Samsung Galaxy Fold Teardown – iFix


Properly, we've finally acquired Samsung Galaxy on the teardown table. This is undoubtedly an formidable first era system – the thought of ​​both a smartphone and a tablet in your pocket is all the time exciting! Some early assessors had some sustainability issues of their inspection models, which ultimately led to a postponement of the postponement. Are these short-term setbacks? Or are we going to have an ideal AirPower-type product association? We do not know – we're just right here in teardown.

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This tear shouldn’t be a repair guide. To repair your Samsung Galaxy Fold, use the Service Guide.

  1.   We are quite excited to get this new folding phone so we get this information out:   One 7.3

    • We're pretty excited to get this new folding telephone so you get this info out:

    • One 7.3 inch dynamic AMOLED Infinity Flex display (2152 × 1536 resolution, 362 ppi) and one four.6 inch AMOLED cover (720 × 1680, 399 ppi) [19659008] Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 64-bit octa-core processor

    • 12 GB RAM with 512 GB inner storage

    • Complete six cameras from entrance to back: 10 MP "closed" self digital camera, 10 MP "open" digital camera, 8 MP RGB depth digital camera, 16 MP: n ultra-vast rear digital camera, 12 MP broad-angle rear digital camera, 12 MP rear digital camera

    • Capacitive fingerprint reader / Bixby key mixture

    • USB sort C power / knowledge port (however discoverable headphone jack)

    • In case you are not have seen one in every of these persons as a personal point

    • in the "Folded" configuration is narrower, larger and far thicker than the Galaxy S10 +.

    • Nevertheless, in the "opened" type it is … huge.

    • It's not quite the iPad mini 5 huge, but the frames are small, so they are usable for show real estate, these two units are literally quite comparable.

    • It also matches extra easily than the iPad Professional and with out the glass fracture bathe.

  2.   Unlike the boring glass sheets we are used to, this smartphone / tablet hybrid is a lot of potential entry points - not good.

    • In contrast to the boring glass sheets we're used to, this sensible telephone / tablet hybrid has lots of potential inputs – not

    • to create a seam, a skinny body , which surrounds (and protects) the display, leaves an opening where each side are crammed. You gained't notice it earlier than you discover it … And then you possibly can't assist however "test the entrance". Don't do this at house.

    • This 7mm slit does not appear to be an enormous deal, however it leaves the display – so if one thing by accident is available in, it is the curtains on the display. (Oops.)

    • When closed, the display is protected, but the backbone is lined with large openings, which are chosen by our hop. These openings cause less direct injury to the display, however will definitely appeal to dust.

    • It has been a while since we’ve got seen a telephone with numerous gaps and the business is shifting away from shifting elements and sealed tiles. It is fascinating to see how the folding designs sooner or later will overcome these weaknesses.

    • Did we mention it thick? Folding phones are theoretically cool, but of their pockets they are a bit confusing.

    • The hinge space compresses a lot of the bulk – partly as a result of the display does not turn utterly flat. It closes extra like a binder than a e-book, so it only touches the outer edge.

    • Putting the duvet inside and out of doors makes a stricter beam and an entire totally different digital camera placement drawback than to say, Huawei's # 39 strategy to coming with Mate X

    • a exceptional lip which you can feel underneath your fingers. This protects the show from being folded or flipped down on the table.

    • The telephone sails with out folding, however folds it again and the wrinkling is pretty straightforward to detect in case you are on the lookout for it.

    • Proper, so, this is alleged to be a rupture and never rely. Time to choose a spot to get in and go to it! Arm IOpeners!

    • Experience tells us that Samsung needs to construct the telephone from the entrance and connect the back cowl to the final one – so let's begin there

    • To our surprise, the little warmth from iOpener softens the glue properly, and the primary of the 2 back covers comes off instantly.

    • The corners of Samsung's commonplace curved edge may be bears, so this softer scene is a welcome aid.

    • Even the flippantly glued back cowl is a repair headache – however this away, these screws are delicacies. Wacky telephone design, graciously meet boring atypical Phillips fasteners.

    • The first surface strip reveals the slightly normal elements of the Galaxy smartphone. To begin with: wi-fi recharging coil and antenna assembly

    • This aspect seems quite complete from the telephone itself – it solely wants a speaker and a vibration motor.

    • So, what's hidden in the second half?

    • Hi look, there is a telephone related to the telephone!

    • It didn't take lengthy – not as straightforward because the again cover, however this non-foldable entrance panel comes out with little warmth and a very small drama for Samsung.

    • It has helped to make the show small – and the flat edge actually makes it more durable to push the OLED panel

    • Turning the show reveals that the OLED panel is a shock made by Samsung.

    • Alongside the best way is Samsung's personal S6SY761X contact controller, most just lately seen in virtually every Samsung tear.

    • One battery, two batteries, too many adhesive batteries. In typical Samsung trend, they come out of isopropyl alcohol and numerous swearing

    • If the size are yours, the upper entrance battery is 42.2 x 76.15 x three.8 mm and the battery backwards is 42.7 x 64 in all cameras. , three x 4.6 mm

    • But truly here is the measurement: 8.22 and 8.65 Wh or 2135 mAh and 2245 mAh.

    • They are less environment friendly than the 11+ Wh packages on any S10 telephone, but they provide a power of 16.87 Wh.

    • It's lower than most tablets, including the 19.32 Wh cell of the brand new iPad Mini, however as a result of this is technically a smartphone. .. impressive?

    • In all probability you possibly can have spent $ 2,000 on a reasonably snug DSLR or mirror digital camera, so it's a bit extra applicable for this telephone to fold six cameras into the body.

    • The one second time we've seen this multi-digital camera smartphone, is Huawei's latest, P30 Professional

    • .

    • Connecting our Eyes:

    • Reverse 12 MP telephoto lens and 12 MP vast angle cameras

    • Reverse 16 MP Broad Digital camera

    • 10x MP Digital camera (Prime) and eight MP RGB Depth Digital camera [19659008] "Folded" from the entrance 10 MP

    • Wanting at the left-hand board

    • Are these silicone seals across the flex cable connectors? It definitely seems to be like. We first detected these access protection measures back on the iPhone 6, but they don’t seem to be widespread visions in Samsung merchandise. When the physique just isn’t waterproof or dustproof, it’s constructed into a small card protector.

    • Meanwhile, silicon found on this board:

    • MPB02 607RDF 1911TXK, in all probability PMIC

    • 52D0S05 607W1R G1912R7D

    • CS3L25 A0IU1907

    • CS40L25 BIAHI849

    • ASL01 G1909 AAWA3 07R5Z

  3.   Double click the phone. On the right side:   Samsung K3UHAHA 12GB RAM layer by layer on Qualcomm Snapdragon 855

    • Double click on on the telephone, double enjoyable! On the best aspect you will see:

    • Samsung K3UHAHA 12GB RAM layer on Qualcomm Snapdragon 855

    • Samsung KLUFG8RHDA-B2D1 512GB eUFS Flash Storage

    • Qorvo 78062, in all probability RF Fusion Module

    • Qualcomm SDR8150

    • Murata KM9307057

    • Maxim MAX77705C PMIC

    • IDT P93205

  4.   On the Final Reverse:   Skyworks 78160 Module

    • And On The Last Reverse:

    • Skyworks 78160 Module

    • Skyworks 77365 – Energy Amplifier Module

    • Skyworks 13716 Low Band Entrance Module

    • Qualcomm PM8150, In all probability PMIC

    • Qualcomm WCD9431 Audio Codec

    • Qualcomm QDM3870 RF Entrance Panel [19659008] NXP 80T17 NFC Controller

    • Out of the attain of all fascinating indoor bits : Foldable OLED show itself.

    • Inside Circle Lip – Solely With Mild Glue – Comes up with no huge battle.

    • Often we choose a light-weight touch within the case of glue. And in this case, we will't assist however worry these frames might hatch over time, exposing the display to wreck.

    • These frames are very thin once they hatch and do not cover just two millimeters of display. [19659025] The thin frames are clearly not versatile enough to beat the fold. Was Samsung determined that this fragile field might survive brazenly? Or is there sufficient materials to seek out?

    • Now, bezel-less, the display is prepared for some (amazingly unheated) temptations!

    • The display assembly is simply closed at the outer edges – in all probability by permitting

    • Replacing this feature (very fragile) is more likely to blow your price range – should you never find it

    • . Glass as an OLED substrate signifies that this display is much more likely to break – however by evaluating early estimates, this display might have failed.

    • One ultra-vast show cable connects

    • It seems to be like Vergen's reported "jelly box" is probably resulting from graphics card software program, not a cut up display.

    • Every half of the display is hooked up to a thin metallic help plate, which in flip is hooked up to the body of the telephone. This leaves the spine within the middle behind the wider beam.

    • These discs make the show surprisingly inflexible even if it is separated from the physique.

    • When the case is faraway from the body, the show seems utterly flat and has no fold or scoring.

    • "Upstairs" of this new flexible display has been brought on by some early evaluators, it’s quite. Samsung calls it an "advanced polymer protection layer" and says it doesn't need to be eliminated.

    • What’s interested in how it seems to be just like the pre-installed Display Protectors provided with the Galaxy S10. Why don't you spread this layer underneath the frames to hide it from barky individuals like us?

    • In all recognized instances (including our!) Removing this layer kills the display. The display might work technically and not using a layer, however it is so tight, and the display is so fragile that it is troublesome to remove without display urgent

    • Next: a magical hinge that makes all technical wizards potential. Lower it down:

    • Four spring-loaded locks lock the display in the "open" position. The system is nicely designed and takes a long time.

    • Two hinges hooked up to the backbone – one at the prime and one on the backside – permit some horizontal reduce to absorb torsional drive [19659008] One hub for hinge partaking the gearbox. This divides the opening pressure equally, making certain that the 2 sides of the telephone open synchronously

    • Two nicely-routed flex cables work in the corners of the telephone. Each end of the cable is held firmly in place earlier than bending, permitting the cable to flex freely.

    • Routing versatile cables by means of hinges is a critical reliability concern over an extended journey. This appears to be designed to hold on – but when not, at the very least the cable is modular, in contrast to some others we've seen lately.

    • And right here's a lovely shifting back!

    • Prime:

    • Under: One of many flexible fasteners for locking the telephone.

    • And the Backside Line: Gear Group, Middle and Distribution Stabilization

    • Samsung says folding these telephones over 200,000 occasions, and with this hinge system we don't doubt it. But perhaps individuals are not as mild as Samsung's robots … The hole between the brittle display and its arduous metallic backplate can turn out to be a lifeless strain level when the telephone is opened.

  5.   Like a beautiful butterfly, Fold's life was tragically short.
    • Like an exquisite butterfly, Fold's life was tragically brief.

    • This butterfly can also be worryingly fragile. Hopefully it may metamorphize something somewhat more secure to avoid the windshield.

    • Perhaps Samsung can improve their additional time with further achieve and a few access protection, so these sensible wings might go to another day

    • Despite the fact that the telephone was easier to succeed in than some, the overwhelming fragility is a nasty signal of restore.

    • When you did not lose it, we made a submit-mortem estimate of the management unit's failures at greatest (at the moment)

  6. Last Thought
    • One Phillips driver takes care of all the screws.
    • Many elements are modular and might be changed independently.
    • is more likely to put on over time, inflicting hinges and evidence to hazard the ultimate change.
    • The shortage of foremost display safety and vulnerability signifies that you virtually definitely substitute the display earlier than long – expensive repair. 19659 123] Changing the batteries is possible, but unnecessarily troublesome – solvents assist however are broken by the display help.
    • Glued glass, both entrance and rear, poses a larger danger of breakage and makes repairs troublesome to start out.


    Correction 2 out of 10
    (10 is the simplest to fix)

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