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Robert & # 39; Beto & # 39; O Rourke, a dangerous fake

Writer: Donna GarnerB

I’m a Texan, and we know the actual Texanit the left-hand aspect of democracy, once we see one.

Consider me once I say "Beto O & Rourke is one!"

Beto isn’t "born to do this", as he stated in Vainness Truthful's latest version, where he made his determination glossy and the fantastic circumstances of the US president.

What is Beto O & # 39; s Rourke Really?

He’s a big dangerous fake. BETO O & # 39; ROURKE & # 39; s EARLY LIFE Robert Francis O & # 39; s Rourke (Beta) is just not Latin American blood and is the fourth-generation Irish American. When the young, Spanish nickname Beto was given to him, he was separated from one other member of the family.

Though he determined to go to Roberts or Bob as a school, his politically skilled father stated he would change his identify again to Beta to get political progress when he returned residence largely to Hispanic El Paso.

Though Beto's father died in 2001, his recommendation lived when Beto decided to use his nice marketing campaign funding from individuals outdoors Texas to pay for his one-word "Beto" blood pink marketing campaign marks planted throughout Texas six months before the mid-2018 elections to determine a identify recognition, particularly with Latin American voters in Texas.

In fact, the Beto meeting place for the presidency with a democratic flag, left-wing media should explain that he went to the Elite Boys' Faculty and Columbia University in NYC – each very expensive corporations.

The media should try to learn how Beto appears to be a basic man associated with downtime – not somebody who comes from "white privilege".

The details show that he really turned a wealthy family with a lot of political attraction and potential links with El Paso / Mexico.

No marvel Beto "loves" free trade with Mexico!] Because Beto showed early indicators of insurrection towards social norms, he had several conflicts with the police, misdirected incessantly, had no self-control, and he was involved in alcohol / drug abuse. His grandfather (former army) needed to "save Beto himself" by sending him to the Elite Boys' Faculty over the past two faculty years. He graduated from Virginia Woodberry Forest Faculty in 1991.

Beto graduated from Columbia College in 1995 and was arrested shortly after committing a struggle crime at Texas El Paso University with two other individuals.

His father, Patrick Francis O Rourke, was a decide in El Paso County.

When a radio was put in in his automotive, a white powder substance (which was described at the moment – 1983 – in all probability heroin) was found; a close pal who was a police officer flushed the substance under the bathroom and was later interrupted.

The matter was quiet, in order that Decide O & # 39; Rourke would never have experienced any political downfall.

Beto's mother owned a giant and lucrative furnishings store, which in 2010 blamed federal offenses for issuing counterfeit invoices for sale to Mexican individuals so as to avoid paying gross sales tax. IRS bought the shop and its associated purchasing middle (owned by Beto) just earlier than he introduced his intention to the Senate of america towards Senator Ted Cruz in mid-2018.


Beta has had marijuana, alcohol abuse (1995, 1998, 2012), and was arrested for fracture and entry / break (1995). Police data present that Beto was 75 mph in 1998. Zone in Interstate 10 in Anthony, Texas, misplaced management of his automotive and hit a truck. The witness advised the police that Beto "was trying to leave."

In response to the police, Beto's blood alcohol content material was zero.136 and 1.134 (0.10 is the authorized restrict), and he "dropped drunk."

One query is whether Beto continues to make use of medicine and / or alcohol vigorously, as a result of there are lots of photographs that show him loads of sweating when they’re standing close to people who find themselves not.

Beto was in a punk-rock band in 1994. To today he continues to make use of the public phrase "F" in front of young children as properly


In 2005, Beto married Amy Sanders; his father is Invoice Sanders, who is considered a champion of many millionaires and actual estate house owners.

Beto (who has announced its internet value of about $ 9 million) was in El Paso Metropolis Council when he deliberately didn’t object to El Paso Mayor's menace to seize property via a main domain and sell it for actual property trust started… guess who? Beto-father Bill Sanders.

In 2010, Beto shocked the US consultant Silvestre Reyes in a democratic main. Reyes was a weak candidate who had publicly confused himself in 2006 as Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee when he did not know the distinction between Sunni and Shiit when he talked about Al-Qaeda.

Beto-father, Invoice Sanders, heavily funded Super PAC, focused at Rep. Reyes

When Beto determined to run towards Ted Cruz in mid-2018, many El Pasoans have been very annoyed as a result of they knew that a lot of his funding came from the anti-Hungarian billionaire George Soros, who based open society foundations. Cruz, with whom Beto had refused to carry a public debate on Friday night time.

Tweet stated: "Sorry, I have to skate in a conversation on Friday. I just got this killer board. I am sure that the voters do not keep in mind. "

In reality, Beto was afraid to debate Senator Cruz and tried to attenuate these conversations.

Beto lied about not taking PAC cash in his unsuccessful marketing campaign towards Ted Cruz, when in reality Beto used $ 18 for M a consultancy.

Beto additionally lied when he stated that the majority of his $ 70-M campaign got here from Texans. In actuality, data present that a lot of the Beto marketing campaign money got here from the * ActBlue program, another George Soros undertaking.

Although the left-wing media needs to say that Beto got here so near the struggle with Ted Cruz in mid-2018, the truth is that Senate Ted Cruz gained Beto O & # 39; Rourke with 219,427 votes.

To make this number more understandable, Its Cruz gained O Rourke near the identical quantity as Baton Rouge, LA. – Babies and everyone.


Beto O & # 39; Rourke, the El Paso border city, has taken an extreme place on the wall; he needs to tear a wall to protect his metropolis from Juarez.

On March 1, 1919, El Paso Occasions reported that Juarez had almost 200 perpetrators per 30 days in 2018, when the eye space and the bare-footed man have been found to hold from the bridge earlier than the week. Individuals in the Juarez area are restricted to touring outdoors the town limits after dark. Over the Gang wars, the crystal technique appears to have an unlimited impression.

At the similar time, El Paso (on its wall) has been named on the record of the ten most secure residences when he gained the National Civic League 2018 All America City Award.

Beto and 107 other Democrats despatched 11.2.18 a number of caravans marching to the border, sending a letter to Sect. Assertion by Common James Mattis saying his opposition to Presi. Introducing Trump US Forces to the Border

Why would Beto intentionally make drug cartels pleased by taking down a wall until he has backgrounds?

Individuals should keep in mind that Beto is identical guy who’s tied to George Soros's "open borders" and is financially sure to him.


  • Ocasio-Cortez's Green New Deal, which bans fossil gasoline.
  • Socialized health care and one payer plan with big tax will increase to pay for it ·
  • Delayed abortions – (Nationwide right to life gave Beta a 0% score for 6 years when he was in Congress. NARAL Pro-Selection America gave Beta 100
  • Open Borders – says that US unauthorized entry shouldn’t be a crime


    • Resisted by large tax developments that turned regulation in 2017 ·
    • Voting for deliberate parenting taxpayers ·
    • Voted efforts to overturn Obamacare ·
    • voted Keystone XL tube ·
    • Vote for Federal Regulation Grants for Shrine Towns ·
    • Vote on a resolution respecting the brave women and men of ICE and the Immigration and Customs Authority. army part ·

    Beto Brags for having an "F" score from the National Rifle Association

    Beto O & # 39; Rourke Oct. 8, 18th this Incorrect Claim on the City Hall Assembly: "Black Men, Unarmed, Black Young, Unarmed and Black children who are unarmed are killed at a frightening level right now, including law enforcement agencies without accountability and without justice. "

    This is a good lie and is a disgusting stain towards daring women and men in regulation enforcement.

    Even the left-hand mother Jones and the Washington Publish stated that O Rourke's assertion was incorrect.


    I'm making an attempt to describe Beto O & # 39; Rourkea as president (or vice-president) within the US, skateboarding for North Korean dictator Kim Jong-dreams to discuss a terribly critical matter of destruction.

    Beto is a unfastened, sweat-impregnated t-shirt carrying a guitar in his hand, he has a marijuana cigarette that’s hung from his mouth and holds beer.

    By some means I think that Beto would describe Kim Jong's dream of "power of peace" or "trust, but check." King Jon-un will never consider Beta if he says, "Choose denial or hard penalties."

    I know that Kim Jong -e wouldn't have listened to the Beto means he did to President Trump: 6.13.18

    Does Beto even know something about overseas affairs at all?

    How can we trust that he’ll arrest us for a nuclear struggle when Beto does not even see the actual menace of caravan attackers with fentanyl, opioids, met, heroin, cocaine, human trafficking, MS-13 for infectious illnesses, STS, criminals, cartels and ISIS?

    Amnesty International has announced that 80% of girls expertise rape and / or sexual violence in the course of the transition course of.

    Docs with out Borders have said that mothers in Central America are giving their women heavy amounts of contraceptive drugs because they know that their daughter is being raped on the US border.

    Does Beta have any concept how scary that is all – not only for caravan attackers but in addition for US citizens who’ve the best to guard our sovereignty, our personal families and our borders?

    Attempt as we will, we will't take the entire world to the USA; And it exhibits that Beto is a myopic considering to assume we will.

    Beto O & # 39; Rourke cannot be the president or vice chairman of america.

    Writer: Donna Garner

    Paul Ebeling, editor

    Editor's Notes: Donna Garner's Schooling Coverage Commentary

    "Undivided Guide" is a Group of Interest for George Soros / Open Society Institute / Moveon .org / Media Issues With Treadmills Associated with ActBlue & # 39;

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