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Writing Announcements Class 12 Form, Examples, Topics, Exercises

Writing Announcements Class 12 Type, Examples, Subjects, Exercises

Announcement is written or printed info or information. Announcements are either displayed in outstanding places or revealed in newspapers or magazines. It is just for the chosen group. As a result of the announcement accommodates a proper announcement or info, its tone and elegance are formal and factual. Its language must be simple and formal. The discover is all the time brief and to the purpose.

♦ Essential Ideas for Writing Necessary Recommendation

  • Comply with the required phrase rely of 50 phrases.
  • Write the phrase NOTE at the prime.
  • Identify and place of the reporting faculty, group or workplace.
  • Please enter a legitimate title.
  • Enter the date the notice was issued.
  • Specify clearly the audience (to whom the commercial is meant).
  • Function of the notice.
  • Point out all related details (date, place, time).
  • Signature, identify and designation of the individual making the notification.
  • Put the notification box.

Notice Format
NOTICE is all the time written in the field.

Identify of establishment / organization / workplace, place applicable title

June 2012
Contents. The audience for the notification. Date, time, place and all relevant particulars and extra info required (text of announcement, 50 phrases)


♦ Labeling system
] type title (Advertisement / Title / Place) / Date / Signature with identify and inscription) 1 character
(a) Where?
(b) When
(c) Target Group
(d) Agenda
(All within 50 words) 2 factors
Expression Consistency, spelling and grammatical accuracy 2 points

♦ Ed. CBSE Research Questions

♦ Brief Answer Sort Questions

Question 1
Ludarin Sardar Patel, Principal of Vidyalaya, drafts a most of 50 phrases informing college students of a change in class time from October 1st. Please present legitimate causes for this variation. (Delhi 2009)

Sardar Patel Vidyalaya, Lucknow

22. September 20xx

Change in class time
All college students shall be notified of change in class hours on October 1, 20xx. Faculty begins now at 9am and ends at 3pm. Over the previous few years, winters have been seen to be fairly harsh and it’s fairly troublesome to start out early on account of excessive cold weather and dense fog. So these new timings are being adopted in the intervening time.


Question 2.
You’re the secretary of the Vidya Mandir Faculty History Club. Write as much as 50 words to tell college students of your deliberate go to to essential historic sites in the city. (Delhi 2009)

Vidya Mandir Faculty
Historical past Club

22. September 20xx

Visit Historic Places
Club members might be notified of the proposed proposal. instructional go to to some necessary historic sites in the metropolis, possible scheduled for September 28-30. Interested members need to pay? 550 (together with transportation and snacks) for zero signatories by September 25. Secretary

History Club

Query three.
As Minister of Sports G.D.G. Public Faculty, Pune, up to 50 words draft notice on a faculty bulletin board informing students of the sale of your faculty's previous sports activities gear. You’re Rohini / Rohit. (Delhi 2010)

G.D.G. Public Faculty

29. July 20xx

Sale of Previous Burned Gadgets
Students are informed that our college intends to promote previous sports gear corresponding to cricket bats, badminton & garden group rackets, soccer, cricket and soccer gear, and so on. at 2 p.m. These focused on buying them might visit P.E. Room for a delegated day throughout their free time or break.

Minister for Sport.

Query four.
You found an expensive geometry field on the varsity playground. Write a discover of up to 50 phrases on the varsity bulletin board. You're Ra'Rani, Class XII, Angelic Faculty, Faridabad. (Delhi 2010)

Angel Faculty, Faridabad

31. October 2Oxx

I discovered a geometry field
I found a pink & # 39; Faber citadel & # 39; Geometry box. on the faculty playground on Season 8 yesterday. The owner can contact their signatory class between Sixth and 71st.


Question 5.
You’re D.P. SrinivafSrinidhi. Public Faculty, Nagpur. As a scholar representative for a faculty newspaper, the draft has a maximum worth of 50 phrases on the varsity's bulletin board, which invites article characters from students in all courses. (Delhi 2011)

D.P. Public Faculty, Nagpur

Deliver Your Articles and Sketches

29e ”, July 2Oxx
College students of all grades are invited to submit articles and drafts to the Faculty Journal Signatories. Most lately on August 6 in Room # 102 in the course of the V interval. Ensure your articles are clear and readable and your drafts are clearly drawn.

faculty magazine

question 6.
You are the secretary of the Gymkhana Club, Madurai. Write a notice of as much as 50 phrases notifying members of attendance at a unprecedented meeting of the governing physique. Embrace particulars corresponding to date, time, venue, and so on. Signal as PrabhufPratibha. (All India 2011)

Gymkhana Membership, Madurai

Extraordinary Board Assembly
September 22, 20xx

All members of the Membership Governing Body are hereby announced to attend the Extraordinary Assembly 2 " 8 pm at 8 pm in the club conference room to discuss how to change the club's policy for long-outstanding members.


Question 7.
Due to the sudden landslide and bad weather, the school of St. Francis Vasco must be closed for a week. As the principal of this school, make a draft notice of up to 50 words, which will be displayed on the bulletin board at the main gate of the school. (All India 2011)

St. Franciscan School, Vasco

School closed for a week

3. January 20xx
Everyone is informed that the school will remain closed for a week due to a sudden earthquake and bad weather. a couple of days. The school will reopen on January 10, 20xx.


Question 8.
You are J.P. Secretary of Narain Housing Association, R.W.A., Meerut. Make a statement of up to 50 words stating that the installment payment is due by March 31, 2011 and asking members to pay before the due date. Sign in as Anil / Anita. (All India 2011)

J.P. Narain Housing Society

All members of the Resident Welfare Association are advised that the installment installment installment will be paid on March 31, 2011. Pay before the due date. avoid late payment.

You are reminded that the same amount is? Only 550.

Secretary, R.W.A.

Question 9.
You are the head of the patrol / K.R. Sagar Public School, Mysore. You have decided to send a group of school scouts and guides to the jamboree, which will be held in Lucknow for a week. Make a notice of up to 50 words to the school's bulletin board, inviting the names of scouts and guides interested in attending jamboree. Come up with the details you need. (All India 2011)

K.R. Sagar Public School Mysore

Scouts and Guides Required
October 1, 20xx

Our school has decided to send a Scout and Guide Force to Jamboree to be held in Lucknow on 20-20. October 27. Scouts and guides who are interested in attending Jambore can name their signatories by October 7th.

Scout Master

Question 10.
You are the Minister of Sports at Lalwani Public School in Udaipur. Make a maximum of 50 words of notice on the school's bulletin board and ask students to name their participation in various events that take place on the school's annual sports day. Invent the details of the events. Log in as Lalit / Lalita. (All India 2011)

Lalwan Public School

6. November 20xx

Our school celebrates its annual sports day on November 30, 20xx. Students will therefore be informed of their name's participation in various sports day events.
Next Event List:

  • 100m Race
  • High Jump
  • 200m Post


  • Gymnastics
  • kho-kho

Enter your Signatory November 10; 0-season in the gym.

Minister of Sports

Question 11.
Your school has planned an excursion to Lonavala near Mumbai during the autumn holidays. Write a message of up to 50 words on the school's bulletin board, giving details and inviting the names of those you want. Brand NaresfyNamita, Grand Boy / Granddaughter, D.V. English School, Thane, Mumbai. (Delhi 2012)

D.V. English School
Thane, Mumbai

22. September 20xx

Excursion to Lonavala Our school has planned a four-day excursion to Lonavala hill station during the autumn break from 10th to 13th. October. Excursions emphasize activities such as hiking, mountain biking, nature tours. What is the total cost of the trip? 5000. Students who wish to join this journey can name their signatories, money and parental consent by October 1 at the latest.

head girl

Question 12.
You lost the Titan wristwatch at your school. Write a notice, which is limited to 50 words, and place it on the school's bulletin board. You are a class XII student of Rani Ahalya Devin High School, Gwalior. Log in as Rani / Ram. (All India 2012)

Rani Ahalya Devi Gwalior High School

Lost Wrist Watch
August 7, 20xx

Lost in black strap, white watch on Titan's wrist watch school on the playground yesterday in the seventh period. If you notice it, contact the signatories in Class XII-A. Finder is rewarded with a dining area for dining.


Question 13.
As a student representative, draft a draft of up to 50 words on the school bulletin board by inviting students to your school magazine. You are RohaiVRupini / Vasant Vihar School, Pune. (All India 2012)

Vasant Vihar School

Invitation Articles to School Gazette
July 5, 20xx

Students will then be notified to submit their articles. to our school newspaper & # 39; Vasant Times & # 39; by 15 July 20xx at the latest. Articles can be handwritten neatly or written on A4 size sheets with the student's name, class and section underneath. Please submit your article to signed room #. 10. During the "zero" season.

Scholar Reporter

Question 14.
You’re Smitha / Sunil, secretary of the AVM housing group. You propose to rearrange a blood donation camp. Write a press release in as much as 50 phrases, inviting members of your society to return in giant numbers for this noble cause. Provide you with all the small print you want. (Delhi 2013)

AVM Housing Society

22. September 20xx

Blood Donation Camp Our Society will host a Blood Donation Camp on the Group Middle on October 1, 20xx, from 10am to 4pm. All arrangements are made correctly, with drinks and refreshments for all donors. The camp is organized underneath the steerage of Purple Cross Association docs and nurses. Residents are thus asked to make sure a superior response to this camp by even convincing their buddies and kinfolk to join this noble mission.


Query 15.
You’re Vineeta / Vikram, a scholar of Rani Laxmi Bai University, Gwalior. Write a message on the varsity's bulletin board in a most of 50 words. By inviting the names of students who want to participate in a cultural program organized to help the victims of the current floods in Assam. (All India 2013)

Rani Laxmi Bai Sr. Sec. Faculty

12. September 2013

Assam Flood Victims Help Our college is organizing a cultural program to assist Assam flood victims on September 30, 20xx. The program's numerous categories embrace singing, dancing, skits and stories. College students who are concerned with collaborating in this program for noble causes might apply to sign up by September 16th.

Vineeta Pupils Leader

Question 16.
The highschool Kabaddi competitors is organized by your faculty. Write a discover in. up to 50 phrases asking students to be present at the venue to encourage players. Provide you with all the small print you need. You’re Arjun, the sports captain of your faculty. (Delhi 2013)

Abc Public Faculty

22. September 20xx

Kabaddi Inter-Faculty Competitors
Our faculties are organizing a Kabaddi Inter-Faculty Competitors on October 1st. ., 20xx giant area. 20 faculties from totally different nations are collaborating in this mega occasion. The occasion begins at eight a.m. All pupils are invited to attend the venue to encourage players.

(Sports activities Captain)

Query 17.
You’re Smrithi Saran from Victoria Public Faculty, Hyderabad. Your faculty has organized a scientific exhibition on the anniversary of Ramanujam's demise. Inside 50 phrases, write a discover inviting college students to take part. Provide the whole lot you want. (Delhi 2013)

Victoria Public Faculty

25. February 20xx

Science Exhibition

Our college is organizing a science exhibition to commemorate the anniversary of dying. by the good mathematician Ramanujam on March 12, 20xx on the lawn of the varsity. College students shall be knowledgeable about participation in the exhibition and its success.

Smrithi Saran

Question 18.
You’re Anoop / Arya, the cultural secretary at your faculty. As a part of the National Heritage Program, the varsity has determined to arrange an exhibition of historic art varieties. Write a bulletin board on the faculty that may invite students to observe this system and encourage artists. Enter your message in as much as 50 phrases. (Delhi 2013)

Abc Public Faculty

16. August 20xx

Presentation of Historic Art Varieties As part of the Nationwide Heritage Program, our college has determined to exhibit historic art types on August 24, 20xx within the faculty auditorium beginning at 9am. College students are then invited to observe the performance and encourage the artists.

Secretary for Tradition

Query 19.
Yearly within the city middle there’s a flower show in February. . Your faculty has acquired a round from a district collector inviting your scholar to attend. Write in about 50 words an announcement informing students concerning the exhibition and advising them to go and luxuriate in it. You’re Navtej / Navita, Grandson / Grandson, Sunrise Public Faculty, Surat. (Delhi 2015)

Dawn Public Faculty, Surat

1. February 20xx

Flower Show Invitation:
Annually, our metropolis central park hosts a flower show. in February. The district collector has posted a circle inviting college students from our college to visit the exhibition, which shall be held June Sixth-25th. February. To this finish, college students are inspired to go to the Central Park and luxuriate in this exhibition.

Navita (Flead Woman)

Query 20.
The Sarvodaya Schooling Society, a faculty is turning into a charity to distribute books to students in need. As a pacesetter / countless woman, Dawn Public Faculty, Surat, write a press release in about 50 words asking the students concerned to drop their lists of needed books into a box outdoors the principal's office. You’re Navtej / Navita. (D) (Delhi 2015)

Sunrise Public Faculty, Surat

18. March 20xx
Guide Distribution

Sarvodaya Schooling Society
Sarvodaya Schooling Society, a charity, is coming to our college to distribute books to poor students on March 31. Interested college students can be informed that they’ll drop the record of books they want in a box outdoors the Principal by March 24th.

Navtej (Grandfather)

Question 21.
Your club plans to arrange an inter-class track competitors. In about 50 words, write an announcement inviting college students to participate. Provide all essential info. You’re Navtej / Navita, secretary, music club, Akash Public Faculty, Agra. (All India 2015)

Akash Public Faculty, Agra

1. November 20xx

Classroom Singing Competition
Our college music club is organizing a classroom singing competitors for Ist – Xth courses on November 19th, 20xx. College students who wish to enter the competitors are invited to submit their names to the signatories by November fifth within the music room.

Navita (secretary, music membership)

question 22.
inter-class class. a drama competitors might be held at St. Stephens Faculty, Visakhapatnam. Just as the varsity principal, Akash, created an announcement to be positioned on the bulletin board by inviting announcements. Provide all the knowledge you want in about 50 phrases. (Comput. Delhi 2015)

St. Stephens Faculty,

1. October 20xx

Inter-Class Drama Competition:
Our faculties will host the Inter-Class Drama Competitors for Courses IX-XII on 22 October. ., 20xx. College students who’re curious about collaborating can identify their class prefect no later than October fifth.

Akash (Grandfather)

Query 23.
You’re Amar / Amrita, Secretary, Tradition Membership, Aryamba Public Faculty, Kochi. Your faculty has a charity show to assist most cancers patients. Write a notice that seems on the varsity's bulletin board, saying college students to the exhibition and asking them to collaborate and succeed. Make your announcement in about 50 phrases with all the small print you need. (Comput. Delhi 2015)

Aryamba Public Faculty, Kochi

22. September 20xx

Charity Exhibition for Most cancers Sufferers:
Our college's cultural club has organized a charity event to assist most cancers sufferers on October 7, 20xx at 9:00 am in the faculty auditorium. The entry charge to the present is? 250 per individual. Students are invited to take part on this exhibition and thus work together for charity and noble success.

Amar (secretary, cultural membership)

Question 24.
Water provide is suspended for eight hours (10). at 6 p.m.) March 6 for water tank cleansing. In about 50 words, write a press release that urges residents to preserve water day by day. You’re Karan Kumar / Karuna Bajaj, Secretary, Janata Group Housing Affiliation, Palam Vihar, Kurnool. (Delhi 2016)

Janata Group Housing Affiliation
Palam Vihar, Kurnool

4. March 20xx

Interruption of Water Provide:
Residents are knowledgeable that the water provide might be interrupted for eight hours (10am to 6pm) on March 6th to wash the water tank. Residents are urged to make the required preparations for storing water for the day. We apologize for any inconvenience brought about.

Karan Kumar

Query 25.
Yesterday, throughout your lunch break, you will have misused your chemical lecture notes. You need to get them again. Write the message in about 50 phrases on the varsity's bulletin board. You’re Karuna / Karan, Class XII A Scholar (All India 2016)

Abc Faculty

31. October 20xx

Lost Chemistry Notes
Lost Notes of Class XII Chemistry Lectures Over Lunch at the Basketball Courtroom on October 31, 20xx. The notes are stored in a blue file. Anyone who finds it is going to be asked to return it to the signatory and obtain a diner meal as a reward.


Query 26.
You’re Reshma / Rajan Graduate / Moonrise Public Faculty Grandson, Chandigarh. The chef competitors is held on the faculty. Write a notice that may seem on the varsity's bulletin board, saying students to the competitors and alluring them to participate. Make your announcement in about 50 words with all the small print you need. (Census. D 2016)

Moonrise Public Faculty

22. September 20xx

Cooking Competition Students are informed that a cooking competition shall be held in our college's Mini-auditorium on October 1, from 9 am to 11 am for college kids in grades X to XII. Attendees, please inform subordinates by September 26, in the course of the break in Room 101.

Reshma Head Woman

Question 27.
As librarian at Moonlight Public Faculty, Surat, write in about 50 words an announcement informing students of a guide exhibition arrange a faculty day for academics. (Census. All India 2016)

Moonlight Public Faculty, Surat

26. August 20xx
Ebook Exhibition on Academics 'Day

Students are informed that our college will maintain a guide exhibition on September 5 on Academics' Day on the soccer subject from 9am to 7pm. Properly-known educationalist, Mrs Rachna Kumar, has kindly agreed to be our essential visitor. A particular attraction of the Guide Exhibition is a separate part of books in several languages ​​and titles dedicated to academics and academics.


question 28.
Whereas walking within the neighborhood park, you found a small plastic bag containing some documents and money. Write a notice within the park's bulletin board in about 50 words asking the owner to determine and acquire it from you. You’re Amai / Amrita 9399123456. (Delhi 2017)

Abc Park Discover Board

Misplaced and Found
Jan 17, 20xx

discovered a small plastic bag close to a park yesterday evening swings. It accommodates some documents, id playing cards and H, 500 money. The owner is requested to determine and gather it from the signatories from 12:00 to 17:00.

Contact: 9399123456

Query 29.
after the dengue rain in Chikungunya. and so on., are growing within the metropolis. As principal, Manu Vihar of Sunshine Public Faculty, you might have decided to let your students wear full-sleeved shirts and pants for one month at college. Write your message in about 50 words. (Delhi 2017)

Sunshine Public Faculty
Manu Vihar

12. September 20xx

Wear full-sleeved shirts and pants after the rain, dengue, malaria, Chikungunya, and so forth. Have been on the rise in our metropolis. So the varsity, retaining in mind the well being and security of its college students, has decided to allow college students to wear full-sleeved shirts and pants at faculties for one month to stop caution from mosquito bites.


Question 30
You’re Well being Secretary, Scholar Council, Residents Public Faculty, Ram Bagh, Varanasi. The council had decided to start out the second week of October with every week of cleanliness around the faculty. Make a 50-word announcement to encourage Class XI students to register to drive. (Delhi 2017)

Residents Public Faculty, Ram Bagh

1. October 20xx

Cleanness Drive:
The Scholar Council has determined to start out every week of cleanliness driving. in the faculty setting 7.-14. October 20xx. Class XI students are asked to use for this place. All volunteers are kindly requested to tell the signatories of your identify by October four, 20xx.

Minister of Well being:
Scholar Council

Query 31.
The RJ Public Faculty is situated in a central residential colony. The varsity's cultural membership has determined to carry an exhibition of fascinating clothes on January 25, when every participant will put on the gown to a better space. The goal is to reveal India's cultural variety. As a secretary, write an announcement in approximately 50 phrases, inviting the names of the individuals. (Delhi 2017)

Rj Public Faculty C.G. Staff
Residential colony

5. January 20xx

Fancy Gown Present
Our college's cultural club is hosting an imaginative exhibition on January 25, 20xx, the place every participant must wear clothing specifically for his or her space. The aim of the presentation is to painting India's cultural variety. Individuals who’re fascinated about collaborating might be notified to enter your identify by the signatories no later than January 12, 20xx.

cultural association

query 32.
Your faculty has contacted your faculty to offer a guide for college kids in want of scholarships. Aram Bagh, a graduate of Sunshine Public Faculty, writes in about 50 phrases a message asking college students in want to put their requests outdoors the principal's office. (Delhi 2017)

Sunshine Public Faculty
Aram Bagh

7. March 20xx

Guide Grants for Students in Need
An NGO has approached our college to offer e-book grants for underprivileged college students. Students who require this scholarship are hereby suggested to put their requests outdoors the Rector's Office by March 29, 20xx, in the field containing their identify and class.

Head woman

Query 33.
Dindigul, the principal of Sunshine Public Faculty, has invited a police (visitors) inspector to provide a lecture on street safety at his faculty. Design a 50-word announcement that informs college students in a faculty auditorium. (All India 2017)

Sunshine Public Faculty

29. July 20xx

Lecture on street safety Our college has invited a police (visitors) inspector to offer a lecture on street safety at our college on August 6, 20xx from 10-11am. College students are suggested to satisfy within the faculty auditorium no later than 9:30 am with their class academics.


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