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The invisible passage of Class 6

Invisible passage to class 6

Class 6 invisible passage Category eight English Reading

  Invisible passage to class 6

Invisible passage to class 6 | Passage 1

Giraffe is the very best of all dwelling animals within the country. A person can go up to 18 meters in peak and a feminine up to 15 meters. Such a peak provides them the opportunity to flee the soil grass competition, which is among other leaf eaters. It also provides him an extended area of imaginative and prescient. He warns an impending enemy early.

Giraffes eat totally different leaves, but acacia leaves are their favorite meals. In the spring, when many timber will not be leaves, they spend 80 % of the day consuming. In the summer, when the timber are full of leaves, they solely need 15 %. The rest of the time is spent in sleep and quarrel.

The lengthy neck of Giraffe consists of man and most other mammals, solely seven vertebrae. The bones are hooked up to each other with ball and plug connections. These make the neck flexible. It might move 50 km / h.

From such a large animal there is a drawback of getting up from the sleeping place. So it stays regular regardless that it sleeps.

For water to succeed in the neck and legs to date, the giraffe spreads its front legs aside. Then it drops its neck to drink. This tough place makes the lion's assault easier.

Invisible Understanding Questions with Solutions Class 6 Chapter 1:

K1: Based mostly on studying the above paragraph, fill the blanks with the suitable phrases: [19659006] Giraffe is (a) _______________ from all animals. A (b) ___________ giraffe peak could be up to 18 ft. Ladies's Giraffe (c) ________________ might be up to 15 ft. This peak doesn’t want (d) ____________________________________ for other animals with leaves. That approach it might see it (e) for an extended distance. Nevertheless, it causes the problem to succeed in (f) _____________ tanks

Q2: Find words from the above paragraph which suggests:

(a) lifeless

(b) eliminated

(c) inflexible

( d) behind

(e) slender


1. (a) highest

(b) male

(c) peak

(d) compete

(e) enemy

(f) water

2. (a) Dwelling


(c) Versatile

(d) Advantage

(e) Extensive

Invisible Poem in Class 6

Invisible Passage to Category 6 | Passage 2

Using "ear" telephones whereas driving might be rather more harmful than driving underneath the affect of liquor.

Current research present that drivers who use these cell phones quicker as a way of day by day communication can go in the direction of an accident. Research has eroded the overall perception that consuming is the primary trigger of most street injury. Speaking about cell phones increases the danger of life compared to driving. The results of the research are based mostly on the investigation of a number of street visitors accidents

The truth is, 699 data of data of drivers affected by such errors showed that the danger of accidents for many who speak on the telephone while driving was a minimum of 4 occasions larger than in consuming

have been that they might name instant help via these phones. Analysis related to the whole world can also be essential for India. These telephones are also more and more used for communication and business transactions.

Invisible Conception of Questions and Solutions Class 6 Chapter 2:

1. Reading the above paragraph, complete the next sentences:

(a) Utilizing headphones whereas driving is dangerous because _________________

(b) Street accidents may cause _______________________

(c) Current research have made it clear that ____________

(d) Cellular Telephone Can ___________

(e) Increasingly cell phones in India ______________.

. Find the phrase from the above paragraph, which suggests

(a) dangerous

(b) accidents

(c) call


(a) drives the driving force to thoughts

(b) ) speaking on cell phones and driving drunk

c) consuming shouldn’t be the primary cause of visitors accidents

d) call for fast help

e) communication and enterprise [19659006] 2.

(a) dangerous

( b) mishaps

(c) name

Invisible passage to class 6 | Passage three

A fantasy, one of the oldest surviving birds, has been constructed around the Pelican. It’s usually believed that the mother feeds her son together with her own blood. So individuals have thought-about pelican as probably the most affectionate and compulsory chook.

The huge fall of the birds makes it very straightforward. It has a short tail, brief legs, lengthy wings and a large bag. Because of the shadows alone, the pelican finds it troublesome to stroll on the ground

Nevertheless, it is a pleasure to observe these birds on the fly. Pelican has photographed the most important birds. Its wing radius is as much as 2.75 meters and weighs four.5 to 11 kg. It lives in locations with average climate. It travels to India, Africa and Iran in winter because its wings don’t provide adequate protection from the cold. The brown pelican is the smallest of the pelicans. It dives its head in long water from its pretty excessive catch. The other six pelican species have white feather covers.

Pelicans are very sociable birds. They travel, unfold, nest and even fish collectively. Younger pelicans take the wing when they’re about two months previous. Pelican hives are removed from the food source. Subsequently, adults should fly giant distances to get food.

The Invisible Conception of Questions with Solutions Class 6 Chapter 3:

1. Under is a summary of the paragraph above. Fill each blank with one phrase / sentence. Pelican is one of the oldest (a) ____________ birds. It is believed that its kids obtain mom (b) __________. Maybe this is the reason pelican is taken into account to be (c) _______ and an compulsory chook. It has lengthy (d) ______________ webbed legs and very brief tail. A pelican is tough to walk on land because of its (e) _______. It lives in places the place the climate is (f) _______. All have (g) _______ pelican species

2. Discover the words within the above paragraph, which means

(a) sufficient b) pleasant


1. (a) survivors

(b) personal blood

(c) probably the most sensitive

(d) wings and

(e) webbing

(f) reasonably cold

(g) seven

The Invisible Passage of Class 6 Passage four

The volcano is a burning mountain with a big gap that runs deep into the bottom. There comes smoke, gases and stones. The mouth of the aperture is known as the volcanic crater.

Volcanoes are usually not all the time lit. Typically the volcano remains silent for hundreds of years. And then it all of the sudden turns into lively. That is referred to as a volcanic eruption

When the eruption happens, giant ash clouds, mud, fuel and steam rise from the crater. The crater gets loud noises. Typically the rock of the white scorching soften, referred to as the stage, begins to stream from the mountain areas. This could take days or perhaps weeks. Then the volcano "goes to sleep" for many years. Most volcanoes may be discovered in the neighborhood of the seas

Invisible understanding of questions and answers Class 6 Passage four:


(a) The volcano is a burning mountain that _____________. (19659006) (19659006) (19659006) (c) Lava refers to.

(d) The crater is the mouth of ________________

(e) Most volcanoes may be found ____________.

2. Find phrases from the above paragraph, which suggests:

(a) Closing

(b) Sleep

(c) Far

(d) Noisy



] (a) ignites a deep gap within the hearth on the bottom

(b) ash, dust, steam, smoke and lava rising from the mouth

(c) white scorching soften rock

(d) opening up a volcanic at the prime of the mountain

(e) close to the sea


(a) opening

(b) lively

(c) near

(d) silent

] Invisible passage of Class 6 Passage 5

There was a lion who was king of the forest. He was huge, exhausting and powerful. All the opposite animals gave him presents from every forest entrant. They have been actually afraid of him.

"The king must bring servants to help him," the lion thought at some point. And he sent a fox.

”You understand you’re very clever and intelligent. I would like you to be the Minister of House Affairs. "" Thank you very a lot for this honor, your majesty, "stated a fox that leaned low.

Then he referred to as the panther and stated, “You know you are very accurate and fast-footed.

"Thank you, sir," said the panther.

The following was called crow.

”You’ll be able to fly high and see distant objects. So you’re my Overseas Minister. "

" I am grateful to you, my lord, "stated the crow. The three ministers vowed to stay

trustworthy to the king. The Lion promised to feed and shield them

Invisible Understanding Questions with Answers Category 6 Passage 5:

1. Reading the above paragraph, the following sentences:

(a) Wild animals feared the lion because _____________________

(b) The new concept of ​​the lion was _____________________

. c) The Lion appointed the Fox to the Minister of his nation, as a result of ______________________

(d) The Lion appointed his Secretary of Protection as a Panther as a result of ________________________

e) The Lion appointed his military to his Overseas Minister as a result of he had finished so.

2. Find phrases from the above paragraph, which suggests

(a) violent

(b) attentive

(c) very far

(d) trustworthy.



(a) he was nice, arduous and powerful

(b) to get the servants to assist him

(c) his intelligence

(d) his vigilance



(a) alarm

(c) distant

(d) loyal. Class 6 Passage 6

The coaching system in our country is faulty. It gained't stay over time. It follows a mannequin that was legitimate 5 many years ago.

The goal of the training is to organize college students for a troublesome struggle. The primary wants of life are a healthy thoughts in a healthy body and the talent to stay. It expands the information area and builds our character. Briefly, schooling ought to be a robust group of accountable residents.

Schooling have to be related to life and the needs of the nation. Not gold, but only the lads of nature make the individuals nice and powerful.

It’s regrettable that our political decision-makers are of little significance to moral schooling and beneficial values. They set up faculties and schools only to complete the graduates' military. We’d like males with brains, we’d like good scientists and technicians, we’d like robust soldiers in the army.

Training for everybody sounds candy. But mere slogans and methods on paper don’t take us far. Our leaders aren’t prepared to serve the individuals.

Invisible Conception with Questions Answered Category 6 Passage 6:

1. Studying the above paragraph, fill within the following sentences:

(a) Our schooling system is incorrect because _______________________

(b) The objective of schooling is _____________________

(c) Our nation wants ___________________ [19659006] (d) Just robust males do _____________________

(e) All of our experiments are unable to enhance the standard of schooling because

2. Find words from the paragraph above meaning

(a) gentle / delicate

(b) sick / weak

(c) profitable

(d) successful.

Replies: [19659006] 1.

(a) It’s obsolete

(b) prepares college students for the wrestle for onerous life

(c) accountable citizens

(d) a nation that’s robust and enormous



(a) arduous

(b) voice

(c) distant

(d) failed. Class 6 Invisible Passage 7

What Causes the Monsoon? Monsoon, which is principally a seasonal variation of wind course, causes most of the rain that has been obtained in India and some other elements of the world. The main purpose for monsoons is the difference between the annual temperature evolution of the earth and the sea. The apparent position of the sun within the vibration of the Earth is reflected in Tropic from Tropic to Tropic of Capricorn. Thus, the low strain area produced by solar heat additionally modifications the width. The winds of the northeast and southeast trade are half of this low-pressure zone, also called Intertropical Convergence Zone or ITCZ. This low-pressure area sees the continual rise of moist wind from the ocean floor to the higher layers of the environment, the place cooling signifies that air can not hold so much moisture that causes precipitation. The wet years of East Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa, Australia, and North America align with ITCZ's transition to those areas.

Invisible Conception of Questions and Answers Class 6 Passage 7:

Q1: Monsoon is

(a) Sea Wave Sort

(b) Seasonal Variation in Wind Path

(c) Extraordinarily Scorching Wind

d) Extraordinarily cold wind

Q2: What’s

(a) Intertropical Convergence Area

(b) Intertropical Convergence Space

(c) Intertropical Capricorn Zone

(d) Intertropical Conveyance Zone.

Q3: Most Cause

(a) Difference Between Earth and Sea Annual Temperature Improvement

(b) Distinction Between Day and Night time Temperature

c) Atmospheric Moisture

(d) None of these

This fall:

(a) solar heating

(b) scorching cooling

(c) humidity wind

(c) humidity wind

(d) dry wi

Q5: rain when [19659006] (a) moist wind drops

(b) dry wind corresponds to moist wind

(c) air can not maintain moisture inflicting precipitation

d) Annual temperature drops


  1. b
  2. b
  3. a
  4. a
  5. c

Invisible passage to category 6 | Passage 8

Dry fruits are useful for numerous illnesses of the mind, muscular tissues and tissues. Especially the almond has acquired unique properties to remove and strengthen the weak spot of the brain. Almond maintains the vitality of the mind, strengthens the muscle tissues, and destroys illnesses brought on by nervous and bile issues.

Walnut is one other dry fruit with nice properties for enhancing mind weak spot. In accordance with Dr. Johnson, almonds, figs, grapes, dates, apples and oranges are wealthy in phosphorus parts and are often used by mind staff. Phosphorus nourishes very important tissues. It retains the thoughts full of enthusiasm for more work.

Invisible Considerations Solutions to Solutions Category 6 Passage 2:

Q1: Dry fruits are helpful as a result of they

(a) strengthen our coronary heart

(b) enhance mind, muscle, and tissue illnesses

(d) give us confidence

(d) Permit us to do difficult duties.

K2: Which is not the property of the almond

] (a) Maintains the vitality of the brain

(b) It strengthens the muscle mass

(c) It destroys illnesses brought on by nervous and bile issues

(d) Se to strengthen our digestive system.

] Q3: The phosphor component is ample

: a) almonds, figs, grapes, dates, apples and oranges

b) almonds, figs, papaya, guaya and pineapples

(c) all green greens [19659006] d) Seasonal Fruit

This fall: Brain staff need to absorb fruits with high ranges of phosphorus as a result of

(a) they take away mind weak spot [19659006] (b) they nourish very important tissues

(c) they like mind full of enthusiasm

(d) All of the above.

K5: The word unique means

(a) Strange

(b) extremely certified

(c) Unusual

(d) Enlightened.


  1. b
  2. c
  3. a
  4. a
  5. 19659197] c

Class 6 Invisible Passage 9

Trash is a excessive environmental hazard. It comes from totally different sources – used paper, tiffin packaging, plastic luggage, ice cream wraps, bottle caps, fallen leaves from timber and rather more. Garbage makes the premises ugly, pristine, and will increase disease. Rather a lot of debris thrown away accommodates materials that can be recycled and reused, resembling paper, metals, and glass that can be despatched to the closest recycling middle or disposed of to a junk supplier. It also incorporates organic substances similar to leaves that can enrich the fertility of the soil. The compost opening could be made at an appropriate location where waste might be deposited in soil layers and infrequently in water. This is able to help break down helpful fertilizers. This may additionally forestall air pollution brought on by the burning of such organic waste.

The Invisible Conception of Questions with Answers Class 6 Passage 9:

Q1: Waste from

(a) used paper, tiffin, plastic, plastic luggage and fallen leaves from timber

b) food residues

c ) dropped branches from timber

d) Building materials

Q2: Waste may cause humanity to destroy

(a) spreading unpleasant odor

(b) deceleration of automobiles on the street

(c) Spreading multiple illnesses

(d) all of the foregoing.

Question three: What happens to the destroyed materials

(a) It is thrown away

b) It is recycled for reuse

(c) It is bought to rag repairers

(d) It’s poured into the ground

This fall:

(b) Enriching Water Quality [19659006] (c) Enriching soil fertility

(d) beautifying the landscape.

.Q5: Which of these are right when contemplating a composite tank?

(a) The shelter is placed in the soil layers by occasional water drops

b) It promotes the production of useful fertilizers

(c) Prevents contamination

d) All of the above.

  1. a

    1. a
    2. a
    3. c
    4. b
    5. c
    6. d