" Pensioners' pensions and salaries of employees, teachers and contractors are safe for your neck, is it easy for you to abuse honesty? Is it detrimental to the trust of people and the fate of the country? "You say you need to scale back the deficit, and you and no one else is the reason for this deficit." to reduce the deficit by more than a billion dollars annually – Gathering taxes from big companies trying to release them from fines and taxes from those who hold the sea and river resources by cutting the deficit by over a billion dollars – Reducing gifts for your wives It will reduce the deficit by over a billion dollars. He said: "Individuals don’t go away and go away, so do justice or depart." "Go and examine a number of the faculties that reject the regulation, price range numbers and budgets." He said. He stressed that "work is underway to stop all strike rights, but the danger continues to be high and confrontation is hard, we must remain cautious and united, and soon we’ll meet our public representation to explain the motion of the Union to the subsequent stage." Abboud pointed out that "the Teachers' Union is an integral part of the Union coordination body, and any determination to scale back the salaries of staff and pensioners will endure from personal sector teachers that suffer a substantial amount of one and a half years on the date of the regulation on arbitrary dismissal and unwell-remedy 46". "Even though we have now resorted to justice, there has been no legal improvement against the revolt of the tutorial establishments and their failure," he said. "We are continually seeing efforts to get rid of these legal guidelines." "There are 1500 faculties in Lebanon and nobody has the duty to comply with and hold them. It isn’t true that each one teachers have equal rights and there are those who don’t get their rights in some faculties, together with Regulation 46, value of dwelling, collection and six grades. " "Teachers' demands have come true beneath Regulation 46, and we’ve taken it significantly and rightly, and we do not permit it to be removed from us. "" As we speak we meet in the battle area with large staff, professors, administrators and retirees, and earlier than our eyes, the rights, acquisitions and presents that require their house owners and their families, "said Abdelkader Douheibi, Director of the Association of Vocational and Technical Education Teachers. He added: "Right here in this area, a number of years in the past, the screams broke out, breaking the partitions of neglect and delay, regardless of the whales and banks nostril. Poverty is in our youngsters and households, and we aren’t born in Shahrin's sword battle, shouting in entrance of rapists, warning, lifting arms out of chain, not desirous about decreasing appropriations and acquisitions; and individuals are ruthless, and individuals are ruthless, and individuals are ruthless, and individuals are ruthless, and individuals are ruthless, and individuals are ruthless, and individuals are ruthless, and individuals are ruthless, and individuals are ruthless, and individuals are ruthless, and individuals are ruthless, and individuals are ruthless, and individuals are ruthless, , And tuberculosis si Who is predicated on their staff, ignores the place of waste, complaints about corruption don’t see us, which in his opinion is nice, and we now have a Lookout. "You can't break us, don't pull into despair or frustration. Today we came to stand in the yard of Riad Solh, where the struggle tells and repeats and repeats the injustice that can be said to be the most serious injustice witnessed by this arena. "As we speak we aren’t demanding to contact our salaries despite the eligibility of this demand, we weren’t initially appointed for the duties that we succeeded in enjoying and earned it without benefit." "We have now been ready for you for more than 4 years and we’re nonetheless waiting. We lately heard that you’ve come to a army institution of the Lebanese military with about 2,500 soldiers, most of whom are ladies without admission checks, and 5,000 jobs in numerous public sector departments even and not using a match, and in the present day we have now no religion or security, all our guilt that we aren’t affiliated with any biased class, but they all had their part, in order that they didn't pressure the state, since you all agree, don't come to us in the maze of quotas and read our decrees, because of the disruption of their rights, and if you don’t agree, you’ll be able to disagree with chopping the stakes. They need to We deprive us of the rights underneath Regulation 46/2017 and Article 18, which expressly and explicitly provide that pensioners will obtain 85% of their pensions in change for the breakdown of three installments, "said Azzam, chairman of the secondary teachers' union. Firstly, pensioners should be surprised by their second installment, equivalent to 10% of their pension instead of 25%. An economic study revealed that the Minister sent a report to the Treasury Department on how the calculation of the pension is based on a pension under Article 43 of the 2018 Draft Budget, which provides that the pensioner is to be given 85% of the salary of the employee, excluding six grades. after we have dealt with them in the study by the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs. He went on to say, "So the Minister has changed the regulation together with his statement, and that is the most important violation of the regulation. as he needs. "" We aren’t silent. The crime against us is obvious: the retired has the correct to us and not the prize from one or the pity. served for 40 years at residence. "" Right alone can query all risks, "he said. "As we speak, when the warfare destroyed Lebanon and destroyed the construction, the warlords turned politicians, governors and financial bosses who didn’t know God or their religion, their spiritual treaties and corruption; We’re here in the present day expressing our hatred of those who have violated the regulation. proper, and we won’t return, and we’ll depart this area provided that we withdraw from it. respect it, and we hold you iron You broke the state together with your corrupt coverage, lost cash, and wasted, and masking issues threatens our livelihood. "He decided:" Prior to now, you tried to share us, however in the present day the regulation brings us collectively and the regulation brings us collectively and the nation brings us collectively and hunger brings us together, so we’re united, so we’re united against us, so we are united with us, so we are united with us, so we’re united with us, so we are united with us, so we are united with us, so we’re united with us, so we’re united with us, so we are united with us, so we’re united with us, so we are united with us, so we are united with us, so we’re united with us, so we’re united with us, so we are united with us, so we’re united with us, so we are united with us, so we’re united with us, so we’re united with you, so we are united with you, so we are united with you, so we are united with you, so we’re united with you. Meet us should you can. All of you’re liable for the state's lack of ability and you could have to pay this deficit or you’re expelled. "Khidr Zeina Khadr, on behalf of old contractors, emphasized" supporting the rights of all residents in the state "and asked the government:" Is the employee's class livelihood? You’ve failed in examinations with benefit. "The Minister of Defense and Defense shared a statement saying:" Each lip and tongue, after the laws were given, turned parts and prolonged the angel, congratulations to them. For 100 printed parts, the drop remained in their hearts. They have been launched to reach the statutory age after 40 years of service, some of them have been martyrs and others have been permanently disabled. They have been launched with none compensation and pension in order that they might have the rest of their lives. These are demobilized, who based the civil defense and its sons for 40 years. Throughout 2000 Regulation No 247 was adopted, followed by Decree No 4082, which established them in the civil protection. The regulation did not implement and the regulation did not present the light, and it remained low in waiting, despite the fact that the three parliamentary committees discussed and studied and selected all of the rights of retired individuals. These 100 demobilized parts attraction to you just as their counterparts in civil protection and their proper to retirement in the spirit of structure and social justice. A gaggle of college professors issued a press release stating that "40% of Lebanese inhabitants live below the poverty line, about two million people. Over 95% of non-Lebanese live in extreme poverty, and about 40% of Lebanese inhabitants live in poverty at $ 16,000 a year. About 5% of them live in full honor. "He said:" The theoretical and applied economic experiments and studies that we have experienced in the last 40 years in Lebanon show that the higher the taxes, the lower the household expenses, the more The economy is shrinking. "He stated. ======= Huda Zabib Comply with the news of the Nationwide Media Company on Lebanon's radio broadcasts at 98.5 and 98.1 and 96.2 FM

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